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aquiver (quivering, trembling): headphones on full volume, cold winter breeze, nervous glances, desperately trying to live life to the fullest, to-do lists and journals, daydreaming, missed opportunities and wanting to prove onself

mellifluous (sweet, smooth, pleasing to hear sound): dried flowers, morning rays of sunshine, eloquent sentences, waiting for a sign, mythology and fairytales, sucker for aesthetics, Polaroid pictures and old architecture

hiraeth (a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was): neon lights, airports and gas stations at night, either being extremely private or always oversharing, the adrenaline of winning arguments, marble and ice

limerence (the state of being infatuated with another person): long eye contact, staying up until 3 am, wanting to pick a random train and get away, being described as “out of it”, sitting in a car just to finish listening to that song, fatalist humour

syzygy (an alignment of celestial bodies): never being fully satisfied, inferiority superiority complex, overthinking, reading 5 books at once, dark academia, late night conversations, “is this all there is?”

ephemeral (lasting a very short time): chasing the feeling of being alive, laughing and crying at once, wishing to be a mermaid, saying “I don’t care” very caringly, either writing really long answers or just “ok”

vellichor (the strange wistfulness of used bookshops): googling random trivia in the middle of the night, being extremely enthusiastic but never actually finishing the project, poems and pretty words, caring too much, never having enough book marks

Day Ninety-Nine

-In a battle of etiquette-based oneupmanship, I found myself engaged in an ever-reciprocating chain of goodbyes and waves. My opponent: a four year-old with a penchant for trucks. The sparring waged on until, after the thirty-seventh goodbye, the tired mother hushed her son, leaving me as the reigning champion.

-A six year-old tore the bag of a Minecraft toy and insisted to his mother that she had to buy it now, that it was her duty to purchase the damaged goods. Whether a sincere act of guilt or simply a masterful career-making con, it was ultimately in vain, as the mother hid the evidence and led her children on a grand escape.

-A man attempted to leave his empty Starbucks cup at a vacant register to get away with not throwing it away himself. Unfortunately for him, this had actually been my register, and I had stepped away momentarily. My return was perfectly timed as I successfully spooked the life out of him and he swiftly snatched it up and made a run for it. Justice prevails once more.

-I caught a woman in her forties Instagramming her Starbucks experience. Not with a picture of her drink, but rather, the entire Starbucks. I am deeply and truly proud of this woman for living her life to the fullest.

-I listened, enraptured, as two girls debated whether or not they share a mother. I only wish I could have heard the conclusion.

-Today, we at my store are facing the unspeakable: a near-complete bag shortage. We have been raiding adjacent lanes for whatever bags they had to spare, but these resources will soon dry up. We are left with few options. Our next raid will have to be a nearby location. We must survive. Whatever the cost.

-“Don’t talk to me, I have to go to Walmart,” A mother snapped at her children. I understand. I, too, can lose my temper when facing such a harrowing realization.

-In the midst of a casual conversation, a guest dropped that she “is going to eat the heiny out of a horse.” I do not know her, and I may be overstepping my bounds here, but please LEAVE THE HORSE ALONE.

-A couple came through my lane and purchased only a large bottle of lube. This in itself did not faze me, however, the payment did. As he handed me his cash, I noticed that the middle two fingers on his dominant hand had been broken and were in a cast. Clearly, this is a man who has learned his lesson the hard way.

You Only Live Once

You know, if you think about it, it’s actually Victor who falls in love with Yuri FIRST and it’s Victor who loves harder than Yuri. True, Yuri has always admired Victor since he was 12 when he saw a 16-year-old Victor skating on television, but his love for Victor was essentially that of a fan adoring his idol, a love that lacks what you may call a deep, personal connection. Yuri has always seen Victor as a god, not as a man and definitely not as a lover. To Yuri, Victor was more like an unattainable legend.

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Victor on the other hand, pretty much falls in love with Yuri after their first ever personal encounter at the Grand Prix banquet a year before. Yuri goes from being incredibly anxious and shy to the charismatic playboy who comes to town (a.k.a the Grand Prix) and seduces everyone with his super Eros drunk dance moves (if you watch carefully, the choreography in Eros somewhat resembles Yuri’s dance moves from the banquet. Victor never forgot them and probably doesn’t want to) and enchants everyone in the room.

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Intoxicated and ready to enjoy life, Yuri battles Yurio first and beats him effortlessly. Yuri then pole dances with Chris before challenging Victor, and Yuri carries out his challenge with full Eros as they pretty much strip in front of the entire ballroom. Victor is the last to battle Yuri and Yuri not only challenges Victor to a dance off, but also asks Victor to be his coach should he lose the battle. Yuri also invites Victor to come to his family’s hot spring resort in Hasetsu, which probably hit Victor hard in the kokoro as we later find out that Victor yearns for a life and love despite his successful career.

