Monday June 4th, 2012: Moving Daze

As I eat spicy california rolls and review my things to do list before I go to bed, my mind begins to wander. “I can’t believe I’m moving," is all I can think of. I will be starting a whole new life with new people all around me. It’s freaking scary, but exciting to say the least. I write to ease my mind; to allow my creativity to replace any negative emotion. After tuning into a more positive part of the universe, all my mind can think of now is, "must get some more of that sushi," and dreams of my future casita.

Dress for Future Experiences

Depending on how well you bonded with your co-workers, you might want to hang out off of office hour; maybe head to a local restaurant, or bar. But you’re not always prepared for scenarios like this, so here are some steps to turn ordinary office outfits into evening attire.

Golden Rule: If you haven’t done this already, prepare a small makeup bag with your upmost makeup necessitates and things you should always have on you. Things like eyeliner, mascara, and your favorite lip gloss are easy to carry around, and great for touch ups and unexpected outings.

Use everything you have to work with, and start by freshening up, then put that hair down. Do a front French braid to manage your bangs if necessary. But natural has never looked better.

If you have chap stick with you, this is a great way to gloss the areas around your eyes and lips. This will attract light towards these surfaces. You can also use chap stick to help tame/style your brows.

Eyeliner can do amazing things for the night scenery. I have not met one woman who looks bad with a cat eye. So put on eyeliner and don’t forget to shade under the eyes if you want a sultry look. Then apply mascara generously to your eyelashes to give yourself a French touch. 

If you have any type of candy that can tint your lips, it will last all night

Confidence is key. If you feel good inside, it will shine through.