living wages for the working poor

“I grew up in the suburbs. I used to think that I could write a prescription for a poor man: ‘Get a job, save your money, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.’ I don’t believe that anymore. I was ignorant to the experiences of poor people. I’d invite anyone to come and meet the people who live in this neighborhood. Right now we are surrounded by working poor people. These are the people who sell your tools at Sears, and fix your roofs, and take care of your parents, and mow your lawns, and serve your meals. They’re not getting a living wage. There’s no money left to save. There’s nothing left if they get sick. Nothing left if their car breaks down. And God forbid they make a mistake, because there’s nothing left to pay fines or fees. When you’re down here, the system will continue to kick dirt in your face. You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto. We aren’t paying our brothers and sisters enough to live. We want them to serve us, but we aren’t serving them.”

Why are we always seeing these articles asking, “Why did they vote for Trump even though he promises to get rid of their healthcare!?”  And its like…You KNOW why.  Stop dancing around it, point out the elephant in the room and admit that gold old fashioned racism made people vote against their own interest…yet again.  Stop trying to humanize them and make it look like they made a “mistake”.  They knew what they were doing.  They just hoped it would fall back on the “moochers” of society (aka people of color, Jews, the poor, etc.) and they would be the “exception” and would get to sit and watch our lives be ruined. 

And surprise, surprise, it didn’t work out that way, just like it didn’t work out that way the last time. 

How about we humanize the kids who are scared of being deported, or the families who will lose the little bit of money they make once the minimum wage gets gutted.  How about we humanize black families who are afraid of a nationwide stop and frisk?  What about people scared of a Muslim registry or Jewish people who are frightened that Steve Bannon is in a position to act on his bullshit?  What about the people of color who’s vote were contested and showed up anyways…just to find out that their friends and neighbors voted to ruin everyone’s lives just to spite them.  Why not talk about how those people were “tricked” by the voters who smiled to their faces, and voted for a white supremacist behind their backs, and are only concerned because it backfired? 

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Perhaps this question has been asked before and if so, I apologize! I've recently got into Witchcraft but have found out that this is not a lifestyle for the poor. A majority of crystals and herbs I find are expensive on Etsy, or I get tricked and think I found a cheap one only to find the shipping is $4~ Do you know where I may find witchcraft or fairy type items for someone working on a minimum wage? :) Thanks!

I live under my country’s poverty line as well, so I understand the feeling, but unfortunately I can’t be much of a help - I am not from the States, so I am not familiar with the most affordable American crystal vendors, and for me four dollar shipping for anything is a small miracle, as I’m located in Northern Europe. I shop online a lot, but mostly on Etsy. 
I personally believe there are many ways to practise witchcraft and/or paganism without spending a lot, or any money - there are also a lot of resources dedicated to this topic, so you might get lucky with browsing “witchcraft on a budget” tag here on Tumblr, googling or trying some of these blogs:

Good luck! You might find some helpful links in the comments of this post as well.

The global mentality is moving toward free world trade and increased market liberalism.
A world full of opportunities.
A world where dreams can come true.
It sounds fantastic, and it is fantastic.
For a very small percentage of us.
But for the vast, poor majority, the capitalist system only means one thing: death and suffering.
While we live out our days thoughtlessly, and stuff ourselves with cheap food.
The poor people of the earth struggle in factories.
Wages are forced down to the minimum, while the work hours keep increasing.
Unionization is illegal, and the working conditions are intolerable.
Before applauding freedom, we must remember one thing: Our over consummating society stands on the shoulders of the coffee beans from Peru.
We gorge on cheap food produced by underpaid children’s hands from India
—  Jonas, Skam
In war,’ answered the weaver, ‘the strong make slaves of the weak, and in peace the rich make slaves of the poor. We must work to live, and they give us such mean wages that we die. We toil for them all day long, and they heap up gold in their coffers, and our children fade away before their time, and the faces of those we love become hard and evil. We tread out the grapes, and another drinks the wine. We sow the corn, and our own board is empty. We have chains, though no eye beholds them; and are slaves, though men call us free.
—  The Young King, Oscar Wilde

This country would be so much better if Conservatives were logically consistent.

Imagine that conservatives who want “Christian values” cared about helping the poor.

Imagine that conservatives who are against people living off the hard work of others felt the same way about CEOs getting rich off the work of their underpaid employees.

Imagine that conservatives who oppose welfare also opposed corporate subsidies and bailouts.

Imagine that conservatives who oppose welfare wanted to raise the minimum wage so fewer people would need welfare.

