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gemlands fusions please please please

Jathena: Athena+Janey 
Pretty much Garnet, she have two more eyes under the band on her forehead

The Con Artist: Fiona+Sasha
in this AU the sisters are actually one gem who during their formation got split in half, making them defective at the eyes of HW, their fusion will make them what they should have look like but even if they like it being a fusion is very tiresome, they enjoy living their own life and experince with the company of each other but separate.

Show Man: Jack+Rhys
one room can’t contain both this giant dude and his huge ego.

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Hey Taylor! I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me this past 2 years! First let me tell you a little bit about myself, I’m Morgen, I’m 14 years old and the biggest Scottish male swifite fan ever! I have two beautiful sisters and a amazing mum whom I love very much!

I finally got the chance to see you live for the first time at Glasgow, and it was truly something special the best night of my life, you do something very unique when performing live you connect with every single fan in the room and make each and everyone of them feel special through your words, which I think is something very special as very few artists are able to be like that with their fans.

You did something really special to me something so small but it had such an impact, you liked two of my posts when it happened I was in shock I could not believe me of all people would be noticed by you, they Taylor Swift! Since then I honestly feel so much happier each day I am reminded of it and it keeps me smiling every day, just a click of a button makes such a difference in my life so I thank you so much! I hope one day you will follow me as well ❤️ You are such an inspiration for me you most likely hear it every day from other fans but it is one of those things that is worth being said every day, you don’t care what other people think of you and to be honest shake it off and blank space are living proof of that telling the media you are not listening to them and that your just gonna shake it off and words like that encourages me to be more confident and to stand up for myself as I have received a few anon hate messages for videos of me dancing along and lip syncing to a few of your songs that I made and one calling me ugly which to be honest I was very upset about for awhile but then I was reminded by watching Shake It Off that I shouldn’t care what people think of me as you said you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you, So I don’t care what they say about me anymore cause I’m just gonna do what you do Tay and just shake it off! A few weeks after making the original video and receiving the hate I re-recorded myself dancing along to shake it off but this time I asked a few friends from tumblr to join in, showing everyone that we are just gonna shake off all the haters and the fakers, I hope one day you will see this video.

I really don’t know what I would do without you Taylor you have helped me in my lowest points you are the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I am very grateful that I am able to call you my favourite singer that I love but a friend also. I also would really like to thank the swifties on tumblr as well ever since I joined in June 2015 I have felt so welcomed and accepted into the whole thing so thank you. And thank you truly Taylor for everything! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for you, just know I will continue to love and support you every step of the way, I love you so much! I hope one day I will get to tell you this in person but until then know I love you will all my heart and always will❤❤❤ @bmlg @taylorswift

Peter Parker Imagine- Whispers

A/N: A huge shout out goes to @dailyau because I was scrolling through their blog and saw this awesome prompt. All credit for the idea goes to them!

Prompt for their page: You live two houses down from me and I just discovered that today because we’re meeting for a group project.

Group projects were the work of Satan himself, I had decided. That, or my history teacher actually was Satan. I’m not quite sure which one it is at the moment. I preferred to work on my own because all of my previous partners had never wanted to do any of the work in the project so it was all up to me to get a decent grade on it. I was convinced that this project would be no different as the teacher started calling names out.

“Finally, we have Y/n and Peter,” she announced just before class ended. I saw Peter raise his eye brows out of the corner of my eye since he was sitting next to me today. The bell rang as I was scribbling my number on a piece of paper.

“Here’s my number Peter. Text me about the project a little later today and we can figure out what we want to do it on and start working,” I told him and held the paper out. He stared at it a second before looking at me with wide eyes.

“You know my name Y/n?” He questioned.

“Of course I know your name. I’m pretty sure we’ve had at least one class every year since we were kids,” I said amused.

“Well I knew that, but I never figured you noticed or knew my name.”

“I’m very aware of you, Peter. Text me later ya?”

“Y-yeah, I will.”

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Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 14, Newt’s P.O.V.]

Collateral Damage

14/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ] [ next ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: Written in Newt’s P.O.V. for obvious reasons lol You’re about to learn a bit of the Subject A0 character I created! I’ve moulded her in my head when I first watched the Maze Runner film and got into it and I found it so exciting and amusing that it fit really well and even parallels with Newt’s character, especially with the released excerpt of The Fever Code in Newt’s perspective, so I’m super excited to write this! Hooray! Hehe I’ve been really stoked to write these next few chapters of In The Glade because, ironically, this point in the story is where the idea for the series first started, haha! Hope you enjoy! 

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If you’re interested in Jewish literature, then listen up because I’ve got a book for you. The title is The World to Come by Dara Horn, and it just about bowled me over.

In brief, it’s about Benjamin Ziskind, a man who, shortly after his mother’s death, goes to a single’s mixer at a museum, sees a Marc Chagall painting that he thinks used to hang in their living room, and steals it. It’s also about his sister, an artist he enlists to forge a copy, and his grandfather, who was tutored by Chagall as a child in the Soviet Union, and Der Nister, the Yiddish novelist whose pen name means “the Hidden One” and who feels compelled to hide his work so it will survive, and Benjamin’s parents, who kept secrets that haven’t been uncovered even after their deaths.

On a broader note it’s about the angels who teach unborn babies the entire Torah and then knock it out of them, the relevance and magic of Yiddish in the modern world, and the different ways in which artists portray or distort or channel the truth in their work. It’s 75% family drama and 25% midrash–the final chapter, especially, left me absolutely breathless as Dara Horn explored the education of Benjamin’s unborn nephew in Paradise. It’s a tricky book–there are a lot of references that you probably won’t get unless you have at least a passing familiarity with Jewish theology and Ashkenazi folklore (Russian history and Yiddish writing are also a plus) but man oh man, READ THIS BOOK.

