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Happy earth day everyone! Remember please protect our planet earth that we live and breath in by planting plants, recycling, and walking! I found two good videos that relate to how important is to protect it, watch it if you’re interested: 1 // 2    

I really wanna discuss the second link, is a documentary trailer of Al Gore named An Inconvenient Truth, he speaks in a conference about Global Warming and how it’s affecting us and nature and that documentary is in 2006. I watched this like two times when I was in eight grade and I really enjoy it tells the truth of the bad situation we are in of the Global warming, here are some photos of now and then of some places around the world. 

Also, Al Gore was in the elections in 2000 running for president until he loses for George Bush.

The trailer was wrong before i changed it with it’s correct link sorry for the incovinience.


Plot : Loki and Thor are your brothers and since you decided to live on earth and not depend on your powers, they think you need to be protected more than ever before. When one day Loki suspects you to hide something from them, here’s what happens …

It was your second year on earth. You didn’t miss it, Asgard and its rude people. What you missed was your family, and fighting. Fighting was more than just beat someone for you. It was an art a friend had taught you when you were younger. It was about honour, loyalty and respect. That, you missed.
Your brothers ? Oh you couldn’t really miss them, they were constantly behind your back.
Thor was clumsy, a bit too much. He would always be close to your office at Stark’s, walking in the corridors, trying to act normal as he was actually watching over you like a crazy mother. He even believed no one had noticed you were his sister. Truth is, it was hard to miss when he called you “sis’.. Y/N” all the time.
Loki, for his part, was more discreet but quite intruding. Sometimes you would try to get a break and he would appear in front of you like a ghost.

He was very embarrassed and started touching all sorts of things that was on your desk.
-Oh .. I’m truly sorry Y/N … how are you today ?
He wasn’t really here, his voice was absent and you knew you could answer anything he wouldn’t even notice.
-We met 5 minues ago Loki, I’m fine …
You stared at him for a minute and sighed.
-I was planning to kill myself since you and Thor won’t leave me alone …
Still lost in his thoughts, Loki was captivated by a little robot you had built with pieces of steel.
Your eyes narrowed and you threw a pen at his face.
-Loki !
-Yes !
He straightened and took the little object in his pocket. He noticed you had seen what he did and he smiled.
-May I borrow you this ?
-Obviously you can … Do you plan to follow me ? I mean, at least put on something more …
You didn’t know how to say it.
-More … Modern ? You know, wear clothes that fit with the world around ?…
At that moment, it was Pietro'a turn, the man who had been trying to take you out for months, to appear in your office.
A huge smile crossed your lips and you quickly hid your face with your hair, turning your head to look aside. Loki noticed it and you fainted to be surprised.
-Oh hey ! Hi Pietro !
You were already blushing and your voice was way to high.
Loki looked at the man you loved up and down. Loki frowned at the newcomer.
-Oh hello Mister … Pietro ? You … scared us. We were in the middle of a …
-In the middle of nothing ! You cut him off.
Pietro didn’t know what to say or how to react and you bit your lip. You headed to the speedster and took the occasion to pinch Loki’s arm. You heard a groan from his mouth behind you and smiled, giving a kiss on Pietro’s cheek. The speedster smiled with a slight blush only you could notice. You had never done that before and he was surprised, not knowing if you just wanted to bother your brother or if it was serious.
-Well … I just came to tell you …
The speedster saw your eyes waiting for something, but then took a glance at Loki behind you and he blinked.
-I … There’s a meeting at 7pm. I thought you’d like know it. See you.
Your heart stopped as he disappeared in a gush of wind.
You turned to Loki and shook your head.
-I hate you, you know.
Loki was already playing with another of your creations.
You managed to escape his attention by going to the bathroom and disappeared outside. However, you knew he would find you if you kept walking in the streets.
Thus, waiting for the time to go to your meeting, you had to find somewhere you would be able to write and think. Alone. Quickly, you found an old abandoned building and decided to go to its top.
Once there, you sat on the edge of a broken wall and took a deep breath.
-Finally free …
You murmured for yourself, closing your eyes for a second.
But a few minutes after, Thor appeared in a wind and rainstorm, making you wet and cold.
You stared at him for a long moment.
-What is it now ? You asked calmly.
Your brother put his hammer down and sat next to you.
-Y/N … You know it’s unsafe here. Particularly if you refuse to use any power.
It was enough.
-It is unsafe since I can catch a cold everytime you appear !
You moaned.
-Tell me Thor, how many people in this world survive without having super powers ?
-Y/N …
-Tell me Thor ! you insisted, furious.
-7,125 billions …
A silence replaced your argument. You sniffled.
-Why are you guys following me so much these days ? You know I’m not stupid. Is there any threat I should fear ?
Thor cleared his throat and just shook his head no.
-So what ? Just for the pleasure ? Don’t you have a girlfriend Thor ? And Loki ?
-We saw you … with Pietro.
He finally said it.
-Oh my god ! You exclaimed, and that’s it ? Really ?
Thor frowned.
-You’re our sister Y/N !
-I’m a big girl thanks.
You got up, ready to go and laughing out loud.
-I know you are ! But remember, we have to protect you !
-Alright, did mother tell you Pietro was a threat ?
-No, but …
-Father did ?
-No ! We just …
-Then let me live my life ! It’s as simple as this !
Thor seemed shocked.
-In our traditions, we must accept your union with …
Your eyes opened wide.
-Oh no, no no !
You waved your hands in front of him.
-I love your middle-age way of thinking but somethimes it gets a bit too dramatic, alright ? I’ll still love you guys if I have a boyfriend. And I don’t expect your approval for that.
Thor pouted. He knew it wasn’t just 20th century, you were an independent woman, as Sif or any warrior in Asgard and you would never let anybody step on your freedom.
-We have to know him at least.
He sounded like a tigger purring.
-And you will, you reassured him.