Imagine that conservatives who complain about people “mooching off the government” also complained about corporations who take advantage of cheap prison labor.

Imagine that conservatives who want guns to protect against a tyrannical government actually opposed a tyrannical government.

Imagine that conservatives who support the right to own a gun were angry about the police killing John Crawford and Tamir Rice for simply possessing a BB gun and not pointing it at anyone.

Imagine that conservatives who complain about protesters looting were also angry about asset forfeiture.

Imagine that conservatives who complain about vandalism at protests were also angry about the black churches being burned down.

Imagine that conservatives who are “pro-life” wanted to prevent people from starving to death, committing suicide from homophobic and transphobic bullying, and being killed by police.

Imagine that conservatives who insist on “personal responsibility” were angry about the taxpayers having to foot the bill for lawsuits against the police.

Imagine that conservatives who complain about people receiving taxpayer money while not working were angry about police officers receiving paid administrative leave.

Imagine that conservatives who would do anything to prevent terrorism wanted to stop the KKK, and wanted to end the war on drugs and hold the police accountable for their crimes.

Imagine that conservatives who worship the police cared even a little bit about the police officers who have been fired for stopping police brutality or for refusing to enforce unjust laws, or about the police officers who are bullied by their coworkers for being gay, female, disabled, black, etc.

Imagine that conservatives who “support our troops” still cared about our troops when they need financial assistance from the government.

Imagine that conservatives who “support our troops” listened to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Imagine that conservatives who complain about destroying a flag because our soldiers risked their lives to protect the flag cared just as much about the police killing people because our soldiers risked their lives to protect those people.

basic respect for human existence means not using poor people’s jobs (minimum wage/fast food) as a warning for all the ways your life can go terribly wrong if you make the wrong choices. basic human decency means acknowledging that poverty isn’t personal failure - it’s a systemic failure. why is it easier for people to believe someone would rather live in poverty (because they’re too lazy to “work hard”), than to believe there’s a fucking problem with capitalism? how nasty and bitter do you have to be to talk shit about the little old lady who works at McDonald’s?

I don’t actually understand the huge wage gap between prosecutors and defense attorneys portrayed in every fanwork. I mean, yes, Edgeworth drives fancy red sports car while Phoenix uses his bike to go to work. But I think this financial difference comes from various other reasons in their lives (e.g. Edgeworth works on much more cases, and he’s from the rich family) not simply because they possess different kind of badges.

I think this whole idea of “Prosecutors are rich. Defense attorneys are poor” came from the fact that people think of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth as some sort of “normal standard” of the each side of lawyers. But they are not. Phoenix is an especially poor defense attorney, and Edgeworth is an especially rich prosecutor in Ace Attorney universe. It’s true that Edgeworth is much richer than Phoenix, but that only just shows the gap between their individual wealth. That doesn’t mean all other prosecutors are richer than all other defense attorney in general.

Edgeworth is rich because he was raised in the wealthy family of Von Karma. Franziska is also rich because she’s a heir of that family. Not to mention that they’re not just ordinary prosecutors; both Edgeworth and Franziska are one of the top prosecutors in Japanifornia. Klavier is rich because he has been a rock star since he was a teenager. Even Payne said he never lost a case during his first seven years as a prosecutor. For some reason, the prosecutors in this series are huge celebrities already when they first appear; while the defense attorneys, such as Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena, are rookies only just starting their career. OF COURSE their rival prosecutors would earn much more money than they do. This comparison is unfair from the very beginning.

Prosecutors in the series are rich not simply because they are prosecutors, but they are successful ones making a lot of money. Defense attorneys can also be rich if they achieve success in their career. Marvin Grossberg was extremely wealthy as a renowned defense attorney. Gregory was also quite well-off, judging from the outfit of his nine-year-old boy. I actually think some part of Edgeworth’s wealth is thanks to the inheritance from his own father. Kristoph Gavin also obtained his wealth as The Coolest Defense In The West. And since Godot was a rookie prosecutor when first appeared in T&T, I think he was paying for his enormous amount of coffee from the savings he earned as a defense attorney. He used to be “the finest lawyer at Grossberg’s office.”

Defense attorneys are not poor. That’s just Phoenix. He is poor because he takes surprisingly few cases despite his legendary fame; I think it’s related to the fact that Phoenix only defends “innocent” clients, which is indeed a tough thing to do if he really wants to make a living as a lawyer.

Neoliberalism has brought about a new global division of labor in which the global South has become “the workshop of the world.” Global capitalism increasingly polarizes the world into Southern “production economies” and Northern “consumption economies.” The main driver behind this process is unquestionably the low wage level in the South. As such, the structure of today’s global economy has been profoundly shaped by the allocation of labor to industrial sectors according to differential rates of exploitation internationally.

