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Unexpected Meeting

Summary: After years of feeling nothing, you finally get the sign you’ve been looking for, the sign that means your soulmate is alive. And he’s closer than you expected

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: none, just general fluffiness 

A/N: Thank you, Anon for requesting. This was super fun to write. I went with the Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share senses. I hope you like it :)

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Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

Your parents told you that you share the same senses as your soulmate. Emotion, pain, pleasure; you’re supposed to feel it all, as they do.

And yet, you never felt a thing.

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Tasty* ~ [1/2]

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Mature - 18+ only
Summary: Reader prepares the last important details of Chris’ thirty-sixth birthday party, but he can only think of one or two ways he’d like to celebrate this day with her.
Word Count: 2.5k
Genre: Fluff/Mild smut
Warnings: build up; mentions of sex/innuendos, Chris being a dork and a butt guy, slight food play/kink, make out session and language!
Author’s Note: I know, Chris’ birthday was yesterday (June 13th), but I actually wrote so much that I had to split this into two parts. The actual smut will be in the last part hopefully up tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday to the Dorito and enjoy! xx

    “Dodger, come here,” you whispered and the dog padded out of the kitchen, stopping at your feet. You bent and patted his back as his tail wagged excitedly.

    Staring back at your reflection in the mirror of the foyer, you smoothed out your dress - the same summer dress you’d wear on your first date with Chris three years ago - and you applied your cranberry lip balm. You weaved a hand through your hair, pushed up your breasts and you picked up the breakfast tray you’d left on the entryway table.

    “What do you think? He’s going to like it, right?” You asked Dodger and laughed at how ridiculous you sounded. My God, I’m talking to a dog.

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    Just Wait

    Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

    Style: One-shot

    Warnings: Starts out angsty, with some arguing and swearing, but mostly just a fluff piece with a happy ending.

    Word Count: 1,583

    Summary: A sad Tom doesn’t want you to go out of town for work, which leads from an argument to a much bigger, more important question. Small mention of jealous!Tom over Chris Evans.

    A/N: Haven’t written in a while, but this little one-shot popped into my head last night and I just had to bring it to life. :) Enjoy! (Not my gif, obviously)

    Originally posted by maryxglz

    You had found over the many years with Tom, that it was never good when he was quiet. It meant that every gear in that beautiful head of his was turning. Calculating. Drawing conclusions without merit.

    In many ways, you noticed that he paralleled his infamous character Loki. In that, he was calculated, measured, and observant. This was one of those observant times.

    So, it was no surprise to you that as you came into your home and began shedding your jacket, Tom’s voice carried across the room barely above a whisper, and cool beyond belief.

    “Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

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    A/n: Its super short and probably not what you expect. 

    Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

    You and Shawn had planned to go out tonight, but a thunderstorm was predicted to hit. This one was supposed to be bad, so you two opted to stay in and watch a movie instead. Which is how you got to where you are, seated cross legged on your sofa beside Shawn eating pepperoni pizza and watching netflix. The rain has just started to pick up, so you figure you have at least twenty minutes before it gets really bad.

    You finish your pizza, and the movie is almost finished. By this time, the rain has picked up significantly, and the thunder is booming outside. Shawn has scooted closer to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. After the thunder sounds particularly loudly, you stand and take the now empty box of pizza and throw it away. When you come back to the living room, you open up the curtains in front of the large window and you turn to see Shawn watching you intently. “What?” you question him, wondering why he’s looking at you strangely.

    He just shakes his head slightly at you, “Nothing.” He responds, motioning for you to join him on the couch. You do, and he holds you tightly in his arms.

    There is about 20 minutes left in the movie when the power cuts out. Since there’s nothing to see on the screen anymore, you turn your attention to the big window, watching the lighting illuminate the dark room every so often, followed by the thunder booming shortly after.

    You sit there, watching in awe. You’ve done this whenever thunderstorms hit for as long as you can remember. You’ve never been afraid of them. You’ve always loved the sound of rain pouring down, always loved watching for the lightning and listening to the thunder and just sitting back as a storm rolls through. You’re so focused on the storm that you almost forget that Shawn is even there with you until he says, “I’ve never met someone so fascinated by thunderstorms.”

