living room with large windows

i still remember her, you know?

my grandmother, that is. a woman who loved to play shop with me, to feed me her twist on new york style cheesecake, who loved to gift me with dolls from poland and the odd teddy bear or two. i remember her warmth, the slightly shrill voice, the woolen clothes and those brown loafers that she loved so much.

but i also remember how i’d catch a version of her that i wasn’t used to - a woman who looked much older, with ghost-white knuckles, and a hardened face that was far too solemn for someone who gave and gave and gave - for someone who deserved so much more than what she was given. i remember how that version of grandma would speak, too. in a hushed voice, speaking in the mousiest of whispers, as if she were a teenager again, trying not to make a peep as she hid with her whole family under the floorboards of a family friend’s home.

i also remember the tears. how they’d just… appear, from nowhere. sometimes they’d just start falling from her face mid-sentence, other times it was when she was looking forlornly out of the large window in the living room that i’d drawn on as a toddler. they were not the same tears she shed as a teenager, after watching her mother be taken away by men who embodied and reveled in pure evil. they were cracks in the wall that my grandmother had built.

then there were those days where i’d catch her looking at her arm, and the faded numbers that had overstayed their welcome there. it was like black paint on a white canvas only that canvas was a person and that paint had not been spilled accidentally, but tattooed into the arm of a young girl who had lost everything but her humanity - something the man who gave her the tattoo never had.

but worst of all, i remember how she’d frantically run about the kitchen to make me a meal when she learned i hadn’t eaten for a day. i asked her why.

“because, bubula, i know what hunger feels like.” she replied. i didnt quite understand the depth of that back then.

like how i didn’t understand the tremor in her hand when we walked past a group of teenage boys who made a hitler joke. how i didnt understand why she had to pull over on the side of the road to sob when she heard that a fellow holocaust survivor had died on the radio. 

my grandmother was a fighter and a survivor and she was a woman who was strong as steel and as sweet as honey-dew. she was a woman who gave and gave and gave, a woman who deserved all the stars in the sky and pearls in the sea.

my grandmother was ripped from the arms of her family, she thrown into the deepest pit of hell, and she survived the flames. because my grandmother was a survivor of the holocaust.

never forget.

Tasty* ~ [1/2]

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Mature - 18+ only
Summary: Reader prepares the last important details of Chris’ thirty-sixth birthday party, but he can only think of one or two ways he’d like to celebrate this day with her.
Word Count: 2.5k
Genre: Fluff/Mild smut
Warnings: build up; mentions of sex/innuendos, Chris being a dork and a butt guy, slight food play/kink, make out session and language!
Author’s Note: I know, Chris’ birthday was yesterday (June 13th), but I actually wrote so much that I had to split this into two parts. The actual smut will be in the last part hopefully up tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday to the Dorito and enjoy! xx

    “Dodger, come here,” you whispered and the dog padded out of the kitchen, stopping at your feet. You bent and patted his back as his tail wagged excitedly.

    Staring back at your reflection in the mirror of the foyer, you smoothed out your dress - the same summer dress you’d wear on your first date with Chris three years ago - and you applied your cranberry lip balm. You weaved a hand through your hair, pushed up your breasts and you picked up the breakfast tray you’d left on the entryway table.

    “What do you think? He’s going to like it, right?” You asked Dodger and laughed at how ridiculous you sounded. My God, I’m talking to a dog.

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    I’d been having the dream on and off again since I was a small child. It was always the same, and while I could have it multiple times a week I would only ever have it once a night. It could happen no matter the time of the year.

    The dream would begin as I was walking up some wooden steps. They joined on to the small porch area of an incredibly nice house. The house was empty; I always got the impression that the previous occupants had recently moved. Someone would show me inside, though I would never see who it was. I would go into the entrance hall and ahead of me would be the hallway leading to the kitchen. To my left, the living room, and to my right, the stairs. It was a lovely house, open and airy and warm.

    Here the dream would skip, and again I would become aware that I was climbing the last of a flight of wooden stairs. This time I would be on the upstairs landing. Now the atmosphere had changed; I felt tense, uneasy. It was colder. Without my permission my feet would carry me to the right, along the hallway. I would pass two doors; the first on my left (a bedroom), and the second just ahead of it on my right (a bathroom). I would stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the final door. It would open on its own.

    Seated in front of me, on a single chair in an otherwise empty room, would be an elderly man. He was incredibly old, probably in his nineties. He was visibly sick, and I remember being able to see the veins in his papery hands.

    “Close the door,” he said. “You don’t want to see this.”

    Something would grab my arm from behind, and I would wake up.

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    Cause when both of your boys are in your beautiful city, you get inspired. 

