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42 & 69

42. “Lingerie isn’t really ‘business casual’” and 69. “Are you wearing a fucking garter belt?”

Since you’re not only Tyler’s girlfriend, you’re also apart of managing the band, it didn’t raise any suspicions when you told Tyler he had a video meeting at 2pm that day.

In reality though, you had something very different planned. You snuck into Tyler’s closet and ‘stole’ his suit jacket from the grammys, putting that on over the top of the new lingerie you had brought on a shopping trip with Tatum a few days prior.

You grabbed a pair of heels and made your way back downstairs to the home studio. You sat in Tyler’s large leather swivel chair, with minutes to spare before you heard his heavy footsteps making their way from the living room.

“Love, are you joining me for this meeting?” Tyler called out to you.

You felt a small amount of anxiety bubble up in your stomach, hoping he would like the surprise.

You swing your legs over the arm of the chair and tried to hold back giggles when he stepped foot into the studio.

Tyler’s eyes widen as a smirk spreads across his face. “Love.. Lingerie isn’t really ‘business casual’”

“You’re right” You muttered as he took a few steps closer “Than god you don’t actually have a business call today”

Tyler raised his eyebrow as he crouches down “Lying to me baby girl, you know that consequences of that” Tyler tuts as he opened up the suit jacked “Is this the jacket I wore to the grammys?”

You nodded while keeping quiet, letting him soak up the moment; watching his eyes absorb every inch of your body. 

“Are you wearing a fucking garter belt?” Tyler moaned, rubbing his hands along your waist. 

“Only for you, daddy” You winked. 

“What have I done to deserve this huh, have I forgotten it’s my birthday or our anniversary or something?” Tyler questioned, half joking, half nervous that he actually forgot your anniversary. 

“No, you haven’t forgotten anything, Tatum and I went shopping and I wanted to surprise you” You spoke, barely touching his lips. “Just wanted to surprise you… And fuck in the studio”

Tyler threw his head back with a moan, just from your words. “God, I love you” he chuckled; pulling your legs around his waist and sitting in his chair. You straddle Tyler’s lap, grinding on him happily as his hot tongue wiped against your lower lip, begging you for access,which you gladly granted, wanting more and more of Tyler. 

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