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Yuri throws himself drunk, vulnerable, and with complete honesty at Victor, inviting Victor wholeheartedly into his life in a way no other person had done before. And it was in that innocent yet incredibly Eros moment that Victor fell for the hot drunk mess who was grinding up against him in front of EVERYONE. Yuri doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Victor in his life, and Victor is all for it.

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Victor takes part in the dance off anyway even though he’s never really had a conversation with Yuri before save for their meeting after the Grand Prix finals. He totally accepts his fate to be Yuri’s coach should he lose, and from the pictures, it’s seemingly obvious that he fell in love with Yuri’s drunken YOLO-ness even more. In essence, Victor falls hard for Yuri’s inner ability to live life to the fullest–a quality Victor realizes has been missing from his own life.

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Even though he is Yuri’s mancrush, Victor actually endures a considerable amount of rejection from Yuri despite the latter being the initial seducer. When watching the series for the first time, it looks as if Victor is some confident playboy who flirtatiously tries to win Yuri over, but this is far from the truth. Victor is head over heels for Katsuki Yuri and tries desperately to connect with him on a deeper level. For most of the series, Victor himself is unaware that Yuri does not have any memory of their dance off, as he reacts in shock when Yuri remarks that he didn’t have the courage to talk to Victor at the banquet the year before in episode 10 (let’s keep in mind that a half-naked Yuri practically dry humped Victor in a crowded banquet hall while confessing for all to hear that he wants Victor as his coach). It should only be natural that Victor would feel seduced and cast aside (hence the story of Eros) as he had no idea Yuri couldn’t remember what they shared at the banquet, which makes Victor’s feelings for Yuri all the more deep. Despite Yuri’s constant rejection of Victor’s affections, our Vicchan persevered. Why? Because he loves Yuri.

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When Yuri calls himself a dime-a-dozen figure skater, he is both right and wrong. For those of us who are not in the world of figure skating, Yuri is selling himself short: he’s Japan’s representative for the Grand Prix Final, which means that he had to be the best to earn a spot among the top 6 finalists. But for a legend like Victor, Yuri is technically just one of many figure skaters in the world. If Victor merely wanted to train someone to win the gold medal, he could have just picked anyone from the rest of the very talented figure skating gang. In fact, it would have made more sense for him to choose Yurio, who was more driven than Yuri to win at the time, and is also a fellow Russian (more gold medals for Russia, no?). But Victor chooses Yuri instead, not just because he believes Yuri to have insane potential, but also because he needs Yuri’s love, a love that makes him feel alive and inspired. Yuri’s determination to win at the Onsen On Ice against Yurio was Victor’s reassurance that he had made the right decision to pursue his feelings for Yuri and to invest his time and effort into building not only Yuri as a skater but also their relationship as a whole.

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One thing to note is that even though Yuri is more than willing to gush about Victor to anyone who’s willing to listen (especially the audience), Yuri pretty much avoids Victor’s advances at the start of the series because he feels unworthy. He first avoids taking a picture with Victor because he feels he isn’t good enough to be Victor’s peer despite Victor’s efforts to make friends with him; he feels uncomfortable with Victor’s outward display of bold affection when he first arrives at the onsen. He’s tensed around Victor and shuts down most of Victor’s attempts at intimacy, like sleeping together in the same bed or talking about past relationships and romance. Ultimately, Yuri has difficulty opening up to Victor at the beginning despite Victor’s sincere efforts to get to know him. However, Victor does not give up and continues to break the walls around Yuri’s glass heart. It is Victor who fights to get through, while Yuri struggles to keep Victor at bay. Yuri himself admits that he has issues with being seen as vulnerable and weak, but Victor never relents.

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But wait! Didn’t Yuri skate to Victor’s Stay Close to Me as a sort of love letter to Victor? Well, that may seem like the case at first glance since Yuri skates Victor’s program with such passion, but when you look at it closely, it feels more like his performance was a love letter to Yuko instead. While Victor may have seen the video as Yuri’s way of reaching out to him, Yuri definitely had no intention of proving his worth to Victor via his skating of the program. Yuri wasn’t aware that he was being recorded, nor did he know that Yuko wasn’t alone at the time. Yuri had intended for his skate to be a private exhibition for Yuko; Yuri had been wanting to retire and wanted to perform something meaningful for Yuko that they both loved together: Victor Nikiforov’s masterpiece.