    Liam was buzzing. Watching the New York City skyline whiz by as he was taken back to his hotel. It was rare to see such a massive city like this, quiet, almost desolate. Few people walked by on the streets, stumbling out of bars or making their way to and from work. It reminded him of London a little bit, or Los Angeles. But New York is the city that never sleeps, unless it’s five in the morning on a Tuesday that is. He knows he should be exhausted or at least a little groggy with all the traveling Liam’s been doing. He was just in Los Angeles not even a full two days ago, Boston this morning and now New York. His body was just use to the rapid time changes, he had to learn quickly. The east side of Central Park game into his eyesight and he knew he was almost there, almost at the one place he wanted to be so desperately all night. The car was parked in front of the hotel a few minutes later, he thanked then driver and wished him a goodnight before jetting out the car and into the lobby. Exchanging head nods with some of the staff as he walked towards the lifts heading up to the penthouse suite.

    The beautiful thing about staying at the Plaza hotel was that the lift doors just opened and he was in his suite. You need a special keycard to even activate the lift to make it to the top floor. Pretty fancy stuff for a bloke who didn’t see himself as all that fancy. Bags and clothes were scattered all over the living room area, shoes lined up perfectly by the large windows the lined the room. Boots, trainers, even a pair of adidas flip flops that he must’ve nicked from Louis during the last time they hung out at his and Harry’s place. The view was incredible, as soon as he got to the suite earlier that afternoon he must’ve taken close to a hundred pictures. He could see the park perfectly, even seen the bloody horse carriages that trotted along the perimeter of the area. Poor things. The best view of all though was the body nestled on the king sized master bed. The bed was massive but he made himself look so small, smaller than he usually looked. Liam tried to unrobe as quickly and quietly as possible. He didn’t want to wake sleeping beauty.

    “Hey,” he was greeted groggily from the body in the bed.

    Liam cursed under his breath, upset. “Go back to sleep, babe. It’s late.”

    “It’s okay,” he told him. “I just went off an hour ago.”

    “Do anything interesting?” Liam asked, crawling into bed and wrapping is arms and legs tightly around Zayn.

    “Watch the Mets lose, again and saw Harry on James Corden,” he answered, stifling a yawn as he spoke. “Have a good night?”

    “Better now,” he confirmed, giving Zayn’s middle a squeeze. “It’s good to be back here with you, Zed.”

    “Gotta make the most of our time together,” Zayn agreed, nodding his head. “I gotta go for my weekly exercise tomorrow.”

    “Must be tough walking to and from an empty apartment building all afternoon,” Liam joked, a giggle leaving his mouth. He nestled his face into Zayn’s back, kissing between his shoulder blades softly.

    “Thank god the weathers gonna be nice,” he jokingly added. “What time is it anyway?”

    “Half pass five,” Liam yawned, looking behind him at the clock next to the bed. He looked out the window that was looking over the park as well. “Babe, look.”


    “The sun is rising over the park,” he marveled. “Let’s take a picture.”

    Leeyum,” he moaned. “It’s late, I’m knackered, let’s go to bed.”

    Liam untangled himself from Zayn’s limbs and hopped out the bed in a hurry. He grabbed his phone off the desk that was on the far side of the bedroom. Time for more gorgeous pictures. He opened his camera and clicked, taking more pictures. He’d been in New York more time than he could count in the last six and a half years but he had never seen the sun rise over Central Park before. It was a moment he didn’t want to forget. “Babe, look. It’s beautiful.”

    Zayn groaned. He had been in New York for the last month, seeing his fair share of sun rises and sets. Liam was right though, it wasn’t everyday you got to see the sun rise over the east side of the city, especially with the love of your life. He groaned once more as he got out of bed and joined Liam by the window. He wrapped his arms around Liam’s waist, resting his head on his shoulder and looked out the window. “You enjoying this?”

    “Now I am,” he sighed, letting his body relax against Zayn’s.

    “I’m proud of you,” he whispered into the silent bedroom.

    “Wha-why?” He asked, taken aback.

    “You’re doing your solo thing and I’m proud of you for that. You’re staying true to yourself,” Zayn explained. “Getting to do what you want to do.”

    “You paved the way for me to do that,” Liam countered. “If your music was so raw and authentic, I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do.”

    Zayn blushed at the compliment, only Liam could turn him into a schoolboy and complete mush. “Love you.”

    Liam turned off his phone, stretched and placed it back on the desk, trying not to disturb their position. “Let’s go to bed now.”

    “Yeah,” Zayn agreed, grabbing Liam’s hand and dragging him back into bed. They resumed their earlier position, hands and legs tangled together in mess of limbs.

