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hello hello i have 7 assignments, 60 hours logged in dbd in the last 2 weeks and a whole lotta self-loathing here’s some michael sketches bc i’m hella enjoying the new dlc!!!

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

“…that song.”

Video from Keke Palmer’s Snapchat (keekthasneak). The song he refs and sings is technically Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”. …Yeah, I’m sorry, we watched the video about 30 times first before putting it up here for y’all.


Requested by anonymous
A/N: Okay so I really liked this idea and was thinking about writing a fanfic based on it, what do you guys think?

“Sam, can I borrow your knife?” You yelled, anxiety filled your entire body as you wandered around the dark warehouse in the middle of New York.

You felt Sam press the hilt of the knife into your hand and you gripped it so tightly that your knuckles turned white. Though you’d never admit it, you were absolutely terrified. “Same you go left, Y/N you go forwards and I’ll go to the right.” Dean ordered, gun in hand.

“Y-You want to split up?” You stuttered out, flashbacks of watching horror movies that ended badly because of the team splitting up.

Dean turned to you, hearing the shakiness in your voice. “Why, you afraid of a little ghost?”

“Shuddup,” you grumbled, hating it when Dean and Sam teased you, “we don’t even know if it is a ghost.” You continued to huff as you stormed forward, disguising your fear as idiocy.

It seemed to become darker the further you explored. You thought it was your mind making up the sounds that you kept constantly hearing in the distance. That is, you did, until you turned around and saw the creature stood behind you. It didn’t even look human, definitely not a ghost. Before you could even think about defending yourself and then you became surrounded by a blinding light.

It felt like an eternity passed before you felt your body being shaken. You opened your eyes and saw a bleak grey sky… not the roof of the warehouse? You sat up swiftly, a hand moving to rest on your stomach, “steady.”

Looking to your left you see a man in a uniform, to be more precise, a man in an army uniform. This was a bad time for your ‘men in uniform’ kink to kick in. “Who are you?!” You asked, feeling the stranger danger alarm go off in your head.

“Bucky Barnes, pleasure to meet you.” He put his hand out for you to shake but you ignored it, your eyes scanning the surrounding buildings which towered over you as you laid on the dirty floor in an alleyway.

“Where am I?” You ask.

“New York.”

When am I?”

This question made him look at you with confusion, giving you this 'are you crazy’ look. “1941…”

You nodded your head, hearing him but not being able to take this information in. How were you suppose to get home? What were Sam and Dean even doing right now? Did they know where you were? Had they even noticed that you’d gone missing?

“So,” Bucky said, breaking your train of thought, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Looking at him, he had this stupidly cheesy grin n his face and you couldn’t help but laugh in retort. “God, and here I thought these were the times for chivalry.”

He laughed at your comment and then nodded towards the open street path, “come on.”

“Come on where?” You asked your fiftieth question, still though you were compliant and when he offered his hand to help you stand up you accepted it.

Enzo Amore x Reader - DRAFT

You happily sat perched in you boyfriends lap backstage of SmackDown. Enzo had just got down with standing ringside during John Cena’s match and was now mindlessly running his fingers through your hair as you watched the big screen with most of your close friends. The energy in the room was high as everyone excitedly waiting to see where they were gonna be drafted to. You were considered a top pick with you being a former champ and a headliner for the past few years. But your past could never compare to they dream you were living right now. You had an amazing boyfriend off screen to come home to and unwind. Enzo was everything you ever looked for in a man and more. He placed a sweet kiss on your shoulder as the next set of draft picks were about to be announced. You knew in your gut that you were going to be sent to smackdown. That was because Shane was one of your close friends in and out of the ring. “I’m kinda getting offended that I wasn’t one of the first five…” You grumbled leaning back against Enzo’s chest as he wrapped his arms around your middle. “Okay Kevin Owen’s don’t pitch a fit.” He teased as you stuck your tongue out at him. On the tv the attention was turned to Shane to announce who was going be added to smackdown next. “Well… Personally I want SmackDown to be the best… So why not choose the best woman we got… (Y/N) (S/N).” You bolt up from Enoz’s lap and do a little victory dance as your theme song played. 

“Zo… Take a pic of me with my SmackDown shirt for Instagram.” You hand him your phone and pull the tshrit over your head. You strike your signature pose as Enzo walked around you immitating a professional photographer. “Make love to the camera… You’re a tiger.” You bust out laughing as he squats down to take different angled pictures. “You’re crazy…” You laughing taking your phone back from. “Crazy in love with you.” You blush as he kisses your cheek. “Come on lets go back and see if they are announcing the next picks.” Enzo took your hand in his and lead you back to the lobby where everyone was hanging out. Once you two where in the room everyone fell silent. “Boy this party really died…” You whispered to Enzo as everyone’s eyes were on you two. “What we do??” Enzo asked aloud for everyone to hear. “Uh… Zo… We got drafted to Raw man…” Cass finally spoke up. You could feel the anger rising in your stomach. 