    You turn to him, feeling the need to explain yourself, but you don’t have an explanation, so you simply reply, “I don’t know, I just like them.”

    He laughs lightly and responds, “I know baby. And I love that about you.” You keep your eyes fixed on the big window, watching in anticipation for the next lightning bolt as you cuddle closer to him.

    love me, touch me

    pt. 2

    Genre: Slice Of Life(?), Drama, Fluff, Angst, Romance

    Warning(s): Vulgar Language, Hybrid Hate

    Word Count: 1, 900 words

    Pairing: Shiba Inu! Hybrid! Jimin x Fem! Reader

    Summary: You hate hybrids with a passion, at least that’s what you tell yourself. Your best friend, Amber, asks– or forces you to adopt a feral hybrid that’s meant to be put down.

    Note: At some point I may change the name, but I don’t know what to change it too. Again, this is unedited.

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    Originally posted by jiminrolls

    Regret, that’s what you instantly felt today as soon as you woke up.

    Today you become the owner of a murderous hybird called #262, named after the lovable cartoon character, Stitch, or Experiment #262. The only reason you signed those adoption papers was so Amber could stop pestering you about hybrids that needed a good home, and how you should adopt one, plus those small newborn kittens had you soft.

    You slowly and carefully walked into the lobby of your apartment building, the doorman holding the door open widely watching you with a slightly worried expression. “Good afternoon, Miss. [Last Name]. Busy as usual, yes?” He spoke politely as usual getting a slight head nod from you.

    He waited until you were at least five feet away from the doors before closing them, leaving you on your own. Thankfully, the lobby was empty to day expect for the hybrid and security guard that kept watch. “Ma'am, are you okay?” The guard asked standing up from behind his desk, Sanha the Golden Retriever hybrid sat beside it watching you.

    The guard shot the young boy a harsh glare, smacking the back of his head. “Are you blind, you dumb fuck? Go help the lady!” He snarled at the hybrid.

    Sanha opened his mouth to say something, but was struck again before words could come out. Sanha held his head with both of his hands, soft whimpers coming from his throat. Hearing the guard growl in annoyance Sanha scrambled to his feet and rushed over to you, despite you being half way to the elevator.

    “L- Let me help, Miss. [Last Name]!” Sanha put on a kind smile as he gently removed the papers from your grasp, not wanting to deal his his partner at the moment. “I’m Sanha, Mr. Umi’s hybrid.”

    You stared at the hybrid, “Mr. Umi? As in my landlord Mr. Umi?” You questioned the retriever, pressing a button on the wall for the elevator. You could see Sanha smile proudly nodding his head happily. You poor kid. You thought to yourself as the elevator doors opened.

    Stepping onto it you pressed the highest number, Sanha quickly getting on and standing beside you. You both stood there in a kind of comfortable silence until you decided to speak. “Have you gone on your heat yet, Sanha?”

    Sanha’s eyes widen, “E- Excuse me?”

    You stood there for a moment before shrugging your shoulders, “Nothin’, just ignore me. I just need help with work. I need a hybrid that’s had a least one heat, thats all.”

    “Oh, okay.”

    The elevator let out a geeful ding coming to a halt, the doors opening widely revealing your floor. You and Sanha got off the elevator and walked over to your apartment which was straight across from the elevator.

    “Don’t these apartments cost a arm and a leg?” He asked looking around at the other three doors. “They’re for super rich people.”

    “I guess. I mean, it barely makes a dent in my account so I can afford it.” You told him pushing the door open, walking in. You slipped your shoes off and watched Sanha skillfully take his off without dropping the papers.

    Woah, you’re super rich.

    The freshly waxed oak flooring shined beautiful underneath all the the natural light that flowed in from the large windows and the skylights. The living room connected with your kitchen, but the island kind of separated them, but not completely. The walls were a pure white color until you got to the kitchen then they were a nice dark gray. The furthest wall in your living room had a flat screen tv pinned up to it, and a jet black sectional a few feet away from it with white, black and gold colored pillows decorating it. A glass coffee table sat in between the tv and couch on top of a black and white fur rug, with a succulent and remotes placed on it.

