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The Kickstarter for Widdershins Volume Six: Find the Lady is now live!

Reckless young bounty hunter Henry Barber always considered himself to have luck on his side, and rarely said no to a good adventure. But when an all-too-suave stranger requested he bring in a mysterious amulet and the scholarly wizard studying it, Henry soon found he’d need more than luck to face what was coming…

Decades later, the town of Widdershins is under attack, but before Henry’s equally bold granddaughter Harriet Barber can save it, she needs to know what she’s fighting. Can his tale from the past help her to save the future?

Widdershins is a series of light-hearted Victorian-era adventure stories set in West Yorkshire, which has been running as a webcomic for nearly five years. You can read the whole comic online, for free, starting here! 

Check out the project if you’d like to pick up some Widdershins books, PDFs, pins and more! There’s also a book and PDF exclusive extra story, written by me and drawn by the amazing Taylor Robin - @ohcorny of Never Satisfied! Check out the project page for a sneak preview!

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Thank You

My plan was to make a video to thank you all for the generous donations made to my gofundme, but I think I would just get incredibly weepy. My gratitude for the quick and caring response I got from the community is immeasurable. It is thanks to the support, emotionally and financially that part of my anxiety has been washed away.
My future ex husband is being civil for now, but I’m still refusing any of his offered support.
As far as the studio goes, I actually turned it down. Then I looked at rent to own mobile homes, but that felt too confining for me and the area was somewhat undesirable for a young woman living alone.
It was when I’d finally given up home of finding something in my budget and what I needed in a space, that I realized maybe though even I wanted my independence that I didn’t want to live alone. With two steady incomes me and a roommate could afford something more comfortable. But where was I going to find someone who would understand my needs and respect me for who I was? I’m stupid complicated and sometimes I worry that I’m not well understood, and that could make me difficult to deal with.
And it was like some force broke through the bleakness, and there was suddenly this person who was in a very similar situation as me. In fact the number of things we had in common, and our mannerisms and quirks sort of wove together and it was like we knew we could make it work.
I suppose I feel blessed. I’ve lived my life under the impression that I couldn’t do anything, or be anyone without relying on another person. I’d convinced myself that I deserved to be in the situation because I was weak, and I had hurt people in the past and this was my atonement.
I’m excelling at work, I secured a car for transportation temporarily, and I found a safe healthy environment to go to with my dog. And I found a friend who could probably understand me in a way that most people can’t.
Things are looking up. The money donated to my gofundme covers my first months rent. I move in the 6th. Thank you all for your support through reboots, kind and caring messages, and donations, again. I am lucky to have such wonderful individuals following me, and beyond.
Your Keen Pea.

Every time I fly into Boston, I have this weird sensation: this used to be home. I didn’t live in Boston proper, but a town nearby, but some of my earliest memories (and my internal pronunciation of the word “bury”) come from living in Massachusetts. It’s a vague feeling. I am not by any means filled with the nostalgia of returning to my childhood home that I feel whenever I return to New York. But there is this yellowy feeling, the “this once was, this could have been.”


Deravis Caine Rogers, 22 year old, was MURDERED and WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!



JUST IN: MURDER WARRANT ISSUED FOR FORMER OFFICER, JAMES BURNS, who ‘faces charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of oath.’


ANOTHER UPDATE: (((KILLER))) out on bond 😒 and preliminary hearing starts on August 1.

Rogers’ father, Deravis Thomas said: “Ex-officer James Burns is not the first murderer to get a bond. He won’t be the last murderer to get a bond. I understand this is part of the judicial process — on to the next phase.

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