You storm out of the lobby after the show had ended as Enzo trailed after you. “Babe come on you gotta calm down before you say something you don’t mean.” Enzo grabs you by the waist and pulls you against him. “Look at me okay?? Breath in… Breath out…” You follow his lead and breath along with him. “Better??” He kisses your forehead. “Much.” You smile and give him a thank you kiss. Your temper returned however when you heard Shane’s voice from down the hall. “I’m gonna kill him.” You raced down the hall as Enzo just threw his hands up in the air in defeat knowing that there was nothing he could do now and to just let you get it out of your system. You grab Shane by the sleeve of his jacket and pull him away from the camera’s mid-interview and pull him into aside in an empty storage closet. “What the hell where you thinking??” You whisper scream clutching his collar. “I was gonna pick you first but Daniel thought that it would be safer to choose some other people that Steph might want… She can’t stand you so we knew she wouldn’t pick you.” He grabbed your wrist trying to undo your death grip on his shirt. “That’s not what I meant… Why didn’t you choose Enzo and Cass first… You knew Folley would want them since they know how to work a crowd.” You words barely make it past your gritted teeth. “Hell… I didn’t know they would choose them so quickly… Cass and Enzo give Steph a headache… And what does it matter your storylines don’t intertwine… You don’t even want the relationship to be on total divas…” Shane argued. “I would like to have my boyfriend around on the same show as me… And what the crap where you thinking with not getting the womens title on your own show… What are me and Naomi supposed to do now?? Fight each other over and over… We used to be tag partners…” You finally let go of his collar. “I had other plans okay?? It’s not been annouced yet but Eva Marie is gonna be on SmackDown… And I was gonna have it where you two were tag team partners… You know put the best with someone who needs some help in the ring…” Your mouth hangs open in shock. “I got my own career to think about… I don’t need deadweight to carry around… What if she botches and gets me hurt… then what are you going to do….Wait are you gonna put me against Naomi?? Oh my gosh you idiot…” “Look okay… If it makes you feel any better… We go Carmella…” He offers a smile as his close friend fumes in front of him. “You aint heard the end of this.” You give him a death stare as you jerk the storage door open.

“Its like they want me to quit Zo…” You run your fingers through your hair in frustration as you pace in the hotel room. “I can’t believe we are without both you and Mella…” Cass shook his head still in disbelief. “I’m happy she got called up though but dang… They spliting up the dream team.” Enzo tugged you to sit on his lap. “And now I gotta be with Eva… There goes everything I worked for…” You sigh and lean your head on Enzo’s shoulder. “Maybe you can make a champ out of her…” Cass tried. “This will all work out in the end… I know it will… We all got some smarts in our head and can turn anything around to be in our favor…” Enzo tried to pep talk his defeated friends. You nod sadly and try think positively as everything that could go wrong now laid in front of you. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for helping me out with the brainstorming for this last night… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

Sims update

I’m currently trying to get Gold wealthy and established without cheating (except for maybe aging off lol) so right now he’s living alone in a shack in a swamp (so basically FTL moved into Storybrooke I guess?) and he set his kitchen on fire making Ratatouille then passed out blocking the firefighters from it.

He miraculously survived.

a while ago i didnt have any groceries in my house so i made a grilled cheese sandwich but i had no butter so i couldnt use a pan, so for a few days i was eatin it like this: toast, slices of cheese, and then melty in the microwave . just living off some Bootleg Grilled Cheese right 

anyway now i have butter but i still make it boot leg style bc it was sad at first but ive come to love it and im also. a chef 

I know it shouldn't matter but I'm feeling a lot of pressure

There’s so many people going public with this lifestyle and so many girls joining the bowl every day and I’m quite honestly feeling so much pressure to get an SD and take money shots and prove that I’m a “real” sugar baby.

There are SB’s who’ve been in the bowl for years steady getting new SD’s or going on to becoming spoiled girlfriends or becoming trophy wives.

Then you have girls joining the day they turn 18 and joining a site and finding a good SD so quickly and getting all this money

And then you have me. Not that many POT dates, no SD to speak of, barely making moves and I just feel inadequate.