Eu sou um pássaro
Me trancam na gaiola
Mas um dia eu consigo resistir
E vou voar pelo caminho mais bonito - [ x ]

                                               Legião Urbana, “Clarisse”

Now this makes a set with River.


Long live the Queen series

  1. Walking after you
  2. Clarisse
  3. River
  4. Nothing else matters
  5. Landslide
  6. If
  7. Caçador de mim (The hunter of myself)

  Art © Raposa Branca

(“normal” blog/Commissions)

Creepypasta #386: Regressed Memories Are Meant To Stay Dead

When I was a kid I lived in a beautiful house. My mother and my older sister were artists; they painted, sculpted and danced their way through life, challenging and inspiring each other. They created and scrapped works of art in a constant rotation. Our house was forever changing and evolving into something new like it had an organic, vibrant life of its own.

My memories of those days and that house are so very vivid.

Our family room was usually some shade of orange (my sister had painted it for me - orange was my favorite color).

We had a marble bird-shaped fountain in the middle of the kitchen (which I used to splash my mom and sister),

There was a sculpture of a small dancing man on our landing (which I always high-fived),

And of course, the hallway that was painted floor-to-ceiling with fish (which I always laid on the floor to “swim” through).

And, finally, my favorite thing of all, a staircase that my sister had painted like piano keys (although I’m pretty sure it’s only because she was in love with her piano teacher).

In short, my house was a magical place that the neighborhood kids couldn’t stay away from. Suffice it to say I had a lot of friends.

Since we had the most exciting house in the county, people would always ask to come over and visit. My parents threw countless BBQs, dinner parties, open houses; just give them something to celebrate and they’d throw a party.

I had so many wonderful memories of my life from before the night Anna died. I had so few of the night that it happened. And, perhaps worst of all, I had no memory of the only moment that really mattered. Until I did.

My father owned a locksmith company with my Uncle Peter and they were out on call that night. I think mom was home in her room but I can’t quite remember. She was gone a lot in those days. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned there were whispers of an affair between my mother and Samuel, the curator of a local art gallery. But that night I’m sure I remember piano music coming from her room. Anna was in bed because she had an early meeting at the gallery to unveil her newest canvas. And I was in my room as usual playing Tomb Raider on my Playstation.

At some point in the night I think I must have heard a noise because I remember pausing my game and cracking my door to look out into the hallway. I recall staring down the corridor toward the staircase trying to adjust my eyes to the dark. I thought there may be someone there so I came out fully into the hallway to see. I remember that for some reason I was afraid to turn on the light so I squinted down the hallway .

There was someone staring back at me. Someone in the dark, someone who had just come up the stairs, someone…I recognized. He stayed completely still, perhaps wondering if I could see him too.

As he stared at me I began feel scared. I wanted to run toward the light-switch but I didn’t have the courage. And then, suddenly, in a single breath the figure was moving, sprinting down the hallway toward me. Too afraid to scream, I fell over backward and scrambled into my room as I watched the figure run into Anna’s bedroom. I don’t remember anything else from that night. Not screaming from Anna’s room. Not hiding under the bed. Not falling asleep.

Uncle Peter and my dad had come home together that night after finishing their call. They spent the night drinking in the garage, which was the only room my mother never touched (and the only room my father could relax in). So it was Uncle Peter that found Anna the next morning. She had been beaten to death; her head was completely caved in. I wish I didn’t know that but adults talk loudly when they’re upset.

I spent the day hiding under my bed, plugging my ears and crying.

My mom was hysterical; screaming and crying so loudly that an ambulance came to take her to the hospital. My father, not knowing what else to do, sent me to stay with Uncle Peter and Aunt Lydia for awhile. It was only a day later that the police showed up at my uncle’s door and asked to talk to me.

They sat me down in the living room and my aunt brought me a glass of chocolate milk. They asked me if I had seen anything that night and I told them I had. They asked me what happened and I told them what I knew. They asked me who it was that I’d seen in the hallway and I faltered.

I couldn’t remember.

They kept at me until I cried. It felt like hours. My uncle stood in the doorway watching as the detectives asked me the same questions over and over again. Was he tall? Short? Did he have long hair? Was he old or young? What was he wearing? But try as I might, I simply couldn’t remember anything. All I knew was that I recognized him. The detectives tried to hide their frustration and anger but ultimately failed. At one point I was so scared of them I thought of making something up. But I didn’t want to send anyone I knew to jail.

My parents didn’t talk to me at the funeral and it was clear to me that they’d heard about my failure to identify Anna’s killer. David the piano teacher talked to me, though, and he cried. I guess he’d had a crush on Anna, too. Most of mother’s art friends came over with a few kind words to say. My teacher was there. Samuel the curator didn’t come at all.

A few days after the funeral, a child psychologist came to my uncle’s house. She asked me the same questions the police did, but in a much gentler way. She didn’t get mad at me when I didn’t know the answers, either. I heard her tell my aunt and uncle that I had repressed the memory of what I saw and that it happens sometimes when a child is involved in a traumatic event. Uncle Peter asked if I would ever remember who it was. The psychologist said that one day something may trigger it again, but not to pressure me. My uncle nodded, gravely.

