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tbh ive always been in the mob fandom bc i read the comics first but your art is always a light of sunshine (tho angsty as fuck) whenever i end up on the dark lanes of the mp100 fandom. ily! keep up the great shit! ❤️

ahhhh gosh thank you ;v;

well then how bout some actual art sunshine to light up the dark, eh? ^^

Space Heater

Summary: When the heater goes out, you’re left freezing and unable to get warm. Luckily, Bucky might be able to help that.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1838

Warnings: none (unless you count being very cold), just fluffy, cuddly goodness!

A/N: AHHH I’m back!! This is my first crack at writing fanfic in like 4 months since I’ve been on hiatus, but I’m excited to get writing again! I wanted to come back with a fluffy one-shot (since those are relatively easy), so here you guys go! As always, I hope you enjoy!

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bts personality analysis: jungkook

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ive talked a lot in these analysis’ about avatars in the industry and how they select specific personas to appeal to a target audience; and i dont think jungkook has one. its weird because nearly everyone does, famous or not. people select an image to show their best side. but the reason i think that jungkook doesn’t have a specific avatar is that i really dont think that jungkook could. he couldnt stick to a certain image and you often see in interviews or lives that his persona falls, like he gets tired of it sometimes. he also kind of mocks the idol stereotypes sometimes and i think its funny because jungkook is one of the most loved idols, yet he is so cynical of his own industry. he doesn’t like avatars, he values honesty. i noticed this most in this years kkul fm - the members ask jungkook if he is sleepy and tell him to notice the camera, and jungkook blows a kiss with a smile and looks back down with a blank expression. i think this says a lot about him and how he responds to certain situations.

jungkook is quiet, observant. its rare that he speaks up in an interview; instead, he prefers to let his other members speak. i dont necessarily think jungkook is shy, but i think he has trouble expressing himself. i dont think he can articulate his thoughts and i think he isnt as aware of his emotions as namjoon and taehyung are. because doesn’t know his own emotions, i can see the intensity of them being overwhelming to him and jungkook breaking down because of stress. jungkook is known as the multifaceted member - the golden maknae. he has to live up to that title and i think the pressure is sometimes a little bit too much sometimes. instead of an idol image, jungkook wears a calmer, more collected exterior to protect himself - this goes for yoongi, too. even though he seems calm, his mind is busy and nervous. 

jungkook is facile because he is so adaptable to situations, he is comfortable in unknown situations and that makes it easier for him to learn new things. where anybody would be anxious in a new environment, a new environment gives jungkook drive. it serves as motivation. i see him also liking change - because his mind is so busy, i think he would be distracted if he was in a routine. he needs to be doing things at all times. i also think that jungkook really shows virgo traits when he is learning something new because he has a desire to improve and perfect, which is his flaw and his strength. because he is such a perfectionist, just like jimin, he sets expectations that he cannot even dream to achieve. he strives for perfection when he cannot be perfect and this mindset can be damaging to his perception of himself and that could lead to him being in a bad state of mind. jungkook is also completely stubborn so he will not give up in the middle of something, he will keep going until his bones atrophy. again, this is a strength and a weakness. i just hope jungkook hasn’t worn himself out.

i think my favourite thing about jungkook is his compassion and complete admiration for his members. although he finds it hard to express this love and sometimes seems almost rude when he is amongst his hyungs, he does it in other ways. a small compliment - “jimin you can sing pretty well”-, or with a joke that he knows will make them laugh. he cannot articulate his emotions. he becomes uncomfortable when expressing himself. thats why i think that jungkook crying with his members before the wings album was such a huge moment for them as a group. im sure they have cried together many times, but for jungkook to truly admit his feelings to his members and tell them that he values their emotions over his own is a fucking big deal. once jungkook begins to develop and mature, i think that he will learn to love himself more and respond to his emotions. i think that he will learn to articulate his thoughts and im sure we will see them in his solo songs.

jungkook and jin are hard to work out because as much as i do believe they adore each other, i think jungkook often forgets that jin is his hyung and demands respect because jin is always so goofy. jungkook doesn’t acknowledge jin and acknowledgement is what jin needs and values.  yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. hoseok and jungkook have a sibling relationship, jungkook really admires and respects hoseok and his dance and wants to learn from him. hoseok keeps jungkook on his toes which is exactly what that boy needs. namjoon and jungkook are a really special relationship because jungkook sees namjoon as an older brother or even a father figure. he admired namjoon and shows him respect - and for the maknae to do that… he must love the guy a whole lot. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

jeon jeongguk - infp/virgo. perfectionist, observant, compassionate, adaptive.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin ; kim taehyung

a/n: and that is all the analyses done!!! i hope u enjoyed reading everyone!!! pls come into my inbox and tell me what u thought - lana

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @anorha-nono!!!!! ღ ^◡^)ノ♡**

Sorry it’s so rushed and not painted, but I think I managed to get all of your aus in there except Flaretale and Caughtfell! (ran out of space sorry ;;^^) I HOPE YOU HAD AN EPIC DAY LIKE YOU DESERVE!

