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My mother is the most spiritual person I know. Her house is littered with Plants and Crystals to keep nature’s essence in her daily life.
There are no over head lights in her living room. Candles, lamps, and a fireplace keep her nights alight. A large window dominates the room and brings plenty of light in during the day. Rain is splattering on that window as I type this.
This is my happy place. This is home.

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Taron Tidbits - Just A Dance

It’s a lazy evening. Taron hasn’t been home but an hour and as you return to the living room from the kitchen you pause in front of a large window and peer out over the Marina. Looking down you notice tiny droplets of rain beginning to disturb the pale blue water below.

A flash of lightening reflects in the earth’s mirror, drawing your eyes up onto the sky. “One alligator…two alligator…three-”. Thunder crashes in the distance and as it fades you hear Otis Redding serenading you from the stereo. “Darling yoooouuu send me.” The music is soft and low, you can only make out the words because Taron has played it so many times before.

The sky lights up again as his fingers sweep across the skin of your hip just underneath the hem of your t shirt. Soon you are enveloped in his arms and a comforting warmth stretches itself down your back as he presses his body against you from behind. Your curves fitting together like perfectly aligned puzzle pieces. He lays a single sweet kiss on your neck, the skin of his lips sticking just a bit as he slowly pulls away.

Grabbing your waist he turns you to face him, pulling you close with a slight pressure on the small of your back. He wraps his free hand around yours. You lay your palm down on his shirt, feeling the strength of his chest before slowly running it up over his shoulder, resting it’s side into the crook of his neck and stroking the fuzzy little hairs on his nape with your fingertips.

Taron is not subtle about his intentions as he sways from side to side. His movements are inviting and you easily follow, resting your cheek on his shoulder. The cotton of his shirt is soft, almost fighting against the hard, muscular frame beneath it. Adjusting your head, the tip of your nose brushes against his jaw and you inhale deeply before setting your cheek down again. The scent of his cologne invades your body, not the crispness of a fresh spritz, but the worn scent that comes when the bottom notes have engrained themselves into a man after a long day.

He begins to sing softly in your ear and your eyes slip shut. His voice is low and growls just enough to tell you he is tired, that he has been talking all day. A tiny smile breaks across your face as you listen because despite this, he still sings to you.

The sound of the rain takes over as Otis and Taron finish their song. It’s pounding on the roof now, and you continue to dance as the storm creates a rhythm of it’s own. Taron hums, stopping every so often to lay a kiss on the crown of your head and the two of you stay in front of the window as the sun sets, moving together in a steady calm while the winds rage outside.

French girls (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can you write an imagine where Damian’s s/o jokingly asks him to draw her like one of his French girls?
Summary: Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
Word count: 263
Warning(s): none, silly faces

He was sitting in front of the large window in the living room. He was sitting on the chair so his sketchbook was leaned against the backrest for support, the sunlight making beautiful shapes on his face, and making his hair shine, It was a gorgeous sight.

He was sketching something with much concentration. You plop down on the couch not far from it, the black material of the couch warm from the sun. He smiled, looking at you enjoying the sun pouring through the window. “Whatcha skechin’ ?” You ask looking over to him, my elbows over your head keeping the sun out of your face.

The birds on the doghouse,” He says, looking back up to see what he still needs to draw. Suddenly you strike a pose on the couch and make a funny pouty face, winking at Damian when he looks over. He breaks out into laughter. 

Beloved…w-what…” He chuckles. “Draw me like one of your french girls!” You exclaim. He nearly fell off his chair laughing, you also starting to laugh.

Ohh beloved, you’ve been watching far too much Titanic when I’m on patrol.” He chuckles, trying to stop laughing, with no success. “You can’t prove nothn’ “ You say, using a strand of your hair as a mustache and pouting your lips to hold it in place. Causing another round of laughter.

If you wanted me to draw you, you should just ask,” He giggles lowly. You wiggled your eyebrows, “Oh really?”

“Really beloved, that face should be captured for future generations!” He chuckles, pointing at you.


With love,

Masterpiece | Jimin, You

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Song: 나 요즘 | Saero (feat. 앤트)

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

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In Milan, in the former industrial district of Via Savona, the loft -home and workshop- of Antonino Sciortino.

As he defines himself, the creative artisan Antonino Sciortino, lives and works  in this stunning converted space immersed in greenery. The two-floor loft is hidden behind a corten sheet that leads to an astonishing garden, with jasmines, medlar trees, pots of huge cacti and tropical plants, and colored iron furniture, made by the blacksmith -artist. The living room is flooded with light from the large windows and, on the concrete floor, customized furniture is combined with design icons, such as Castiglioni’s Arco lamp and Eames’ Lounge Chair and vintage pieces. The  staircase is an aerial structure that fits the environment as a sculpture: suspended from the ceiling by thin iron rods, it is made with steps created by retrieving the wood of an old mahogany table. Recently the loft has been renovated and reduced to obtain another apartment: form the maxi space of the past, the current versionmturns out smaller, more private and intimate.

Feels like Tonight

A/N: okey, the ugly truth came out. i’m addicted to Arno. but hell with that. it is impossible to be not. this time we have modern AU. it’s shitty af, but who cares? sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of this sweet gif)

Pairing: Modern!Arno x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff

‘’Finally, we are here.’’ Arno set luggage carefuly on the floor.