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After Yuri’s skate ends, it is heavily implied that he was about to confess his feelings for his childhood friend, only to be interrupted by her three daughters, thus rendering the confession inappropriate to say the least (Yuko is revealed to be happily married and is a mother of three). It could even be assumed that Yuri was probably more emotionally invested in Yuko all those years, which explains why he never got a girlfriend in the first place. Due to his lack of confidence and assertiveness, Yuri never tells her how he feels even though the two of them get along very well and share a love for ice skating. Yuri probably suffered from unrequited love and watched in silence as the only girl he ever loved, his Ice Princess married Nishigori and started a family with him. Victor may have had Yuri’s undying adoration, but he didn’t have Yuri’s heart.

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Unlike Victor, who falls hard for Yuri at first hug during the banquet, Yuri gradually falls in love with Victor as the series progresses and slowly begins to see Victor as a man rather than a legendary god whom he can never compare to. He slowly starts to see Victor’s flaws and allows himself to get angry at Victor and stops being apologetic about feeling different emotions other than admiration for Victor. He begins to accept that Victor is a human who makes mistakes, just as Victor accepts Yuri for who he is. Victor unknowingly shatters the last piece of resistance in Yuri by threatening to quit as his coach should Yuri fail to make the podium at The Cup of China. This successfully draws out Yuri’s true feelings from within his fragile heart and Yuri becomes more honest with Victor. In turn, Yuri’s insecurities break down Victor’s perfect, godlike image as well. Victor isn’t as flawless as the world thinks him to be. Both of them are lacking something, and they found it in each other.

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Eventually, Yuri reaches a point where he becomes consciously aware that he wants Victor as more than a coach, but this realization isn’t instant nor is it definite. Even though it is Yuri who places the golden ring on Victor’s finger in front of the cathedral and subsequently breaks the Internet with his proposal, he is also the one who decides to end their partnership because he once again feels inadequate. Victor, despite all his efforts to break through to Yuri is once again rejected and shattered by Yuri’s uncertainty. At that point, we see a different Victor, a dejected and almost broken Victor; a Victor who thought that he had finally found life and love, only to have his happiness ripped away from him by the very person whom he cares for most in this world. 

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Victor arguably loves Yuri more than Yuri loves him: Victor puts his career on the line for Yuri, a huge gamble given that he is at the age of retirement; he literally packs up all his things and moves to another country just to be with Yuri; he sticks by Yuri despite all the pressure from others to give up on being a coach and return to skating while he still has time left. Victor never falters in his decision to take Yuri on his journey to gold and even decides to stay on as his coach while returning to the ice; a task that will undoubtedly take up an incredible amount of time, effort, and determination on Victor’s part.

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While we all can agree that these two are soulmates who were meant for each other, it is most unfair to say that Victor and Yuri have a magical relationship that just happened to work out beautifully. True, they were meant to be together, but they also worked hard at it. They laughed, they fought, they cried, they inspired each other, and they supported each other. Victor helped Yuri to be more confident in himself and salvage his career as a skater, but it is Yuri who is the true savior in this pairing: it is Yuri’s love that ultimately saves Victor as a human being.

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Victor is now more than just a legendary skater who is expected to shine and dazzle at every event; he is more than just his scores, his rank, and the gold medals that his peers envy; he is more just the one to beat in competition; he is more than just Victor without a personal back story: He is Yuri’s coach, Yuri’s friend, his lover, and his fiancé. And he has not only gained Yuri, Yuri’s family and friends are now his family and friends, and Makkachin has found some new humans to play with as well, people who care about him and Vicchan very much–and they are happy together.

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Through Yuri, Victor has gained not only a love, but also a life of his very own that doesn’t just revolve around ice skating, and is filled with people who love him not only as Victor Nikiforov the legendary skater, but also as just Victor himself, the man he is on the inside. Katsuki Yuri’s love was something that Victor fought very hard for, and it has rewarded him greatly in return; a precious treasure I’m sure he intends to keep forever–a new chapter in his life with a new purpose, new meaning, and new people to share it with; and I have no doubt that Victor plans to live his newfound life with Yuri to the fullest, because after all, You Only Live Once.

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Ours to Choose (pt. 2)

Part 1

Mark and Will sit on either side of Damien the next day at lunch, and Mark slides a sandwich in front of Damien while Will offers up a chocolate chip cookie. Damien, who hasn’t looked up yet, shakes his head. “You shouldn’t…”

“Nah, I don’t like chicken salad anyway, but Mom always packs me one,” Mark wrinkles up his nose and unwraps his turkey sandwich. “You’d be doing be a favor to eat that thing.”

Damien’s stomach grumbles, and Will comes back from buying three cartons of milk. “Here ya go!”

Tears spring up in Damien’s eyes as he lifts his face, and only then does Will see the giant bruise on the side of his face. Will’s hands turn into tiny fists as he sets his jaw and shakes his head. “Gosh, that’s the worst I ever saw. What happened?”

