living up to the title


  • viktor wearing a beanie has literally saved my crops
  • yuri is serving the finest gangsta realness
  • HONESTLY he looks like he’s about to drop the dopest rap album of 2k17
  • yuuri living up for the best boy title and making a fedora look actually acceptable? 

Imagine that you are best friends with Jane foster. So when Thor comes crashing down to earth and all that random romance happens, you get invited to their wedding in Asgard. It is there that you meet the Royal Family, including Loki (because let’s say in this universe Loki didn’t do any of the stuff he did to fall off the bridge, because why not?).

You join the Family at the high table and while having a perfectly reasonable interrogation of the Royal Family(Jane only deserves the best). Loki, deciding to live up to his title of the God of Mischief, turns your drink into a snake (constrictor). What Loki doesn’t realise is that you love snakes and therefore you start cooing at it like a normal person would a baby or puppy. Loki and everyone else is rather confused (apart from Jane who’s debating if it’s too late to throw you off a cliff because you do this kind of thing far too often).

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is known by the blockbuster-worthy nickname “Europe’s Last Dictator,” and by gosh is he committed to living up to that title. Aside from a habit of making his political opponents disappear like a fascist magician, Lukashenko’s Belarus is rife with censorship, rigged elections, and general human rights skullfuckery. He’s the kind of guy Steven Seagal would hunt down in a bad action movie. However, in real life, Steven Seagal hunted Lukashenko down to eat carrots at his house.

What force on Earth, barring some common enemy living in a supervolcano, could bring these two together? Apparently, Seagal has family ties to Belarus – family he presumably doesn’t speak to very often, or else he’d be too busy rescuing them to hang out with their oppressor. On the contrary, Lukashenko is someone he’s “long dreamed of meeting,” and not to karate chop him in the face. During their get-together, Lukashenko greeted him with gifts of melons and carrots, which is either a traditional Belarusian party favor or a mad dictator seeing how much crazy bullshit he can get a movie star to eat.

When gently confronted with Lukashenko’s long record of human rights abuses, Seagal brushed off the accusations as rumors, commenting that “Every single president I know, and I know many, there are rumors about all of them.” Sure, we all know there are wingnuts who still thinks Bush did 9/11, but when your carrot-slinging friend has been subjected to actual EU sanctions, it might be time for some quiet reflection. But hey, we all have soft spots – Seagal’s happens to be for vicious autocrats.

6 Brutal Dictators You Didn’t Know Had Celebrity BFFs

A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 24: Claddagh Ring | A Reylo Fanfic


Chapter Summary: Kylo Ren tries to distract a crying Rey. It backfires. 

Chapter Preview:

Kylo cringes at the sound of Maz’s laughter, who’s been having a field day with his retelling of how he got to be here with Rey for the last five minutes straight. He shakes his head, letting his facial expression drop to utter blankness while Maz wipes a tear from the corner of her eye with one bony finger.

“So you picked up a stray cat!” Maz laughs, eyes twinkling with delight. A cat isn’t necessarily what Kylo would call Rey.

Author’s note: HURRAH! CHAPTER! 

Also! I have posted a new story. A PRE-TFA Story about Young Ben Solo and Little Rey exploring their lives prior to TFA, titled Kindred. The first chapter is now up and I’m very proud of it. Please go check it out. Snapshot below

KINDRED | A Young Ben Solo / Rey story. 
Rating: T/Gen

They are kindred, him and her…

Young Ben Solo is tired of disappointments, tired of his father always putting him second, so on his sixteenth birthday he finally does something about it when he steals the Falcon and dumps it on Jakku, leaving behind both his childhood and something else.

Ebb Appreciation Post

-is one of the strongest wizards but chooses to stay out of unnecessary drama by living with goats

-is extremely kind and understanding

-was a total rebel/anarchist when she was young.

-softly smiles while crying

-refuses to be judgmental towards ppl

-g o a t s

-lowkey is the hero of the whole story

-refuses to run away and leave Watford to the Mage and she saved Agatha’s life.

-is very forgiving and brave.

-NEVER even ONCE forced Simon to live up to his “chosen one” title.

-still wears her Watford sweaters

-didn’t let go of Nicodemus and kept talking to him

-is Watford’s guardian

-cares about her goats so. very. much.

