living on your owb

Organization was never really been my thing.

In High School, i had a very simple way of keeping track of clean clothes. If they were hanging on any piece of furniture, they were good to go. Laying on the floor, ready for a wash.

My college years, for the most part, were similarly as chaotic. Then something happened; I started living in my own, and almost immediately started paying more attention to organization.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming to be an amazing organizer, or am a freak about keeping even a remotely clean living space. What I have developed, and continued to execute, however, is a meticulous anarchy that is my own, personal organization. To the outside eye, there is absolutely NO WAY that things are organized. However, ask me where something is, and I will tell you with infinite detail.

I challenge each of you to find a way to start organizing YOUR life in some way, shape or fashion. Whether you choose a clean, simple, labeled version or the more chaotic, anarchy that is my system, merely implementing a sense of organization into your life will improve every aspect if it.

I promise.