‘’It’s beautiful in here, Arno!’’ (Y/N) smiled and looked at her lover.

‘’I’m happy that you like it, mon amour.’’ He hugged her from behind and propped his chin on her shoulder. ‘’It belonged to my parents.’’

(Y/N) softly extricated from his arms and started looking over the house. It wasn’t big, ground-floored. Living room wasn’t large, but wide windows made it bigger. The widnows gave also beutiful view on the snow-covered mountains. Walls were covered with bright, wooden planks, which were decorated with paintings and photos. In the one of the walls was a fireplace, and rest of them were a place for bookshelfs and shelfs with different kinds of trumpery. In front of fireplace, there was a large white couch and under it furry, brown carpet. Wall lamps lighted the living room with warm, smoky light, making it cozy.

(Y/N) approached the wall where were the photos. She saw little Arno with his parents, smiling and happy.

‘’Aww Arno, you were so cute.’’ She giggled.

‘’And nothing has changed since then.’’ Arno came to her and put his large and strong hands on her hips, kissing her rosy cheek at the same time.

When they were still looking at the photos, in one of them they saw smiling faces of Arno and Elise. (Y/N)’s laughter blew over. Arno looked at the photo and frowned. His palms squeezed harder girl hips.

‘’I forgot to remove it, sorry.’’ He said quietly.

‘’No, you don’t have to. After all, you were together, she was the love…’’(Y/N) lowered her head.

‘’You are the love of my life (Y/N) and you always will be.’’ Arno interrupted her and snuggled her into his chest, kissing her neck softly. ‘’I owe you life. You helped me, when she…when I had nobody…’’

‘’I know Arno…’’ (Y/N) turned aroud to face him and nestled into his torso. ‘’Sometimes I’m affraid, that all of this is just a dream. I’m affraid, that I wake up and I will be alone again, that you will be gone.’’ She gripped tightly his shirt. ‘’Arno, I don’t want to be alone again.’’

‘’I love you and you are my future. I just can’t imagine my life without you anymore.’’ He took her face in his palms and made her look at him. She only nodded, whereupon Arno closed the gap between them in delicate kiss. Moment later, he put his forehead against hers. ‘’Rest for a while. I’ll light the fire in the firelace and then we’ll make someting to eat.’’ (Y/N) nodded and Arno took their suitcases and led her to the bedroom.

Bedroom was small and quiet with big window leading to the porch from where was amazing view at the mountains. (Y/N) stood near to the window and looked at the disappearing Sun behind the moutains tops. She embraced herself and sighed. Before meeting Arno, she thought, she would be forever alone, that nobody would love her like people who she was a child, who unscrupulous gave her away to orphanage. But fate unite him and her. Fate wanted her and Arno to meet and help each other. (Y/N) approached her suitcase, opened it and took some clothes to change. Moments later she was in t-shirt, jumper and leggins with thick and warm socks on her feet. She lied down on the bed and closed her eyes.

She was woke up with gentle and pleasant dabbing on her face. She smiled lightly smelling a scient of perfume, smoke and wood. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Arno’s smiling face, who was lying right next to her. Their faces inches apart.

‘’You fell asleep.’’ He murmured quietly and corner of his lips rised up.

‘’Mmm…’’ She sighed and leaned her forehead on his stubble cheek. ‘’How longe have I slept?’’

‘’Maybe two hours.’’ He whispered embracing her and snuggling into her warm body.

(Y/N) picked her head up and looked at him. ‘’Arno, you should wake me up. We were supposed to make a dinner. Did you eat something when I was sleeping?’’ She stroked his cheek.

‘’You were sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to wake you.’’ He smiled and gave her a peck on the top of her nose. ‘’And according to the dinner…’’ They heard rumble from his stomach.

‘’Come on, Monsieur Dorian, we will get the dinner ready.’’ She kissed him gently on the lips and then stood up and went to the kitchen.

‘’What would you like to eat? I think, we bought everything and even more.’’ She laughed looking through the interior of the fridge.

‘’You know exactly what I jones for…’’ Arno purred into her ear, putting his hands under her t-shirt and jumper, touching warm and soft skin of her belly. She shuddered. Seconds later, she felt Arno lips on her neck. They were warm, but chopped and dry. She leaned her back on his well built chest and placed her head on his shoulder, simplify him caresses.

‘’Arno…’’ (Y/N) murmured breathless. ‘’You are hungry and should eat something.’’ She put her hands on top of his and squeezed them.

‘’It can wait. You are a lot more tasty and you smell deliciously.’’ Arno kissed her behind her ear. ‘’Who gave you so tempting smelling perfume?’’

‘’I don’t know, some guy…’’ She teased.

‘’He must love you so much, since he gives you gifts like this…’’ Arno purred between kisses, which started to be more intense and grabby.

‘’Maybe…’’ (Y/N) bit her bottom lip and one of her hands tangled into his tied hair.

All of a sudden, Arno slammed shut fridge’s door, spun (Y/N) around and with light impetus leaned her back on the fridge. He put his hands on the both sides of her head and his body on hers. He lowered his head and she felt his warm and sweet breath on her face.

‘’Maybe?’’ His voice husky and he took her chin between his fingers.