Damien wipes his eyes with the back of his hand and tries to hide his quivering lip. “M-my dad… he was mad when I got home late yesterday.”

Mark frowns. “That’s no reason to give you a bruise like that. My dad would show him a thing or two!”

Damien shakes his head. “No, don’t say anything!” His brown eyes plead with Mark. “Dad says they’ll take me and Celine and split us up, and we’ll never see each other again.” He bites his lip and grips the bench with his little hands until his knuckles turn white.

Will and Mark exchange a look over Damien’s head, and they make a silent agreement then and there. Will unwraps his sandwich and shoves it in his mouth. “So, do ya like chicken salad sandwiches?” he asks around his bite of food.

Damien pulls the sandwich closer and starts to unwrap it slowly as tears continue to streak down his cheeks, but a grateful bit of warmth settles into his stomach. He’s never had real friends before, but he thinks he might like it. “Yeah, I don’t mind ‘em.”


Ten years later…

Mark and Will are reading comics in the floor of Mark’s bedroom one night until they hear a knock at the window. Mark crawls over to the window and opens it for Damien to slip inside. He flops down next to William, grabbing a comic off the pile and flipping to the first page. Mark and Will exchange a look.

“So…” Will starts.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Damien snaps back.

Mark shrugs and drops back onto the floor, picking up where he left off. “It came in today, my letter of acceptance. So did Will’s.” Damien throws his comic book across the room, and Will jumps. Mark smiles, trying to lighten the situation. “Don’t tell me ya didn’t get in. You’re smarter than me and Will combined!”

“I got in,” Damien leans against Mark’s bed with a sigh. “But my dad wants me to work for him. He says university is a waste of time.”

Will crawls over and sits next to Damien. “What does your dad know? He’s been working the same crummy job his whole life. You’re going places, Dames.”

Mark nods and sits down on Damien’s other side. “Yeah, who knows? You might even be mayor someday or something, and I’ll be a famous engineer who builds bridges! And Will is going to be…”

“The world’s greatest reporter!” William shouts, jumping onto Mark’s bed. “I’ll cover the grittiest murders and the shocking lives of the rich and famous! I’ll travel the world, just you wait and see!” Mark grabs Will’s ankle and yanks him down.

Damien smirks as the two of them start to wrestle, always the best of friends and the best of enemies, too. “Yeah, what does my dad know?”

Will looks up at Damien from where Mark has him pinned to the floor. He wiggles his eyebrows. “Hey, Dames. When is that gorgeous sister of yours coming home?”

Damien rolls his eyes. “Celine will be home in time to come to our graduation. She sent me another letter this week. She and my aunt are in Paris!”

Mark’s eyes sparkle. “Some day I’m going to have a mansion in the south of France, and I’ll throw lavish parties for my many filthy rich friends. You morons won’t be invited!” Will kicks Mark off of himself, and Mark let’s out an oof as the breath is knocked out of his lungs.

Damien shakes his head with a laugh. “Someone has been watching too many picture shows again.”

“Life is for the living, my friend,” Mark says with a smile. “And I intend to live it to the fullest!”

Seventeen Fanfic Recommendations

Chaptered (13)

Fall For You (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan, soonhoon
Mingyu is getting tired of being a fifth wheel so he does what every logical person would do: find a fake boyfriend. Okay maybe it wasn’t that logical.

Sweet Boy (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan
Jeon Wonwoo is special. He was born with very sweet blood that attracts vampires. They would go crazy for his blood and one of them is none other than Kim Mingyu who is head over heels for Wonwoo.

Pretty Boy Across The Hall (complete)
Pairing: jicheol, jihan, meanie
Jihoon’s just a normal guy, who gets really tired and frustrated easily. But he definitely gets flustered even more easily, and the new boy moving in across the hall does NOT help with that. 

Pizza and Other Cheesy Things (complete)
Pairing: jihan, meanie
It all started when Jisoo accidentally said ‘I love you’ to the pizza boy on the other end of the line.

Pink Prodigy (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon is an 18 year old boy who recently got invited to attend the most elite boarding school in the nation. He’s extremely talented and often takes to the internet to post his newest compositions under his popular alias, Woozi. 

Taming Your Demon- For Dummies (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Choi Seungcheol, didn’t your mom ever tell you not to use black magic? After mixing up his spell text-book with the wierd kids unfortunately similar-looking book of illegal black magic spells (…………) Then comes a small figure attatched to the tail, with large, sharpely shaped horns atop it’s round head, pale skin and… Pink hair?

Code of Love (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonseok, meanie, jihan
In a dystopian world with little resources and biased system, Lee Jihoon (19) found himself struggling to live to his fullest, let alone to survive. He hated the fact that his wrist was engraved with a barcode of the 'Indigents’…..