    The hybrid walked over to your table, his eyes lighting up brightly feeling the soft faux fur under his feet. He bent down a little and placed the papers on the table gently making two piles. “We stay in the basement, my hyungs and I. We don’t have too much, and this might not look like anything to you, but it’s amazing to me.” Sanha spoke softly sitting on the floor, the back of his calves keeping his butt off the ground.

    He looked at you with a gentle smile, “Can help I help you with your work, ma'am?”

    You crossed your arms beneath your bust, letting a soft sigh fall from your lips. A part of you didn’t want to send him back downstairs with that guard but the other part honestly didn’t care. “Whatever, Sanha. Have you eaten today? Do you want a sandwich and some juice?”

    The Gold Retriever hybrid grinned, nodding his head furiously. “Yes, please!”


    You laid a blanket over the hybrid’s sleeping figure, sitting on the edge of the couch. You ran your fingertips through his blond locks, a faint smile on your lips.

    ❝You’re such a creep, [Name]!❞ He giggled pulling you closer to his larger frame. ❝Watching people sleep is so weird, even if it is when they’re their prettiest.❞

    You scowled at the familiar voice filling your brain, backing away from the young sleeping boy. You crossed your arms and walked away from him into the kitchen, irritated by your mind. You did a little cleaning up since Sanha had more than a sandwich and juice; the boy could eat just as much as Seokjin, and Seokjin could eat.

    As you finished loading up the dishwasher you heard a knock on your front door which caused Sanha to break out into a sudden growl, staring at him from across the island you could see the boy looking quite scared as he growled lowly.

    You pressed on on button and picked up a rag drying your hands off while walking to the door, “Go in my guest room, Sanha. Sleep there, ‘kay? It’s just my new hybrid.”

    “Oh, okay..” Sanha wrapped the blanket around him and wandered down the hall into a guest room believing your words even though you had no idea if it was true.

    If if was Sanha’s owner, Mr. Umi, you didn’t want him in the room to hear.

    You unlocked the door and tugged it open, a woman standing in front of you with a clipboard in hand. “Good afternoon, Miss [Last Name]. I am Doctor Rhee Bomi, and I’ll be #626’s at home doctor.” She explained showing you a badge which you barely looked at due to a crate sitting behind her with two men standing beside it.

    “Oh, your hybrid is in there. It’s how we move most hybrids. It’s easy and quick.” Bomi explained snapping her fingers while walking past you, her eyes looking around your apartment. “I should become a hybrid specialist if you can afford this place.”

    “You make my job sound easy.”

    The doctor turned around on her heel flashing you a fake smile. “It is.” She silently ordered the men to open the box.

    “Sweetheart, my work will always be more complicated than staring at a hybrid’s dick, asking someone if they’re satisfied with the size.” You smiled right back at Bomi before slamming the door shut, walking over to the sectional.

    Bomi merely rolled her eyes, “Anyway, do what your best at and fill these papers out. And I’ll check your hybrid’s dick out, 'kay?”

    “You think that bothers me, but in reality it doesn’t. One of us gets paid extra for when we have to touch a hybrid’s reproductive organ.” You winked at Bomi taking the paper from her and took a seat on your couch smirking to yourself.

    As you began filling the forms out you felt a hard stare on you, and it wasn’t coming from Bomi or the moving men– who were both enjoying your surround sound and tv. You glanced up and met the eyes of the hybrid you paid thousands for. His eyes were cold and hard as Bomi turned his head left to right.

    Who the hell does he think he is looking at me like that?

    You looked back at the paper and wrote down the name Amber suggested to you; Park Jimin. You didn’t know or care where she got the name from, but you did assume she took inspiration from that game, Mystic Messenger.


    “I’m finished. Here are Jimin’s measurements.”

    Bomi held out the piece of paper, her sloppy handwriting barely readable, but you still took it and handed back the forms you filled out. She went through them, making sure you filled everything out.

    “Great, just one more check up our center then Jimin’ll be checked regularly which is every six months. But is checkup is two months from now.”

    Bomi started packing her things up, ordering the moving men to go downstairs and wait for her. The men thanked you for allowing them to lounge around– asking you not to report them as well– before doing as Bomi says. You stared at the blue haired girl amused, watching her.

