when you think about it sirius and james were really lucky that their animagus forms were suitable for running around with a werewolf

what if they’d turned into like a dolphin and an armadillo or something

that would have been rubbish


favourite twd character meme: four scenes [3/4]

— 30 days without an accident

Eyelash Invaders: Are there mites in your eyelashes? 

Depending on how old you are, it’s pretty likely that you have eyelash mites. These tiny creatures live on old skin cells and the natural oil (sebum) produced by human hair follicles. They are usually harmless, though they can cause an allergic reaction in a minority of people. Eyelash mites typically grow to a third of a millimetre and are near-transparent, so you are unlikely to see them with the naked eye. Put an eyelash hair or eyebrow hair under the microscope, though, and you may find them, as they spend most of their time right at the base of the hair where it meets the skin. Around half the population have them, a proportion that rises as we get older. (Source)

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Made to order: printing of live cells

Surgeons may soon be able to regrow patients’ nerves, such as those in damaged spinal cords, using technology adapted from the type of inkjet printer most of us have connected to our computer at home.

Researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES), University of Wollongong (UOW) node in NSW, have spent the past three years developing the technology to print living human cells—nerve cells and muscle cells onto tiny biodegradable polymer scaffolds. They’ve also developed a special “ink” that carries the cells.

The ink has to keep the cells in suspension, as well as having the right chemical composition to keep them alive. It also protects them as they are shot out of the printer at amazing speeds.

The scaffolds act as the base upon which the cells thrive, and contain substances such as growth factor molecules and electrical conduits to enable stimulation to promote cell growth. The aim is to produce structures up to 4 cm long, which can be “patched” into broken or damaged nerves or muscles.

“There’s great interest from the medical world, and we are working closely with clinicians at St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne,” says Prof Gordon Wallace, director of the Materials node of ANFF and ACES. “They’re very interested in the possibilities it raises, and the collaboration is resulting in new ideas almost every week.”

“The support from ANFF and the collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that our facilities bring has attracted the best people in the world to join our teams,” he adds.

Strange behavior: new study exposes living cells to synthetic protein

One approach to understanding components in living organisms is to attempt to create them artificially, using principles of chemistry, engineering and genetics. A suite of powerful techniques—collectively referred to as synthetic biology—have been used to produce self-replicating molecules, artificial pathways in living systems and organisms bearing synthetic genomes. 

In a new twist, John Chaput, a researcher at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute and colleagues at the Department of Pharmacology, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ have fabricated an artificial protein in the laboratory and examined the surprising ways living cells respond to it. 

“If you take a protein that was created in a test tube and put it inside a cell, does it still function,” Chaput asks. “Does the cell recognize it? Does the cell just chew it up and spit it out?” This unexplored area represents a new domain for synthetic biology and may ultimately lead to the development of novel therapeutic agents. 

The research results, reported in the advanced online edition of the journal ACS Chemical Biology, describe a peculiar set of adaptations exhibited by Escherichia coli bacterial cells exposed to a synthetic protein, dubbed DX. Inside the cell, DX proteins bind with molecules of ATP, the energy source required by all biological entities.

GROAN OF VENOMOUS CELL なんば Hatch 11/18 (火)

(Nov 18, Namba Hatch, 1st day) - LIVE REPORT 

  • during Kantou, when Aoi put his hand on Uruha’s right nipple, Uruha put his own hand on his and let him touch it
  • also, when Aoi was touching Uruha’s chest, Uruha trembled, dropped his pick and was like “Ooii!!” Aoi just had his “it wasn’t me!” pose!
  • during some song, when Ruki stepped on his platform, Uruha leaned against Ruki
  • during My devil on the bed Ruki poked Reita in the back with his cane, twice
  • also he used his cane, and traced from his chin down to around his abs
  • when the audience was asking Ruki questions, it was too noisy so Ruki said “it’s too noisy!”..when Reita was idly playing on his bass (probably the MC was getting to be too long), Ruki turned to him and said “I said, shut up/it’s too noisy !” and Reita flinched like a puppy (kinda like this (._.), so cute), looked really piteous, then he quietly played a really sad tune on his bass
  • during Kantou, Aoi was swinging his towel toward the audience and wanted to throw it, but it went the other way, to his amps, later it worked and he first wiped his face then threw the towel into the crowd
  • Ruki’s MC apparently reminded of a host, they couldn’t stop laughing
  • Ruki wanted the fans to talk one by one, later he told them to shut up
  • during Ruki’s MC, Aoi and Reita were whispering, Ruki came closer and told them to stop the whispering
  • before the MC, Reita had his hand on Ruki’s shoulder as always, then as if something happened, he suddenly hit his fist on Ruki’s shoulder twice and left!!
  • during “masturbation”, Ruki shook his hips and his crotch was right in the center…
  • today’s MC was super long, Ruki talked fluently and was really funny and cute
  • Uruha took Aoi’s and Reita’s picks and threw them in the crowd
  • during Ruki’s MC, Aoi was bending/stretching
  • apparently, during Kantou, Reita wasn’t so skillful and hit his head on his bass (?)
  • during the MC, Uruha wasn’t really listening, he just stood there by himself, his arms folded
  • of course, Ruki licked his cane during My devil on the bed
  • Aoi kept turning round and round on the stage, when 2 of his buttons were unfastened and his chest was exposed
  • at the end of My devil on the bed the lights went off and Ruki was doing his devil-pose
  • during Kantou, Ruki yelled “Fuck you!”, pointed at Aoi and laughed. Aoi was like “eh?! me?!” and laughed as well
  • Kai was singing to himself a lot
  • Uruha went to Reita, Reita ignored him and Uruha looked really pitiful
  • today, Reita was wild, flapping like a bird
  • during Ride with the Rockers, Aoi and Reita were in the middle of the stage, Uruha noticed and wanted to join them but when he got closer, both of them turned away quickly, so Uruha returned to his spot with a bitter smile on his face
  • at some point, Reita raised both his armes and lowered his head, looking like someone who was crucified
  • when he got on stage, Aoi stood in front of Kai and played his guitar, Kai made a super happy face and laughed
  • during My devil on the bed, Reita climbed on the drums-stand and jumped down
  • maybe around Sludgy Cult, Reita was standing next to Uruha, Uruha looked at his face, Reita noticed, lowered his body and continued playing while looking at Uruha
  • apparently Uruha cut of the sleeves of the parka 
  • some fans said, that Ruki seems to have lost weight and has (even) thinner thighs