    “Love you,” he told him softly, kissing the back of Zayn’s neck.

    late nights

    A/N: i was so nervous and shaky to post this but hope you like! (feedback and request are always welcomed!!!)

    summary: your crush comes to your house drunk in the middle of the night. 

    you turned the lamp off leaving you in darkness except the light from the foyer and the moonlight shining through the large windows of your living room. you looked down at your phone seeing it was half past midnight and you got a little carried away reading macbeth. after a cup of tea, the comfort of the sofa, and a knitted quilt, along with your favorite book, it made it hard for you to go to bed. 

    you picked up your empty mug, that had chamomile tea in it a few hour ago, and you walked into the kitchen setting it into the sink. you were about to go upstairs until you heard your name being faintly called followed by knocks on the front door. you immediately thank yourself you didn’t just going up stairs because you knew you would not come back down until morning. but you wondered who could be at your door this late at night. 

    you walked into the lit foyer, you saw an unexpected guest leaning against the double glass doors. you looked down at yourself wishing you didn’t find loose silk rompers more comfortable for bed more than sweats and a tee shirt. you didn’t want simon seeing you like this. well not yet, you thought. maybe when your guys relationship wasn’t just in your head. 

    then it hit you. 

    you felt your heart speed up realizing simon was at your house. did he come to confess that he had loved you longer than you had love him? or maybe he wanted you to come ride with him and just listen to music and talk or maybe he was finally coming to sweep you off your feet and take you away to get married to happy ever after land. you opened the door wonder which it would be.

    “y/n,” your head, heart, and  especially your hopes dropped as you heard him slur your name. he was drunk. “can i come in?” you didn’t speak but just opened the door wider, a silent way of telling him to come in, he stumbled a little but you caught him. he looked at you with a goofy smile and you shook your head smiling. oh how much you loved his smile. you pushed the front door shut locking it then flicked the lights off in the foyer.

    the smile faded quickly as you tried not to let his drunkenness upset you but it did and you hated it. you and simon had been friends for months now ever since JJ introduced you two but he never got the hint that you had the biggest crush on him. you adored everything about him from the way his whole face lit up when he laugh to how he crinkled his nose when he was displeased to his beautiful blue eyes you always seemed to get lost in. 

    you tried to see the positive, he always came to you when in need. like when his girlfriend cheated on him so you planned a movie night to get his mind off of it or the time he needed help with his english class when they were reading hamlet and he didn’t understand so you stayed up helping him learn it before his exam and even when he needed help planning a date with a girl you envied purely because the man of your dreams wanted her instead of you. and after each and every time you came to his rescue he would hug you and say thanks friend.

    you tried to stop thinking about him but you couldn’t. simon didn’t look at you as more than a friend and he never would and it annoyed you. what was wrong with you? you were just as good as any other girl he has ever liked. you had soft hair, loved classic, and you are semi funny. you simply sighed grabbing a glass out of the cupboard before filling it full of water. you stopped in the medicine cabinet grabbing two asprins before making your way upstairs to your room.

    simon managed to make his way upstairs to your room and curl up in your bed. you couldn’t help it but your heart fluttered with excitement. then you realized the only way he would ever be in your bed if he was drunk and needed some where to sleep. you shake your head as you walked into your closet grabbing a shirt and sweats he had given you. you thought back on the night that you realized you had the hots simon. it was at small gathering at his house on his birthday, he and JJ were messing around wrestling and he managed to hit someone and their drink spilled all over your favorite outfit. he apologized as he gave you the sweatshirts off his back and joggers to keep. he kept apologizing and made up for it more by send you roses and a sorry card. you caught yourself smiling like an idiot as you reminisced. 

    “simon,” you cooed pulling off his shoes. no response. you sighed as you tugged at the end of his joggers until they came off and you did the same with his shirt. you felt semi guilty about seeing him almost naked but you didn’t want his dirty clothes on your clean bed. you dressed him in the clean clothes then tossed his dirty ones in the hamper. you made a mental reminder to put them in the washer first thing in the morning. you looked down at simon as he slept peacefully and you couldn’t help but to smile. he was so beautiful. you tucked him in without trying to wake him. you looked at him once last time and only hoped one day you could do this again, as his girlfriend. 

    you climbed in bed next to him with a decent amount of space between you two and picked up macbeth. after an hour and a half you figured you had read enough for the night and set your favorite book on your nightstand and looked back at simon. he was curled up against your chest snoring softly. you leaned over kissing his forehead before reaching over turning off the night stand light.

    “i love you,” you whispered to your drunk crush before falling asleep.

    Late Night Proposals.

    words: 2071

    A king sized mattress, two pillows, a television and a comforter are all which occupy your new home. These items are in the center of the large, nearly empty living room.

    You’ve lost track of time.

    You know it’s no longer night, at least not technically. The large bay windows encircling your living room, however, might argue otherwise. With your gaze on them now, from where you lay, all you can see is a sky full of stars. But, you know it has to be morning.

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    I’ll Wait For You (A/F)

    This wasn’t requested but I’m going through my first break up in almost 5 years so please bare with me and all my angst 

    Genre; Angst/ Fluff

    Length; 1,000+ words

    Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

    As you tearily stared down at the three dots he last sent, you sighed then looked out of the large window in your living room. 
    You watched with tears running down your cheeks as rain drops scatters the glass- the lightning that fiercely illuminated the cloudy night sky calmed your aching heart. A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you couldn’t help but think about how cliche it all was- another breakup on a dark, rainy night.. 

    Just another cliche.