The enticement for big business to outsource production or to invest in Greenfield projects in the South is considerable. The difference in wage levels is not just a factor of one to two, but often one to ten or fifteen.2 Indeed, in 2010, of the world’s three-billion-strong workforce, approximately 942 million were classified by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as “working poor” (almost one-in-three workers worldwide live on under $2 a day).3

According to World Bank economist Branko Milanović (see Chart 2), in 1870 global inequality between world citizens was considerably less than it is today. More strikingly still, from being predominantly driven by class (that is, in Milanović‘s non-Marxist conception, the share of national income), inequality today is driven almost entirely by location, the latter contributing 80 percent of global inequality. Thus, he writes, “it is much more important, globally speaking, whether you are lucky enough to be born in a rich country than whether the income class to which you belong in a rich country is high, medium or low.”4 What is not said is that the geography of inequality is the product of the economic, legal, military, and political structures of past colonialism and latter-day neocolonialism. These historical factors form the basis for the class struggle that determines what Marx referred to as the “historical and moral” aspect of wage levels.

—  “Imperialism and the Transformation of Values into Prices” by Torkil Lauesen and Zak Cope

Senators, New York City Council Members, and low wage workers gathered in front of New York City Hall to rally for a $15 minimum wage.

There is a major difference between critiquing radicals who are quick to pounce on anything but revolution (radicals who laugh at workers who’d like higher wages and some reforms which would make life markedly easier like affordable housing quotas) and poking fun at radicals who are cautious about/vocal about the shortcomings of support for reforms but engage in it anyway.

The first group is mostly composed of radicals whose lives are comfortable enough that things like minimum wage laws and union rights have no real affect on them.

The second group is composed mostly of poor working radicals who are tired of working and advocating for people who are still their ideological enemies, and who just want to have conversations about how reform is not a solution even as they agitate for it. These are people who would just like to live in less pain, who’d just like an end to their suffering and the humiliation and dehumanization that comes from being poor and a communist and aware of your oppression every second you’re on the clock. Poking fun at radicals like this (like me) is incredibly cruel and disingenuous whether you are a radical or a liberal.

Afeni Shakur

♕ I really can’t express how distraught I am to hear that Elder Afeni has passed away. She has and properly never will be properly honored in American History as one of America’s unsung heroes. Every person born in America lives a better, more equitable life as a result of her and every Panther’s efforts during the Civil Rights Movement. 

Enjoy exercising your right to gun ownership? It was the Panthers who tested the 2nd Amendment Rights to bare arms. Relieved your children have before and after-school  programs to go while you’re at work - the Panthers are to thank. Want to push equal wages for equal effort? The Panthers were among the activists laying the groundwork for your message. Believe the media needs to be more balanced? Shocked to hear that prisons disproportionately imprison the poor and people of color? Believe capital punishment is outdated? Worry about your privacy and police harassment? Believe that every youth activist ought to have an elder to guide them? Think children are the future and family is the foundation of society? Want to know how a movement can be more inclusive of women? Working to end sexism? Want to know if there is life after gang involvement, drug abuse and domestic violence? Think alternative medicine should be more accessible and is great supplement or option to Western medicine? Want to know how Black, Hispanic, Native American and Asian people are connected and can work together? Want industrialism to slow down a bit and let the Earth heal? Support businesses owned by people of color and women? Wish Hip-Hop was more positive? Like wearing your hair natural? Think wearing the traditional garb of your ancestry is cool? Wish more people practiced the traditional religions of their Ancestors, no matter what color they are?

The Panthers, with Afeni there all along the way, worked through all these issues. Testing not only white institutional racism and governments, but themselves. The history books point out their faults, but very rarely point out their triumphs. Even today, their children are using what their parents taught them to change the world. 

It doesn’t matter who you are. You owe something that you completely take for granted to Afeni and her comrades. Even you conservatives. 

What are YOU doing to make the world a better place?

Minimum wage absolutely needs to be higher. I don’t care if a job doesn’t require a degree the workers deserve a wage that they can live on. People can’t afford school so they go into the work force but then they get told they don’t deserve decent money cause they couldn’t afford school? That’s punishing people for being poor.

The Face of Liberal Feminism today

or - subtitled:

Why Feminism is not about Individual Choices

I just heard a ‘proud feminist’ on a TV show about what it means to be a woman claim passionately that feminism today means “I will fight for your right to make your own choices - no matter what they are - and I will not judge you for them”.