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Neighbors... but it’s Lisa

So a Neighbors fic, but it’s not Leonard Snart Barry moves across from it’s Lisa Snart, who doesn’t know Barry is The Flash, but she has seen him with Cisco and friends before…. Anyway Barry gets a new apartment… because reasons… and he finishes setting up his apartment but notices something is wrong… like a leaking pipe or something… for the life of him he can’t find the Sups # so as a last resort he decides the ask the person across the hall. (He heard whoever it was arrive home a few minutes ago) So he goes over there and knocks and comes face to face with Lisa Snart who doesn’t really recognize him at first. He’s sort of frozen for a second… because Lisa is his freaking neighbor… Barry gets his shit together after a moment and asks Lisa for the #. She’s actually really sweet to him. She’s not Barry’s type but Cisco, yes, Barry can see it so clearly now.

“You can come in!” Lisa yells as she’s rummaging through a drawer in the kitchen, and Barry does, cause what else is he going to do? That’s when he sees something that melts his freaking heart. Pictures of Lisa and Lenny as kids. The whole wall is covered. Clearly Lenny is Lisa’s hero. Barry can see it in the way she beams up at her big brother in most of the pictures. Lenny has a black eye or some type of bruise in everyone single one, but he’s smiling… because Lisa… as he holds her tight to his side. It’s just whoa… seeing Lenny and Lisa like that is… heart breaking. Seeing her apartment, her real apartment, is shocking because she has so much REAL personality. She’s not just Golden Glider or  Sister Cold. She’s a figure skater, apparently a good one, somewhat of an artist, a little messy but in a homey sort of way, loves calming tones and comfy things, movies, and sappy love stories at that… it’s a little overwhelming in the moment… Barry can just stare.

“Got it!” Lisa sings triumphantly from the kitchen before coming back out to find Barry gaping at her living room and pictures of her brother, and the stupid do it yourself crafts she absolutely loves. Barry’s not being creepy he’s being appreciative, also the way he is looking at the pictures of her brother makes her heart melt. Lisa thinks her brother deserves to be worshipped like that on the regular, so with a little nudge and a brilliant smile, “Here you go…”

“Barry,” Barry supplies quickly flushing brilliantly, but it’s not so embarrassing, because Lisa makes him feel like it’s okay somehow… “Barry Allen.”

Then Lisa looks confused… Barry Allen? She looks at him closely realizes she’s seen him before… “Cisco!” Lisa sounds delighted Barry gets nervous cause… does she know? “You’re friends with Cisco!”

Barry says yes, then pretends to recognize her kind of, because Barry was never there for any of it really other than as The Flash. The way Lisa beams at him … like this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to her… Her eyes flicker over to the gorgeous black and white photo of her brother… she’s not thinking?… no she can’t be… but damn if double-date isn’t written in her face clear as day… this is bad… this is dangerous… but then why does Barry feel excited too????

In true Barry Allen fashion he mumbles a  jumbled halting thanks and good bye before rushing out. He has to avoid her! She’s gonna do it. She’s gonna suggest a double date he knows it, and what can he say after she caught him drooling over pictures of Lenny??? No one in the world would believe he’s not interested… no one. Cisco is gonna find out she’s his neighbor too… he’s one of Barry best friends… no way they don’t bump into each other! Lenny and Lisa are close too… what if Lenny sees him?!?! This is a disaster, he signed a lease already… an entire year … oh boy… This, this is…. what is Barry Allen gonna do???? 


New Years Eve

Zayn: He dropped his arm around the back of the couch, drawing you closer into his chest. His mom was pouring champagne and his sisters were huddled in front of the TV, watching Ryan Seacrest announce the next performing artist. He had you cuddled by his side while the wind raged on outside. You both had decided to stay in this year and make it a family affair. His mom had been more than over joyed to open up her home. The tree was still still up, the decorations in tact. The living room was cozy with the fire place and soft lights. “I can’t wait to spend another year with you,” Zayn whispered in your ear, his nose nuzzling your jaw. “I can”t wait to spend all my years with you,” you said back, linking your hands. He smiled, kissing your knuckles as his sister announced the countdown. Together, you and the Malik family brought in the New Year. Zayn tugged you into his arms as the clock struck twelve and pressed his lips to yours. A camera flash went off, capturing the moment. You, in your little black dress and high heels and Zayn, in his leather and black boots. You were both smiling into the kiss, the fire in the background. A perfect moment captured in time. You sat the picture back down, a fond smile on your face. You sat the picture back on the mantle, frowning at the lines that marred your skin around your wedding ring. You and Zayn had been so young then, just twenty years old. He shuffled into the room now, his black hair long faded to gray. He smiled at you though, his eyes still taking on the look they always did when they were focused on you. “Is it time?” He sat on the couch and you followed, holding his hand. Sixty years later, you and Zayn kept the tradition to stay in on New Years. “It is,” the countdown began and he smiled at you and suddenly, you were twenty years old again when he pulled you into his arms. He kissed you gently, his lips soft on yours. The beautiful thing was that even though sixty years had passed, Zayn still thought you were just as beautiful as you were then, he loved you just as much, he’d had children with you and grandchildren. But through it all, he loved you, adored you, and wanted sixty more wonderful years with you.

