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i’m not crying, you’re crying

Concept: it’s our first winter morning in our new house together. As I wake up I’m filled with excitement and I run into the living room to find you waiting with breakfast and hot chocolate for us both. It’s snowing outside and we’re freezing cold but we’re both filled with joy to finally be together


• Waking up to the strong smell of coffee every morning
• Coming home to a sea of papers flooding the living room
• And finding Spencer somewhere amongst the mess
• And practically having to drag him from his work to bed
• Spencer constantly speaking during TV shows, pointing out all the scientific flaws
• Him constantly spewing facts
• Doing fixer up projects whenever he’s home
• He’s really absent minded so he’d probably be in the middle of something and then just walk away and you’re left to clean up his messes a lot
• But even though it’s annoying, it’s kinda cute so you don’t always mind
• Dealing with his crazy schedule and being woken up in the middle of the night with a quick good bye kiss
• Cuddles all the time
• Fluffy haired, pajama Spencer
• Comfoting him whenever he has nightmares
• Indulging in bizarre midnight snacks
• Teaching him how to bake and cook
• And the smoke detectors going off every time he attempts to make dinner
• Him inviting the team over a lot for get togethers
• Random sloppy kisses as you pass by in the hall
• And lots of “I love you”’s

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17 and 18 with boyfriend, Jungkook. ;)

Prompt request: “Please.” + “Cuddle me.”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff

Summary: Jungkook comes home from the gym with clothes drenched in sweat and a demand for cuddles.

Word count: 468 words

“I’m home,” Jungkook’s familiar voice rang out from the entrance to your apartment. You peered up lazily from where you were sprawled out on the couch, seeing him set down his heavy gym bag. “Wow, where’s my enthusiastic greeting?”

“I dunno,” you replied, squinting your eyes and looking around the living room. “Help me find it.”

“Y/N,” Jungkook whined, trudging towards the couch, his voice a stark contrast to his muscular build. He reached the couch and collapsed, draping his heavy body over yours. “Love me.”

Laughing, you carded your fingers through his dark brown hair. Only to reel back with disgust.

Jungkook’s hair was practically dripping with cooling sweat, and his clothes were damp with his bodily fluids.

“Oh my god!” you squealed, pushing Jungkook off of you. He tumbled over the side of the couch, landing on the hardwood floors with a heavy thud. “You’re so gross! Go shower!”

“First of all–ow,” Jungkook hissed, pushing himself up into a sitting position from where he lay. “And second of all, I was going to, but I wanted to come home quickly. And you know how much I sweat! Don’t be mean about it.”

You leaned over and flicked him in the forehead. He winced dramatically, throwing himself to the ground once again. “I’m not being mean, I’m being honest,” you said, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Well, this is me, not listening,” Jungkook said stubbornly. Then, he launched himself at you, yelling, “Cuddle me!”

You shrieked as Jungkook enveloped your body with his, rubbing his sweaty head against your cheek. He pinned you underneath him, wrapped around you like a koala, almost uncharacteristically clingy.

“Jungkook!” you whined, trying to push is head away from yours.

He looked up at you with his wide, expressive eyes. “Please?” he asked, his grip around you tightening, and he looked almost vulnerable.

A bit surprised by Jungkook’s rare show of vulnerability, you relaxed your body and returned his embrace, arms encircling his thin waist. You resigned yourself to letting Jungkook drip all over you (plus, his muscles were still tense from his work out, and damn, that was hot).

“Why are you so clingy today?” you asked as Jungkook rested his head on your shoulder. You could feel his cool breath against the side of your neck, tickling you. “Is it because it’s our fourth anniversary and you didn’t get me anything?”

“Oh, our anniversary is today?” Jungkook repeated, a shocked expression appearing over his features.

“Jungkook, you’re so mean!” you pouted, again trying to wiggle away from him. Jungkook just tightened his grip, and you knew it was impossible to escape his strong arms.

“I’m just joking, Y/N,” he smiled, eyes crinkling cutely. “But why bother counting when we have a whole lifetime ahead of us?”

- Girl in Luv

Ok, I was a bit confused. Was Jungkook supposed to be the boyfriend or was he supposed to have a boyfriend? I kept everything gender neutral just in case. I hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests, please check out our prompts page. Happy reading 💛

Victuri Headcanon #1

Yuri gets home after a particularly stressful day, and finds himself beginning to panic. Victor soothes him and gets him something to eat and drink, and while he’s eating and spending a little time calming down from the initial rush of panic, Victor dashes around the apartment gathering various duvets, covers, pillows, anything soft he can get his hands on. By the time Yuri walks into the living room, he finds Victor sat in the middle of the biggest blanket fort he’s ever seen with the brightest grin on his face, and he’s left a little speechless. The room is lit by numerous strings of fairy lights, tangled around the fort, and the curtains have been closed to give the room a calming atmosphere. 
‘I know that when you are anxious you need a place where you are comfortable,’ Victor says, getting to his feet and drawing Yuri a little further into the room, ‘and what is more comfortable, and more fun, than a blanket fort.’ 
Yuri is still a little speechless as Victor puts on his favourite film and gets a few snacks for them both, and Victor holds him throughout the night until they both fall asleep. 
The following morning, they both wake up in the blanket fort, some of the pillows having fallen and a few stray pieces of the snacks scattered around them, but Yuri has never felt so calm in all his life. 