Picture Perfect (ongoing, rate M)
Pairing: jigyu, jicheol, jeongcheol, gyuhan
Jihoon is incapable of expressing his feelings but he isn’t stupid enough to not realize Seungcheol is cheating with his younger cousin, Jeonghan.

Gray (ongoing, rate M) 
Pairing: jigyu/hungyu
To Jihoon his life was, to put it in one word, boring. Boring job, boring days, boring nights, everything was just boring. If his life had to be a color it would be gray, dull and unexciting, no color whatsoever. He’s always wondered what it would be like to have some color in it… 

Autumn Serenade (ongoing)
Pairing: soonhoon, jicheol
That Soonyoung had forgotten every moment and love they shared, with ‘I love you too’ remained unsaid. 

A [Not] Love Story (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonhoon
Jihoon’s life wasn’t a love story nor was he its protagonist.

In The Summer (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon didn’t want much in life. Really, he didn’t. All he wanted was to complete high school without any major difficulties, get accepted into a good university, and spend the rest of his life with a stable career. He also kinda wanted to know what it felt like to hold Seungcheol’s hand. But he had a whole Summer to worry about that.

만세!  (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, meanie, jihan, verkwan
Jihoon is ridiculously close to transferring schools; Choi Seungcheol isn’t helping one bit. 

I don’t want to be stuck in one place. I want to visit Greece during the Summer and Paris when it’s snowing. I want to see Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel. I want to sail the coast of Italy on a beautiful sunny day. I want to be that skinny pretty girl who takes pictures and documents her adventures. I want to live life to the fullest.

Honoring Hel

Want to honor Hel? These are ways I personally honor Hel. Please add to the list if you have other ideas on how to honor Hel.

🖤Visit a graveyard or cemetery.

🖤Veil your hair for her.

🖤Decorate your altar with animal fur, animal bones, skulls, horns, grave rubbings, skeletons, skeletal hands, dried roses, black shrouds, black mirror, black and white candles, plantain leaves, rue, wormwood, yarrow, yew, black roses, the runes Ehwaz, Isa, or Hagalaz. It is not uncommon for a Hel altar to be an ancestor harrow as well, with pictures of, and offerings to one’s own beloved dead.

🖤Make a cup of black tea.

🖤Learn about burial types, tombstone symbols, graveyard tendings, and assorted death related topics. Dedicate this to her.

🖤Make a “bring love, peace, and protection to the dead” sigil for Hel.

🖤Make a moodboard in honor of Hel.

🖤Sing a song dedicated to Hel.

🖤Dedicate your outfit to her, dress in black and white.

🖤Living life to it’s fullest is important to Hel. She doesn’t like you to live a half-life dreading death, so taking care of yourself mentally and physically are devotion acts.

🖤Place black roses on your altar as an offering.

🖤Go apple picking.

🖤Walk through an apple orchard in honor of Hel’s apple orchard.

🖤Pour her a glass of wine and tell her this represents the blood of our ancestral dead.

🖤Thank her for keeping your ancestors for you.  

🖤Never miss a funeral, always pay your respects to the dead.

🖤Bless Hellheim.

🖤Use the runes Ehwaz, Hagalaz, and Isa in your craft or altar.

🖤Dedicate your time walking through snow covered forests.

🖤Honor Hel on Saturday, Saturday is Hel’s day.

🖤Pray to her.

🖤Offer her your own blood, Hel will also accept your pain and sorrow.

🖤Plant beech, elder, elm, ivy, juniper, mullein, willow, yew, blackthorn, jasmine, evergreens, any white flower, or an apple tree in honor of her.

🖤Create artwork for her.

🖤Light incense or candles like myrrh, storax, appleblossom, or rose.

🖤Write a poem about her.

🖤Create an online shrine of her.

🖤Set up an altar dedicated to her.

🖤Practice silence and solitude.

🖤Dedicate a piece of black agate, jet, lead, obsidian, cook agate, moonstone, quartz crystal, hematite, or onyx to her.

🖤Leave offerings to her of an apple, anything with apples, tea, good wine, meat, bread, soup, meals that your ancestors would have liked, chocolate, or coffee beans. Any food offering left on her altar must be left until it is rotted and/or desiccated.

🖤Use divination to talk to the dead.

🖤Place black rose petals in your bath, light some black candles, and soak in your warm bath.

🖤Bring patience and understanding into all areas of your life.

🖤Offer sincere aid to the dying, the recently bereaved, the mentally ill, the chronically ill, and the socially outcast.

🖤Work in a soup kitchen (Hel feeds the vast underclass who would die a “straw death”).

🖤Work to alleviate proverty, work on, and expunge your own delusions.