The methods working for some girls just don’t work for me so I have to go about it a different way. Which takes time and money (which I barely have because I’m living off of a relative right now)

I wanna take a break, focus on bettering myself and getting ready for design school, focus on my vanilla relationship, focus on getting a job so I can feed myself while I hunt for an SD, but I’m also terrified of just falling behind.

There’s so much judgement and drama in the bowl I just try to stay out of. I just need my tuition paid and a savings account set up for myself.

But there’s such elitism in here that I feel like my goals aren’t enough. I feel like I should want more, I should ask for more. I get so caught up in it I lose sight of myself and why I became a sugar baby in the first place.

I live in a city filled with rich men, but I don’t have the money to just go out and freestyle in lounges and bars, I’m 19, I can’t sit around in a bar all day and wait to be approached.

It’s just not realistic for me in any way.

So no matter what happens with this POT, I’m going to be taking a step back from tumblr and the bowl and focus on fixing myself and seriously hunting for an SD.

The sense of community I feel from the amazing girls I’ve met on here will be missed but I can always come back to it when I’m ready.

Sorry for the long as post ladies but this has just been bugging me for a while now and I had to post it before I stopped posting one day and scared the few I talk to outside of tumblr.

I could order a chicken coop and literal live hens off the internet, plus feed and stuff, right now, for less than $400. I have that, I’ve vowed not to spend it on anything except for emergencies (presumably of the veterinary sort), but I could theoretically order everything I need to have pet chickens right now. and I’m incredibly curious about what would happen.

what would my mom do? what would my brother do? what would my uncle, who lives in the other half of the duplex, do? what would my grandparents, the landlords, do? how do all these members of my family feel about chickens?

girlvseverything  asked:

Hey! Sorry I couldn't explain before because of the letter limit but at the moment I'm eating pretty well, mainly veggies and tofu, basically because I'm living in Tokyo for another 5 months my eating is a little harder to organise, as they don't have vegan and/or gluten free type options. I only drink water/green tea apart from 1 coffee a day. When I return to England I have many plans for my eating! But I just wondered which lifting style was best for burning? Or if you can build+burn?

Hii! First off, that’s AMAZING that you’re living in Tokyo right now! I’ve always wanted to visit, definitely on my bucket list. So, in all honesty, there really is no one best diet to follow for burning fat or losing weight! All of our bodies are unique, so we all respond differently to different types of diets. One person might like to be lower carb, higher fat, another higher carb, another more balanced. It can be a little frustrating, but there really is no one size fits all, so I thinking finding the best eating plan is all about trial and error. I would suggest playing around with your intake, try out different meals, and see what feels best for you and for your body. The only thing I think is important regardless of your diet is maintaining a sense of balance and making sure that even if you’re looking to lose weight or burn fat, that you’re still consuming enough nutrients to approach the process in the healthiest way possible. Eating healthy is good for the body, but so is having treats here and there and striving for that sense of flexibility to really make this a lifestyle rather than something that feels like work. And for your last question, you can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time–building muscle requires being in a caloric surplus, while burning fat requires being in a caloric deficit. Changing your body composition over time is a process, but can definitely be achieved through a bulk/cut or a lean bulk :) Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

aubrobrewhaha  asked:

Hey! Just checking in to see how you're doing 😊

better! i can hold down liquids, which is good haha. im living off gatorade and gingerale right now. i still have a bit of a stomachache and some nausea but overall much better than yesterday! thanks for checking up on me!! <3

“I was doing engineering work for a defense contractor, but I lost my job at the peak of the recession in 2009. That basically killed my career, and I’ve been unemployed for the last six years. The longer you’re unemployed, the more unemployable you become.
I was trying to get a PhD for a little while, but I didn’t have any funding. Right now, I’m living off of my 401K retirement plan.”
“What are your plans for the future?’
“I’m not sure. If I can secure some funding, maybe I’ll get back into the PhD. Or, if I take two more courses, I could get another master’s degree—but that would be my third one.”

Boston, MA

Look I know people hate seeing this shit but-

We really need help right now.

My girlfriend and I are trying to raise enough money to make it back home to our families for the holidays but are currently living off of $10 for the week???

Right now we’re living in Idaho and we need to get back to Georgia and Ohio. This would have to be done part way by train/plane and then renting a car to Ohio, aaand obviously that costs quite a bit of money. Not to mention we’d have to find something to do with our cats. (unless we rent a car and do the entire drive but then there’s gas money and hotels) Either way, we really really need help.

So, if you could please spare anything, our paypal is

Even if you can’t spare, please reblog. This is our first Christmas in Idaho away from family and it just doesn’t feel right. Anything helps!

Please and Thank you <3