Niall: He had two pints in his hand and you under his arm. He was singing loudly and very, very off key. He was drunk. He saw someone he knew across the bar and smiled. “What’s the craic!?” He yelled over the music and then falling into a fit of laughter. Niall had brought you home this year, he didn’t want to ring in the New Year without his best mate, or so he had said. So he packed you off and whisked you away to Mullingar where he showed you all his favorite pubs and made you drinks pints with him all night. He’d danced with you, sang with you, done shots with you. Niall couldn’t remember having a better night in his life and it was all because of you. You were having the time of your life too with Niall and his friends, they were all wonderful and just as funny. A few times Niall got pulled aside to be asked what the hell he was doing, how was he not dating you? He shrugged, not really worrying about it. You guys had never talked about that. He watched you now, doing a shot with Deo and biting into a lime, your hips immediately picking back up to the sound of the music. Of course he had thought about more, how couldn’t he have. It was close to midnight, the flukes of champagne being passed out. Niall found you, his arm wrapping around your waist as you nuzzled into his chest. “Having fun?” He asked while the music died down and the TV was turned up. The bar was crowded and he kept you close, making sure you were safe. “Yes, are you?” He nodded, his hand spanning your lower back and pressing you further into his arms. “I am now,” his eyes were dark, unreadable under his snap back. His lips were tugged into a grin as his hands stroked your back. “FIFTEEN! FOURTEEN!” The shouting started and Niall put down his beer and tilted your chin up. “What are you doing? It’s not time!” You yelled as he leaned in. He just shook his head. “I want to end and begin my year with you,” he said softly as his mouth pressed against yours. When the ball dropped and the confetti flew, neither you or Niall noticed because you were locked in your own little world, creating the start of a beautiful forever. 

Louis: You were three glasses of wine in and quickly pouring a fourth. Louis would not be able to make it home in time for New Years Eve. He had apologized a hundred times, his voice just as tortured as you felt. He had tried to find a flight, tried to find other ways to get home but it wasn’t meant to be. He promised you a skype date in…ten minutes, you thought as you checked the time. It wasn’t the same. You were being selfish and grumpy, wanting him here with you. You didn’t want to end your year and begin it without Louis, it was just a bad way to start things out. You watched the live feed of Times Square, knowing that Harry was somewhere in the mix with his girl. You smiled a little. He had wanted to wipe the fake memories he had made out there with real ones. At least someone was getting kissed tonight, you thought bitterly. The anger stemmed from how much you missed Louis, how you ached for him. Your phone chirped, a text from Louis telling you that he’d be able to talk in 5 minutes. As long as you got to hear his voice tonight, you’d be able to sleep soundly. Meanwhile, two minutes up the road Louis pulled his Land Rover over on your street. He had flown in early today and had been waiting for this moment since the first day he saw you. He walked up the path, the long light in the living room making him smile. You’d never miss a ball drop, it was your favorite part of the winter season. He called you as he stood out front, shifting his weight back and forth. He pulled the black box out of his pocket and opened it, kneeling down on the cold porch. “Hi,” he heard your voice float through and his hands shook. “Would you let me in, baby?” He asked. He heard your footsteps and then the door was thrown open, shock on your face as you saw him and the ring. “You’re here,” you murmured, eyes full of tears. “Marry me. Spend every single New Years with me. Make memories with me, have kids with me and let me love you for every second or every minute of every hour of every day. Let me love you for your whole life.” He stood as you nodded and kissed your hard on the mouth. This year would be wonderful, all because of him.

Liam: The Funky Buddha was jam packed with bodies tonight as Liam wormed his way through the crowd, your hand wrapped in his. He had time off since the tour ended, and he wanted to bring the year in with a bang. He looked dangerous tonight clad in head to toe black, his leather jacket adding an edge to him. “I want to dance with you!” He shouted over the music. Immediately, your body flushed. Dancing with Liam was the equivalent of foreplay. He was sexy when he danced, he had excellent rhythm and the way his hips moved into yours made you thin of him above you in bed, rocking into you until you fell apart. Liam had a theory that he should end his year with a bang, no matter how bad the year had been so that way, at least it had a good beginning as well when he danced his way into 2014. But you were here, the year was already turning out to be wonderful. He drug you to the floor, his hands immediately claiming your hips as he started dancing. He had considered staying in for something quiet, but he wanted to celebrate this year. He wanted to kiss his best girl in a bar while people “awed” and clapped. He wanted to spend too much and make ridiculous - no pun intended- midnight memories. You were game as well, dressing up to the nines. You figured if you were doing it, you might as well do it right. Of course it had taken you ages to leave the house because Liam couldn’t stop looking at your legs and god he looked sexy in leather. When they started passing out the champagne, Liam shook his head and pulled you to the bar. He bought a 2,000 dollar bottle of champagne and poured you each a glass. “Only the best for my girl.” He winked. The countdown started and Liam made his own toast with you. “To many more years, to many memories and more love than either of us could imagine. You’re my whole world, baby girl,” he said softly, cupping your cheek. “I love you so much,” you toasted and took a sip. When the count down started he grinned, dipping you to the floor and pressing his mouth to yours. He didn’t want to waste a single moment of time with you. If it made him look silly, he didn’t care. All Liam knew was that sixty years from now he’d remember this moment right here where hundreds of eyes were watching a boy kiss a girl who he was clearly crazy over. He’d remember how your eyes sparkled and how you laughed as he brought you back to your feet. But most of all, he’d remember how he felt in this very moment and he was sure he’d feel this way every day for the rest of his life.  