Later, as you headed to the meeting that was planned, you realized it was very late to work, but you thought maybe it was just your crazy boss, Tony, who never slept.
You looked for him, but he wasn’t in his office or in the meeting room. After a moment, you pushed the door of your office, only to find Pietro shifting around. He stopped as he saw you.
-Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t know how to … I wanted to be alone with you.
Your cheeks turned red and you clumsily closed the door behind you, as if you knew your brothers could storm in at any moment.
-I’m here, is there anything wrong ?
The speedster shrugged.
-No … I thought we could go somewhere or … You know … I can take you anywhere you want …
You started to laugh as he stuttered.
-Your … Are your brothers near ?
You shook your head no and came closer, frowning a bit.
-Are you afraid of them ?
Pietro seemed more relaxed.
-No … It’s just …
You took his hand in your palm and felt his pulse as he talked. No, he wasn’t afraid of them, but of you, and you didn’t know why.
-I think your brother Loki got me wrong, he finally admitted, I don’t want you to think the same.
You stopped and your eyes darkened.
-What ?
-Well …
Pietro’s fingers slid in his hair nervously.
-It’s embarrassing … Alright … Loki thinks I want to have sex with you. I mean, I don’t … Well I would if …
His cheeks were burning and he swallowed.
-Ok, no … Y/N, I like, I love … To be with you …
Your mouth had opened, you didn’t know if it was the fact Loki messed with the guy you loved or the fact that Pietro actually liked/loved to be with you. He was now blushing like hell and he took a deep breath.
While you were realizing what Pietro said, he started to breathe heavily.
-I should go right ? He mumbled.
Afraid he was about to rush out, you grabbed him by the soulders.
-No, don’t ! You sounded so desperate it made him blink. Something lit up in his eyes as you tried to slow down your breath. Finally, you managed to whisper,
-I’m sorry … This is so awkward … Don’t take them seriously alright …
You put your head on his chest as you came back to your senses.
-You like to be with me … You repeateed with smile.
His gaze on you had changed. You felt his arms wrapping around you and he brought his face closer to yours.
-I’m in love with you … he whispered
He had said it in such a low voice only you could hear and feel his breath on your mouth. Your lips found his but he slightly pulled back.
-Just one thing …
Your heart skipped a beat,
-Don’t get me wrong Y/N … I want to be with you.
His eyes fixed on yours made you melt. Only able to nod before he pulled you into a passionate kiss, you were on cloud nine already.

That night, Pietro and you took break from civilization and he took you to on an isle where no one could find you both.
Once you were back, Loki and Thor were waiting for you, but neither you or Pietro cared about it. You actually took their jokes with a lot of humor.