🖤Leave anything that represents an owl, raven, dog, or wolf.

🖤Take a look at your life and figure out any changes you need to make.

🖤Dedicate dark magick to her.

🖤Dedicate revenge magick to her.

🖤Call upon Hel for spirit communication.

🖤Call upon her for ancestor worship.

🖤Call upon her when working with astral travel.

🖤Dedicate your protection spells to her.

🖤Ask for her guidance when in need.

🖤If your in need of seeking answers ask for her help.

🖤Leave a drop of your blood in freshly fallen snow as an offering (this also works for Skadi).

🖤Use snow water and graveyard dirt in your practice or altar.

🖤Practice crystal ball scrying.

🖤Leave offerings or say devotional prayers under the new/dark moon.

🖤Have a glass of apple cider, apple tea, or spiced teas like chai in honor of her.

🖤If you feel anxious, depressed, or insecure give those feelings to her as an offering. Focus on healing after.

Nadeshiko Glass Cannon : Story of Hirate Yurina (平手友梨奈)

Today marks the day of Keyakizaka major debut. 6 April 2016, 20 girls were introduced to the press to become Nogizaka sister group. What kind of music they would produce, what kind of appeal they would develop to grow a fanbase, all was unknown. Among those girls stood a rather young and plain one, wearing a mushroom haircut. With a calm and poised speech, she declared her will to do her best on behalf of the group. Little did we know that she would become the unmovable center of Keyakizaka. The further we dove into her world, the more questions roses. Just who is Hirate Yurina? But this is precisely her appeal : this mysterious side of her. Fans wants to know more about her, and for each layer of her personality lifted, the more fascinating she become.

“Techi” comes from her name “hirate” (平手)and friendly suffixe “chan”. To make it more original, “Hirate-chan” became “Hiratechi” then “Techi”. Credit to  @yurina46tento.

Prior to their first release, Silent Majority, there was roughly 2-3 months of introduction during “Keyakitte, Kakenai?” their regular variety show. Hirate isn’t the extrovert kind of girl, and started the series as very quiet and humble. This shyness is quite understandable after all, this is the first time most of the girls step into the idol world. You could catch sparkles of excitement from her when MC (Tsuchida & Sawabe) talked about japanese comedians (she’s fond of them), but overall she was just waiting for the two host to ask her questions and react from it. It can be seen as passive. Furthermore, her lack of reactivity encouraged Tsuchida to tease her in some extent. It is true that, at the beginning, Yurina was intimidated.

A girl whose hobby is to listen to music, who practice basketball as main club activity, and dislike haunted house. Techi’s profile is not what you could call uncommon. To be honest, with girls with unexpected skills like Horsemanship or past modeling work, Yurina comes pretty average. But is it really a rebuke? To be reserved makes the girls look cute and innocent (and thus explain why people want to tease them). Granted, she is not creating opportunities of wide laughter in the studio like Oda Nana or Ozeki Rika, but many times her airheadness brought comical situation and liven up the mood. For example, when doing the monomane of GO!Minagawa (a comedian) she was the only one who accompanied the move with his “sound” signature, making her embarassed.

The innocence of a 14 years old, makes her lovely. It could be just that, but fate was preparing a different path for her. TAKAHIRO-sensei, the main choregrapher of the group, had authority of the first senbatsu choice as he was in charge of Silent Majority dance. And while Techi ability to dance and facial expression weren’t outstanding, he felt Yurina’s strong feeling toward her dear Keyakizaka, and his intuition lead him to chose her as Keyakizaka first center. From there, early fans witnessed a change. The change.

“At crossroads brimming with people, where will you go? (Being washed away) Wearing the same clothes, wearing the same expression…”  

Silent Majority, the first and most well known track of Keyakizaka. A rugged location, filled with an heavy atmosphere where girls in military outfits shout their opposition to a crooked society of hypocrite adults. This powerful message, needed the appropriate attitude to be conveyed accurately. Techi did better than that; she traded her feeble character and became an avatar of rebellion. Her grip exploding in strength, her stare you can’t escape from, and sharp moves made people forget she was only 14. Despite her discrete debut on Keyakitte, she turned out to be a formidable vessel to deliver the meaning of the song.

Was it thanks to an incredible amount of training? Sometime it’s about something else too. In Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai, there was this particular shoot where the MV producer had to screen the girls at the Gymnasium, the choregraphy sequence in particular. While the girls started moving, Techi was remaining still, fixing her hands. “what is she doing?” he thought. Because she was supposed to move at the same time as the girls. And when asked, Techi said “i realized how grateful i was to be part of them, and wanted to picture it deep in my memories”. After consideration, the producer noticed that standing still when everyone else was moving, naturally created a focus on her. Also, her smile toward Yonetani nanami felt natural and expressed this very gratitude she talked about, making the scene soothing. He then decided to keep it.