Harry: Times Square was a mad house, but there was no where else Harry would rather have been. There was a section marked off for him, that way he wasn’t mobbed. He had more to worry about than just himself, he had you. Your eyes were darting around the square trying to take it all in. You’d always wanted to bring in the New Year in New York and this year, Harry had set out on a mission to make it possible. He cringed, remembering the last time he was year but this time it was different. He was in love with you. You’d met last March and ever since, you’d been joined at the hip. He hadn’t gotten the courage up yet to tell you how he felt, but he had a plan in mind. “This is incredible, thank you so much,” you said, pressing your lips to his cheek. The ball was flashing, midnight was only minutes away. Music blasted through the air, along with the muffled sound of people talking. There were bodies as far as the eye could see and you were drunk off the excitement in the air. ”Two minutes,” Harry said checking his watch. “I have to tell you something,” he said as the cheers rose louder, the ball was blinking back and forth and the clock showed up on the screen. One more minute and it would be 2014, one more minute and Harry would spill his heart to you. “Then tell me!” You shouted over the chants as the people in the square counted down. “This has been the best year of my life and all because of you. I want every year to be like this one for the rest of my life because I can’t imagine anything better than this…” He trailed off and looked at the clock. Ten seconds left. You weren’t even looking at the ball now, your gaze was riveted on Harry. “I love you! I knew it from the first minute I saw you! I love you!” There, in the midst of the chaos as the click struck twelve, Harry pressed his lips to yours. The confetti sprinkled down on you, brushing both of your cheeks. You both laughed, pulling away and looking up into the sky as the glitter fell. It had been fifteen seconds of 2014 and this year was shaping to be the best one yet. “I love you too,” you said to Harry, raising yourself back up on your top toes. He smiled and rubbed his lips back over yours. In the middle of the most crowded city in the world, Harry Styles utterly and completely lost his heart.

Strangers (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Can you make an imagine where John is your friend and he invites you to a party and that’s where you meet Nate and he automatically takes a liking to you (smut?) (MASTERLIST)

“See you tonight then?” John responded to my text I sent a couple of minutes ago. He invited me to his party tonight and I was pretty excited for it since I hadn’t been to a party for a while.

“Yeah :)” I simply responded.

I got ready since I had 2 more hours and the driving would take half an hour, so it’s better to get ready right now.

I walked in John’s house. It was already filled with people I never actually saw before. I started to get anxious, I hated being at places alone… “(Y/N)!” John jogged over to me and quickly hugged. “You made it!”

“Of course I did.” I smiled at him. He handed me a red cup and I drank from it.

“John, man. I had been- wow,” The stranger said as he saw me. He widened his eyes and slowly ran his eyes down my body. “oh, I’m sorry. I uh, I just- you know, I…” He drifted off his words and coughed. “I’m Nate.” He held out his hand and I shook it.

“(Y/N).” I smiled.

This guy was like heaven for my eyes. His dimples. His eyebrows. His everything. Wow. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He winked.

“Original.” I joked.

“Oh, you must hear that often?” He chuckled.

“Nah, I usually already scared them away before they can say that.” I teased.

He started laughing and looked down at me. His holy laugh. “You haven’t scared me.”

Yet.” I winked. I felt my phone vibarate and picked up. “Hello?” I literally screamed to my phone. “Hello?” I tried again. I motioned Nate to excuse me and I walked outside.

“(Y/N)!” I heard my best friend Hailey scream in my ear.

“What!” I yelled back.

“Jesus, you finally heard me.”

“Yeah, alright. What do you want?” We always were, as how others called it ‘rude’ to each other. We called it ‘showing our love for each other in an other way’.

Before she answered I heard her yell from a car. “Shut up!” I yelled back as I ran to the car where Hailey and Mia were laughing. I shook my head and they came out of the car. “How the hell did I not know you guys were coming?”

We walked back to the party as they explained that they saw that I was at the party in some kind of snapchat, so they decided to come too. “Society these days.” I shook my head in disapproval.

We entered the house again. I wanted to see Nate again. But I’m glad Hailey and Mia came, or I would be alone the entire night.

I felt someone pull my arm as I turned around and saw Nate standing there, smiling like crazy. What a cutie. “There you are.” I nodded and examined him. Where are his flaws? God, why can’t I find someone not attractive about him? “Let’s go upstairs, so we can talk.” He didn’t smirk or whatever. And I don’t think he would be the type to rape me though…

Once we were in a random room he sat down next to me. “So, (Y/N).” He started.

“So, Nate.”

He chuckled and looked at me. “I want to get to know you. In like a second.”

“I don’t know about a second… How about 30 seconds?” I joked.

“Sure. Go!”

“Oh, well. My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I’m 19. I’m born at (your birthday). I go to WLAC. I like to dance, to uh, draw. I have one sister. Born and raised in Cali. I’m single. Not a virgin. I’m pretty cool with meeting new people. I want to live in Italy. My favorite artist is Drake. Turn on’s are tattoos, dimples and a cute personality. And that’s pretty much it.” I quickly rambled. Nate still listened and looked at me with an interested face. “Your turn.” I smiled.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley. January 17th 1995. Omaha, Nebraska. One older sister Kaylan, and younger brother Stew. Lebanese. Rapper. Featured in a hit with Jack and Jack.” He quickly winked. “Turn on’s, pretty smile, party girl, badass with a hint of innocent.” A smirked showed on his face. “Dream place to live, Spain. Obsessed with hip-hop. Went on tour and last but certainly not least, I don’t give up.”

Before I could contain myself, my lips were smashed against his. We hungrily kissed each other as he gently pushed my down the bed. He broke our kiss by taking off his shirt. Did I really want to do this? He took of his pants and kissed my neck. Hell yeah. 

I let out quiet moans and I felt Nate smirking while biting my skin. That was definitely going to be a mark. He made his way down my body as he unbuttoned my jeans. He looked up at me, making sure I wanted this.

I nodded and he smirked while taking off my pants. He kissed the fabric of my panties. “Stop teasing.” I quickly said.

He smirked and continued doing what he was doing. “Ain’t nobody got time for that. I need you.” We were both tipsy, though.

“Oh, you need me, baby?” He raised his brows and grinned. “How bad do you need me?”

“Stop playing. Please.” He kept smirking and finally went for it.

| You guys keep requesting smut and stuff but I don’t want to make y’all uncomfortable with my horrible smut writing… lmao

Some things about interactive video chat with Gillian:

She is living in a hotel room, where has a poster of Sean Connery on the wall and that appears behind her during the video chat. Then joked that it would be better Connery was in her bed than on the wall.

