living room love


Info: Daniel X Reader, fluff, Drabble, jealousyau!, summary: you get jealous over Daniel’s cats
You’d awoken to an empty bed and subtle “meows” and purrs coming from the living room. You knew Daniel loved his cats. Like really loved his cats.
You walked out to the living room. “Morning Daniel”, you cooed. He didn’t reply. He was clearly preoccupied with his multiple cats. He pet them and fed them treats. It was cute and all, but sometimes he took it too far.
You cleared your throat,“morning Daniel”. “Oh hey y/n”, he said nonchalantly. At that moment you felt the jealousy swing at your heart. It didn’t happen a lot, but it did sometimes. You often thought Daniel prioritized his cats and forgot about you. Now was one of those times.
As the day goes on you give Daniel the silent treatment. You didn’t like giving him an attitude but yu were upset and wanted to make that aware to him.
“Y/n?”, he asked shyly. You didn’t reply. “What’s wrong babe? Please answer me”, he pouted. “Don’t cave”, you thought. “NOPE”, you scolded yourself mentally. You have in. “Are your cats more important than me? You spent all morning with them and gave them your full attention”, you pouted. “Awww. Was someone jealous?”, he smiled. He approached you and pulled you into a big bear hug. “You know, you’re always my favorite, kitten”, he whispered.

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