BTS’s reaction to catching you singing with earphones in:

Requested by @swaglordyoongi. I hope you enjoy it <3

Jin: “Honey, I’m home.” Jin shrugs his coat off at the door, dragging fingers through rain kissed hair, “The weather’s shocking today.” There’s no reply. “Honey?” Kicking off his shoes, Jin pads down the hall, calling your name again.

That’s when he hears it - a sugar sweet tune that trickles into his ears, melting his heart down like chocolate. He follows the sound to the living room, where he finds you curled up on the couch, a fluffy blanket dripping over you, and a book in your hand. Hugging your eardrums are your headphones, sighing a melody which you dreamily hum along to. You’re in your own world, caught up in the adventures of witches and dragons.

Jin’s about to greet you, but something stops him in the doorway. To interrupt now would be like disturbing you in the middle of a deep sleep. You look far too peaceful; he can’t do it. Instead, he leans in the doorway, letting your voice lull him into his own daydream.

It’s a while before you to draw yourself away from your imagined world, only to find you’ve led Jin into it, his eyes glazed over like boiled candy as he lets reality slip by him. “Oh! You’re home!” you let the headphones fall into your lap, “I didn’t realise.” Your words draw Jin back, and he goes over to you, wrapping you up in a bear hug - the customary greeting when he gets home, which never goes stale, no matter how familiar.

“You’re a beautiful singer,” he murmurs, “Why haven’t you let me hear you before?”

“Wait?” you pull away, “When was I singing?” You really had been transported somewhere else while you were reading.

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Yoongi: Yoongi slumps against the door, a sigh escaping from him. It’s good to finally be home. He lets all of the black bulking negativity from work drain out of him. Quietly, knowing you’re probably already asleep, he trudges upstairs, careful to avoid that squeaky third step so that he doesn’t wake you. But there’s no fear of doing that. You’re still up. A voice betrays you - you’re singing softly in your room, a lullaby for yourself. He pauses at the door, letting your soothing tones wash against him.

Gently, he knocks on the door, and then opens it, to find you sitting up in bed, pulling your earphones out.

“Hello,” he smiles, his voice raspy with exhaustion.

“Hi,” you smile back, sliding over to make room for him on the bed. He takes up your invitation gratefully, collapsing onto the cloud-like duvet. He doesn’t even care that he’s still got his clothes on. He’s too tired to find pyjamas.

You throw the covers around him, and he pulls you closer, arms roping around you. All the stress he’s been through at work – the deadlines, the meetings with higher-ups, the bad coffee – it’s all worth it if he can be with you like this. He lets the warmth of your body seep into every nerve, lets himself drown in blankets, and in you.

“Sing to me,” he mumbles, “Sing like you were singing before.”

You hesitate, then pick up where you left off, quiet notes ebbing and flowing in Yoongi’s ears. It’s only a matter of minutes before he’s fallen to dreaming.

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Hoseok: This was not what Hoseok had been expecting when he returned home. Normally the house is quiet without him there - just you sitting about, working on your computer, reading, or watching TV – nothing too crazy. But today is different. Today, when Hoseok opens the door, he’s met with you singing along to your iPod, earphones jammed in while you spin around with a hoover, in the middle of cleaning a dance party. You swish about in time to the beat, pointing to the imaginary audience, getting hyped on their silent cheers.

With a grin plastered across his face, Hoseok sneaks up behind you, and bundles you up in a hug.

“Hoseok!” You start, and, wrenching your earphones out of your ears, turn to face him.

“Aww, no, don’t stop,” Hoseok pouts

“You weren’t meant to see that,” you mumble into his shirt, your ears reddening.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he says, rubbing your back, “It was cute. Super cute.”

You don’t surface from the folds of his shirt, so he takes the earphones from you, placing one in his ear, one in yours, before beginning to sway along to the beat, you still cadged in by his warmth.

“Hoseok, what are you doing?” you laugh, relenting as he swings you back and forth, letting your body move along.

“Continuing the dance party where you left off, of course!”

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Namjoon: Bored. You’re so bored. You got off work early, and now you’re sitting at home alone, waiting for Namjoon. The house feels empty and bare without him in it. What is there to do while he’s gone? You scour the room for inspiration, eyes skimming over the stacks of DVDs you’ve watched a thousand times already, and the thumbed through books that can’t catch your interest. Then your eyes fall on the old iPod lying on the desk. It’s been a while since you used it - all of your new music is stored up on your phone. You can’t even remember what songs you have on the old slip of metal and wires. Slipping in the earphones, a smile spreads across your face as the songs of your younger years begin to play. Unable to stop your movements, you leap up, belting out the familiar lyrics as you dance around the room. Song after song goes by, and memory after memory flashes past. This is the song that Namjoon asked you to dance to at the school disco. And this is the song they played in the restaurant on your first date. And this is the song that he wrote lyrics to, just for you. And this is the song that he would always stick on in the car after he got his driving licence. And this is the one that he always said reminded him of you.