She was asked about her favorite book/author. She said that she recently finished reading “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt.

Ask about the art, to which she said that the books that she bought/collected before, influenced the choice of her sister Zoe. She became an artist.

Gillian thinks Stella affected her more than the other characters.

She said about Hannibal Season 3: “The season starts out with a punch.”

She is now in Toronto, during the shooting of Hannibal, which will begin on Thursday.

Love Happened: Let's Have Another Toast to the Girl Almighty!

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


This is a very important drabble that follows my Is this Happening? Imagine Series! I was going to include it in the sequel but I rather you guys read this now! :] ENJOY! 

Your POV

After recovering from the events of New Years, Harry spontaneously decided to fly me and Madeline to L.A. with him for my last two weeks of break, but Madeline couldn’t come because she had to return to her internship.

Since we’ve arrived, paparazzi had been following us around non-stop. Every where we go pictures were taken of us, it was very surreal; I don’t know if I would ever be use to the fact that my picture is plastered all over the Internet. The Twitter world went into a complete frenzy; there were so many tweets to all of the guys asking about Harry and I, asking who I was, if we are dating, etc.

Although we both established that we were officially together, we decided that we would wait to tell ‘the world’ who I am to him later, which the rest of the guys respected and completely understood.

- - - - -

It’s been about four days since we’ve been in L.A., having alone time with Harry has shown me other sides of him that I haven’t seen, which just make me fall in love with him more and more.

For example, when he’s writing and playing guitar, even though I’ve seen him perform several times, it’s completely different when it’s just him, his red journal and a guitar. It was enchanting.

Ever since I told Harry about my little secret, Harry begs and pouts for me to play and sing to him every day, it’s so cute. Other times it’s just silly like when he begs for candy and junk food, he’s still a kid at heart. Another side of which I enjoy.

And of course one of my absolute favorite things about Harry is his loving side. Harry has made love to me in almost every room of his house since we’ve been here; thinking about it gives me such a rush. Sometimes it will be completely random, like when I’m cooking or just singing or just playing on my phone… Other times it would just be us sitting and he’ll start off slow, just with soft kisses then he just takes me passionately and sends shivers throughout my entire body.

Being with each other changed both of our lives, in a good way so far. We both learn more and more about each other every day, although it’s only been a week, it’s been quite an adventure.

- - - - -

January 6th 2015

One sunny Tuesday afternoon, Harry and I were eating lunch at one of his favorite taco joints in L.A. We’ve came here almost every day for the last four days already; Harry was addicted to these tacos, and his excuse was that once he was on tour, he wouldn’t be able to eat them for a while, and I didn’t complain because they were pretty delicious.

“Hey babe, I told you the guys are coming to stay here for a few days to relax before we have to rehearse for the tour,” Harry said before he took a bite of his korean BBQ taco.

I nodded my head, “I think you mentioned it the other day, they come in this Friday right?” I took a bit of my taco.

Harry took a drink of his soda, “Yes! It’s weird because I have spent most of the last four, almost five years of my life with them and I still miss them when I don’t see them for a week…”

I started laughing because he frowned and I pulled my phone out and snapped a picture.

“Don’t tell them I told you that!” His eyes sparkled.

“Too bad, I’m sending them a snapchat of you now!” I winked and typed: Harry misses you boys, he’s about to cry.

Harry tried to grab my phone, “BABE NO!”

“Eat your tacos.” I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to eating my taco.

Seconds later my phone started going off several times with notifications from snapchat.

As I went through each snap chat of the guys with Harry, I laughed and giggled from their responses.

Niall had a selfie of himself puckering his lips at the camera: tell Harry I miss him too ;)

Louis sent a picture of him winking: tell Harry that he’ll get it good when I see him Sunday ;p

Zayn sent a picture of Pierre holding him, sticking her tongue out: he’s all mine Haz, he don’t want you no more.

Liam sent a video of him shaking his head and saying: you miss getting your ass kicked on Super Smash?

Harry playfully pouted, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Well I guess if you have other lovers, I’m glad it’s those four guys.”

He scrunched his face and then went back to finishing his tacos.

I was quiet for a moment and chewed on my bottom lip.

“What’s on your mind love?” Harry asked after he drank his soda to wash down his food.

“I think I want to tell the guys my secret.” I looked at him.

Harry’s eyes brightened as a smiled spread from cheek to cheek, “REALLY?”

I grinned, “Yes, will you help me?”

“Hell yeah! I can’t wait to see their reactions!!!” Harry clapped.

- - - - -

January 9th 2015

Friday morning, the guys flight came in around 10am and the paparazzi and fans went out of control. The evening before, as I laid in bed with Harry, scrolling through the many network of social media we were a part of, fans has posted pictures of each of the guys leaving their respected airport, with no known destination, but throughout the night they figured out that L.A. was their final destination.

Harry and I picked up the guys along with their security team guarding them from the massive amount of fans that had crowded the exit to the L.A.X. doors.

There was a second car behind us that was loading each of their suitcases and security team.

“Shit! This is crazy!” Niall said as he hurriedly climbed into the SUV.

“How did they find out we were here?” Louis caught his breath as he hopped in next to Niall.

“We have no idea! One direction fans have their ways!” I giggled.

Liam and Zayn were the last to come in and shut the car door. Harry put his car into drive and exited the airport, the security team following close behind us.

“It’s madness out there!” Liam sighed, “Thanks for picking us up you two!”

“Just for one day, can they just leave us alone?” Zayn mumbled.

