Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung
Rated: E
Author: iucundus
Length: 11k

[♡ guk / 5.07PM]
what if i’m a trash guy. is that still hot?

[tae ♡/ 5.10PM]
lemme think on that ummmm fuckin YEAH
ill b a pile of trash for u babe

(or, the one where Jeongguk and Taehyung meet for the first time and nothing goes according to plan).

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Reccer’s Note:
I love this fic so much, it’s so cute and the smut is also super fucking good so yeah lol. I’m not sure about whether or not I’ve recced this before but I’m not finding it on the blog soooo - N

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a request :))) Can I have some taekook and some yoonmin with jealous v/yoongi? Anything with angst (I love to make myself scream) and maybe some smut? (If it doesn't have smut that's fine too :) I'm desperate)


everything means nothing (your kiss is a gateway drug) by nyxphrodites [E, 17k]

i wouldn’t mind (if it’s you) by musclepigjeon [G, 3k]

and for you, i’d paint the stars gold by kyuukis [10k]

I Can Do It Better by Kruciatus [M, 5.9k]

attn by tkac [G, 919 words]

Been There All Night by Bangtanbananas [E, 9k]

#livingonedge by iucundus [E, 11k]

chasing rollercoasters by florets [T, 15k]


you’re jealous (is it an inferiority complex?) by yururin [T, 2.9k]

Keep Your Money (Give Me Your Love) by sweetmxchi [E, 2.9k]

(annoyingly) you still look good by yoonmin [T, 4.9k]

Bad Boys Cheat And Cheaters Always Win by SugaTheTurtle [E, 7.6k]

speed it up so we can slow it down by kingenjolras [E, 10k]

under false pretences by offthebeat [M, 16k]

I hope this is enough to satisfy your needs~
- N