living with cyclones

Why Enlightenment Isn’t About All Love & Light

Enlightenment gets a bad rap in some circles, for obvious reasons that no one will talk about.

I elect myself for the unsavory job of approaching this conversation because I’ve been on both sides of the equation—a member of the walking dead until age 45 and a believer in magic ever since.

As a formerly addicted to-do list minion I have a unique perspective. I totally get why people who have not come to this new-ish way of thinking believe we’re nuts, delusional or smoking weed 24/7.

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anonymous asked:

Why didn't Mashima use this chance to showcase Juvia's powers so she could go out with a bang,even if she's probably coming back? It's not like he would've done her any justice if she had lived. What happened to water cyclone, water nebula? WTF is water slicer anyway? I could name a list of things that Juvia could do with her powers. There's so much potential. Invel had the cheek to assume that she'd lose. I'm sure Juvia would've DEMOLISHED Gray if she lost control & was going all out.

@tragedision        continued.

        Whether it was the drinks or the copious amount of pills he took prior to attending this party, something about Daniel felt…right, for lack of a better term.

Ever since he’s started seeing ghosts, Richter’s literal sixth sense has been expanding to the point where just being the same room with a single living being caused a whole cyclone of emotions; why he even agreed to go to this party was beyond him. Probably had something to do with free booze.

But despite not knowing who Daniel was - what he was - the chemical imbalances inside where screaming at him, goading the brunette into doing something his sound mind would regret almost immediately.

Hey you, bare with me for a moment.

Before the time frame for his response even began, Richter striked.

He pulled Daniel’s head down by the back of his head and connected their lips in a way star-crossed lovers would in an over saturated romance film. Richter’s free hand steadied Daniel at his waist, and even though the kiss ended just a few moments later, it felt like an eternity.

What the fuck was he on right now? 

he’s new but he feels he’s getting along well with some of the other partygoers. easily persuaded into trying this out in spite of his better judgment,   or sifting through the crowds to grab people’s  drinks and foods while being invested in their shared stories.   not so much getting the inside jokes,  but still laughing along as if he were part of them.     the strong bass blowing from the speakers is loud enough to shake the walls,   rattle the hardwood and table as the music trumps over some of the people’s chatter.   

though he took some downtime from his recently-made ‘friends’  to stray into another group of people.   he’s recognized some,   even recognized by some the moment his name breaks through the air of music.     he looks over to him richter   and grins.    

GREAT PARTY,   he’s about to say,   but the words don’t make it with richter’s voice and grasp whisking him up by surprise.  hands on his waist with head held back,   their lips clash and he’s not much time to process it upon impact.

though he didn’t recline.  his hands clasp onto his back for balance and the next thing he’s met with is a stunned silence, music long gone and out of mind,   a little non-alcoholic buzz messing with his comprehension.   that .. just happened.   he looked at him,  his tongue out of habit wetting his dry lips -  though he caught another foreign taste he didn’t  know what to make of.

  i’m ,  uh … uh——   are you okay?   ‘