“Hey well it’s over now, we will soon be at Harry’s and you guys don’t have to worry about them!” I shrugged.

“Thanks for picking us up and thanks Harry for inviting us over for the week mate!” Louis smiled.

“Yeah no problem, you guys are always welcomed.” Harry continued to drive.

“Well we’re making lunch for everyone! So hope you’re all hungry!”

“STARVING!” The guys cheered.

- - - - -

As soon as we got back to Harry’s house, all the guys knocked out as Harry and I started preparing and marinating meat for a BBQ.

Around 12pm I changed into my bathing suit and threw on a cover up dress. Thank God Harry had a heated pool and roof over the pool to keep us warm, since it was still chilly, despite us being in California. I plugged in my phone blasting Rather Be by Clean Bandit & Jess Glyne through the surround sound system in the whole house to wake all the guys up.

A sleepy Niall and Louis dragged themselves outside into the back yard, yawning and stretching. A half naked Harry was manning the grill in his white trunks, hair tied in a bun and black Ray Bans shielding his eyes.

“OI OI! It smells delicious!” Niall sniffed the BBQ filled air.

“I’m starving…” Louis salivated at the site of the grilled meat.

Liam finally came outside because he tried to wake up Zayn but gave up after 10 minutes.

“Zayn’s not waking up, so I’m going to eat his portion.” Liam plopped down next to Niall, both salivating as they ran their eyes over all the food.

“There’s plenty of food so you guys can eat as much as you want!” I smiled as I handed each of them a beer and turned on the speaker system that surrounded his backyard.

There was steak, ribs, bratwurst, BBQ chicken, chips & my homemade spinach & artichoke dip, celery, carrots and two cases of beer.

“Oi Harry, don’t burn my meat!” Niall snickered.

“Just for that, all meats that are burned are going straight to you,” Harry pointed his tongs at Niall, which made him frown.

After an hour, Zayn finally joined us outside and ate while Louis and I were lounging in the pool, sharing a float and catching up. Liam was sitting in the heated jacuzzi, keeping warm and Niall was bothering Harry as he was swimming laps.

Around 4pm we all agreed that we had enough water. The guys volunteered to do the dishes and clean up as a ‘thank you’ for feeding them, so they all ushered me and Harry inside while they cleaned.

Harry and I took a shower and changed into comfortable clothes. As I was drying and brushing my hair, I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror, preparing myself to finally tell the rest of the guys my big secret.

I was too nervous to notice Harry leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom watching me, smiling to himself. He came in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me.

“Y/N, don’t be nervous, the guys already all love you.” He kissed my forehead.

“I know I know, I just- I don’t want them to be disappointed to find out that one of their favorite YouTube artists is actually just plain ol’ me.”

I placed my head on his bare chest and took a deep breath then exhaled.

“There’s nothing plain about you. The guys will probably adore you even more after you tell them.” Harry pulled me out at arms length, “Believe in yourself. You’re amazing.”

- - - - -

All of us were lounging around in Harry’s living room, watching football (soccer) on his brand new 85” SONY 4K TV, which Niall was drooling over. Zayn was texting his sisters, Liam was playing games on his iPad, Louis and Niall were engaged in the game, and Harry’s head was on my lap texting his sister in between watching the game, as I was trying to pay attention to the game but was nervous.

Once the game ended, the guys were all cheering and drinking beer since the team they were rooting for had won. I took a deep breathe and nodded at Harry, signaling that I was ready.

Harry sat up and quickly kissed me and whispered ‘Good luck’ against my lips.

“Hey guys! I have something to show you!” I stood up and grabbed the remote.

I pulled out my phone and connected it to the TV via Apple TV.

“Whatcha showing us? A video of you and Harry doing the naughty?” Louis teased and Harry threw a pillow at him almost causing him to drop his beer.

I could feel my face turning red, “You’re gross Lou! And no, it’s Heartstrings’ new video!”

I unlocked my phone and went to my videos.

Niall immediately stood up, looking very excited. Zayn put his phone down in his lap and Liam finished up his beer.

“What?! She posted a new video? When? I didn’t get a notification!” Niall frantically said as he pulled out his phone and went through YouTube.

“Oh you won’t find it on YouTube, just watch!” I nervously bit my lip as I clicked play.

The guys all gave me weird looks as they turned their attention to the T.V.

- - - - -

Zayn’s POV

As Y/N pressed play, I could tell that she was nervous but I didn’t understand why. The video started off with a blurry Heartstrings playing the guitar, I recognized that it was her own version of ‘Girl Almighty’ and smiled.

Words came to focus in the center of the screen: This cover is dedicated to: Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Love you guys!

“Oi! She left out Harry! Guess she doesn’t like you mate!” Niall stuck his tongue out at Harry, he just smiled and shrugged.

As she began singing the first verse, killing it like always, her guitar and lower body were the only thing I could make out. It was different but nevertheless, awesome. She sounded amazing, making it her own version of our song, which I absolutely dig.

As she sang Niall’s verse, the camera started slowly moving up.

“Vas happening?” I raised an eyebrow.

“SHHHHH!” Niall hissed as his eyes grew.

As the camera slowly moved up it also slowly came into focus. Oh my god, is she revealing herself to us???

Once the camera was finally 100% focused I recognized that it was none other than our very own Y/N singing and playing guitar! My jaw dropped to the ground.

“Y/N?!!?!!” I gasped.

That’s her??? That’s actually her singing!!!

Liam’s POV

My eyes were wide and I dropped my iPad on the floor.