    You sat there repeatedly telling yourself that this was all for the best- that he’d find someone better than you; someone prettier, kinder, smarter.. and it’d all be okay in the end. Though truthfully, you only told yourself these things to keep yourself from crying, you knew how much it must’ve hurt him, and for fuck sake this was your first breakup in god knows how long- you felt as if you had just stabbed yourself in the chest; but you still were trying your absolute hardest not to have a total breakdown. 
    Just as a few tears broke free, sliding down your cheeks- continuous heavy knocks rang through your apartment. “Coming!” You called out, softly sniffling as you made your way to the front door. 

    “Yes?” You asked softly, wiping away the tears that remained as you slowly opened it. Tears automatically seemed to form in the corners of your eyes again as your they rested on him. 

    “Y/n..” Jungkook heaved, bending forward slightly as he attempted to steady his breathing. “Pl-” 

    Before he could even finish his airy plea, you quickly ushered him inside. He was soaking wet and breathing so heavily it seemed as if he had just ran the whole way here. 
    There was no way he would have, at least that’s what you thought- the dorm was almost two miles away, plus the rain was so heavy, but you still couldn’t help but to ask.

    “Jungkook..” You softly uttered as you pulled off his jacket. “Did you run all the way here?” 

    Nodding, he stood straight- moving his drenched hair out of his face. “I just needed to see you and no one would bring me because of the rain..” 

    “Aish.. Jung-” You replied shaking your head, sighing in disbelief as he cut you off. 

    “I needed to see you, y/n..” He said softly, blinking quickly as if he were fighting back tears. 
    As he spoke, you walked back into your living room and he of course closely followed. 

    “This is best for both of us..” You sighed, keeping your back towards him then swallowing hard as it became harder and harder to contain your emotions. “You- You’ll find someone better-”
    Before you finished your sentence, he quickly spun you around; holding you in place as he stared down at you. 

    “Y/n.. stop..” He practically begged, tears slowly streamed down his flushed cheeks. “Can’t you understand that you’re all I want.. Don’t you love me anymore?” His heart breaking question automatically caused the tears you were so desperately trying to hold back to break free. 

    You stood there sobbing as he slowly pulled you into his strong arms- you didn’t even care that he was still drenched, it just felt so good to be held by the man you loved again. 
    “I love you so much.” You stuttered out, tears falling uncontrollably as he ran his fingertip up and down your back, “I just don’t feel like I’m good enough. I don’t feel like you’re happy with me anymore..” 

    “Don’t even say that..” He replied, sniffling as he kissed the top of your head as he calmly shushed you. “You make me the happiest- you’re my sunshine, y/n. On my bad days- or when its gloomy and rainy out, you’re my little ray of sunshine.. Please don’t leave me..” 

    You couldn’t help but to continue to break down; how could he continue to be so sweet and loving towards you when you did what you did. “..I don’t- I don’t deserve you, Jungkook..” You sniffled as you practically clawed into his chest. 

    Bringing one of his hands to your face, he softly caressed your tear stained cheek. He had never this kind of intense, pure love for anyone- his heart ached at the thought of losing the girl who helped his feel it for the first time. “Please..” He begged once more.. 

    “But..” You replied sniffling as you began attempting you to calm yourself, “I don’t know what to do.. You’re here begging for me to stay, but when we talk all we do is argue, or it’s nothing but one worded responses.” You began as you pulled away from his comforting embrace, wiping your eyes. “ How could I not question your happiness if you just seem so uninterested or annoyed by me?” 

    Jungkook ran his fingers through his hair once more as he deeply sighed, stepping closer to you. “Y/n, babe..” He said softly, tugging at your heart strings once more. “I’m never annoyed by you, nor am I uninterested.. You’re my first serious girlfriend- the first girl that ever made me believe in love. I’m so in love with you, but it’s so difficult for me to express it because I want to do so much for you but my mind never knows where to begin..” 

    His heartfelt words soothed your aching chest, sniffling you peered up at him with puffy eyes as you sat yourself down on the couch. “Jungkook..” You practically whispered as you glanced down at your hands; fiddling with your fingers. 
    Suddenly the sound of the loud, roaring thunder shook the apartments; startling you. Jungkook immediately rushed beside you, protectively wrapping his arms around you while sweetly humming. 

    “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..” He began singing, pulling you onto his lap as he gently rocked you back and forth. 
    Being with him- like this again, brought back the same butterflies you felt during the beginning of your relationship. 
    You suddenly remembered how he found out you were terrified of thunder- he sang to you, just like this then drew the two of you a warm bubble bath. A smile painted across your face as you felt the ache in your heart slowly fade as you listened to him sing. 

    God were you in love with him…

    “I love you..” You softly whispered to him, burying your face into his chest as he drew little x’’s and o’s all over your back and side. “I love you so much, Jungkook..” 

    He leaned his head on yours and just continued to gently rock you. His chestnut eyes were full of tears as he tried his hardest to be strong, “If you really want us to take a break, I’ll accept your decision and I promise I’ll wait for you, for as long as it takes…” He said softly, eyeing you up and down as if this might be the last time he’d ever get to see you again, “But- Will you please give me another chance y/n?”

