living that puck life

Actual conversation I had Christmas morning
  • Brother: *something about I Prevail*
  • Me: Okay but I don't listen to them
  • Brother: WHAT HOW?!?!
  • Me: You don't even listen to Neck Deep. OR KNUCKLE PUCK
  • Brother: Who's that?
  • Me: Dude. We are in a Chicago suburb. Get on your Chicago pop punk.
  • Brother: Dude I listen to like 15 bands. I don't have time for anymore.
  • Me: .......

Please I am searching for more blogs that post bands like:

Neck Deep
The front bottoms
State champs
New found glory
The wonder year
The story so far
As it is
Modern Baseball
Knuckle Puck
Sum 41
Brand New
Light you up

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