‘’I’m not interested in other guys.’’ She put her hands on his ass and squeezed it firmly. ‘’I have a devilishly handsome and sexy boyfriend, who I love with all of me and I have no intention to exchange him for another one in the nearest eternity.’’

Arno stared into her eyes and smiled lightly. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. ‘’You last so long with me?’’

‘’Acually, I’m hoping, it won’t end on eternity.’’ She laughed quite light and gave back his stare, but full of love and hope.

‘’Je t’aime.’’ He whispered and kissed her hard. His kisses were hot, full of passion and yearning. He moaned, when he felt her cool hands on his bare back. This girl was everything to him. After Elise’s death, he thought, he would never open his heart and life for someone else, but the girl, who stood in front of him, managed that. She stuck together his broken heart and indued him with love, even if he was awful to her. For a long time, he didn’t want to admit to himself, that he started to feel something for (Y/N). He felt like, he was betraying Elise, but she was gone and she would never come back. (Y/N) has helped him get over everything, not expecting anything in return. She was bearing his different moods, mood swings without any complain. She rarely said something about herself, but she told him during one of their many conversation, that she was an orphan and she didn’t have a chance to meet her parents, that she was alone all her life. He felt sorry for her and tried to reward his horrible behaviour, but she didn’t want to hear about it. She always said it was what friends do.
Only because of his terrible behaviour, because of many bitter words he said in anger and sadness, which could couse loss of (Y/N), Arno admitted to himself, that he was simple in love with her. He realized, that his thoughts were talking around her, there was no Elise in them. He didn’t want to loose (Y/N), he didn’t want to be alone again. Not, when he saw a chance for happiness in her. He had no idea, if she felt the same way, but he took a chance and it paid off. As a couple, they spent three years, the happiest three years of his life. They saved each other from the lonliness.

(Y/N) lied carefuly her hands on the back of his neck moving him closer and deepening the kiss. There was no space between their bodies. (Y/N) felt, that temperaturę in the room became too warm and her cheeks started to sting her. Moment later, Arno took her by her thights and pulled up. She entwined his hips with her legs. It was a way better position for them. Arno was a tall man. (Y/N) felt, that Arno started walking and sat her on countertop. Cold of marble went through the fabric of ther leggins, giving her shivers. Girl, entwined her legs around him even tighter, moving him closer to the limits. She broke the kiss, which made Arno groan, but then she started kissing and nibbing flesh of his neck. She was leaving small red marks here and there, like she was marking her teritory. Arno sighed and squeezed her thights even more. He leaned back his head and his breath became faster. (Y/N) hands went to the buttons of his dark shirt, which hugged his perfectly ripped body, detaching one after another, when they heard rumble again. They freezed for a while and then brusted into laughter.

‘’I think your stomach doesn’t want to wait.’’ (Y/N) chuckled and kiss Arno’s nose.

‘’Ugh…he doesn’t want to cooperate with me.’’ Arno took a glare at his stomach. ‘’Traitor.’’

‘’Come on handsome, we’ll cook something, then your stomach won’t betray you, for a while at least.’’ (Y/N) chuckled again, shook her head and with Arno’s help, she got off from the countertop.

‘’It was delicious, ma cherie!’’ She heard Arno’s voice from the kitchen, when she sat on the couch ahead of the fireplace.

‘’We made it together.’’ She giggled and her gaze went to the flame of fire, which was heating the living room. She sighed and dreamed that she could live here with him, forever.

‘’What is on your mind, love?’’ His soft voice pulled her out from her thoughts.

‘’Nothing in particular. I just would like to have a house like this one, with husband, kids, dog…’’ She smiled sadly. ‘’You know Arno, have my own family, which I have never had.’’

He looked at her and it squeezed his heart. He couldn’t look at her when she was sad, because his heart was breaking into pieces. She suffered so much in her life, because of other people and himself, even though she tried to help him. But he knew what he had to do to make her smile all the time, to make her dreams come true.

‘’Wait here.’’ He said and disappear in the hallway before (Y/N) could say anything.

Moments later, Arno came back and (Y/N) noticed, that he was uptight and on his handsome face was visible worry.

‘’Arno, is everything alright?’’ She asked with concern.

‘’Non, non, everything is okay.’’ He said fast, almost unclearly. ‘’I just need to ask you something.’’

‘’Then ask.’’ She told him calmly with soft, honest smile.

Arno took a deep breath. He felt how his hands and legs were shaking. He came closer to sitting on the couch (Y/N) and kneeled before her on one knee. ‘’(Y/N), ma chere, ma vie, we have known each other for so long. You helped me so much during all these years. You was bearing with my moods, my mood swings, my terrible behaviour towards you, even though you didn’t deserve it. Sometimes, I thought, I was doing it to scare you away, to make you go away and leave me alone, but when I realized, that I can loose you, it came to me how much in love I’m with you, that you healed my soul and stuck my heart together. I was affraid, that you would not return my affection, that you would not love someone like me and that I compromised everything with my behaviour, but when you said you loved me and found home in me, I knew I couldn’t loose you, that you and I were two pieces of the same broken heart, which were looking for each other.’’ He saw tears in her eyes, her full, pink lips were parted and bottom lip was shaking. ‘’All these years spent with you were the most beautiful in my life. And that’s why I want to spend with you even more years like these or an eternity to have a chance to make all your dreams come true, to love you, to cause a smile on your lovely face all the time, to make your eyes sprak, just to be with you.’’

