living proof hair products


Chris McMillan, Living Proof celebrity stylist, shares his secrets to using these new hair products.

Curly girls, rejoice! There’s a new line of hair care products designed especially for you. “Living Proof Curl is for every kind of curl,” says Living Proof celebrity stylist Chris McMillan. “From the slightest wave to coiliest curl, we’ve got you covered.” The formulas are built to repel humidity for frizz protection, provide residue-free cuticle smoothing for long-lasting definition, and deliver touchable, un-crunchy hold. We got the details from McMillan on how to handle these innovative products. BECKY PEDERSON


Curl Conditioning Wash cleans and conditions in one step. Sulfate-free and non-lathering, it gently removes all product buildup while leaving hair smooth and conditioned.

Curl Detangling Rinse is NOT a conditioner. It is a breakthrough detangler. This one-of-a-kind, water-activated, clear gel-like formula instantly detangles hair the moment it hits water, setting hair up for frizz-free styles. For conditioning, we recommend using No Frizz Leave In Conditioner on towel-dried hair. 


The difference between the two Curl stylers, Curl Defining Styling Cream and Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse, is the level of hold and conditioning. For more hold, use Curl Mousse. For more conditioning, use Curl Cream. You can also combine both Curl stylers to boost the level of hold and conditioning by layering them into hair. 

For prepping and extending styles even longer, apply Prime Style Extending Spray to damp hair before applying your Curl styler of choice. 

To treat drier curls, use the Restore Mask Treatment once a week. To mend and keep split ends at bay, use Restore Instant Repair Lotion


After applying a Curl styler to damp hair, wrap curls around your finger or pen to create definition. 

To get a looser curl pattern, brush or comb your hair while damp before applying product. This will elongate your natural curl pattern.

If your hair is prone to frizzing, don’t touch or disrupt curls until they completely dry; in general, air-drying is a best practice.

To reactivate curls, apply No Frizz Weightless Spray to dry hair. This will reactivate hold and conditioning of the stylers. You can also add water to a Curl styler, mix in hand and apply to dry hair to reactivate.