    On Rainy Days

    Angela adored rainy days. The sound of tiny droplets of water drumming on the windows had always made her pleasantly drowsy and relaxed, but now she finally had someone to share this feeling with. Although Fareeha was a bit hesitant at first when it came to spending the better part of a day staying at home doing nothing, she was quickly convinced by Angela’s cuddliness. The comfortable couch in front of the large living room windows quickly became their favourite place to spend the boring hours of rainy days, just casually reading, watching old movies or dozing off in each other’s arms.

    During one of these cloudy afternoons, Angela was laying in her usual comfortable position, completely settled atop Fareeha, gently caressing her lover’s arms. Fareeha was reading a book over Angela’s head, sometimes finding it a bit hard to concentrate because of the comfortable weight holding her down. There was a soft blanket laid on top of them, keeping their shared warmth from escaping.

    Fareeha put down her book, looked at Angela with affection in her eyes, and wrapped her strong arms around her waist. Angela lifted her head, and smiling, leaned in for a kiss, taking extra time to bite her lower lip. After pulling away, Fareeha sighed and shifted around a bit under Angela.

    “Mmm, would you like something to drink, ya amar? Coffee? Hot chocolate?” She made a move to get up, but Angela whined in protest and laid heir head down ever Fareeha’s breasts, as if trying to keep her there.

    “Yes, but this is too comfortable… I don’t want to get up…”

    Fareeha hummed in understanding, and pulled her closer. “It’s okay, there’s no rush…”

    Angela made a satisfied noise, and shifted her head around a bit in its newfound position just above the other’s heart. She came to the conclusion that Fareeha’s soft breasts made for a rather comfortable pillow, so she closed her eyes and let herself doze off listening to the sound of her lover’s heartbeat and the low drumming of the afternoon rain.

    Time Management

    Title: Time Management

    Author: SomeonexSomeone

    Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Male!reader

    Word Count: 547

    Summary: Requested! Could I put in a request for Tyler x Male!Reader stormy night in? If you’re comfortable doing that?

    Authors Note: For @freshwater-tears. Thank you so much for being patient! This is the first time I’m writing mxm, so please send any feedback!

    Originally posted by crankityler

    Tyler was gone most days. Despite having a job as well, you managed to be home well before him almost every night. He would make an effort to come home before you drifted off to sleep, but sometimes time would slip through his fingers. On those nights, he would drift in, a guilty look on his face as he noticed your work gear sprawled across the couch. He would usually find you already in bed, snoring softly, but occasionally you would try to stay up for him. On those nights, Tyler would find you asleep on the armchair, completely sprawled out, mouth hanging open. Despite his guilt, he would still chuckle to himself before trying to wake you. Your eyes would sleepily blink up at him as you stirred. You would give him one very large, very tired smile, leaning up for a kiss.

           However, despite all the times that he would be late, there was always a way to get him home before you.

           "Did you hear? Thunderstorm due tonight.“ Amy said absentmindedly, scrolling through her phone. Mark immediately perked up, spinning in his chair almost sinister-like.

           "A thunderstorm, you say? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a video. What do you say guys?” But, when Mark turned to his two friends beside him, Tyler was already standing, hastily pushing things into his bag. Ethan was simply watching, switching between him and Mark. “Tyler?”

           "Amy, what time does the storm come in?“ Surprised, Amy answered with a stutter.

           "Its due around 9. Why?” But Tyler was already heading out the door, calling a farewell before the front door closed behind him.

           When you pulled up to the house, you were surprised to find Tyler’s car already there. Yet again, you also couldn’t stop the excitement, quickly scrambling out of the car and into the house. There, you already found Tyler, living room set up to perfection. Tyler was standing in the middle of the room, a dopey smile on his face.

           "I take it you didn’t see the weather forecast yet?“ he asked, meeting you halfway. You quickly pulled him into a kiss, before taking your usual seat. You had yet to strip from your work clothes, your tie usually feeling constricting by the end of the day, but you were too excited to leave. Tyler smiled you immediately pulled him into your side, placing a kiss on his head. The first clap of thunder rattled your small apartment, the lightning strike seen incredibly visible through the large window in your living room. The two of you were quiet for a second, enjoying Nature’s light show, before you spoke.

           "How did I ever get so lucky?” Tyler smiled.

           "You’re the best relationship I ever had. I should be the one asking you.“

           "Despite your poor time management, you’re perfect in every way.” A pause. “I’m glad you were able to sneak out of the office to be here.”

           "You stay up late every night to see me, despite sometimes falling asleep in the chair. You seem to hold up your boyfriend duties, it was my turn to do the same.“ You couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped your lips, leaning your head against your boyfriends, silence falling as the room was once again illuminated.