Can I just say (again) how the face of liberal feminism these days is so disappointingly unenlightened and out of touch - it is just not feminism.

Feminism based on “individual choices” is ultimately selfish and doesn’t take into account the reality of most women’s lives.

It is notable that the above statement by the liberal feminist is something you really only hear out of the mouths of young, white, middle to upper class, heterosexual, well educated/professional women - and not something you are likely to hear said by a poor, single mother, working 2 minimum wage jobs, who escaped an abusive household, and faces racism on a daily basis. The choices these two women make - are based not on personal choice but on the choices available to them. The world is not fair or balanced. And women certainly cannot by categorized as one group that faces the same choices. We don’t. Nor does it mean that the world is a meritocracy - it isn’t. People do not deserve what they get (or don’t get)! It also denies the reality that one woman’s choice will effect other women - often adversely.

It is mystifying to me that the same well-intentioned liberal feminist women who sincerely believe that everything a “personal choice” - are the same kind and caring women who also recognize that all humans are connected and believe in helping others. This is such a fundamental contradiction.

Feminism is not about supporting individual choices - or even about individuals per se for that matter - it is about fighting to ensure that ALL women have the same choices available to them

No one would try to declare that Human Rights are a matter of individual choices. Human Rights means all humans - just as feminism means ALL WOMEN.

I cannot align myself with liberal feminism because while I may personally have the ability to make a 'choice’ between earning money through, say, a comfortable office job OR through prostituting myself on the streets - not all women have the same choices as me. Some women have the very different choice between prostituting themselves on the streets OR not being able to feed their kids and/or being beat up by their male partners if they do not.  That is why I am a radical feminist - because I see feminism as a fight for ALL my sisters’ human rights - not just supporting the 'choices’ women personally make from the (often limited) options available to them as individual females.

Because - to paraphrase N. Mandela - how can I consider myself free while my sisters are still in chains?

As I'm watching this live tracker, I'm seeing that Trump supporters are poor working class people who've been ignored by the political establishment for too long

They’ve been neglected and pushed aside and now they want some revenge, huh?

Well I have news for you.

Trump is the corporation that refuses to raise your wages even though profits are higher than they’ve ever been in the past.

Trump is the billionaire, the upper class aristocrat from a line of rich douche bags who doesn’t care about the blue collar workers, who thinks that the enemy is simple, definable with a single word.

he’s the one who’s been pushing you down, all of us down, he has dinners and luncheons and shady business deals, everything that works against the greater good and lines his fucking pocket.

how can you not see this?

How can you not see that he is everything you hate but worse, he’s not a politician, he’s a farce.

He’s a mockery to our representative democracy.

Who does he represent?

Rich tight ass white men who control our livelihoods.

Who have refused to address us, who tell us we’re not good enough, that we are where we are because we arent as clever as them, aren’t as evolutionarily fit as they are.


That’s what you want?

You’re throwing a tantrum and protest voting to show Washington what a fool it is?


you’ve made a fool out of all of us.

People who want to work but can’t find jobs do exist.

Some communities have very few paying work opportunities/available jobs.

Stigmatized and oppressed groups often face huge amounts of discrimination in hiring (including but not limited to POC, disabled people, LGBT+ people, women, members of non-Christian religions, people with criminal records) .

People with many kinds of visas cannot legally work on those visas and may have to wait long periods for a status change (undocumented people face even bigger hurdles in finding employment, especially employment that pays even minimum wage).

People love to tell poor people to “get a job” but just getting a job, let alone one that pays a living wage, can be next to impossible for some people.

okay i just wanna say i don’t really like the way leave voters are being painted as ‘uneducated/poor/stupid’ - cos they are mostly racist and xenophobic and THAT should be the point, not that they don’t have formal Uni educations. i know a lot of people that voted/wanted to stay that don’t have any qualifications, Uni education or live on benefits/shitty minimum wage jobs. the politicians preyed on the working-class and have done a complete divide and conquer - because for them, a Britain where marginalised people; the poor, disabled, and immigrants, are united, is scary and one that wouldn’t fall for their bullshit. but we did, and racism and xenophobia won.

as someone on disability benefits living in the UK, i’m honestly scared. i see a country that can become ripe for fascism to thrive, hate crimes going up, human rights abuses becoming the norm and in my paranoid mind, a possible fascist state being implemented by the likes of Farage. if i were Scottish, i’d want out right fucking now before it’s too late. Scottish bbs, if another independence referendum comes up, vote to leave, because you don’t wanna be part of this shitshow, trust me.