Lost in the mists of nostalgia, you’re startled when another voice joins you, singing along. You whip around to find Namjoon in the doorway, a wide grin stuck on his face.

Normally, you would be embarrassed that he caught you singing, but today you’re so overcome with memories of and affection for him, that you tackle him in a tight hug. “You remember this song, right?” you ask, handing him an earphone so he can share the moment with you.

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Jimin: Jimin’s in two minds when he hears you singing for the first time: On the one hand, he’s incredibly proud (is there anything you can’t do well?); on the other hand he’s incredibly jealous (is there anything you can’t do well?)

He leans in the doorway, watching as you dance around the living room, wrapped up in the music, and totally unaware of your surroundings, that is until you spin around and knock into him.

“Oh, you’re home early!” You pull your earphones from your ears, and, pocketing the humming iPod, pull him in for a hug.

“I didn’t know you were such a good singer,” he says, resting his chin on your head.

You laugh, sort of softly, sort of embarrassed. “You weren’t meant to hear that.”

“No, seriously, though, you’re so good,” Jimin insists, “I mean, my job is singing, but you could probably do better than me.”

You sense his shift in tone, and wriggle against his grip, pulling back so that you can see his face, while still enjoying the heat of his touch. “Park Jimin, are you… jealous?”

He pouts. “No… Okay, maybe a little, but you’re just so good at everything. I don’t feel worthy to be with you, sometimes.”

“Jimin,” you scold, “I love you, but what the heck are you talking about? You are the most talented, amazing, incredible, wonderful man I know. So don’t you dare tell me that you don’t feel worthy of me, ever!” That’s him told off.

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Taehyung: Taehyung heaves himself through the door after a long day at work, and struggles to get his coat off, and – stops. Mid-coat-removal. What’s that sound? It floats to his ears, light as doves’ feathers. This is the first time he’s heard you sing.

Slowly, almost in a trance, he lets the sound lead him to where you are. It hangs around him, catching him in its embrace – the sweetest voice he’s ever heard. And there you are. The source of the haunting sound. You stand in the kitchen, harmonizing with the voice that’s leaking from your earphones. The half-cut vegetables on the table betray how you got distracted in the middle of preparing dinner. Taehyung doesn’t mind. He could live off your voice for the rest of his life. Who needs food?

You sense his feet padding on the kitchen tiles, and spin to face him.

“Oh, Taehyung… sorry, I didn’t hear you get back… Taehyung? Is something wrong?”

He’s standing, mouth agape, eyes wide.


“Wow… Y/N… I – wow. Your voice is…  incredible!”

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Jungkook: Jungkook can hear your melody floating out of an open window. He pauses in the garden, listening to your angelic tones. Around him, the hedges and grass buzz with life, adding their own piece to the music - a last reminder of the summer, before winter digs in its claws for good. In front of him, the dusky roses bend and bob along to the accompaniment of your voice. They’re so beautiful, even as they fade. Picking one from the stem, and admiring the blushing petals, Jungkook makes his way into the house to be met with your song.

When you hear the door opening, your singing stops, and a pink rises to your cheeks when you meet Jungkook’s gaze.

“You’re singing was really pretty,” Jungkook says, noticing your embarrassment. Quickly, before he can get embarrassed himself, he offers the rose to you. “For you. To match your pretty voice, and pretty face.”

“Jungkook…” the blush on your face spreads out further, finding purchase on your ears and neck. “Thank you.” How is it that you’ve been living with Jungkook for so long, and yet the two of you can still behave like children who’ve only just discovered what ‘love’ means? It makes you giddy, giggly, dizzy to the point of feeling ill, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Dating Harry Would Include - 35

Long day:

- Coming home after and long and tiring day, craving for one of harry’s comforting hugs
- Hearing him welcoming you before you can call him, the sound of his voice making you smile
- Walking slowly to the living room to find him sitting on couch reading a book, a wide smile appearing on his lips
- The immediate frown when he sees your tired face, asking you with a soft voice “ Hard day my Little Queen?”
- Moving slowly toward him in noding, A tender smile on his lips while he opens his arms for you
- Catching your body in his arms when you sit on his laps, pressing your body on his chest
- Hugging you tightly against him in kissing your hair “ Very bad day indeed! … Let’s see if I can make it better for you! ”
- His palm rubbing gently your back, following the line of your spine to rest on the small of your back rubbing slow circles upon your hip
- Taking delicately your chin in his fingers to make you look at him “ Want to talk it out?”
- The smile on his lips when you kiss him out of guard instead of answering, wrapping your arms around his neck
- Looking at you in biting his lips when you break the kiss, his large hands resting on your thighs
- His long fingers stroking your legs up and down before sliding along your leg to reach your knee when he bends toward you
- His lips begging for more contact, making your lips brushes on each other nibbling playfully the corner of your mouth
- His hands leaving your legs to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you toward him
- Whispering almost intelligible above your mouth “Lips please…” when he can’t make you kiss him
- A smile on his face when he sees you reacting with a smile, happy to cheer up your mood
- Bending toward him to kiss him, a light moan vibrating down his throat when your lips catch his upper lip
- The light bite on your lower lip to keep you close when you try to pull back
- His hands moving to the side of your neck, his thumbs rubbing on the edge of your jaw
- His stare focused on your lips when you break the kiss, his tongue passing over his hungry lips
- Pulling on your neck to make you lean toward him and make the tip of his tongue following the edge of your upper lip
- Pressing a warm kiss on your lower lip, his hand on your shoulder blade to keep you as close as possible
- Your hands gripping his shirt when he pulls back, a smirk on his lips to see you this needy for his kisses
- His worked breath coming out as a light laugh, his lips now red because of  the intensity of your kisses
- Trying to catch his breath in laying his forehead on your cheek when you hug him
- Taking your hand and resting it above his chest while pressing your forehead on his, smiling to see you feeling better
- The seconds becoming long minutes without a word, delicate pecks being spread all over your face
- Laying your head on his shoulder, one of his arms holding around your waist while  rubbing gently your cheek with the back of his fingers
- Pressing his lips in a soft kiss over your forehead “ What about a hot bath for my Little Queen and I?”

