Bad Luck

I seem to have hit a stroke of bad luck this trip.

Currently in Montana and broke two of the bones in my hand yesterday. Fortunately I still have my shutter finger. Unfortunately, it is my dominant hand.

Today, getting my fingers straightened out. A shot of whiskey and bite the bullet. Hopefully a hard cast afterwards.

If all things go well, will continue the trip and head further west. Some of Amber’s family has a cattle ranch and a large plot of land in Montana that we’re planning on spending some time at.

The landscapes here are beautiful and vastly different from Virginia’s green, rolling hills.

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Current Project: Traveling out of the back of a Pick-Up Truck

I’ve been busy lately. However, not with any photo work. Amber and I do have a trip planned. Although planned is a strong word. Preparations were planned, the destination is a vague compass direction.

A few setbacks have gotten us to a late start, but it’s time for some traveling. My pick-up truck has been suited up with food, water, sleeping arrangements (with my tent as a back-up), propane stoves, & a flask of whiskey. Each of us is bringing both a film camera and a digital camera. We are even bulk loading our film for the first time.

Yesterday we went from our home in Richmond, to outside of Washington D.C. Today we’re headed to Cleveland, Ohio with a small detour into Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Heard Pittsburg was a pretty city and I always envisioned it differently. See that for myself soon.

I love traveling, but this is the first time I’ve done an open ended road trip so we’ll see how it goes. Should be able to explore some new places with never feeling like I need to rush to meet an itinerary.

Updates will come periodically. Also, I’m new to Twitter, but will be trying to give it a go. Welcome to follow at @awgregoryphotos.

Still need to finish rolling a few more cassettes of film… get to that eventually. 


Had a tough time finding a campground with access to a place to sleep late yesterday night, but luckily one worked out. Explored Cleveland a bit today, including the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Campfire and beer tonight. Art museums tomorrow then headed towards Chicago. 


2 weeks, & 5 days. 6514 miles. And what a journey it has been!

South Dakota
West Virginia

I once did a hike up a dormant volcano on the island Saba. My brother came along and I am unsure whether he came for the glory of climbing to the summit of a volcano or just out of courtesy since I asked. It was a gruesome upward battle and I rationed my water so he could have more. 

Due to changing moisture levels of the island’s higher elevation the vegetation goes from a deciduous forest at the bottom to a rainforest the higher you go. Around the time we reached the rainforest we needed some rest. Covered in sweat, legs and knee joints burning, the low ambiance of tree frogs and bugs. We sat down for a long gulp of water.

He must have wondered why he decided to inflict this torture upon himself. “Why do you hike?” he asked.

I didn’t say anything immediately, thinking to myself. My knees throbbing.

“It’s not really about the destination I guess, more about the journey,” I had replied.

He didn’t say anything, but nodded his head and we continued on. By the time we reached the summit clouds rolled in. We crawled on our bellies to the very edge of the highest peak and peered over. All we saw was gray. It was an abyss, tough to tell whether I was looking down, up, or at the horizon.

 We descended quickly, both excited for some relaxation. When we got back into town I asked him if he wanted to sign the registry of who hiked the dormant volcano.

“No, I’m glad I went though”


I am constantly reminded of this day whether I’m hiking again, traveling, or reaching a goal. Amber and I’s main destination on our road trip was reaching Yellowstone National Park. We ended up getting there late, camping one night, and only spending a few hours the next day in the park. It became just a vague compass direction of where I was driving. West. Yet the trip was most wonderful. Learned so much and saw many things, some beautiful and some disheartening. 

Eventually we’ll discuss how the technical aspects of traveling out of the back of a pickup truck worked (it got hot sleeping by morning), try and improve it, and do it again. In the meanwhile, smaller trips like the beach and camping in parks of Virginia.

I have lots of photo editing to do and Amber shot plenty of video as well, but for now I’m going to drink a couple beers and play old video games with Amber. Mario Kart and Yuengling Black & Tan.

5000 miles

From the ranch in Montana through Yellowstone National Park, seeing the sunset over the snow capped mountains of Wyoming to camping 9000 feet above sea level in Colorado.

We are turning our sights east towards home, driving through the plains of Kansas now.

Truck broke down.

Currently stuck at a BP gas station outside Chicago. Supposedly my truck has a anti theft system that is known to break and thinks I’m trying to steal it. So it won’t start.

If there was raccoons here I’d tell em, this is my truck.

Update on my Broken Hand: Surgery

Today I had a small procedure done on my broken hand. Unfortunately it wasn’t healing correctly which required surgery.

The doctors got me on the right track now with three pins inserted to hold it all together.

Won’t be picking up the camera for a bit, but I can at least catch up on some movies and do some post processing on a few images I was playing with. Also, Amber is going to try and teach me to crotchet! 

My hand...

Is still broken, although I forget sometimes. I keep trying to use it or bump my fingers into something which is a lovely reminder.

The doctor in Montana gave me the option of a soft, removable cast or the typical hard cast. I opted for the soft one which allows me to still use my camera like an awkward T. Rex. Changing lenses is a process, half the time Amber does it for me. She’s been helping a bunch and I’m thankful for that since I’ll be the awkward T. Rex who struggles to button his own pants for a couple more weeks.