    “We still on for clubbin’ next week?” Bomi asked as soon as the guys closed the door, her formality suddenly disappearing. She held her clipboard in her hands humming at her thoughts. “Jimin is prone to getting horribly sick when his heats come. And his heats have been irregular since she passed.”

    Jimin sat on the fair side of the couch, his head turned down and his onyx eyes focused on the floor as if he wasn’t listening to ever word that came out of Bomi’s mouth. He turned his head away from you both, his nose going into the air, sniffing at it. Jimin let out a low growl, his eyes now fixated on your hall. Even though no one stood in the halls, he could smell the young hybrid wreaking of fear.

    Jimin’s eyes wander over to yours, “Bomi, get out. I’ll text you later, 'kay? Tell Amber, hi for me, yeah?” You stood up and pushed Bomi to your front door shoving her shoes into her hands and out the door.

    “I knew you bought me for some reason, you’re just a specist with anger problems, huh? Abusing some pup? What? He’s lookin’ too bruised?” Jimin snarled at you standing over you.

    “One Dog-breath, back the fuck up.” You shoved the Shiba Inu back glaring harshly at him. “Two, what the hell are you talking about? I may be somewhat of a specist but I don’t beat hybrid children, stupid-ass adults that accuse me of false things are a different story.”

    “Then why is a pup back there afraid?”

    “Maybe because he knows you’re a killer!”

    Sanha walked out of a guest room shaking in fear, his tail between his legs and his hesrs back. “I- I should go.” He whispered with a blank yet fearful expression heading to the front door. “See you around, Jimin-hyung. Ma'am.”

    You both stared at the dazed hybrid, confused. “See? I don’t even own him, why would I beat him?”

    Jimin stared at you, “You tell me, you specist.”

    You threw your hands up and ran your fingers through your hair walking away from your new charming hybrid. “Find your own fucking bedroom, you damn half-breed.”

    Awkward Encounters // Tom Drabble

    Pairing: Tom x Reader

    Featuring: Tom Holland

    Warning: none

    Request - you’re living in the same building as Tom and you walk out of the apartment and walk into Tom wearing some unruly clothes and hair.

    Originally posted by kiingholland

    The day was going to be a good one. Until you woke up with an agonizing headache and sweaty skin. You were sick. And it was the achy, cold kind of sick. The type that drained all your energy and made you dead on the couch for five days. You hated being sick. Well, you were positive everyone hated being sick, but you especially hated it because you always felt like you were losing days you could be doing something productive. 

    Sun draped the walls as you groggily walked from your large comfy bed, to the living room. Staring out the large windows at LA. Sun kissed the roof tops and spelled out a forecast of high twenties. You smiled warmly as you felt the sun reach your skin and warm your aching body. What you really needed was your favourite tea and to watch Gossip Girl on repeat. Gathering more strength, you dragged your body to the kitchen, which was open to the living room so the sun followed you where you went. 

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    Watch It

    A/N: Also slightly based off of the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran. I hope you guys like it! It turned into something much longer than I expected.

    I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

    Word Count: 3,291

    Warnings: None that I know of. Mild language?

    Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one

    Anon said: “I thought of a Roomies thing that maybe plays into the direction of their storyline you might be headed in?? Y/n is having a rough night, and she doesn’t want to be alone with her thoughts, but on this particular night, Isaac isn’t home. After/while debating with herself over it she tentatively creeps across the loft to Derek’s room and peers in, before changing her mind at the last minute. As she goes to creep back to her room again, he’s like “what the hell is it you’re doing?” And-she’s caught in the headlights of Derek’s glowing alpha eyes. Basically, she ends up staying in Derek’s bed, and they predictably are awkward and funny but it’s ultimately sweet?? Idk, if it’s a bad idea don’t worry about it or anything haha ☺️x”


    Anon said: “derek x reader based on bad liar by selena gomez pls?”


    You tossed and turned, battling with the sheets just as much as you were your mind. They wrapped around you like a cocoon from the way you must have thrashed in your sleep, keeping you confined to the bed like restraints. Normally you wouldn’t have minded, waking up as a human burrito was actually quite calming, but the thoughts that came to mind every time you closed your eyes just made the safe swaddle feel like a strangling stronghold.

