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🌅 Cosmos by @cosmos-crossing 🌿

The moment I opened my eyes in this dream, I was literally blown away! I have fallen so in love with this town that I spent an hour just walking around in the calm afternoon, enjoying the scenery. I am definitely dreaming of Cosmos again very soon!

I know what it’s like to feel so empty inside, wanting to talk to the ones you love. Instead, you watch them fall asleep while you sit up all night. They’re dreaming about their lives in the next 10 years…you’re not even sure you want to be alive for the next 10 minutes.
—  give me a good reason to continue living like this.
Track 10
Alex G
Track 10

baby what you did for me on halloween
she said her mask would scare me
i dont think it will

i know everyone can tell by the empty shell
but baby likes me when i hurt myself

baby help me in the morning
she said she talks in her sleep
i dont think she does

baby wraps me up in her blanket
she says if i dont wake up
ill live forever
this dream

Track 10
Alex G
Track 10

baby waiting for me on halloween
she said her mask would scare me
i don’t think it will

i know everyone can tell
i’m an empty shell
but baby likes me better
when i hurt myself

baby called me in the morning
she said she talks in her sleep
i don’t think she does

baby wrapped me up in her blanky
she said if i don’t wake up i’ll live forever
in this dream

Kate McKinnon Fanfiction. Foldingchairs and the city of dreams. Chapter 10

Hey guys, I’ve decided to post my fanfic about Kate McKinnon on here. You can find it on AO3 as well:

Summary: This fanfiction tells the story of a fan, just like any of us, meeting Kate and everything that happens after that.It takes off at SNL, later on Nino will be there and Kate is the most amazing person in the world. What could one want more?

Rated M 

Chapter 10

I look at the text one more time, just waiting to be sent out to the person that had me in her grip ever since that phone call last week. I fiddle with my fingers and contemplate if it’s the right thing to do. She’d hurt me so bad with something as simple as not texting back, if I let her back in that meant I was, once again, putting myself in a position where she could really hurt me. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to feel that vulnerable, and risk getting hurt by her again.

I look up from my phone and spot the enormous Ghostbusters poster on my bedroom wall. I let my eyes wander over the paper and finally, they land on the character that had started this all. Holtzmann changed my life ever since I saw her on the big screen. After falling head over heels for this goofy weirdo, it wasn’t long until I found out about the even goofier weirdo who had portrayed her. I was crazy if I didn’t think that me meeting Kate, and actually getting to know her as she is in real life, was a gift that I shouldn’t take for granted.  That weekend in New York had been one I had been dreaming about ever since I found out about Kate. But besides the amazing feeling of my dream of meeting her coming true, I had actually found someone who I could be myself with within a couple of moments, someone who had earned my trust ever since she admitted she had never done this before either, someone who had taken my breath away by just being herself.

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A - AGE: Ancient
F - FAVORITE SONG: Pyramid Song - Radiohead
G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?:  Of course
I - IN LOVE WITH: Gingers and curves
J - JEALOUS OF: Anyone who’s ever met Emma Watson
O - ONE WISH: Space travel, baby
S - SONG LAST SANG: Specter - Radiohead
T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: Every hour on the hour
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: what is this underwear you speak of?
W - WORST HABIT: Biting my nails till they bleed
X - X-RAYS YOU HAD: leg, arm, teeth, skull
Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Green curry ramen

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hey its the anon from a few days ago who sings songs from musicals to her boyfriend and today we just sat in bed all day and watched musicals together and made out it was great 10/10 recommend

You are living my dream, musical anon, you are living my dream.

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1. Chasing Heaven - Bassnectar

2. Change My Mind - One Direction

3. Blank Space - Ryan Adams

4. Burn - Phillipa Soo (Hamilton)

5. Head Over Heels - Digital Daggers (Vampire Diaries Soundtrack)

6. Bittersweet Tragedy - Melanie Martinez

7. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

8. Counting Sheep - Flatsound

9. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics

10. Mine (Live) - Taylor Swift (literal love of my life)

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seriously though metzen lived the dream and the things he helped maked have literally shaped like 10 yrs of my life and that’s a little astounding, esp. to see him more or less going out on top in a field where one fuckup can cost you so dearly.

good on u my dude retiring at 42, do enough coke for both of us

“Live your dreams”  they say..

You were 10 and you dreamed about being a famous dancer and a singer maybe doing some sport? But in your 11 you fell down and you injured your knee. “It’s gonna be okay” you believed and you kept dancing but you fell again and you couldn’t continue - ever again... 5 years later you tried again but nothing’s changed…

“It’s fine I can still sing”  you believed but In your 12 something bad happend with your neck and with your voice… you tried to continue with singing but your voice kept cracking and you couldn’t continue - ever again… 5 years later you tried to sing again but nothing’s changed…

And you keep on telling me “Live your dreams”… I tried and I failed. You can tell me that I’m too young and too stupid but this will hunt me for the rest of my life… And you won’t even know.

That’s one of my reasons why I feel like - giving up on everything/useless/stupid/coward/indecisive/breaking down when you talk about your dreams… I’m “writing” it here because I know that you won’t read it. Some things are really important to me even though you don’t care.


It’s like living in a dream! 10 incredible years and The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil is brighter, bolder, and bigger than ever! Hear it straight from the heart of some of our biggest fans!

Josh Hutcherson appears in a promotional video for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil.


“TOP A THA MORNIN!” Explodes through my headphones
A green haired weirdo playing video games alone
At first glance, he just yells at things on his screen
But the more you watch, he’s so much more than he seems

He gets off topic while playing each game
That’s what fans love, his constant rambling
He talks about stuff that’s important, not just for views
He describes what it’s like in a YouTuber’s shoes

But he was once like us, watching let’s plays through a screen
Now he has 10 million + subs and is living the dream
He’s friends with all of those other players
Like Pewdiepie and Markiplier

Though sometimes I cannot understand his accent
If I have to rewatch videos, that’s time well spent
It’s fun to watch stuff with Septic Eye Sam
And a loud, screaming, green-haired, crazy Irishman