Arno spread his palm where he had a small, dark, velvet box and opened it slowly. There was a beautiful gold ring with minor diamond. (Y/N) eyes slipped from Arno’s face to the box in his palm. A loud sob came from her mouth and tears washed over her smooth cheeks. She covered her lips with her palms and looked into Arno eyes again, which started to glaze.

‘’(Y/N), will you let me become your husband, who will love you for eternity and even longer? Will you let me be a father to the beautiful kids, you dreaming of? Will you let me make come true your dream about having your own family?’’ Arno took another deep breath. ‘’Will you make me the happiest and luckiest guy in the universe and marry me?’’

(Y/N) bursted into tears. Her face became pink and her eyes reddened from tears. Her full lips let go silent sobs. When Arno finished, she grabbed at him and hid her face in the crook oh his neck. Arno embraced her waste and hugged her tighly. He was crying.

Few minutes later, (Y/N) calmed down and looked into Arno eyes, taking his face in her cool palms. ‘’Arno, my beloved, from all of things in the world, I yearn those dreams to be ours, that you and I make them come ture. I desire you to be my husband, father to our children, my family.’’ She kissed him gently and put her forehead against his. ‘’I will marry you, Arno.’’

Arno hugged her even tighter and closed the gap between them in a hot, tender and loving kiss. While later they broke apart and Arno brought the ring out from the dark box. He softly took her palm and cearfuly slid the ring on her finger. Both of them couldn’t stop smiles on their faces. When Arno slid it, he kissed (Y/N) hand and nestled it to his cheek. His stubble softly, but pleasantly tickled her palm. They looked into each other eyes. A new life phase was standing open in front of them.

‘’I love you (Y/N) and I always will.’’ His voice full of love with promise behind it.

‘’I know, Arno. I feel your love in every gesture.’’ She kissed his forehead and he relaxed.

‘’Come, I want to show you something.’’ Arno got up and helped his fiancee. They approached wall with photos.

‘’Arno…’’ She looked at him. ‘’You didn’t have to do that. She…’’ Instead of photo of himself and Elise, there was a photo of him and (Y/N).

‘’I know, mon amie.’’ He interrupted her. ‘’But she is my past and memory in my mind, and let it be that way.’’

(Y/N) smiled sadly and snuggled into her fiance. He took her chin between his fingers and made her look at him.

‘’You are my future. We are going to be a married couple, we want to have children. These are my purposes. I don’t want to look back anymore.’’ Arno said honestly and smiled.

‘’I love you Arno. You can’t even imagine how much.’’ She lied her hands on his firm and broad chest.

‘’Hmm…’’ Arno pondered thearticaly. ‘’Then maybe you can live out your image by finishing what we have started in the kitchen earlier?’’ He winked at her, smiled seductively while taking her bridal style and carrying to the bedroom.

A/N: hope you liked it. send me requests or ask anythin. i’ll be glad to make your dreams come true ;) X

Messy Confessions

Summary: Sitting watching the rain and drinking hot cocoa with your best friend/crush Jungkook. 
Type: Cavity Worthy Fluff
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Words: 1,661

I like the way you think anon~ Hope you enjoy. 
-Admin Noise

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

You held the cup out to your best friend, he took it with a smile and nodded at you as thanks. Jungkook’s eyes were staring outside, unwavering at the harsh rain he glanced over at you and smiled gently. It was your idea for the both of you to sit in front of the large window you had in your living room to watch the rain pour outside. A small fire roared behind you two, the crackling and pitter patter of the rain filling the silence. It was a comfortable silence, one where you both could sit and say nothing yet everything all at once. Quietly, you snuggling more into the blanket you were sharing, accidently knocking his elbow. The hot cocoa in his cup sloshed spilling a little onto his hand.

“Sorry, my feet feel like ice cubes.” You tucked them further under you and leaned on a combination of Jungkook and the couch.

He chuckled and shrugged wiping it off, “A little spilt cocoa never hurt anybody.” Jungkook adjusted the blankets, making sure that you were covered completely and warm. His eyes watched as the steam of your cup curled up and tickled your face, the heat keeping your hands warm.

The silence passed again, but this time it seemed a little more tense than normal. It almost seemed like the rain was starting to come down even harder, the sound echoing over the fire. You cleared your throat, “So, what do you wanna do once this rain stops?”

Jungkook looked at you then back to the window, “It doesn’t seem like it’ll stop anytime soon. I don’t remember what the forecast said this morning though.” He looked back and saw the disappointment cross your face. You two had planned a day out together going to the park for the small festival, but it had been canceled due to the rain. Without any backup plan you two had sat inside and decided to drink so hot cocoa to warm up and rethink of something to do instead.

“Do you want to just go home? Call it a day?” You frowned and gazed down into your cup. The steam had stopped rising now, and only half of the drink remained in your cup.

The look of sadness made Jungkook’s heart clench, it was his comment that made you sad. He quickly matched your expression, “No. I have today off and I’m going to spend it with you. I don’t really care what we do.”