Thanks for being an awesome person and amazingly talented artist and STAY DETERMINED!!! *ghost hugs* <33

[NCT] Simplicity

A little babble that kind of sucks but doesn’t suck enough to keep me from posting it 
I’m a tad sour rn and want sleepy kisses from jjh so take this; a product of my bad mood

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Word count: 585
Genre: fluff
Feedback is always appreciated, 
Thank you and goodnight

The trill sound of you crying out in frustration is what rouses Jaehyun from his mid-afternoon nap. Awake, but slow to rise, he only rolls over, grumbling out a, “babe, be quiet.” It’s when you toss your bag to the floor far more aggressively than needed that he decides to sit up, propping himself up on his elbows. You angrily pace around at the food of the bed, rubbing at your temples and willing yourself to settle down.
“You’re blowing smoke.” Jaehyun jokingly says, a lazy smile quirked on his lips. You shoot him a glare. At this, his look softens, and he beckons you over. You debate shutting him down, giving him the cold shoulder because you want so desperately to take out your pent up aggravation on something and, well, if Jaehyun happens to be within arm’s reach, then so be it. Through your internal dialogue, he’s looking at you, eyes heavy with sleep and hair askew in every direction and his clothes are all rumpled from his tossing and turning and he’s smiling at you and you can feel the adoration he has for you and you’re melting. You breathe a heavy sigh, laced with irritation and exhaustion and you trudge over to him, allowing his hands to completely envelope yours as he guides you down to lie next to him.

His arms are around you and your face is tucked into his chest and you can feel his heartbeat, smooth and rhythmic and so much calmer than your own. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, and you allow yourself to snuggle closer to him, wanting to drown in his warmth.
“You want to tell me about what’s got you so worked up?” He questions softly, fingers loosely carding through your hair. You breathe in his scent, warm and inviting and your knees go weak because this boy is yours and you thank whoever may be listening that he’s a part of your life.
The only response you offer is a minute shake of your head, and he only hums in acknowledgement, choosing instead to begin rocking you the tiniest bit.
Jaehyun will wait with you, hold you until your heartbeat has settled and the heat in your cheeks has died down.

“I really love you, Jaehyun.” You mumble into the fabric of his t-shirt. A laugh sounds deep in his chest.
“I really love you too, Y/N.” Is his response.
You move back to meet his eyes, and you feel like you can lose yourself in endless pools of brown that carry so much love for you; only you.
“No, Jaehyun. I really really am in love with you.” You say, and his smile brightens. He’s idly rubbing circles into your side, and you can feel the tension in your shoulders ebbing away with every feather light caress. He smiles, and your heart swells with happiness. The time for anger and frustration and everything that comes along with a bad day would come later; now, you’re only concerned with the feel of Jaehyun’s lips against your own as you kiss him. Slow and sweet, patient and oh so caring, your eyes flutter shut and you let Jaehyun guide you into a state of contentment that you had been aching for all day.
“I really really am in love with you, too.” He says as he pulls away.
And than you kiss him again. Because you love him, and he loves you. It’s as simple as that.

On Narrators, Observers and the Sun Arc

So for once I’m going to make a meta on how things might not be as bad as they look. It’s shocking, I know. There’s something I’ve noticed though, that was revealed this chapter that I have not seen anybody else talking about.

That the narrator who carries such an objective and flourishing style in narration that was almost absent from Tokyo Ghoul with the exception of the end of chapter and beginning of chapter brief segments, is none other than Furuta himself. Not only that but for most of the time, these narrations are completely objective and more descriptive of the situation around him rather than Furuta’s actual thoughts and emotions.

Clickbait title: why is naki going to survive? Find out below. 

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Jealous Lover

//the One Where Cersei is jealous of Jaime’s sudden drawl towards, Y/N Stark, the beauty of the Seven Kingdoms//

The celebration was filled with lively music, the cheer and chatter echoed through the walls of Casterly Rock. The woman twirled in their colorful dresses that represented their houses. Showing their support to the Lannisters was vital in for survival, one of the most strongest families in Westeros. They were Lions after all and Lions were rulers of the Kingdom.