-uses her magic to watch tv and make tea/coffee

-is extraordinarily beautiful, inside out

-is such a selfless and kind soul


feel free to add more. This amazing lady needs more love. (Like how do you not fall in love with her character?)

hashbrowncats  asked:

*whispers* saw ur angst pidge and keith headcanons so HOW ABOUT ANGSTY KEITH AND LANCE HEADCANONS

bc i don’t know if u want romance or platonic headcanons im gonna go for the gold and do ambiguously both! as patron saint of platonic love it is only right that i live up to my title…

*plays numb by linkin park* ok so

  • lance and keith are sort of…in this weird limbo where neither of them thinks the other likes them which is due mostly to the fact that keith is very impersonal and lance takes everything personally. bad combo. like skittles and ramen. my sister ate that once.
  • so lance realizes one day when he sees keith talking to the others that he’s just…like that. it’s probably nothing personal because he’s the same with everyone else too, so he feels a little better.
  • but keith never gets that closure because he doesn’t ask and he doesn’t know what to look out for, what indicates that lance likes him or at least, doesn’t hate him
  • and even though keith seems recklessly confident in his own abilities sometimes he doesn’t actually like himself that much, and he doesn’t really think his life has much purpose
  • like, he lived in a desert shack alone and no one noticed…he could just drop off the face of the earth and it wouldn’t matter
  • and when the blue lion is found he does just that
  • so one day they’re in a battle and it’s getting ugly and this galra is coming at lance so fast and lance is just frozen with fear thinking “oh god oh god” but then no pain ever comes
  • because it wasn’t lance who got hit
  • it was keith
  • and lance is just going “why”
  • and keith is hurting real bad but he manages to say “they’re waiting for you back home.” and lance’s heart breaks into a million pieces but he knows he has to focus on getting keith to safety
  • keith survives but nothing is ever quite the same after that
  • lance keeps trying to do nice things for keith just because he wants to and keith is like “you don’t have to pretend you like me. it’s okay.” and lance is so hurt!! he’s so hurt because he means it!! but keith doesn’t get that. he’s the kind of guy who says “what was that for” after he gets hugged and when ppl are like “just ‘cause” he’s like “just ‘cause what
  • keith thinks…lance is really admirable and when he sees him being so close to everyone else his chest aches. he wants to be right there with him.
  • once in a while keith gets an ache in his hip where he got hurt really bad protecting lance and lance sees him wince when he walks and just feels so so awful inside, sick and cold and nauseous
  • keith keeps pretending he never risked his life for lance, which is really not something you can just pretend didn’t happen, so lance asks him about it
  • “why did you…take that hit for me back there?“ and keith is just like “you’ve got a family to get home to.” like he didn’t just offer up his life so that lance could hopefully, maybe see his family again one day, like it’s a completely logical explanation and maybe it is…but it shouldn’t be because keith matters too
  • “what about you? what about the people waiting for you on earth?” and keith almost laughs because like, that’s ridiculous? and he’s just like “i’m pretty sure no one even noticed me missing.” and that makes lance mad and he’s like “i noticed. when you left the garrison i noticed immediately. i noticed that you were gone then, and i thought about it all the time. i missed you.” and keith doesn’t really know what to say to that so he’s just looking at lance. really, really looking at him for once.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Naomi has already made Alexa Bliss pay for her disrespect, pinning the SmackDown Women’s Champion in consecutive tag team matches in the span of one week.

But if Naomi’s streak continues at WWE Elimination Chamber, where she faces WWE’s Wicked Witch in singles action, she’ll leave with more than just a sense of retribution; Naomi will also be champion.

Upon Naomi’s illuminating return to Team Blue on Jan. 24, Bliss made the mistake of suggesting a match against Naomi was beneath her. Yet, at Royal Rumble, Naomi scored the winning fall against the titleholder in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match, a feat she repeated days later teaming with Becky Lynch against Alexa and Mickie James on SmackDown LIVE.

Long respected for her dynamic abilities inside the ring, Naomi has yet to claim a title in WWE. Will she live up to her potential at WWE Elimination Chamber and catapult to the top of Team Blue’s Women’s division? Or can the cruel and crafty Alexa Bliss, perhaps fortified by her alliance with Mickie James, find an answer for her challenger?Watch WWE Elimination Chamber live Sunday, Feb. 12, at 8 ET/5 PT on the award-winning WWE Network.