If a song is bland and plain, to be cute or excellent in dancing won’t change anything. But when the song has the potential to be a tube, it’s important to choose someone who has the style/character that fits the song to release his full potential. Yurina has this particulary skill to “understand” a song. Listening the track over and over, feeling the emotion rushing in her mind, and finally embodying it. In Futari saison, each performance is different. Whenever she’s happy, and look at her comrades dearly, her dance will become lively. If she’s feeling down, her solo will have a tormented feeling on it.

“People often say they want to see the past me, but past is past, and all I can do now is now.”  -Hirate Yurina

There’s a theory that seeks to explain why Yurina did so well as Silent Majority center. An answer to where she draws all her bottomless energy. In a song that express anger, rebellion and freedom, the best way to convey those feelings is to actually have lived it in the past. This theory rose when fans noticed that during Yurina’s “jibun history” (my story) instead of taking pictures of her younger self or family, she’d prefered to talk about her favorite comedian duos. To incarnate “the girl in the train”, people speculated her past hid somber events that caused this emptiness within her. All in all, the reason why she fits so much in songs about pain and suffering is simply because she’s hurt as well. What makes her want to run forward so much, if not to run from a painful past?

The truth is, i was also fascinated by this theory. I wanted to know Techi’s past. However, i also realized that adhering to this theory was also comforting myself in what i wanted Techi to be : the girl from the train. But Techi is Techi, and the gloomy girl from the Yamanotesen and her are two different person. Hirate Yurina has this burning desire to change because deep inside her, she wants to live a fulfilling life. And by that, it means to live any kind of experience, to the fullest. Her way to apprehend a song is the same way she apprehend her life : She lives it and grows from it. The Yurina during the first Silent majority performance is not the same Yurina during Kouhaku utagassen. The yurina from the past is not the same Yurina as now.

And this is striking at how we also perceive idols. Fans knows : Stereotypes picture the idol genre as sub-music making money out of girl’s cuteness and innocence over delusional single middle aged japanese men. But the truth is, Idols are just the reflect of mankind : girls who want to find their way, who they are, through a bumpy road with many obstacles along the way. Instead of crying over their fate, they work for a way out. Even if there’s no guaranteed success, even if it’s painful, the girls show lot of courage and move forward. Yurina, with all her workload, opportunities, and newfound nakamas, embrace everything to grow and get stronger. This courage inspire me to do my best. Supporting her, is like supporting myself. By being courageous facing the future, she became a great idol. By being herself, she became a great individual being.  

“Backstage, Yurina is all lively and kiddy. But when the times come to perform, she switch on to Keyakizaka Ace. It gives me goosebumps” - Imaizumi Yui

Nadeshiko is an ancient japanese word for “loveable girl”. Glass canon is a gaming vocabulary that define someone with high attack/damage but weak defense. Yurina proved many times she had great mental resilience (able to perform 10 songs+ in ariake colosseum), although she also stated many times she doesn’t consider herself as “able” to perform as Keyakizaka unmovable center. A self criticism very severe, implying her power unleashed during performance lean on frailness of mind. She did thought of quitting, and with her young age, it can’t be helped to be inexperienced. A giant of paper, who risk of consuming itself if not able to manage his energy properly.

Center is a lonely place. Despite the light of the spotlight, the 0 position is actually a dark ceiling, where mistakes are prohibited, where there’s the most pressure. But I beg to differ, Keyakizaka is not all about Hirate Yurina. Those many hands bolstering her back, this warmth surrounding her, is what makes her keep going. Those experiences she mentioned earlier, are also meetings. Coming across her newfound nakamas changed her life. Moriya Akane with whom she can act like a spoiled child, Suzumoto Miyu with whom she can share her everyday life, and Nagahama Neru with whom she can confess her worries. Being around her friends, is also where Techi is in her most natural state. Her teammates put her at ease, as well as being fuel for doing her best.

Earlier we supposed Techi drew her energy from pain. My new theory, or faith, is that Techi draw her bottomless energy from gratitude. Even though she has been pro active to make things work, she always have this kind humility toward what the present brings to her, like american family who thanks God for the food. Doing her activities to the fullest, not wasting one bit of energy, is a way to express her gratitude toward the staff, her friends, and family. This is also Keyakizaka motto: humility, kindness, and bonds.

“She looks so serious and cool on Stage, but she did also pranked me when i was sleeping! And used a scooter in Handshake even though Staff forbid it! And…” - Suzumoto Miyu

There’s no “true” Yurina. No character, no fake attitude. The girl who entered Keyakizaka “in order to change”, like a diamond glass half-full, half-empty, has finally become whole by focusing on “becoming” instead of “being”. To follow Yurina, is like walking on a journey where each day is a surprise. Because we don’t know which Yurina will come up next. The 48group is about “Idols you can meet”. What if the secret motto is “idol you can see grow”? If that the case, Techi, from the very fiber of her being and will, incarnate those words.