A small cheer went through his mind when he saw you smile, “Thanks Kookie. You always know how to make me smile.” You put your cup down on the small table next to you and you turned to face him. It was silent for a minute as you watched his discomfort at your stare. He was thankful when you finally spoke up, “Hey. Why do you hang out with me anyways?” 

It was such a simple question, but the words got stuck in Jungkook’s throat. ‘I hang out with you because I really like you and I want to be the reason why you smile in the morning and to protect you from sadness. I hate to see you frown, it tears me apart inside.’ He shot you a smile and tapped his fingers against the porcelain cup, “I enjoy your company.”

“Oh, well I enjoy yours as well.” You nodded once, but he could see the look of disappointment flash behind your eyes. What made you upset? Was it what he said? Wasn’t that what you wanted to hear? Isn’t that a compliment? He couldn’t just come out right and confess to you, it would be too sudden. His palms started to feel sweaty so he wiped them on his pants. This was all so confusing for him. Jungkook looked down into the cocoa in his cup. It was still filled almost to the top with little clouds of steam still curling upwards.

You smiled at him and cocked your head to the left, “Jungkookie, are you okay? You look really nervous. Is something bothering you?” You put your hand on his shoulder, “You can tell me anything. We are best friends.”

‘Best. Friends. There are those two words again.’ Jungkook covered up his sigh with a chuckle, “Yup. The bestest.” He smiled back at you, going back to tapping his fingers on his mug. “And nothing’s wrong. I guess I’m a little nervous about walking home in this weather.” He lied straight through his teeth. He was used to lying to you, he did it everyday. He lied to himself too. He couldn’t spoil your friendship by confessing when you didn’t like him back. You would avoid him and never want to see him again. The idea of not seeing you drove him crazy.

“I’ve thought about that too. Do you want to just stay here for the night? Or a at least until the storm stops?” You started to untuck yourself from the blanket bundle but stop when he put his hand on your knee.

“Sure, but it’s still early. Let’s stay here for a little longer.” He smiled warmly at you and was pleased when you went back to your position leaning against him more. He put his arm up on the back of the couch so that you could be more comfortable.

You yawned slightly and nodded, “Okay. Sounds good.” You nuzzled into his chest more and closed your eyes. Syncing your breaths to be in time. “How was your day?” You asked. At the time you couldn’t tell whether it was to have his voice lull you to sleep or if you were interested in his day. It was no secret to you nor your friends that you had a major crush on the youngest member. Everyone seemed to know but Jungkook himself, it was a stressful situation.

He chuckled softly, “It’s been fine. Jin-hyung woke me up earlier than normal today because we needed to clean so I started with cleaning. Well more of messing around with Taehyung-hyung while we cleaned, but we got it done nonetheless. And then.” He cut himself off when he noticed you were asleep. Jungkook smiled and pulled the blankets a little higher and held his drink in his opposite hand to not disturb you.

The lack of his voice let you stir out of your brief slumber, but you were far too lazy to move and Jungkook had just gotten more comfortable as well. So you pretended to be asleep. Keeping your eyes closed and your breathing even, you started to doze off again when you heard Jungkook start to speak.

“I’m going to get this off of my chest, (y/n). And it’s better that you don’t actually hear it.” He ran his free hand through your hair and took a sip of his drink. “Even if we’ve been friends since middle school, I always thought that it was painfully obvious that I have a major crush on you. You were always so nice, sweet, you stand up for yourself and others, and you have good manners. Everything about you just drives me crazy. And the more we hang out and talk, the more I can’t help but fall more in love with you. Just seeing you smile can bring one to my face, when you cry it brings tears to my eyes. I want to see you everyday and be able to wrap my arm around your waist as we walk around, I want everyone to know that you’re mine.”

Jungkook took a deep breath, “I always over calculate everything that you say or do. And it’s okay if you don’t love me back, I just had to tell you. It’s too hard to continue to lie to both you and myself.”

At the end you started to giggle, it’s true that you actually did like him back and hearing his cheesy confession only made the blood rush to your cheeks. He jumped, hearing that you were awake and knocked his mug spilling the hot cocoa all over the front of his shirt and the blankets covering you both. Jungkook jumped again and stood up, the warm liquid staining his shirt. You sat on the couch laughing as he looked down at the mess.

You scooped the stained blankets into your arms and grabbed his hand, “Come on, we can rinse them in the shower and then toss them into the wash.” The both of you walked into the bathroom. You tossed the sheets into the tub and turned on the water.

“Here, I’ll finish these and then you can get in, hot cocoa gets really sticky.” You turned around to see him shirtless scrubbing at his shirt in the sink, choking on your spit you turned back to the blankets and focused intently on them. Suddenly it dawned on you that he had confessed to liking you. Jungkook liked you. Quickly finishing the blankets you stood up and turned around facing him. He was still concentrated on the shirt, his brow was furrowed as he scrubbed at the fabric.

You cleared your throat and took a step closer to him, “Date me.” He jumped and gave you a surprised look before you edited your outburst, “I mean, I like you too. Let’s date.” Your cheeks felt like they were on fire as he laughed.

Jungkook dropped his shirt into the sink and turned off the water, “So you heard all that?” You nodded once. He dried his hands on the towel next to the sink, then ran his hand through his hair. A light pink dusted his cheeks, “I would love that.” He opened his arms and gave you a hug.

