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The Fires Within (Yoongi x Reader), 1

A hellhound AU in the spirit of halloween.

You joined the League in search of adventure. What you found was a flaming scarecrow and a cold-hearted, emotionally-torn guy who you end up, well, quite literally running away with.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (M) | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 (soon)

Hellhound AU, 5.6k words, Yoongi/Reader

The envelope is small and simple.

In fact, it is so utterly plain that you almost pass it over as you sit at your desk, sifting through the pile of junk mail. Luckily, the shimmering gold seal of the League catches your eye: the letter is, in fact, anything but ordinary.

Immediately, you open it up. A single notecard slides out. You look inside the envelope to double check, but see nothing else–no ostentatious congratulatory letter, no phantom fanfares, no miniature pixie dust fireworks. Just a white notecard, as plain and simple as the envelope itself.

You take that as a good thing, though, since the last time you opened up a letter with celebratory fireworks, you were five and ended up lowkey pissing yourself and splitting everyone’s eardrums with your scream.  In your defense, you’d never seen anything close to the bright sparkly dust before, and you’d always been taught that anything that explodes is bad, and when things are bad, you die.

(And, you suppose, when five-year-old-you felt the shock of imminent death, the survival instincts of screaming and pissing yourself overrode just about every other reasonable action. For example, getting up and running the fuck out of the room, or away from the “dangerous” explosions.

Five year old you did not have very good survival instincts.)

In any case, the card in your hands seems relatively safe. You think. Hopefully.

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anonymous asked:

Dude! Cold Calling is FANTASTIC. oh it made me want to go back and watch the show i loved it SO MUCH. (unpopular opinion: i got more into SG than star trek) and KEI. It was hilarious seeing her through other people's POV and how utterly unruffled she was. and the REFERENCES. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND THE THINGS SHE SAYS! (other than the giant turtle living in her head) Isn't Kei a future re-incarnation? it wasn't 1999 when she died! YO! does Naruto the manga exist on that earth? (1/2)

Anonymous said to cyb-by-lang: (2/2) There are so many ways this story can go and i am SO EXCITED. This seriously made my day! and oh oh i wonder how other people are going to feel about Kei connecting with her previous life in a way. Konoha is her home and her precious people are everything. There must be some nostalgia/curiosity tho? maybe? pop over for some pizza maybe? wonder how kei feels about having other humans who she can banter with by saying the things that made her odd here. i LOVE this and THANK YOU for sharing!!

Per the dates I remember, yeah, the Naruto manga would exist on Kei’s version of Earth in 1999. That said, I don’t think it’d quite work as a thing in Cold-Calling as it’s been written so far. So, no matter how funny it might be to have Daniel or someone else (Teal’c) notice that little problem, I think I’m gonna keep it all to mutual novelty status.

Unless the character’s name is Kei.

Kei: “I mean, well, if Doctor Jackson or Colonel O’Neill offered to introduce pizza to Konoha as like a cultural exchange thing, I sure as hell wouldn’t say no. I have weaknesses. Sue me.”