Maybe a Break

AN: angst lol 

AU: Modern

Word Count: 800

John was sprawled out across the couch when the front door opened and slammed shut. Alex was home. He got up quickly and rushed to meet him. 

“My darling! It’s so late- I didn’t think you’d be home again,” he beamed and kissed him, his smile faltering as Alex brushed him aside. 

“I’m only stopping by. I left a folder here,” Alex ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “It’s around here somewhere.” 

John knew exactly where it was. He’d moved it earlier. 

“Yeah. Of course. You check the bedroom and I’ll look in the living room. We’ll find it,” John smiled a little and the two split up. Once he knew Alex was gone, John found the folder and tucked it under a couch cushion. It was a long shot but maybe he could get him to stay. He heard Alex coming back in and started to flip through things on the coffee table. 

“I couldn’t find it in there. How about here?” He sighed again, sounding more angry than tired now. 

“I- no, I didn’t see it either. Maybe you should just take a break. Stay home and rest tonight,” John stepped a little closer. “It would be good for you, peaches.”  

“I have to get this done. It’s important, John. You know that. I need to find the folder and get back. Aaron’s annoying enough, let alone if I were to lose something,” Alex folded across his chest. 

“Your health is important. You need to take care of yourself-”

“-Laurens!” Alex snapped. “I’m fine. Please, just help me find the folder.”  

“No. I looked. You looked. It’s. Not. Here. You’ve been working non-stop. You haven’t been home in two days. Stay. Get something to eat and then some sleep. It won’t kill you, Alexander,” John growled. Alexander shook his head and shoved past John, pulling pillows off the couch. 

“It has to be here,” he spat and pulled the cushions up, tensing when he spotted the folder. “John. What,” he took a deep breath and turned to face him again, holding it up. “What is this doing here?” 

“I have no idea. Must have slipped under or something,” John glanced away.

“This isn’t the time for jokes. Why did you put it there? You know-”

“Yes, yes, I know how important it is! I know, I know, I know!” John interrupted.

“Then why did you hide it? Why didn’t you just give it to me?” Alex asked, his voice dangerously low.

“Because I’m tired of not seeing you. I’m tired of you shoving yourself into your work to avoid everything, Alexander. I won’t apologize for wanting to see my fiance more. Somehow I’ve seen less of you since we moved in together.” Alex shifted and looked down for a second. He took a breath and looked straight back at John. 

“I help other people. I won’t apologize for that,” Alex almost scolded John as he set the folder on the coffee table.

“Help- you work to save your own ass because you don’t know when to shut up. You’re always getting into trouble and you never tell me about it until you think it’s over. You’re so willing to do anything it takes to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me? Where do I fit in? I can’t figure it out,” John’s voice grew quieter as he spoke. 

“‘Where do I fit in’? What do you mean ‘where do I fit in?’ You’re going to be my husband,” Alex roared. “You should know where you fit! What an idiotic question,” He scoffed. “‘Where do I fit in?’” 

“Maybe if you thought of someone else for a change you wouldn’t think it was so idiotic,” John retorted as he took a few steps further back and fiddled with his ring. “Maybe if it’s so important, you should forget this. Why waste time on an idiot, hm?” he slipped the ring off, earning a raised brow from Alexander. 

“John, what are you doing?” he spoke hesitantly.

“Maybe-” John took a long, deep breath. “Maybe I don’t want to be your husband. I don’t know if I can deal with being an idiot for wanting to be more important to the love of my life than his work. I never thought that was too much to ask for,” he tossed the ring on top of the folder and Alex stepped forward, taking John’s hand, only to have it pulled away. “You have what you came for, Alexander. You’d better get going. Wouldn’t want Aaron to become any more insufferable, now would we?”

“N-no,” Alex whispered, defeated. He grabbed the folder, slipping John’s ring in his pocket and leaving, the door pulled shut gently. Once he was gone, John went to their room to hastily pack a bag.