    You chuckle at the thought. You could be quite poetic with the right amount of sleep deprivation.

    You huffed, slapping a hand to your forehead. Of course tonight was the night Isaac was gone, out on some night patrol with Peter per request of Scott because of some tiny, but disturbing, series of events that had everyone in the pack on edge.

    Water. A glass of the cold liquid would surely scare away the demons, right? After all, most of your thoughts consisted of flames and burning things, so water it was.

    After fighting with the sheets wrapped around you for too long a time to be reasonable, you plopped to the floor with a soft thud, moaning gently before you rose to your feet, dragging them sleepily across the floor, not even putting in the effort to lift them even a little. This proved a bit harder to handle as you made your way across the concrete floors of the living room, proving to be a slick ice to your sock clad feet, and you floundered just a little before regaining your footing.

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    The Preschool Teacher - Chapter 7


    That’s all you could think about as you sat in the middle of your new bungalow, looking around at the unfamiliar furniture, the hotel-style paintings on the walls, and the stack of labeled boxes the movers had placed around the front room, waiting to be emptied and dispersed into their new home. It wasn’t the flat you had grown accustomed to the past couple of years that sat near your daughter’s grave, and it wasn’t Harry’s home that you felt so comfortable in, but it was nice, it was clean, and it was private, and you wouldn’t complain.

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    Undeniable Heat Chapter 48: A Big Step

    Jensen Ackles x Reader

    1350 Words

    Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

    Catch Up Here: Masterpost

    You had to admit, you were getting used to living in an actual house and not an apartment. It was nice waking up every morning without your neighbor’s music shaking the walls. Or the people above or below you yelling or arguing. You weren’t missing the elevator at all, or the hard to find parking. Sure, your last apartment had been nicer than most, but you loved the privacy a house provided, along with the easy parking and the backyard you could relax in.

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    dan and phil live in an open flat with curved white walls and high ceilings and houseplants taller than themselves. dan’s room is modeled after the moon, complete with a white upright piano and terrariums of every shape and size. phil’s room is practically identical to his old one, with the exception of a few missing knickknacks. they have chestnut brown hardwood floors spanning most of the space, taking up their living room. in the living room is a large tv in front of a large window and a new comfortable couch. there’s a little room set up for gaming, where they have a little couch with pillows from their favorite old video games. although the flat is different, one thing remains the same: they’re happy.


    I’d been having the dream on and off again since I was a small child. It was always the same, and while I could have it multiple times a week I would only ever have it once a night. It could happen no matter the time of the year.

    The dream would begin as I was walking up some wooden steps. They joined on to the small porch area of an incredibly nice house. The house was empty; I always got the impression that the previous occupants had recently moved. Someone would show me inside, though I would never see who it was. I would go into the entrance hall and ahead of me would be the hallway leading to the kitchen. To my left, the living room, and to my right, the stairs. It was a lovely house, open and airy and warm.

    Here the dream would skip, and again I would become aware that I was climbing the last of a flight of wooden stairs. This time I would be on the upstairs landing. Now the atmosphere had changed; I felt tense, uneasy. It was colder. Without my permission my feet would carry me to the right, along the hallway. I would pass two doors; the first on my left (a bedroom), and the second just ahead of it on my right (a bathroom). I would stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the final door. It would open on its own.

    Seated in front of me, on a single chair in an otherwise empty room, would be an elderly man. He was incredibly old, probably in his nineties. He was visibly sick, and I remember being able to see the veins in his papery hands.

    “Close the door,” he said. “You don’t want to see this.”

    Something would grab my arm from behind, and I would wake up.

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    I’ll Wait For You (A/F)

    This wasn’t requested but I’m going through my first break up in almost 5 years so please bare with me and all my angst 

    Genre; Angst/ Fluff

    Length; 1,000+ words

    Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

    As you tearily stared down at the three dots he last sent, you sighed then looked out of the large window in your living room. 
    You watched with tears running down your cheeks as rain drops scatters the glass- the lightning that fiercely illuminated the cloudy night sky calmed your aching heart. A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you couldn’t help but think about how cliche it all was- another breakup on a dark, rainy night.. 

    Just another cliche.

