living with a hernia

  • Me: Oh wow, you're an interior decorator? Very cool.
  • Client: Yes, thank you. I really love it. I love decorating homes for newly weds, it's like I'm helping them start their lives together.
  • Me: I'm afraid Mimi has a very large hernia, it must be fixed surgically. If we just leave it there is the possibility that the intestines could become trapped and lose blood supply, then we would need to do emergency surgery. If not found in time it can be fatal.
  • Client: I am not spending that much money on a dog. Can you just do it for free?
  • Me: I'm afraid I cannot. I can work with you and see what we can do to make it more affordable but most of this is just the cost of materials and the procedure itself.
  • Client: So you will just let her die?! Aren't you a vet? Don't you care?
  • Me: I'm moving to a new home soon. Will you come decorate it for free?
  • Client: Uh, no. That's what I do for a living.
  • Me: *stares*
  • Client: It's not the same! This is a living thing! You say you wan to help animals but you don't give a shit!
  • Me: I do care, and I do want to help. But this is also how I make a living. You can sign her over to the hospital and she will get adopted out to someone that can financially care for her. Then she will be taken care of and you don't have to worry.
  • Client: So someone else can have her, but I can't?! I paid $1,800.00 for her! I'd rather let her die than give her away!
Professor Green Hospitalised For The SECOND Time In A Week

Professor Green is having a right old mare of it this week – after being admitted to hospital not once – but TWICE.

What a bummer, right?

Copyright: [Instagram]The Poorly Professor catalogued his time in and out of surgery on Instagram, updating his fans on his progress throughout the week.

Many assumed he was out for good earlier on in the week, though last night the 33-year-old rapper uploaded two photos of himself in a hospital gown – one with a tube coming out of his nose.

He wrote next to the latter: “After ending up back in the hospital (due to bloating post surgery)I’ve now got one of these in my stomach draining it. The joys. When people say ‘Health is wealth’ it really is, isn’t it.”

Copyright: [Instagram]It appears that the Lip Sync Battle UK presenter had complications following surgery for hernia problems, telling fans that he was “Living it up. Discharged only to be readmitted.”

Poor fella!

He has been keeping his fans up-to-date with his illness.
Pro Green – real name Stephen Manderson – has been plagued by hernia problems for months now, and had been admitted to hospital a year ago for similar reasons.

For those who don’t know (we didn’t either to be perfectly honest), a hernia is when an organ or another internal body part pushes through your muscle wall.

Copyright: [Instagram]Ouch.

Earlier this week, after receiving surgery on his THREE hernias, he posted a shot of himself coming round post-surgery: “The face you make when you’ve had three hernia’s fixed, a 14cm scar revised and you wake up to hiccups. F***ing hiccups.”

Get better soon, pal.


On this day in music history: October 21, 1986 - “Polka Party!”, the fourth album by “Weird Al” Yankovic is released. Produced by Rick Derringer, it is recorded at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA from April - September 1986. Like his previous albums, it features parody versions of recent pop hits including ones by James Brown, Robert Palmer and the title track which is a medley of twelve songs strung together and compressed into just over three minutes. In spite of not being as well received as his previous releases (it is one of the few albums by Al not to be certified Gold or Platinum in the US), it is nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording. The original vinyl LP release has the messages “Polka ‘Til You Puke” etched into the runout groove of side A and “Where’s My Liquid Paper?” etched in the runout of side B. “Polka Party” peaks at number one hundred seventy seven on the Billboard Top 200.


“Weird Al” Yankovic - Living with a Hernia.
(Album: Polka Party)
(Parody of James Brown’s “Living in America”)

Polka Party is Al’s least successful album to date, BUT, I have to say it at least gave the world the funniest Al video EVER!!! 


Shoulda been the Romney exit music.


I’m taking commissions now. 

my mom had to go into the hospital this week for an previously unknown hernia. My family already lives on the edge of poverty where money is a constant fighting point. I’m between jobs at the moment, so I can’t fiscally help where i want to. So if you guys could just…think of something you want drawn? i’ll do everything I can to make it to your ideal

traditional art prices per character:
sketch- 5$
lineart- 8$
colored flat- 10$
colored shaded- 15$

digital art prices per character:
sketch- 6$
lineart- 10$
colored flat- 15$
colored shaded- 20$

I do not draw: Rape or Abuse or NSWF

anonymous asked:

I wanted to keep rats but since I follow your blog I realized that it would be a bad idea. All rats are sick somehow. And they're dying like daisies pop out of the snow. Kinda pissed at this... But I should thank you for that. It would have been a waste of money.

Anon…I have to be honest with you…this message really rubs me the wrong way.

If you feel this way about an animal dying and consider their lives, however short, “a waste of money” then I am glad you have decided you do not want them. 

Yes, I have had alot of rats pass away lately, but I also had 8-9 rats and several were old. I cannot be mad at those that died over the age of two as that is expected of rats. Does that mean they were a waste? Not to me. Let’s look at what my rats have all passed away from-

Bree- Breat Cancer and Reproductive bleeding(2 and a half)

Ziggy- Old age(2 and a half)

Ozzy-Died from Anesthesia after Neuter-5 months old(Always a risk with small pets, but one that I have to take if I am to own small males. He would not have died had he not been neutered)

Delmus-PT Tumor(1 year. I knew his genetics were bad when I got him and knew he would live a short life)

Kodi/Kya-Hernia after Neuter/Possible congenital issues(a few months old. Both of these are roof rats that were abandoned and then hand raised. I cannot speak for their health as it is possible something was wrong with them from birth. 

Charlie-Unknown Causes(A year and a half)-This is my first really unexpected death. I do not know what happened to him as he was perfect one day and then dead the next. 

Kairi-Breast Cancer-(Two and a half)

Keiko-PT Tumor-(One and a half. Again, I knew she had bad genetics)

Pandora-Got pregnant on first heat and was too weak for c-section(2 months old)

Korra-Old age(2 and a half)

So there you have it, when you read the actual timeline, the only unexpected deaths I have had are Kya, Kodi, and Charlie. I got several rats all at one time, and all were over the age of 1, so naturally when deaths started to happen, they are all happening at once. Before Charlie died, I hadn’t had a rat die in almost a year. 

The only time I have been to the vet recently is with AJ and Wonka for neuter and the abscesses that formed after the neuter. Well guess what, if you want to avoid that just get females. 

And I hate to break it to you Anon, all animals cost money. If you are hoping for a pet you have to spend next to nothing on, get a rock. My dogs go to the vet and are fixed and up to date on all vaccines, my rats are neutered if they are males and if they get sick they go to the vet too. Not counting neuters as those are voluntary surgeries, I have only spent about 300 dollars at the vet on all of my rats for examinations, antibiotics, and other things. I have been fairly lucky here though. 

But again, yes, my deaths have all come at once, bc I had so many rats at one time. But now, my oldest is only 8 months old, so I am hoping I can make it at least another year without problems. 

Let me put it another way. Lisa has somewhere near 50 rats. She has not had any deaths for a while, but eventually, she is probably going to have a bunch of deaths all at once bc a ton of hers are the same age. If someone only has two or three rats, then death does not happen as often.

But to end, I want to go back to you saying it is a waste…Ozzy is one of the few deaths that hit me the hardest. I miss him like crazy still. I spent 5 dollars to buy him and 40 on his neuter(it was discounted bc he died) so I spent 45 on a rat that I only had for about a month and half. Was that a waste? Not at all to me. I adored him and was so happy that I got to know him. 

But if you consider their short lives a waste then no one says you have to get them.