if you are newer to using drugs, and there is something you are unsure of but scared to ask out of fear of being laughed at for not knowing, anything at all, ask me on here. really, just do it. don’t use google or take guesses. doses, proper technique, effects, telling if it’s cut or bullshit, whatever you want to learn. i say this because the internet is full of all sorts of bullshit, false or possibly harmful or outdated information. & we all know that once upon a time all of us were new and just starting out, and asking someone who is experienced and knows the answer wasn’t very appealing. “if you don’t know you shouldn’t be doing it.” “just quit and leave the shit alone while you are ahead” are commonly heard as answers or they just find humor in your lack of knowledge and don’t want to hook you up or get high with you anymore. or maybe, you just plain don’t want to ask because all of those things could happen.

i’ve been around and using since i was very young, with an extensive history of different drugs and people. i have knowledge that is based from experience that i’d love and be open to sharing with anyone who wants to know anything, without judging or telling anyone what to do.