    Music Series: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

    Just a feel-good story to make you smile. “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. Enjoy! xo

    Link to this song on my Spotify playlist called Rainy Saturday Morning:



    Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

    There’s no need to go outside

    As you lay in bed, Harry’s arm wrapped around you from behind, you hear the distant thunder and the light rain tapping at the windows. Harry’s gentle puffs of air against your ear are in perfect rhythm to the rain dancing against the glass. You smile to yourself as you think about how happy you are. You’re living your dream with the man you love who also loves you.

    You hear the cooing sound coming from the monitor on the table next to Harry’s side of the bed. You stretch, yawning, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot you’ve found between covers and Harry.

    “Da-Da,” you hear your 9-month-old gurgle to herself. “Da-Da.”

    You smile as Harry squeezes you tightly, lightly planting kisses to your shoulder. You feel his smile against your skin as he chuckles gently. “I’ll get her, love. She’s asking for me anyway,” he states, proudly.

    Baby, you hardly even notice when I try to show you this song is meant to keep you

    From doing what you’re supposed to

    Waking up too early, maybe we can sleep in

    I’ll make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now

    “Smells good in here!” Harry says, as he walks into the kitchen carrying his and your daughter. “What’s mumma makin’ for us, peanut?” Harry looks over your shoulder, kissing your cheek. “Banana pancakes? Smells delicious!”

    Harry continues kissing your cheek and your neck as your try to fix breakfast. He giggles at distracting you, humming some tune in your ear, dancing with you in one arm and his baby girl in his other.

    “Now, how am I supposed to feed my family if you’re distracting me?” you giggle. “Anyway, I thought it sounded good on a rainy morning with nowhere we have to be,” you grin, as you decorate each pancakes with slices of banana. Harry looks toward the direction of the large living room windows, seeing the lightning as a loud clap of thunder sounds.

    And we could pretend it all the time

    Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

    Ain’t no need to go outside

    “Perfect day for just staying at home with my girls, right, angel?” Harry asks his daughter, kissing her cheeks as she places her hands on his face, kissing him until he’s giggling.

    But just maybe, laka ukulele, Mommy made a baby

    Really don’t mind the breakfast, because you’re my little lady

    Lady, lady, love me, because I love to lay here lazy

    We could close the curtains, pretend like there’s no world outside

    Harry and you smile at each other, lying on the blanket on the living room floor, watching your child playing with her feet, trying to bend in half to chew on them. You feel Harry’s hand reach for yours, lacing his fingers with yours and caressing your hand with his thumb. You both laugh as your baby loses her balance and topples over against Harry.

    “I’ve got ya, angel,” he says proudly, setting her upright again. “Daddy’s got ya.”

    Can’t you see, can’t you see? Rain all day, and I don’t mind

    The telephone is singing, ringing. It’s too early. Don’t pick it up.

    We don’t need to, we got everything we need right here

    And everything we need is enough

    Just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms

    Don’t really need to pay attention to the alarm. Wake up slow, mhmmm, wake up slow

    Harry cradles his sleeping child as she lays between the two of you in your bed, sleeping soundly. He lightly kisses her cheek, then looks at you, smiling and gently stroking your hair.

    “Thank you for her,” he says, genuinely and affectionately. “You and she are my world, you know. Could stay like this forever and never complain.”

    “I wish she’d stay little forever,” you say, gently placing your finger in your daughter’s grasp. “She’s growing so fast.”

    “Time to think about making her a little brother or sister, you think?” he smiles mischievously at you. “I’d like our babies to be close in age, wouldn’t you?”

    You pull his hand to your lips and kiss it, laying your cheek against it. “Yeah, I would.”

    “Settled then,” he says, looking at you then at his daughter. “Take as many of these little wonders as you’ll give me. And more days like today.”

    And we could pretend it all the time. Can’t you see that it’s just raining?

    Ain’t no need to go outside. Ain’t no need, ain’t no need

    Rain all day and I really, really, really don’t mind

    Can’t you see, can’t you see? You got to wake up slow

    Dancing in the Moonlight

    Prompt: “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest

    A/N: Totally saw the dancing Spiderman gif while listening to this song and I couldn’t help myself. “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest

    Warnings: None

    Word Count Total: 399

    Short Imagine #121

    Title: Dancing in the Moonlight

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    French girls (Damian Wayne imagine)

    Requested: Yes
    Request:  Can you write an imagine where Damian’s s/o jokingly asks him to draw her like one of his French girls?
    Summary: Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    Word count: 263
    Warning(s): none, silly faces

    He was sitting in front of the large window in the living room. He was sitting on the chair so his sketchbook was leaned against the backrest for support, the sunlight making beautiful shapes on his face, and making his hair shine, It was a gorgeous sight.

    He was sketching something with much concentration. You plop down on the couch not far from it, the black material of the couch warm from the sun. He smiled, looking at you enjoying the sun pouring through the window. “Whatcha skechin’ ?” You ask looking over to him, my elbows over your head keeping the sun out of your face.