You smiled into the hug, “You smell like hot cocoa. Come on let’s finish cleaning this up.” 

He nodded and let you out of his grasp, but before you could leave he kissed your cheek, “Then we can see if maybe the rain stopped.”

1. I don’t feel fear when I’m around you. It’s the deepest, sincerest reprieve I’ve ever known.
2. The white, sheer curtains blowing in your large living room windows remind me so much of myself, I wonder if you got them because you saw them hanging in Home Depot and thought of me.
3. You asked me to visit. You want me around.
4. Even if we can’t, you want to kiss me. I haven’t wanted to kiss someone this badly in my entire life.
5. We both got one-card tarot readings on the same day 350 miles apart. Your card was The Moon. We both know that I have always been the moon. My card was The Soulmate. Neither of us know what that means, but all it implies takes my hand off the doorknob.
6. You have so much stored up in you and it took me years to get this far in, to see all the beauty inside you that you protect with iron bars. I can’t turn back now. I can’t jump ship now that I get to hold your heart in my hands. Your blood on my skin is the prettiest color I’ve ever seen.
7. I’ve been getting more and more stable the longer I know you. Slowly, you are pulling me up on my feet. I’m afraid of what will happen if I let go of your hand.
8. You’ve never once let your eyes linger on the scars on my arms.
9. We barely knew each other then, but years ago, I told you I dreamed of being a published poet. After that, you made me these little homemade books of poetry, filled with poems of other people’s, poems of your own, saying if you could make a book, so could I. You were the first person who I really thought believed in me. You’re the reason I started believing in myself.
10. I know how to hold on. I can wait for you to be ready. I have been waiting three years for you. Your poetry, your smile when you see my face, the truth about what you’re feeling; I have seen it and I love it all, no matter how messy it gets. I have known how to stop feeling this way, but the second you say a word to me, it all returns. I don’t think it ever leaves. I don’t think I ever want it to.
—  10 reasons why I shouldn’t leave you, by windy sharpe
Bad haircuts (A Calum Hood imagine)

Anon:  Could you write a one shot where y/n and Calum are married and she’s a hair dresser but he doesn’t let her do his hair but he gets frustrated after a bad haircut and finally lets her do it ? Thank you !


You were sitting on the floor in your living room, surrounded by cans of various sizes and colored small boxes. You wanted to clean up your hair salon, so you decided to dump every hair product you owned in a few large containers and bring them home so you could sort everything that you needed and throw out everything that you didn’t.

Apparently it was much more work that you thought initially. You looked hopelessly around the room and rising from the hard cold floor you made your way into the kitchen, procuring another roll of black trash bags.

Returning to the living room, you peeked through the large windows, moving the thick draperies away with one hand and squealed happily when you saw Calum’s car pulling up in the driveway.

You threw the bags on the couch and ran to the door, opening it right when Calum was about to push the keys into the lock. Jumping in his arms, you pressed your lips on his and snaked your hands around his neck and into his curly hair.

The tanned man laughed, breaking the kiss and pressed his forehead on yours, staring lovingly into your eyes. The bag that was in his hand felt on the brown mat that had welcome written on it in cursive and his arms came around your waist, bringing you closer.

“I missed you. “ You whispered and caressed his cheek. Calum only laughed some more, his dimple showing, and you pouted your lips slightly. Gripping the ends of his hair firmly you pulled playfully, making him yelp.

“I missed you, too.” Calum said while closing an eye to the light pain, a big smile still prominent on his handsome face.

“That’s better.” You laughed and pulled him inside, grabbing his bag from the ground and placing it inside, near the front door. Taking his big hand in yours, you dragged him in the living room, where the hair products remained untouched on the floor and you pushed him on the couch, before taking a seat on the floor yourself.

“So… how was the promo?” You asked, starting to go through the cans of hairspray once again. Calum watched you for a while, smiling every time you pouted when finding out expired products, before answering. He talked casually, in a slow manner, and you enjoyed listening to his voice as you worked.

Placing the expired hair dye on the floor, you gazed at him when he finished talking. Your eyes moved rapidly over his face, taking in the stubble, the dark bags underneath his eyes and the curly hair that grew so much since you last saw him.

“You need a haircut.” You concluded, the professional hairdresser in you itching to get a pair of scissors and cut the wild curls.

“We talked about this, Y/N. You’re a hair stylist for women.” Calum sighed, shaking his head from side to side and rubbed his stubbly chin tiredly.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t give a man a proper cut, Calum.” You scoffed and threw the hefty box in a filled bag, tying it at the end afterwards. “We have been married for so long, and yet you still don’t trust me with your hair.” You chuckled dryly and got off the clear floor.

“Come on, Y/N. You know it’s not like that.” Calum whined, getting up as well.

“Well, you still need a cut. And I don’t care who you’re getting it from, but I’m not letting you in our house until your hair looks decent.” You said with a tone of finality and thruster the heavy bags in Calum’s hands.

“And while you’re on your way out, you can also take the trash.” You turned and left and Calum could only stare helplessly after you.

Two hours later, you were sitting in the same spot Calum was sitting earlier, chewing on some minty gum and scrolling through a fashion magazine. You heard the front door being opened and then slammed shut.