    You sat there repeatedly telling yourself that this was all for the best- that he’d find someone better than you; someone prettier, kinder, smarter.. and it’d all be okay in the end. Though truthfully, you only told yourself these things to keep yourself from crying, you knew how much it must’ve hurt him, and for fuck sake this was your first breakup in god knows how long- you felt as if you had just stabbed yourself in the chest; but you still were trying your absolute hardest not to have a total breakdown. 
    Just as a few tears broke free, sliding down your cheeks- continuous heavy knocks rang through your apartment. “Coming!” You called out, softly sniffling as you made your way to the front door. 

    “Yes?” You asked softly, wiping away the tears that remained as you slowly opened it. Tears automatically seemed to form in the corners of your eyes again as your they rested on him. 

    “Y/n..” Jungkook heaved, bending forward slightly as he attempted to steady his breathing. “Pl-” 

    Before he could even finish his airy plea, you quickly ushered him inside. He was soaking wet and breathing so heavily it seemed as if he had just ran the whole way here. 
    There was no way he would have, at least that’s what you thought- the dorm was almost two miles away, plus the rain was so heavy, but you still couldn’t help but to ask.

    “Jungkook..” You softly uttered as you pulled off his jacket. “Did you run all the way here?” 

    Nodding, he stood straight- moving his drenched hair out of his face. “I just needed to see you and no one would bring me because of the rain..” 

    “Aish.. Jung-” You replied shaking your head, sighing in disbelief as he cut you off. 

    “I needed to see you, y/n..” He said softly, blinking quickly as if he were fighting back tears. 
    As he spoke, you walked back into your living room and he of course closely followed. 

    “This is best for both of us..” You sighed, keeping your back towards him then swallowing hard as it became harder and harder to contain your emotions. “You- You’ll find someone better-”
    Before you finished your sentence, he quickly spun you around; holding you in place as he stared down at you. 

    “Y/n.. stop..” He practically begged, tears slowly streamed down his flushed cheeks. “Can’t you understand that you’re all I want.. Don’t you love me anymore?” His heart breaking question automatically caused the tears you were so desperately trying to hold back to break free. 

    You stood there sobbing as he slowly pulled you into his strong arms- you didn’t even care that he was still drenched, it just felt so good to be held by the man you loved again. 
    “I love you so much.” You stuttered out, tears falling uncontrollably as he ran his fingertip up and down your back, “I just don’t feel like I’m good enough. I don’t feel like you’re happy with me anymore..” 

    “Don’t even say that..” He replied, sniffling as he kissed the top of your head as he calmly shushed you. “You make me the happiest- you’re my sunshine, y/n. On my bad days- or when its gloomy and rainy out, you’re my little ray of sunshine.. Please don’t leave me..” 

    You couldn’t help but to continue to break down; how could he continue to be so sweet and loving towards you when you did what you did. “..I don’t- I don’t deserve you, Jungkook..” You sniffled as you practically clawed into his chest. 

    Bringing one of his hands to your face, he softly caressed your tear stained cheek. He had never this kind of intense, pure love for anyone- his heart ached at the thought of losing the girl who helped his feel it for the first time. “Please..” He begged once more.. 

    “But..” You replied sniffling as you began attempting you to calm yourself, “I don’t know what to do.. You’re here begging for me to stay, but when we talk all we do is argue, or it’s nothing but one worded responses.” You began as you pulled away from his comforting embrace, wiping your eyes. “ How could I not question your happiness if you just seem so uninterested or annoyed by me?” 

    Jungkook ran his fingers through his hair once more as he deeply sighed, stepping closer to you. “Y/n, babe..” He said softly, tugging at your heart strings once more. “I’m never annoyed by you, nor am I uninterested.. You’re my first serious girlfriend- the first girl that ever made me believe in love. I’m so in love with you, but it’s so difficult for me to express it because I want to do so much for you but my mind never knows where to begin..” 

    His heartfelt words soothed your aching chest, sniffling you peered up at him with puffy eyes as you sat yourself down on the couch. “Jungkook..” You practically whispered as you glanced down at your hands; fiddling with your fingers. 
    Suddenly the sound of the loud, roaring thunder shook the apartments; startling you. Jungkook immediately rushed beside you, protectively wrapping his arms around you while sweetly humming. 

