Officially Out Of My Comfort Zone

I did the washing up last night. To do so, I boil water in a pan thing and fill a small plastic tub with water and put that in the sink. The joys of having water tanks, but anyway. I drank a little bit last night, listened to music and wrote ridiculousness and it was awesome. I didn’t empty the plastic tub in the sink, I couldn’t be bothered.

I just went over to it to wash the stuff I used after washing up last night, in preparation for lunch, and there was a tiny mouse struggling to stay afloat. I was like:

and as quickly as I could, lifted the tub and poured all the water out so he/she wouldn’t have to keep struggling. When I did that, I found two drowned mice in the bottom. I was like:

External image

I took the tub outside and used the extra large tongs to throw the dead mice over the fenceline, and then wondered WTF to do with the soaking wet, weak, tiny mouse barely clinging to life and with poop stuck to his forehead. I removed the poop with the tongs, and put him on the roof near the chimney. He fell off. So I took him over to one of our trailers filled with compost stuff, put him on top, and rested the tub over him so birds etc won’t get him. Because I feel SO BAD for him. I don’t think he’ll live very long anyway, but I put some whole grain bread and a strawberry with him in case he dries off, rests, can eat, and then scampers off to be, most likely, killed by our cats.


Anyway, I’ve named him/her Fieval, and I’m hoping he/she recovers.

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