living system

Some facts about capitalism:

  • Artificial scarcity drives profits up
  • It is not profitable for everyone to live comfortably
  • The system demands unceasing growth and resource extraction for its own survival, in turn putting the survival of humanity and ecosystems in peril
  • The growth that arises from capital accumulation makes a select few obscenely wealthy, while most of the world lives in poverty 
  • It can be transcended

Know What’s Abso-fucking-lutely Hilarious?

White People Get More Offended When Being Called A Racist Than They Do About Actual Acts Of Racism… How Embarrassing


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“What was that about earlier?  When you said you were looking forward to the match…”

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Europe continuously hates Romani claiming “none of us have jobs” or that we “only live off welfare checks” when it’s literally Europe’s own fault that a disheartening large % or Roma live in poverty.

Roma are systemically denied their rights to education & non-discrimination in primary education and are overwhelmingly segregated in “Roma-only” schools/classes. Even when Roma children get the chance to attend “normal” schools non-Roma parents usually end up remove their children from those schools, resulting in the faculties becoming “Roma only” too because of the large scale non-Roma departures. 

A lot of Romani children have also been purposely misdiagnosed with mental disabilities as a result of culturally-biased diagnostic tools and anti-Roma prejudice among psychology and pedagogic experts and send to special schools for children with “mild mental disabilities”, when there is no need for them to be there.

As a result to that they are condemned to low-quality, segregated education and limited opportunities for further education and employment. Even though under national European and international law, discrimination in the field of education is prohibited, in practice it’s still happening and the authorities continue to let this discrimination slide which has far-reaching consequences for thousands of Roma children who remain segregated in inferior education that traps them in a cycle of poverty and marginalization.

On top of that a lot of Roma cannot get jobs because of racism, traditional anti-Romani attitudes and a mixture of prejudice against Romani. It’s not for no reason that Romani are deemed “Europe’s Most Hated.” A lot of Romani literally have to look through trash and look for scrap metal and copper that they can resell for a little money to survive, not having any other choice because nobody will hire them. (x, x

Europeans can be quiet. They are literally the reason why a lot of Roma live trapped in the cycle of poverty and can’t get a job. Yet they despise us for something that wouldn’t even be a problem if they would just treat us like equal human beings.

Your country has been among the most prosperous on Earth for generations. The living standard is high, you’re envied for your health care system, and the general level of education is unmatched by any other country.

However, there is a secret that is not known to anyone who isn’t a citizen. Every year, one of your fellow citizens has to go and live with the God of Mischief for 12 months. In return, he blesses your country, and ensures that you can keep up your high standards.

Nobody knows how the ones who are sent to Loki are chosen. It could be for their intelligence, their personality, or their looks. And they never tell what happened when they return.

One day, you are told that you are the chosen one for the following year.

Bernie's Medicare for All

Bernie is doing what the rest of the Democratic Party should be doing now. Focusing on helping people live better lives.

Let’s trade Trump’s Tax breaks for himself and his fellow billionaires and instead give every American the same insurance he and his fellow politicians and every other industrialized nation in the world already enjoys. The top 10 “best countries for happiness all have the same insurance:…/worlds-happiest-countries-u…/index.html

So do the top 10 countries for business…

And who has the best healthcare in the world? America isn’t even in the top 10 but all of them that are all have Bernie’s type healthcare.…/countries-with-the-best-health-…/

Give your family and yourself a break from the brutal and archaic healthcare system we live under.

Support Bernie’s Medicare For All and be happier healthier, and do better.

Watch the live stream today at 2pm ET:

i really hate when older generations from the US are like ‘i didn’t need loans or my parents’ money, i worked in high school and i managed to pay for a car AND college!’

like. i’m 19. i’m working 2 jobs, 40-60 hours a week, I get paid more than minimum wage and I STILL end up making maybe 10% of my college costs? That’s not including school supplies and ART SUPPLIES which are triple my school supplies.

idk man older people need to realize that college doesn’t cost a summer job and allowance; it costs $50,000 a year and we’re all dying.

#FridayMotivation: On November 6, 2018, let’s come together to vote these assholes out of Washington that cater to lobbyist and party over the interest of their constituents. Together we can start to make America great.