    The birds on the doghouse,” He says, looking back up to see what he still needs to draw. Suddenly you strike a pose on the couch and make a funny pouty face, winking at Damian when he looks over. He breaks out into laughter. 

    Beloved…w-what…” He chuckles. “Draw me like one of your french girls!” You exclaim. He nearly fell off his chair laughing, you also starting to laugh.

    Ohh beloved, you’ve been watching far too much Titanic when I’m on patrol.” He chuckles, trying to stop laughing, with no success. “You can’t prove nothn’ “ You say, using a strand of your hair as a mustache and pouting your lips to hold it in place. Causing another round of laughter.

    If you wanted me to draw you, you should just ask,” He giggles lowly. You wiggled your eyebrows, “Oh really?”

    “Really beloved, that face should be captured for future generations!” He chuckles, pointing at you.


    With love,


    In Milan, in the former industrial district of Via Savona, the loft -home and workshop- of Antonino Sciortino.

    As he defines himself, the creative artisan Antonino Sciortino, lives and works  in this stunning converted space immersed in greenery. The two-floor loft is hidden behind a corten sheet that leads to an astonishing garden, with jasmines, medlar trees, pots of huge cacti and tropical plants, and colored iron furniture, made by the blacksmith -artist. The living room is flooded with light from the large windows and, on the concrete floor, customized furniture is combined with design icons, such as Castiglioni’s Arco lamp and Eames’ Lounge Chair and vintage pieces. The  staircase is an aerial structure that fits the environment as a sculpture: suspended from the ceiling by thin iron rods, it is made with steps created by retrieving the wood of an old mahogany table. Recently the loft has been renovated and reduced to obtain another apartment: form the maxi space of the past, the current versionmturns out smaller, more private and intimate.

    You saved me //Draco Imagine//

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    Requested by: fluffy-unicorn26

    Request: Hey!So I was wondering if you could maybe do a Draco imagine where the reader and him have been dating for a while, but no one knows it until Harry, Hermione, Ron and her where at the Malfoy Manor and Bellatrix uses the cruciatus curse on her instead of Hermione and Draco after a while can’t take it anymore and stops Bellatrix and goes with her to check if she’s okay and from there you can decide but, can you please make it with a lot of fluff at the end? Thank you!

    Pairing: Draco x Reader

    Warnings: I mean…technically torture..But other than that! None

    A/n: I’m still looking for someone who can help me make a masterlist if anyone knows how to do that and is willing to teach me I would be so thankful!


    The Malfoy Manor had never looked darker. It’s tan walls now appeared a faded black, the dark tile that lined the entire first floor could hide even the darkest stain and the whole house seemed to be swallowed in a dark fog that gave it an eerie vibe. You felt that if you made one single noise, something would attack you, stealing your life before you even had time to react. You knew who came to this house. You knew who was welcome whenever he pleased and the very thought of him scared you to death. You swallowed nervously as you followed Harry through the corridors with a scrappy dressed man by your side. Three men had found you, Harry, Hermione, and Ron in the woods as you searched for Horcruxes and were bringing you back to the Malfoys.

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    Marry her anyway

    I wanted to try something else out for a change.. So, a one shot.. In Calum’s POV!


    To say I were nervous would be the understatement of the year.

    I had met her by accident, almost two years ago. The boys and I, had been touring non-stop and the mentality of our ‘groups feeling’ had depleted horribly in the past few weeks. We were constantly bickering about the stupidest things you could think of. If someone dared to let a cookie wrapper lay around, Ashton would lose his shit. If you touched any of Luke’s clothes, he’d seriously have you by the balls.

    So, eventually, I started taking more and more smoke breaks. Just to be outside, away from them, my brothers, to get a chance to breathe and enjoy the complete silence. And that’s when I met her. I had occupied the wall near the back entrance of the door when she stumbled along, trying to dig something out of her bag. She eventually tripped and I was there to be her Prince Charming and save her from harm.

    We started speaking, which eventually meant me being on a ‘smoke break’ for over two hours, before I had asked her out on a date. The beginning of our relationship wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it.

    That was two years ago, and I haven’t felt this elated in years. Everything was going great, the band was doing exquisitely well, I had a girlfriend whom I loved, my parents who were my safety net whenever I needed them, but still… It wasn’t enough.

    We had taken a break from touring, writing and everything else that came with being a world famous band. Ashton was on holiday with his girlfriend, Luke went back home to spend time with his family and I’d bet all the money I had made since 5 seconds of summer became big that Michael was laying in his pyjamas on some random sofa watching cartoons.

    And I wasn’t anywhere near Australia. I decided I wanted to spend my free time with the woman I was absolutely smitten with. But seeing as how I couldn’t force her – it wouldn’t really be forcing, I knew she’d do anything for me in a heartbeat – to take the only few days a year she had off, using the only money she got, to come to Sydney so I wouldn’t be lonely, I had taken a small suitcase and headed straight towards her.