Cornflakes. That’s all Tyler could think about all day, stupid cornflakes. Mark, Ethan and he had gone out to meet up with fans and record some videos, and the whole time Tyler has a craving for some cornflakes. As soon as they got home, he went to the pantry and was excited to see a box of them sitting on the top shelf. He grabbed a bowl from a nearby cupboard and poured himself a hefty bowl of the delicious cereal. He went to the fridge to grab the milk, but was very disappointed to find they had none. He contemplated throwing away his bowl of cereal, but he knew his craving would only get worse until satisfied. He decided he should ask his roommates just to be sure they were out.

He walked out to the living room expecting to find Ethan, but instead found Mark, and decided to ask him about it. “Hey Mark, do you know if we have any more milk?” he questioned.

“I have no idea bro, sorry. None in the fridge?” Mark answered. Ty just shook his head and continued to look for Ethan. After checking everywhere downstairs, he decided to just call him to see where he was. The phone barely rang before Ethan answered.

“Hey Ty, what’s up?” Ethan questioned.

“Hey babe, do you know if we have any more milk?” Ty asked his boyfriend.

“Uh…no I uh…I think I used the last of it this morning.” Ethan confessed, sounding a bit flustered.

“Oh alright. Where are you?” Ty asked, wondering where he could have gone.

“My recording room. Why?” Ethan replied.

“Oh just wondering. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you later babe, love you.” Ty said casually.

“Uhh, you too. Bye.” Ethan answered awkwardly. After hanging up, Ty couldn’t help but wonder why Ethan sounded so nervous on the phone with him. He didn’t say anything different than normal, right? He had talked to him while he was recording before, and Eth just always edits it out. He couldn’t figure out why he would be acting so weird. Ty dismissed it as just a weird occasion and decided to focus on his craving dilemma instead. After a few seconds of internal debate, he decided to go to the store to buy some milk.

“MARK! I’m heading to the store! Be back soon!” Ty called to the man in the other room. After hearing an affirmation, he headed upstairs to say goodbye to Eth. He walked into his recording room without knocking, like he does quite often. “Hey babe, I’m heading out to buy some milk really quick. I’ll be back soon,” Ty said right before kissing Eth goodbye. He had done this plenty of times before, so it startled him when he pulled away from the short kiss and saw Eth with big eyes looking very nervous.

“Um, babe? You okay?” Ty asked, concerned.

“Well uhh…I’m livestreaming…” Eth answered.

Two words. ‘I’m livestreaming.’ Two words that practically scared Ty to death. He instantly jumped back and covered his mouth, mortified. He looked at Eth’s computer screen to check, and sure enough there was a live chat that was slowly blowing up with confused fans.

“Oh my god. Ethan I’m so sorry,” Ty apologized sounding like he was seriously freaking out. He couldn’t believe he had done something so absolutely moronic. He felt so many emotions at once, everything became extremely overwhelming. He couldn’t breathe, his vision started acting strange, he felt like a boa constrictor was tightening around him, all while he continued rambling apologies to his boyfriend. He felt like this went on for hours, but in reality it was mere seconds. He only calmed when he felt a pair of lips on his. Eth was kissing him. He didn’t hate him. Why didn’t he hate him? Eth pulled away and looked at Ty with concern and love in his eyes.

“Ty, it’s okay. It was going to happen eventually, might as well be now. It’s okay. Calm down, my love.” Ethan reassured Ty. He finally was able to calm down enough to realize the stream was still running, so he let Eth get back to his fans. As he stood off camera, he heard Eth tell his fans, “So uh, yeah. Ty is my boyfriend, and I could not be more happy to finally get to say that to you guys. He makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time, and I love him more than anything.” Eth looked up at Ty and gave him the most genuine smile Ty had ever seen, and in that moment, Ty knew everything was going to be just perfect.


So this is my first thing I wrote for my New Years resolution. Original idea goes to @crankityler (I asked for permission, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet, so if they want me to take this down, i will)

Hope you like it! message me with ideas for future fics.

BTS Reaction: They catch their younger sister kissing another member

Seokjin: He walked into the practice room to planning on doing some solo dance practice but when he walks in he sees you pinned against the mirror by Jungkook. He watches quietly at the door shocked as the maknae leans in almost touching lips before he quickly and shyly pulls away from you. “Hyung!” Jin looks between the two of you and backs away slowly pretending he didn’t see anything

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. Yoongi: Yoongi quietly opens the door to the dorm once again coming home late. He takes his shoes off and when he steps into the living room he find you and Taehyung sitting close and your lips barley touching “Whatever I’m too tired for this” he says walking to his room.

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 Namjoon: He was in his studio waiting for Jimin to work on some lyrics. He goes looking for him since he was late finding you pressed against him at the end of the hall. Although you were his younger sister he knew you could take care of yourself but Jimin is busy and kissy time would have to wait he reminds Jimin as he drags him away to work.

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 Hoseok: He came home from dance practice a lot earlier than you expected. He walks into the kitchen to get some water and finds you sitting on the counter with your limbs wrapped around Namjoon about to kiss. I don’t think he’d actually say anything but expect a weird face to be thrown your way. 

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Jimin: It was before a concert and he was worried since he couldn’t find you. He looks around everywhere and finds you in Yoongi’s lap about to kiss. “Hyung, that’s my sister” He’d blush and close the door going back to the group a little confused about what he saw.