Raising an eyebrow you head turned towards the hallway where Calum appeared a few moments later. A snicker bubbled in your chest and you bit your lower lip preventing it from exiting. Hiding your face behind the magazine a giggle finally escaped your lips and bloomed in a loud guffaw.

The laughter shook your whole body and you fell completely on the couch, still staring at the unequal portions of Calum’s hair.  The tan man stood in the doorway; hands on his hips and meaty lips pulled down in a scowl, he started at your giggling form.

“What-what happened there, buddy?” You croaked, before falling into a fit of mirth once again. Calum, not resisting, let out a small chuckle and sat on an armchair.

“I could only find this shady barber salon open this late.” Calum mumbled, playing nervously with his fingers. You nodded in understanding and told Calum you’d fix him an appointment at the best barber the city had to offer while patting his knee gently.

Calum looked at you while you were scrolling through your phone to find the number of a good friend of yours and stopped you right before you pressed the green call icon.

“Why won’t you cut it for me?” Calum said, shocking you so badly that you dropped the phone in your lap.

“Are you sure, I mean you…” you were interrupted by Calum who placed a finger on your lips and shushed you.

“I’m sure, babe.” You nodded and ran to get your scissors from your bag while instructing Calum to take a kitchen stool in the bathroom. When you reached the bathroom as well, with two pairs of shiny scissor and a dark cape, Calum was already seated on the stool, staring at the bad haircut he had received.

You gripped the shower head and washed his hair first, shampooing it carefully so the white foam wouldn’t get in his deep brown eyes and the rinsed it, letting the soapy water drain away. Grabbing a scissor from your pocket you began cutting Calum’s ends, drying his hair afterward with your pink hairdryer.

When you were done, you lowered yourself to one of the bathroom’s cabins and got out of it an electric hair razor. Placing a reassuring hand on Calum’s shoulder, you showed it to your husband and asked:

“Do you trust me?” you looked at Calum, while he stared doubtfully at the electric machine in my hand. His eyes found yours and you offered him a bright smile that warmed up his heart. Calum nodded and turned his head away, as you plugged the machine in, turning it on and letting the buzzing sound fill the air.

You moved the machine on Calum’s scalp, shaving the hair from his sides and letting it fall on the black ground. When you were done, you placed the silent machine on the bath cupboard and got the cape off of Calum, shaking the hair off with light movements.

“So…what do you think?” you asked nervously, watching Calum raising to his feet and getting closer to the mirror, inspecting the haircut with an attentive eye from every angle he could..  His serious mask was broken by a wide smile and he picked you up in his arms, swirling the both of you in a circle.

“I love it.” Calum said, placing you down and giving you a deep kiss that you ended after a few moments.

“That’s great, hun. But your hair made a mess out of our bathroom. Somebody has to clean it, and it’s not going to be me.” You pecked his lips and wiggled out of his arms, grabbing the broom that was sitting in the corner.  Throwing the broom to Calum, you winked and threw him a kiss over your shoulder, leaving your shocked husband behind.


I loved this request, it was so cute. It made me want to write it instantly,which I did, haha. I can only hope I did this great idea/request justice.

Thank you for reading, reviews are always welcomed and I hope you have a nice day/night!

That’s How You Know

“He’ll find some way to show you, with the little things he’ll do; That’s how you know, that’s how you know - he’s your love” - Disney’s Enchanted

Because, after all, love is in the littlest of things.

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When rediscovering old trinkets 

- The night is calm and still. And as you lay on the couch, you savour the serenity and stillness of the apartment. The tv is switched on, but the volume is muted, with drama reruns playing on the screen. You glance at the screen lazily from the corner of your eye, uninterested. 

- It’s been a long day, and you’re content just lying where you are, watching the city lights glow and flicker from the large living room windows. The blanket of night makes the mere lights from the buildings around you shine brighter, and appear a little more magical than they actually are. You watch as some of the lights in the apartment building across the street shut off, the windows they once illuminated disappearing into the deep of the night. 

- It’s getting late, but he isn’t home from work yet. He had texted you in the morning to tell you not to wait up for him - even though he knows you probably wouldn’t listen. And evidently you aren’t, as you continue staring out the windows, watching the buildings recede into the darkness as more lights flicker off.

- You decide that you should do something useful whilst you wait up for him, so you haul yourself up from the couch to the organise the messy cupboard beneath the tv. Your aching, weary body protests, but you ignore it as you settle yourself on the floor in front of the cupboard.

- The instant you open the cupboard, things begin to topple out of it into your lap. You wonder what both of you have been storing and amassing in it, considering that it’s hardly ever opened.

- Time passes before you finally finish organising all the random boxes. You stick your arm deep into the bottom shelf to make some space for the last box when your hand stills on something hard and cool. The touch of it feels familiar, although you can’t pinpoint in your head exactly what it is.

- And so in your curiosity, you pull it out gingerly, afraid to disturb all the other contents that you’ve already organised. A wave of nostalgia hits you as the light illuminates the surface of the box. It’s a tin box, the type that cookies from the store used to come in. The intricate designs on the cover have already partially peeled off, and the rest of the box is slightly dented and rusty. 

- Memories return in an immense rush when you pry the box open. Pieces of paper, in all different colours, sizes, shapes and stages of yellowing spill out all at once, and you can’t help but laugh in disbelief. It’s been such a long time since you’ve seen these, and you can’t believe you’ve forgotten about the collection of post-its from him that you had kept since middle school.