-Pietro, if you break her heart …
-I know, I know … Pietro used to sigh, he patted Thor’s shoulder and nodded.

-Pietro, did you see that girl ? Beautiful curves …
-Mh ?
-You were looking at her !
-No Loki, you were …
-Ok, this one was a test but …

After a few years, they finally calmed down, but only when they realized you trusted your speedy enough to be the father of your kids.


Today, America reminds everyone “Don’t take mother nature for granted.” America loves space, searching new planets that can support life form and even see the possibility of human race living out there but Earth will always be his home. It’s imperfect but that’s what makes Earth beautiful. He’s in DC today to join the science march.

Human for a Day - Gemsona Event

On May 21st of this year 2017 from 12am EST to 11:59pm EST, gemsona makers will be asked to post and submit creations of their gemsona(s) disguising themselves as humans for the first time to @gemsonaresources! This event will explore how gemsonas first immersed themselves in humanity and why they were curious to learn about the way humans live on Earth.

How do I participate?
Create art, literature, videos, playlists, animation, or use any other medium to show your gemsona(s) figuring out the world of humans!

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #gemsonasashumans within the first five tags on your post and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (deviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?
Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 21st, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the date. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #gemsonasashumans tag until May 24th!

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)! Click the “Read More” for rules on submissions and prompts to help you brainstorm ideas!

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Oscar: My sweet, precious star.. thank you for existing. Thank you for everything you do for me and our family. I love you more than words can say. 

Jupiter: And thank you for saving me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have wanted to live here on Earth… but you helped me see that this world is beautiful. I can’t express how grateful I am for that. 


NASA Live - Earth From Space LIVE Feed | Incredible ISS live stream of Earth from space

The Earth and the Sun

Can the Earth live without its sun?

No, it cannot.

The answer is so agonizingly simple. Straightfoward. Direct.

There was no need for immense theorizing, no need to dwell on said question for hours on end.

And just like the Earth, Agni could never live without his own sun.

Oh, he couldn’t fathom the possibility of a reality without Soma. It would be impossible to bear.

Just like the answer to that first question, his choice had been exceedingly simple.

Through labored breathing and clouded eyes, a pain-dulled mind swept through thousands of memories of sunshine-filled days, as Agni revelled in the simple fact that while the Earth indeed could not survive without the Sun, the same did not happen the other way around.

Soma would keep on living. That alone, brought peace to Agni’s soul.

And so, blood ran cold. Breathing stopped. Chest heaved no more.

The Earth stilled.

But the sun…Oh, the sun…

It shall rise and set, forevermore.

My dearest Agni,


The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death) by  LovingCup


AU- After dying in an accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body.
On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, they fall in love and begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.
Loosely based on the Albert Brooks’ film “Defending Your Life” starring Brooks and Meryl Streep. One scene in particular is drawn from the movie, but other than that scene and the general concept, this story veers far away from the film. There were no blowies in the 1991 movie, I swear!

I’m reading this and will be for a while; the fic has no less than 491.168 words. So far I’m loving it!

Photoset by me.

hellyeahtitans67  asked:

Curious to note but if the New 52 had enough time to actually talk with his Post Crisis counterpart Gand discover the truth that said counterpart was a Secret Superman behind his back, how do you think it would've REALLY gone down?

True-to-character? New 52 Superman would have brought him down, and HARD.

Yes, yes, we were all supposed to like him because he was in theory a version of Superman we all once followed and liked, and he was gone just long enough for nostalgia to shave off any rough edges and let him sit in our minds as a ‘real’ Superman, but if you just took him as an Alternate Superman like any other? Well, all you’d have to go by is that he’s lived on Earth in secret for the better part of a decade but never, ever helped in the slightest during any of the many planet-threatening crises the Justice League only just barely averted with massive casualties, while still secretly rounding up threats he deems to be ‘too dangerous’ and imprisoning them indefinitely and without trial in his hidden Fortress. Add in the black suit and the beard, and he ticks a hell of a lot of obvious “THIS IS AN EVIL ALTERNATE UNIVERSE SUPERMAN” checkmarks, and without knowing that we’re supposed to automatically forgive him because he used to be the star, the Morrison/Pak/Kuder Superman would’ve beyond question laid his ass out and seen him behind bars. That his first action when becoming Superman proper again was to publicly assault a version of Lex Luthor he had no evidence was evil (which makes him an idiot, given this was a Lex who had publicly fought Superman in the past) doesn’t help his case there.