    “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..” He began singing, pulling you onto his lap as he gently rocked you back and forth. 
    Being with him- like this again, brought back the same butterflies you felt during the beginning of your relationship. 
    You suddenly remembered how he found out you were terrified of thunder- he sang to you, just like this then drew the two of you a warm bubble bath. A smile painted across your face as you felt the ache in your heart slowly fade as you listened to him sing. 

    God were you in love with him…

    “I love you..” You softly whispered to him, burying your face into his chest as he drew little x’’s and o’s all over your back and side. “I love you so much, Jungkook..” 

    He leaned his head on yours and just continued to gently rock you. His chestnut eyes were full of tears as he tried his hardest to be strong, “If you really want us to take a break, I’ll accept your decision and I promise I’ll wait for you, for as long as it takes…” He said softly, eyeing you up and down as if this might be the last time he’d ever get to see you again, “But- Will you please give me another chance y/n?”

    The Shadow In The Living Room - Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

    Pairing: Derek x Female!Reader

    Requested by: @marthabelin

    Request: hi i was wondering if you would mind writing a Derek Hale/reader insert where the reader calls him one evening because she went out in her garden to pick up some fruits she has there or to walk around a bit.And when she turned to look at her house she sqw someone walking around through the window.The thing is she lives alone and no one was suposed to be in the house then so she is freaking out

    Warning(s): None

    A/N: Hi! I know this took me long, sorry? Anyway, I hope you like it! ENJOY! 

    Originally posted by samann98

    *gif not mine*

    The sun had gone down a couple of hours ago, and the half moon hung high on the night sky. You had decided to go out into the garden to pluck some berries for a nice little night snack. 

    There was a light chill in the air as you stepped outside, pulling the cardigan tighter around yourself. 

     «I thought this was supposed to be summer.» You muttered to yourself  as you made your way over to the berry bushes. 

     The berries hung heavy not he relatively small bushes, making your mini night harvest quick. You smiled at yourself as you nodded, this would do for your snack. 

     Turning around towards the house again your gaze snapped to your large living room windows. 

    A shadow was standing there. Looking out at you. The figure was large. Probably a man. He didn’t move an inch in the whole minute you stood there frozen in place.   

    You knew your front door was locked, and seeing you were living alone, no one was supposed to be in the house. 

    You were supposed to be alone. 

     The hand holding the bowl with the berries, were white from how hard you were clutching it, the bowl shaking slightly. 

    Slowly, with your eyes still on the shadow, you reached into your pocket for your phone with one of your hands, which were shaking vigorously. 

     You pressed speed dial, your eyes never leaving the shadow. 

    It rang two times.

     For the first time since you laid your eyes on the shadow, it moved, its arm raising up to its head. 

     «Why are you just standing there like that?» Derek’s voice sounded through the phone. You could almost hear the frown on his voice. 

     «Derek-, wait what did you just say?» You visually relaxed, realization dawning upon you. 

     «You look like you’ve seen a ghost.» He remarked, and you could swear you saw his shadow in your living room shake slightly from the chuckle you heard through the phone. 

     You let out a sigh, as you started walking towards your house again. 

     «Damn you, Derek. You scared the living crap out of me!» You scolded through the phone. 

     «Why did I scare you?» He asked back as you stepped into the house, rounding the corner to the living room and hanging up the phone so you could answer him face to face. 

     «Because I thought someone broke into my house, Der. You know how jumpy I am when you guys are running around chasing monsters…» You trailed off. 

    «Okay, first off; we do not run around chasing monsters-« You gave him a sharp look, to which he held his hands up in defense. «Secondly; I’m sorry for scaring you, but to my defense; You did give me the key to your house.» He remarked, and you sighed, smiling slightly at him.

     «Okay, okay. But I think you gotta give me a hug as an excuse.» You grinned as you saw him make a face at your request.  

    «Come on, Y/n. I didn’t mean to!» 

     «No-oh, come here big guy.» You motioned him over with your hands, to which he reluctantly complied, engulfing you in a real bear hug, or should one say wolf hug? 

    «You give remarkable good hugs for a guy who doesn’t give them out easily.» You teased him. 

     «Shut up…» He mumbled into your hair, a ghost of a smile on his lips.