- The whole post-it thing had begun in middle school, you recall. Both of you had been good friends since the beginning of year 1, and it was a coincidence when he picked your name from the basket as his Secret Santa. In true secret santa fashion, he had left an anonymous post-it on your locker everyday, although it didn’t take long for you to recognise his characteristic scribble.

- Your smile pulls wider as you recall how upset he was when you knew it was him not even two weeks into game. You enjoyed receiving the quirky little drawings and writings on the post-it notes, so he had insisted on doing it even after you knew it was him. And the habit just stuck, even after the game ended. 

- Everyday, for the rest of middle school and even into high school and college, even if you didn’t see him around much because of the difference in your schedules, you knew that your best friend was thinking of you when you saw the post-it stuck to the door of your locker. Sometimes, it was a little note to say hi, but most of the time it was little doodles that soon became code words.

- Your fingers flip through the post-it in your hands, losing count of the number of them that had poorly drawn pictures of cookies or cutlery on them. Those were the post-its that told you he was coming over after school, or for dinner because he loved your mum’s cooking.

- Your hands still on a particular note - a little cartoon face covering his eyes out of embarrassment. You burst out laughing, unable to contain your amusement, your voice bouncing off the walls and reverberating around the empty apartment.

- He had written the note to you a week after the closest thing to a high school scandal of his had occurred. In junior year, as a result of his rush between classes, he had accidentally pasted his post-it on your neighbour’s locker. It didn’t help that it happened when it was nearing the Winter Formal, and the poor girl had thought she had a secret admirer. The incident blew off eventually, but he never dared to paste his post-its on the door of your locker again. So you had to give him your locker combination so that he could place it inside instead. And with that also came many “Lunch Swap” notes where he would help himself to your lunch before you could get to it. 

- A wistful smile spreads across your lips, and your heart swells with warmth as you flip further through the stack of papers. This is where all our memories together are, you realise. Even though both of you didn’t like taking pictures, the years of memories you guys made together were preserved in these humble post-it notes in your hands - in the little, everyday expressions of love. 

- The unassuming post-it notes had chronicled so many things. It had chronicled the progression of your relationship from friends into lovers; It had chronicled all your little victories and successes through his congratulatory notes; It had chronicled the fights and misunderstandings you guys had weathered together through his apologies; It had chronicled his growth from a young boy, into a strong, caring, responsible young man. But most importantly, it chronicled his presence through the ups and downs in your life. 

- You snap out of your reverie when you hear the passcode to your apartment being keyed in at the door. As you look up, you catch sight of the post-it pads at the kitchen counter, and the post-its on the fridge. You remember the post-it still stuck on the bathroom mirror since this morning and you realise, somethings just never change.

 - As he ambles in to the living room, you give him a smile, taking in his tired expression, and his slow steps. Immediately, he notices the coloured post-its strewn around you on the floor, and his eyes crinkle as he lets out a mellow laugh, realising what they are.

- I can’t believe you’ve kept them all these years, he says, amused. You place them back in the tin box and take it with you as you walk towards him, deciding that it’s too precious to be forgotten in the cupboard under the tv.

- You engulf him in a tight hug before looking up into his warm, mellow eyes. I wonder why you didn’t propose to me via a post-it instead, you say with a glimmer of mischief in your eyes.

- Would you have said yes? He asks cheekily. I could’ve saved all that trouble if you had just told me you wanted a post-it proposal, he teases, and you hit him playfully in the stomach.

- And so, that’s how you knew - walking to bed with his arm draped lazily over your shoulder, a tin box full of humble memories in your hand, that he loved you and that you loved him very much indeed.

Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

Title: Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

Genre: AU, Angst, Platonic

Word Count: 5, 031

Warnings: Mentions of Bullying

Description: In which Phil is handed a box of his childhood things and finds his old best friend’s phone number in it and calls to see if it still works.

Author’s Note: This is another one from some AU prompt list I found on Tumblr a while ago. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Autumn Sentiments

This is for chibiesque and for inukagome15, although it’s probably really not what you had in mind when you told me I should write about autumn and them doing stuff together. I’m very sorry for that.

Tony was standing in front of the large windows of the living room, watching the world outside. Beyond the street right in front of the Avengers mansion was Central Park, and then, slightly blurry in the distance, the ever-changing skyline of New York. Even further, there was a brilliantly blue sky, with small white clouds slowly drifting across it like a herd of sheep. Steve couldn’t see Tony’s face, but his head was tilted up and he’d taken off his glasses, holding them in his hands loosely. His lonely figure in front of the large windows looked so still and contemplative that Steve felt reluctant to intrude. He simply stood there for a moment, at the other end of the living room, staring at Tony’s back and trying to remember why he had been looking for Tony in the first place.

The room was very quiet, Steve noticed. It was rather unusual, since Tony really wasn’t a person Steve would ever associate with silence and stillness, always surrounded by people and robots and technology, always on the move for something bigger, something greater.

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Fall Things (Calum Hood)

Request: Nope

A/n: Happy Halloween bitches! Here’s some Calum being a good boyfriend smut for get you into the fall spirit. There are gonna be a few more fall/Halloween inspired smuts coming your way so look forward to those! -Gabby


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