“Y/N???? YOU’RE HEARTSTRINGS???” I looked over at her to see her blushing red, slowly nodding and biting her bottom lip nervously. Harry was holding her hand, assuring her that everything was going to be okay, but carefully watching all of our reaction.

“Oh my god! That is really you!?!” I gaped at her.

As I watched her singing the chorus, I was amazed at her version of our song. It was unique and I loved it! 

She’s incredible! OUR very own Y/N is THE HEARTSTRINGS.

“Damn that’s awesome.” I nodded but was still in complete shock.

I heard a loud thud and looked down to see Louis on the floor.

Louis’ POV

“Holy shit!!! That’s you Y/N?” I said as my ass hit the ground, hard.

I fell off the couch as the video came into focus and I saw that it was Y/N on the screen singing and playing guitar.

I saw her nervously nodding her head, I looked at Harry who was laughing at me.

That bastard knew and he didn’t tell us!

I was speechless, I couldn’t even move. I blinked a few times at the TV just to make sure I was seeing who I was seeing.

As she sang Liam’s verse of the song, Harry emerged on the screen from the side and started dancing along to the song in the background, I started bursting out laughing at his stupidness and my jaw was still dropped as I kept watching to make sure it was actually Y/N!

Holy shit! This is crazy!!!

Niall’s POV

I was so excited to see Heartstrings’ new video! I couldn’t believe that there’s a video that Y/N’s seen before me. I was a little confused but as I watched I got so excited! I love her voice and guitar skills, which was 20 times better than mine and I would kill to just have a session with her!

Wonder why Harry’s name wasn’t part of the dedication.

As she started singing my verse, I got excited because the camera was moving up.

“SSHHHHH!” I hissed at Zayn as I kept my eyes glued to the TV.

“OH MY GOD SHE’S REVEALING HERSELF TO US???” I jumped excitedly.

As she sang my verse, the camera started coming into focus, my heart started pounding from the excitement.

When the camera was focused I realized that it was none other than Y/N that was singing and playing the guitar!

“WHAT!!!” I jumped up and down and looked over at Y/N.

“THAT’S YOU!!!! Y/N!!!” I looked at her and then at the TV then back at her then back at the TV! Harry came on screen in the background and was doing some funny dance moves to her singing.

“SHIT! HOLY SHIT! IT’S BEEN YOU THIS WHOLE TIME!!” I ran over to her and pulled her off the couch and wrapped my arms around her.

“NIALLL!” She laughed and struggled to move in my embrace!

“YOU’RE HER! YOU’RE HEARTSTRINGS! I am so fucking starstruck right now!” I spun her around and around.

I finally put her down, Harry was laughing at me, he stood up and caught her, helping her balance herself, but my drunk ass was already falling on the floor.

“It’s okay, I’m Irish!” I looked up and smiled at her.

Everyone laughed at me but I didn’t care. One of my friends is The Heartstrings!

“Damn! I can’t believe it was you this entire time!” Louis shook his head, still in shock.

“I would have never guessed.” Liam’s mouth hung open as he continued to watch the ending of the video.

“This whole time! This whole time!” I thought back to all the times I freaked out over her videos in front of Y/N and blushed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys for so long… I was afraid you’d be disappointed.” Y/N admitted as she say back down on the couch.

“DISAPPOINTED?” Zayn and Louis and I all hollered.

“Why would any of us be disappointed?” Harry rubbed her shoulders.

“Yeah! I think it’s, it’s just, oh my god… you’re Heartstrings! I am nothing close to being disappointed.” My eyes still fixed on her video in awe.

Louis’ POV

“It’s not disappointing at all! It’s so… I just… Can’t even…” I stumbled over my words like Niall did.

I finally got off the floor and went over to sit next to Y/N. I gave her a hug, and told her that she’s amazing and that she needed to stop being afraid of showing her talents, she’s bloody brilliant. Harry agreed with me.

After the video was over the rest of the guys pulled Y/N up and gave her a massive group hug.

I realized she must’ve have been a wreck trying to tell us her secret and we all felt so much closer to her now that we know.

We all loved Y/N and cared about her more than she knew. We had never seen Harry happier than he is when he is with her, and we hope that she will be here for the long haul.

“OH MY GOD!” Niall jumped back from the hug.

“WHAT?” Y/N and Harry asked at the same time.

A huge smiled appeared on Niall’s face, “It’s time for a jam session! I’ve been waiting for years for this moment!” Niall ran off into his room and grabbed his guitar.

“I’ll get your guitar for you babe,” Harry laughed as he headed upstairs.

“Really Y/N?” I crossed my arms over my chest, pretending to be upset.

She looked worried as she faced me.

“We are super close and you didn’t tell me first?” I pouted.

She realized I was just joking and smiled, “I’m sorry Lou, I really did want to tell you but Harry-“

“Harry is the one that has your heart, blah blah blah!” I teased and gave her another hug.

Zayn picked up his phone, “So can I tell Pierre? I know she’s going to lose it!”

“Yes of course! But I’m still not ready to tell the world! Please, I hope you guys can keep it a secret for me!” She pressed her lips together.

“Of course Y/N, this is your secret to tell, not ours. We love you!” Liam chuckled and sat down on the couch as the rest of us nodded.

Niall finally bounced back into the living room with his guitar and Harry emerged from the stairs with Y/N’s guitar.

Niall sat down across from Y/N trying to catch his breath.

“What do you want to play and sing first?” Y/N smiled as she situated her guitar in her lap.

I smiled and held up my beer and sang, “LET’S HAVE ANOTHER TOAST TO THE GIRL ALMIGHTY!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How did you guys like that? Let me know what you think! It took me a few days to come up with this chapter but thanks to the help of one of my best friends, I was able to finally finish it!

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