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 Taehyung: He goes to the store to buy all your favorite snack for your visit. He walks in happily and spits you up close and personal with Jin’s lips. He drops the bags staring at the two of you for a few minutes

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 Jungkook: (I’ll make his an older sister since he’s barely legal himself) He comes home from a night of bowling with his friends He turns the light to the main room in and sees you nose to nose with Hoseok. “Yah!” He yells “Why are you torturing my hyung?” He runs off laughing when you toss a pillow at him.

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let your hair down, part 4

The long-awaited! Smut, more angst than I had originally planned, and fluff, of course. Rated M for More Sex (j/k, Mature, of course). 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This risk that you had taken tonight in opening up to Newt, by allowing yourself to look into his eyes and let him gaze back and see you, truly you: this gamble seemed to have been lost. You were never going to be the same.

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Right Here (Snowbaz)

“Baz! I’m home!” Simon waltzes into his and Penny’s apartment (though Baz is rarely not there as well), slamming the door shut. He sets the groceries he picked up (a bag of scones from the bakery down the street) in the kitchen and goes to find his boyfriend.


“In here.” He follows the voice to their living room and finds Baz on the couch, hunched over the coffee table reading. He’s holding a pen between his lips and his eyebrows are furrowed in concentration. His hair is tied up and out of his eyes. Baz doesn’t look up, doesn’t seem to notice Simon until he is right in front of him, but obligingly moves back as Simon climbs onto his lap. Simon’s hands come up to his cheeks, fingers gently brushing back a few strands of hair Baz had missed. He gently presses a kiss to his lips and feels Baz smile and start to relax beneath him.

“I missed you,” he breathes.

Baz huffs a laugh, “Simon, you just saw me this morning.”

“Mmm,” Simon agrees, moving his lips down Baz’s jaw.

“Well if you missed me that much…” Baz trails off, grinding his hips up against Simon. Simon moves down to his neck, biting and sucking, slowly soothing the marks he leaves with his tongue. He loves Baz like this. Soft and pliable in his hands, melting into his touches. He’s moaning softly beneath his kisses, hands trailing loosely up and down his back before hooking his fingers into Simon’s belt loops and pulling him flush against him.

“How long til Penny’s home?” Baz asks, his voice rough.

Simon glances up, lips still moving against the pale expanse of Baz’s neck and shrugs distractedly.

Baz rolls his eyes and moves to push Simon away. Simon protests, sinking his teeth gently into his neck.

“Ow! Fuck, Simon.”

He can feel an apology in the way Simon immediately begins to sooth the spot with his lips and tongue. Baz sighs and leans his head back, enjoying his ministrations before trying again.

“Simon we can’t have a repeat of last week. That was mortifying. Besides, I have homework to do.” He gestures towards the book he had been reading, now lying abandoned on the floor where Simon probably knocked it over.

“Okay,” Simon says, his lips still just whispering over Baz’s neck. “I’ll just stay-” he kisses his neck “-right-” another kiss “-here.” Baz huffs and reaches down to grab his book, Simon shuffling slightly to stay on his lap.

“Really Simon?” Baz asks, a smile gracing his face.

“Mmhm” Simon mumbles, ignoring him in favor of his neck.

“Ugh, fine.” he complains, just for the sake of annoying his boyfriend. Baz honestly wouldn’t mind if they stayed like this forever.

Another bite on his neck tells him Simon heard his complaint.

“Ow! Stop it! Who’s the actual vampire here?”

Simon just smiles into his neck and Baz wraps his arms around the boy in his lap. Of all the futures Baz had imagined for himself, he never would have thought he could have this: the Chosen One cuddled up against him. Then again, he also never would have thought that Simon could have a neck fetish. But he wasn’t complaining.

Just Friends (part three) - Stiles Stilinski

You walked into your house the next morning, trying to be quiet as not to disturb your mother and her boyfriend, Jerry.  You closed the door behind you as silently as possible. and tiptoed towards the stairs.

“Keep the music quiet today” A grimy voice said.  Your head shot over to the living room couch, finding Jerry there, a beer in hand.  He was in sweats and a stain covered shirt that you recognized from yesterday. 

“And when did you start being the boss of me?” You asked with a raised brow.  Jerry kept his back to you, eyes on a baseball game on the tv.

“Since mommy let me move in” He responded, taking a long swig of his Busch Light.  “I suggest you don’t fuck anything up” He added.  You rolled your eyes.  “Starting with coming home at your curfew which just got bumped up to ten o’clock” He said.

“What? That’s so unfair! You have no control over my life!” 


Jerry sprung up, slamming his can onto the coffee table and glaring at you.  You swallowed thickly.  Big mistake.  He stormed over to you, glowering over your small frame, which only felt smaller.  You shrunk down.

“As long as I’m living in this household, I have complete control” He uttered out, pushing you slightly before walking back to the couch.  He plopped down with a groan.  You watched him with wet eyes for a few seconds, before rushing up the stairs.


