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warwolf47  asked:

Hey there. You have some awesome tips on here, and I was wondering, do you have any tips for storyboarding? Outlining ideas, focusing thoughts, organizing information, anything that could help me take all these story ideas and put them into something that can be turned into a story.

On my blog: Check my storyboards tag, story reference tag, and my animation library page (there’s a story section).

Also: Check out Flooby Nooby (The Cinematography of the Incredibles is a great post to start with on there), Every Frame a PaintingTemple of the Seven Golden Camels, and the Living Lines Library.

anonymous asked:

where do you find all the amazing concept art? they're not reblogs, are they?

Yes, all of my posts are original unless they are from an official Disney blog or an artist’s own blog. I get the art from tons of different sources around the internet. If the source for a piece isn’t listed on my main sources page, which is in dire need of updating as is the rest of the directory, I usually put the link to that source in the caption. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite sites:

thestooge-223  asked:

Where do find these animations to upload to your blog? Id really like to see those Sinbad test animations with sound

I found some line tests on websites like Living Line Library ( or on Pencil Test Depot (, some other were given to me by friends or even by the animators themselves.

And here are the links to those great James Baxter’s animation test from Sinbad:

Enjoy !