    She is everything I ever wanted, all I will ever need and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. And that’s what I am planning on doing right now. Asking her dad for her hand in marriage.
    This man has been nothing but welcoming towards me, from the first time I had flown Y/N over to see one of our shows or the first time I actually set foot into his humble abode. Always had he been caring, generous and protective of his daughter.

    Y/n wasn’t around today. She felt astonishingly guilty that she had already made plans with one of best friends and continuously asked me if it were alright if she went, because that would mean I would have to spend my day alone in a town I wasn’t familiar with. But she didn’t know of my plans.

    I’m standing on the driveway of her home. Fiddling nervously with my hands. I have a few bruises on my fingers from constantly sticking the pieces of soft, tender skin between my teeth to gnaw on them. The cab driver had left me here alone, muttering ‘weirdo’ as he drove off, twenty-two minutes ago. I had to go in sometime.

    I saunter over the asphalt, towards the front door. Even there I hesitate, although it isn’t for the reasons one might think. I am completely sure I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I’m pretty certain her dad likes me as well. I’m just not sure if he wants to give his girl away to someone who is constantly on the road, travelling from city to city and country to country back to back, hoping to get a month’s of rest afterwards.

    It might mean that his girl was leaving her country as well, leaving him. Because I wanted to stay in Sydney. And I know Y/n would be enthralled to live there as well. But I also know she loves her parents dearly. I ring the doorbell.

    “Ah Calum, son. Come on in.” Her dad grins in my direction before he saunters back into the living room to occupy the lone Chesterfield in the corner. “Sit down, sit down boy. I’m sure she’ll be home soon.” He looks over at me from the brim of his glasses – which I now learned he only used while reading – before he refocuses back on his tablet.

    “That’s not what I’m here for, sir.” I stumble over my words, a concerned look taking over the features from my hopefully to-be father-in-law. “Don’t call me sir, Calum. I’m Y/F/N.” He smiles at me and when I hear him speak, I feel half of my nerves already dissipating. This man always made me feel welcome and at ease, and I was glad I could call this my second home.

    “Iwantomarryyourdaughter.” I spit out in one breath, eyes widening as I feel my cheeks flame up like I’m on fire. “Excuse me?” I take another deep breath, mostly to calm myself as I feel the amused gaze of Y/F/N bore into my forehead.

    “I’d like to marry your daughter, Y/F/N. And I was hoping to have your blessing.” I start fumbling with the hem of my shirt and I am cursing myself for not wearing something nicer for something of such importance. While I’m giving myself time of day, I hear Y/n’s dad beginning to laugh silently before he speaks up.

    “You were going to marry her anyway, weren’t you?” Her dad chuckles as he discards his tablet on the side table next to him, his glasses soon following after as he crosses his legs. I feel my lips press into a thin line as my brain mauls over the words just spoken in my direction. Does that mean that his initial answer was to be no? If that was the case, I was willing to back off… If I really had to.

    “Calum, calm down. I know how much my daughter loves you and I would never stand in the way of her happiness. I will miss her, that’s all.” He shrugs his shoulders as his gaze leaves my trembling body as he looks outside his large, living room window. I had always thought Y/n must have had the best childhood. She lived in the middle of a big city, but still found serenity and peace whenever she came home.

    “Thank you sir. I’ll make sure we visit so much you’ll be sick of us within the first year.” I try to smile but it seems more of a grimace as Y/n’s dad focuses back on my tall, still standing frame.

    “What did I tell you about calling me sir? You might as well start calling me dad now, now that I’m stuck to you.” Y/F/N laughs loudly and I chuckle along, shaking my head at his humour which I daily recognize in my own girlfriend.

    The conversation is interrupted when the back door opens and the lovely voice of my girlfriend chimes through the house. “Daddy, I’m home.” I turn to gaze back at Y/F/N and he winks at me before replying his daughter. “Hi honey, Calum and I are in here.”
    “Cal? Babe? What are you doing here already?” She smiles brightly at me and I feel weak in the knees. I grin in return as I lick my bottom lip while I watch her walk over to me, before pressing my lips shortly to hers.

    “What happened? Feel your heart.” Y/n suddenly exclaims as she lays both of her cold hands against my shirt covered torso, feeling my heart hammering against my skin as I feel the redness crawl back onto his cheeks.

    “Daddy! What did you do? Poor Calum.” She lays her whole upper body against mine as she turns her head to glare at her father who stares at me in disbelief first before a smirk crawls onto his features. “Ah, uh – I didn’t do anything.” Y/F/N keeps staring at me with a cocked eyebrow, waiting for me to fix this mess.

    “Calum, what did he do?” She redirects her attention towards me, softening her glare. I smile as I let my hand slither around her neck, my thumb resting on her jaw as I pull her closer.
    “Nothing sweetheart, now get dressed. I’m taking you on a date.” I press my lips against the hairline on the top of her head as I finally feel my heartbeat slow to a more normal, steady thump.
    As I follow my girlfriend through the door towards the hallway, her dad throws me a wink.

    Let me know what you think about this!