“CAN YOU SAVE; CAN YOU SAVE MY, CAN YOU SAVE MY HEAVY DIRTY SOUL!” You screamed with the blasting music.  Not a care in the world.  You’d gotten away with five songs already, not a peep from Jerry.  You figured he’d passed out from all the beer anyways.  But your mom would be home soon, and you knew she would be the one back in charge, and Jerry would just be some guy living in the house.  Your off key karaoke was cut short though when your phone began ringing.  You walked over to the desk where your phone sat, seeing that Stiles was calling to FaceTime.  You turned down your music a little before answering.

“Hey chica” Stiles grinned upon seeing you answer.  He was sitting at his desk, and you guessed he’d propped his phone up against his book.

“Hiya” You responded.  “What’s going on Stilinski?” You asked

“Just calling my favorite y/n” He said with a shrug.

“Funny… I thought today was your day with Scott?” You raised a brow.  

“Yeah, well he called me and said him and Allison were going out so… I got the day off”

“Let me guess, you’re doing the homework that were previously planning to skip out on?” Stiles laughed.

“How’d you know?”

“Figured” You said with a laugh.

“Anyways.  What’re you up to today?” You shrugged.

“Just listening to music and sitting in my room” You said.  “My Saturday’s are pretty chill”

“Want any company?” You shook your head quickly.

“No, no no I’m okay.  You have homework to do anyways, I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.  I don’t want to fail Chem anyways” You giggled.

“I might go to the library later… I don’t know my Mom’s gonna be home soon and she’s been working a lot lately so I was hoping to hang around with her for a while” Stiles smiled at you.  “As long as her nasty boyfriend is around”

“Oh, I wasn’t aware that she was dating someone” Stiles said.  “What’s his name?”

“Jerry” You answered.  “He’s been living here for like… three months now” You told him.

“Judging by the way you called him nasty… I’m gonna go out on a whim and say you don’t like him?” He asked.

“No!” You rushed out.  “It’s just new, it takes getting used to that’s all” You covered quickly.  Stiles nodded.

“I can understand that”

“Has your Dad had any girlfriends?” You asked, trying to pull the attention off of you.

“Nah.. he tried going out with Lydia’s mom a bit back but I don’t think he’s really interested in getting back out there” You nodded.  “I man I’m cool with it, he has a lot of work at the station and everything, and I feel like I burden him enough so the whole ‘dating’ thing just isn’t for him” 

“Yeah well him and me both” You chuckled.

“Why not?”

“What?” You asked quickly.

“Why not do the dating thing? What’s stopping you?”

“Um well I just don’t-”

“y/n sweetheart? I’m home!” You heard your mom call.

“My mom’s home, I’m gonna go” You said to Stiles.

“Yeah… okay” Stiles said.  “Maybe we can talk later?” You nodded.

“I’ll see”

“Bye y/n, tell your mom I say hi”

“She doesn’t even know you” You laughed.

“Well maybe someday she will” He responded.

“Bye Stiles” You said with a playful eye roll, then hung up.  You took in a deep breath before setting your phone down.  “Coming mom!” You called, and rushed down the steps to meet her.


“So, how was your checkup with this girl friend who’s not a girlfriend?” Sheriff Stilinski asked when his son came into the kitchen.

“She is just a friend” Stiles emphasized.

“Yeah whatever” His father replied with a chuckle.

“And it was fine by the way”

“Seemed abrupt” He said again.  Stiles turned his back to his father sitting at the table.  The boy looked through the cabinets for something to eat.

“Her mom came home, she hadn’t seen her in a while and wanted to spend time with her” He answered.  The Sheriff turned the page of his newspaper.

“Oh is it usually just her and her father?”

“No actually… sounds like she’s usually just home with her mom’s boyfriend” Stiles’ dad nodded, and the boy sat across from him at the table.

“Father not in the picture?”

“I guess not, I don’t know we don’t usually talk about it” Stiles said, eating his lunch.  

“Are you eating cereal?”

“What? I didn’t have a proper breakfast and I’m an awful cook” Stiles defended.  His father just chuckled, looking back at his paper.  “Hey.. do you think she doesn’t want me over because she thinks it’ll be weird?”

“What makes you think she doesn’t want you over?” The Sheriff asked.  “Has she said so?”

“Well I guess not… I mean she always rushes inside when I drop her off, and whenever I mention it there’s always an excuse for me not to go” His only response was a nod.

“Maybe she thinks it’ll be awkward… but maybe it’s just because you’re a boy” He said.

“What’s that mean?”

“Sometimes parents don’t like having boys over to their daughter’s home” Mr Stilinski said.  Stiles thought about that for a moment.  “And is she their only daughter?”

“Yeah, she’s an only child…now” Stiles mumbled the last part inaudibly.  

“So her mother’s probably a little  overprotective” 

“You’re not overprotective and I’m an only child” Stiles said with scrunched brows.

“You can’t get pregnant Stiles”

“Sounds like a challenge” The Sheriff sighed.

“Look, this sounds like something you should talk to her about.  If you’re not  dating, what’s the big deal if you meet her parents?”

“I don’t know… she met you” Stiles shrugged.

“Yes, and she’s a very sweet girl, but I don’t think it really mattered to her whether she met me or not” His father said.  “I don’t think you should really stress this son, she seems fine, right?”

“Yeah” Stiles shrugged again.  “I guess you’re right” His phone buzzed in his pocket.

finally get to go to the library for a new book :D - y/n

Stiles grinned, and an idea popped into his head.  