In terms of what might have actually been published though, if they’d both been able to stick around long term: well, I don’t think we’d have seen any substantial clash of philosophies. The endgame would surely still have been to combine the two into one, so given the Rebirth Superman stories didn’t delve into any of the deeper issues of his existence (how did he cope with losing a world, what was he doing all those years, etc.) so they could stay evergreen after Reborn, I imagine most of the two-Supermen-at-once stories would operate like everything was pretty normal. You could have Action as a team-up title between the two, let Superman continue exploring the fallout of Truth with Pak and Kuder, and give the other Superman his own title essentially the same as the Tomasi-Gleason Superman run. Sentinel is the best idea I heard: it fits the “S”, and it has a history for being used on a character stuck in a continuity where a newer version is already using the name they created. Inevitably leading into a merger and basically the same situation we have right now.

The wealth of the nation is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and biodiversity… that’s all there is. That’s the whole economy. That’s where all the economic activity and jobs come from. These biological systems are the sustaining wealth of the world.
– Gaylord Nelson

I hope you can take this time to pause and think about the world around you and how being alive at this very moment has enabled you to see a world that is still good; this is an exciting time we live in and an exciting earth we live on, we should celebrate its existence and our existence upon it

Happy earth day everyone!

La ricchezza di una nazione è la sua aria, l'acqua, il suolo, le foreste, i minerali, i fiumi, i laghi, gli oceani, le bellezze paesaggistiche, gli habitat naturali e la biodiversità … è tutto quello che c'è. Questo è l'intera economia. Ecco da dove tutte le attività economiche e i posti di lavoro provengono. Questi sistemi biologici sono la ricchezza che sostiene il mondo.
- Gaylord Nelson

Spero che tu in questo momento prenda una pausa per pensare al mondo intorno a te e come pensando di essere vivo in questo momento ti permetta di vedere un mondo che è ancora buono; questo è un momento emozionante in cui viviamo e una terra emozionante su cui viviamo, dovremmo celebrare la sua esistenza e la nostra vita su di essa

Buona giornata della terra a tutti! ♥


Michael Jackson - Earth Song live (best video experience)

The Ghost of You

A/N: So this is a little something I conjured up in my head. I don’t know where it’s going, so please bare with me, and let me know what you think of it.

Summary; whilst running from your ability of seeing the dead, you stumble upon a handsome man with wide eyes and a heart shaped smile, who just so happens to be what you’re running from.

Genre: Angst, fluff (?), perhaps some humour, maybe you’ll cry

enjoy lovelies!

“You can see me.”

When we die, we like to believe that our life on earth is over, we become part of heaven, hell, maybe we reincarnate into another person altogether, or maybe we just die.

As I said, that’s what we like to believe.

What we don’t like to believe is that maybe, after we die, we become a disembodied spirit. An evanescent form wandering among the living, wondering where on earth we were supposed to go.

I never understood why ghosts were seen as a shadowed figure. When you read about them, they’re seen as a shadow, something that’s barely there.

They aren’t like that. They’re as solid as a human. I have heard people claim they have seen a ghost, and sometimes I believe them, until they open their mouth again and describe them, as a disgruntled being. Sometimes they even state they had no emotions, they are the liars.

They haven’t seen the face of death, hovering above their bed, or standing in the corner of the mall they visited just last week. They haven’t witnessed the haunting expression some of them harbour. Sadness, guilt, anger, rage.

People don’t know what it’s like to look at someone, only for it to dawn on you that the person you had been staring at, was very much dead. And they definitely don’t know what it’s like to have the spirit know you had been looking at them, and to see the sickening smile spread across their faces once they realise they had someone to talk to, someone to guide them.

When I was young, I soon discovered I had the ability to see and to talk to ghosts. A gift, some would call it. Me? I would call it a nightmare. I hated them. I hated seeing them, I tried my best to avoid them, but they always know. They always come to me.

“You can see me,” he stated. I tried to look beyond him. How could I? He had big, brown eyes, with heart shaped lips and slightly ruffled hair. I had seen a lot of ghosts, but none of them were as beautiful as the dead man before my eyes. “Can’t you?”