The room had gone silent at the appearance of Y/N, she was absolutely breathtaking in the sunlit room. Her golden skin glowed slightly showing off the smoothness of her skin, no crater or blemish in sight. Her seductive eyes scanned the room before her, she demanded the attention of everyone in the room without even asking for it. Her unnaturally (eye color of choice) eyes scanned the room, a small smile rested on her features as her attention was turned to her younger sister whom brushed up against her shoulder. “They are all staring” Sansa remarked, her fingers gently brushing on the light grey material that was her dress.

“We are wolves Sansa, they stare because they fear” her voice was strong and soft. Holding so much power and authority but caressed your ears like a soft lullaby a mother sings to her dearest children. Sansa bore the house colors of the Lannisters, couldn’t tell that she was once a wolf. Sansa shyly moved from her sister’s side, her eyes examining the great hall they stood in.

“Y/N Stark” a voice stated behind her, peering over shoulder slightly she caught eye of the Kingslayer, a man who needs no introduction.

“Kingslayer” she speaks slowly, Y/N turns around and faces the man “Its a pleasure” she holds out her hand, he wrapped his hands delicately around her fingers before laying a soft kiss on the back of her hand. His lips lay there before he looks up at her.

“Jaime will do just fine” he responds once his lips aren’t occupied by her hand. “Please walk with me” He held out his elbow for her to grab, she watches him hesitantly before slowly dragging her hand through his elbow. The simple action makes the Kingslayer smile. “You look exquisite, you truly live up your to the title”

“Is that all I am to people, a title? A title that exemplifies my beauty. Am I only known for my beauty to men, what of my intelligence, determination, loyalty, leadership?”

“That’s the first thing a man sees, a man judges is the outer appearance of a woman. Never wants inside, he never knows what lurks in her mind.” She stopped turning in front of him, her eyes scanning him for a moment.

“What do you see Jamie?” She whispers, his finger slowly moving the strand of hair that blocked her face.

“A strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man to know her worth. A mesmerizing woman whom deserves the utmost satisfaction and respect” he whispers back.

Cersei watched the pair, her eyes burning holes in the Stark that stared loving into her lover’s eyes. Her face began to grow hot, her fist clenching and unclenching slowly. She tried calming herself but the more she watched the two, the more she could Jaime see him slipping from her and Cersei didn’t like that thought.

“The sight sickens me” she murmured to herself, she composed herself quickly before sashaying toward the couple, her eyes darting from Jaime to Y/N. They haven’t spoken anything, just gazing at each other. “Lady Stark, it’s a pleasure having here at Casterly Rock” Cersei gathered Y/N attention with a soft smile she bowed softly. “The pleasure is all mine Queen Mother” Cersei pressed a feigned smile on her lips before her eyes averted to Jamie whom been glaring at his twin, praying that she did do anything foolish.

“I think I’ll retire to my chambers it was great meeting you… both” she said with a smile, she gave a slight smile before sashaying away from the pair.

Jaime grabbed Cersei’s arm pulling her close to him “What is you are intentions??”

She snatched her arm away, glaring at the man “You with that woman! Do you find her attractive?”

“In more ways than one” he huffed before leaving his lover on the floor, he held unto his sword as he traveled the halls searching for Y/N. His eyes turning left and right as he scanned for her picturesque body roaming through the halls. He grunted softly at he pushing against the wall, his hand impelled by another.

“You following me Jaime” a soft voice whispered against his ear, he chuckled lightly as his face was smushed against the extravagant designs of the wall. “Trying to protect me or have your way with me?”

“Would you believe me if I said protect?” He hummed, he watched the Wolf in his peripheral. A small smirk written on her face, her hand slowly retracted away from him. He turned around slowly to face her.

She pushed him against the hall her hands stationary at his abs while her body was pressed against his. Her tempting eyes running over his. “I have to admit Kingslayer, you… are…very easy on the eyes.” Her lips parted while they moved over of his slightly brushing against his quivering lips

Jamie’s hand slowly pulled up Y/N’s leg, pressing their hips together. His eyes running over face.

He leaned forward to connect lips only for her to pull back, her hands slowly running up his armored chest, he regret not wearing thinner clothing to feel her touch. Her index pressed against his lips, slowly dragging it down. “See you tomorrow Ser Jamie” she whispered before removing herself from his touch

“That is one hot piece of ass” he heard a familiar voice let out, he turned his head to Hand of the King, Bronn. He didn’t have any words. He nodded breathlessly before he was left alone.

Dead Girl Walking

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut, unprotected sex, language, violence, domestic dispute, destruction of personal property, dom!Luci,   

A/N: Anonymous requested: The reader is in the bunker, fighting with one of the angels, preferably Luci or Balthazar - yelling and throwing things when their anger turns to passion and they start having violent sex, leaving holes in the walls and the books in the library scattered to the floor, chairs overturned, so the boys later is all “What the hell happened to our home?”

Thank you for the request, anon <3 I loved writing this!

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