“I’m gonna go dad”


“Library!” Stiles called, already out the door.  His father stared confusedly at the front door.  Since when did his son read?


You were walking down aisles of books, each one it’s own story, it’s own plot, different characters, different themes.  To you, it was exhilarating.  You could get lost in the fictional worlds any day, and never come back, and you’d be happy to be on the adventure.

You’d just added a new book to the stack in your arms when your name was called.

“y/n!” A voice panted, and you turned to see Stiles there.

“Stiles? What’re you doing here? I thought you didn’t like to read” You said, looking at him confusedly.

“Yeah but you said you were coming so I thought I’d join you and hang out or something”

“Okay” You shrugged, walking with Stiles trailing you.

“You said book, as in non plural” He said, gesturing to the stack of six that you were currently holding.

“Yeah but I finish them pretty quickly, I have a lot of free time” You said.  Stiles nodded.

“So um… what’d you do with your mom?”

“Talked, caught up on work and school stuff I guess.  We had lunch together” You said.

“Cool cool, did you tell her I said hi?”

“Um.. no.. no not really” You answered.

“Awe, why not?” He asked, and you sat down in a booth in the cafe area of the library.  Stiles slid into the seat across from you.

“Cause then she’d ask about you and ask to meet you then bombard you with questions and things and I just don’t need to deal with that” Stiles nodded slightly.

“Yeah, yeah I guess my Dad probably did that too” He supplied weakly.  You shrugged and pursed your lips.

“Not really, he seemed cool” You said, opening up a book to read it.

“Would she think we were like… together or something if I came over?” Stiles asked.  He didn’t mean to prod, but he could handle a few questions from her mother.  

“Maybe I don’t know” You said, and nervously tucked your hair behind your hair.  He could tell you wanted to be done with the conversation, so Stiles didn’t say anything more on the matter.  You read in silence for a few moments, and Stiles just watched you.

He wondered what could be so bad, nothing would make him stop liking you.  As a friend, definitely just a friend, nothing more, at all, ever, not like he’s been crushing on.

Okay, so maybe he liked you a little more than he’d ever admit.

Not that it mattered, you’d made it clear that you didn’t want a boyfriend.

“I’m ready to go… if you want to walk with me home” You eventually said in a soft voice.  Stiles stood, and followed you to the counter so you could check out your books.

“I actually drove Roscoe here” Stiles told you.

“Could you drive me home?” You asked quietly, sliding your books into your bag.

“Yeah, yeah of course” Stiles said, guiding you through the lot.  “y/n I’m sorry I’m sorry-”

“No it’s fine really” You shook your head.  But you knew he seemed uncertain.  The drive to your house was silent, and when you pulled into the driveway, you hesitated on getting out.

You looked over at Stiles, his eyes focused on the wheel in front of him.  Thumbs drumming on it.  You studied his features, the moles and freckles that made constellations on his skin.  His caramel eyes were light in the sun, and he continuously licked his lips.  “Will you walk me to the door?” You asked, causing him to look over at you.  He just nodded, and the both of you got out of the jeep, and walked towards the door.  Again, you stopped, and stood in silence on the porch.

“I’ll see you Monday” Stiles said, and you nodded, opening the door.

“Yeah” You replied.  “Look.. I know it’s your friends turn to have you at lunch… but do you think you’d eat with me? Is that okay?” Stiles smiled at you.

“Yeah… yeah that’s definitely okay” He smiled at you, and you smiled back.  A sense of content came over the both of you.

“Honey are you home?” You heard your mom call, and before anyone could do anything, she saw Stiles there.  “Oh, hello” She said, seemingly kindly.  Stiles smiled warmly between y/n and her mother.

“Mom, this is my friend, Stiles” 

xoxo ~ jordie


<em>Can you do a Sherlock x Reader thingy where Sherlock cheats on the reader. Then the reader does a thing that causes Sherlock to be filled with guilt and regret.</em>

You walked up to the flat you shared with your boyfriend, Sherlock. You’d been dating for two years and things where getting serious but you didn’t want to rush him. He’d always been kind of distant and cold when it came to relationships. But lately he’d barely talked to you except to correct you when you would snark off at him.

You’d been thinking he might be planning to break up with you so you had been planning for something tough but you definitely hadn’t been planning for <em>this</em>.

You walked into the living room to find Sherlock in his chair with a girl on his lap. You froze in the doorway and dropped the grocery bags when you realized what they were doing. Her moans filled your head and twisted until the sounded animalistic and every sound he made felt like a physical punch to your heart.

He looked over her shoulder and made eye contact as she continued to screw him in the chair you had shared with him. The chair he’d held you in when he rescued you from your own demons and now he had become your own demon.

Your eyes filled with tears and you turned and ran out of the flat, unable to stand another minute of the sounds. Your tears blurred your eyes as you walked to your flat.

“Sherlock, she’s not here anymore. She quit her job. Family troubles, said so in her letter.”

Sherlock stared down at the new girl who’d taken your job.

“She doesn’t have a family.” He suddenly froze and looked at Lestrade, “I’m …her only family…”