A courageous girl, not naive but conscious, fragile but resolute, sometimes childish but always grateful. It isn’t this oversimplification where an Ace is a girl with perfect dance, singing or comical abilities. Techi has qualities and imperfection as well, but it’s how she faces it with a brave heart that makes her incredibly beautiful and interesting. All in all, her ability to absorb, convey, sublimate Keyakizaka46 songs justify her position of Ace. The potential of Yurina might look like exceptionnal, but is it really relevant, since what she’s only doing, is being herself? Maybe she just excels at… being human.


Letters to MC (Saeyoung)

A/N: rip

Zen | Yoosung | Jaehee | Jumin

Dear MC,

I figured it was about time I said something. It’s been so long since we last saw each other. There are so many things I need to say but I know I don’t have a lot of time… But it’s now or never.

How are you? Are you happy where you are right now? Are you smiling every day? 

I miss your smile so much. You always laughed at my jokes no matter how stupid they were. It made my day to hear your laughter fill the room. It’s amazing how we share the same sense of humor. Joking around in the chat room was always one of the best parts of my day.


Does the RFA ever cross your mind? It’s been so different since you left. And not the good kind. There’s a missing piece in the organization and everyone knows it. You’ve done so much for each of them and changed their lives for the better. They all miss you a lot. I hope you miss them too.

…Do you think about me?

In case you were wondering, I’m hanging in there. Sort of. I want to say it’s been getting easier since you left but that would be a lie. I promised you that I would always be honest with you and I don’t intend to break that now. So here goes nothing.

I never imagined I would end up in this situation.

I don’t want to say goodbye. It’s been months since you left but I still can’t bring myself to let you go forever. How can I? How can I say goodbye to the one person I promised I would love for eternity? Even now, I’m struggling to do so.

I guess it wasn’t hard for you.

You just left everything. It was like all our time together meant nothing to you.


Do you remember when we got engaged? It was just a few months after we saved my brother from the Mint Eye, when he had slowly started to recover and accept me into his life again. I could never, and will never, thank you enough for sticking by my side through that. But after that ordeal, I knew that I didn’t want to be with anyone else. Just you.

So only four months after that, I proposed. It was late at night and you were in the car with me. We were in the middle of nowhere, hours away from home, and I pulled to the side of the road so I could figure out how to get back. You looked over at me, took my hand, and told me to stop and just relax.

You had this sleepy gaze in your eyes—the same one I look at whenever I wake up next to you. The one where it looked like you didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was a look you only gave to me. 

And that’s when I proposed. It wasn’t anything special and it most definitely wasn’t planned. It wasn’t even a “Will you marry me?” but more like “Let’s get married.” You said yes with the biggest smile on your face. I remember that being one of the happiest moments of my life.

I wish we were able to get married.


To be honest, I find myself still hoping that I can see you again.That I’d be able to hold you close at night or hear you laugh at my stupid jokes or kiss your lips.  That you’ll come back and we can be together again.

But you’re not coming back.

After everything we’ve been through and despite how happy and in love we were, you still decided to leave it all behind. You left behind the jokes and the laughter and the smiles and the kisses and the hugs and…


You left me without saying goodbye.

So why am I the one saying goodbye? I never got one so why should you? 

I should be angry with you but I’m not, because deep down… I think I knew that this was going to happen. In the past, I believed that I didn’t deserve anyone’s love. Then you came into my life and I thought maybe, just maybe, I can be a little selfish. But you leaving is proof that I was right all along. 


When it comes down to it, I don’t blame you. Not at all. I could never be mad at you. In all honesty, I sort of understand why you left. You wanted something more and I couldn’t give that to you. 

So I’m going to take the blame for this. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy enough to stay. I’m sorry for not being good enough. You deserve the best after all.


I hope that you’re living life to the fullest. That you’re somewhere out there enjoying everything the world has to offer. Most importantly, I hope that you’re happy. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. Even if you being happy means I’m not in the picture.


I’m running out of time but I want to say thank you. For letting me be happy, even if just for a little bit. You were the best part of my existence. I’ll always be grateful for everything you’ve done and for loving me when no one else did.


I’m still not sure if you can get this message. Or if you’ll ever get it. But wherever you are, just know one thing:


I will always lo-


Uninstall complete.

The Way Home (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,079

Warnings: language, angst, fluff?

A/N: I’m not really sure if this is good or not, because I have been a mess over Carrie and now her mama. Can’t even believe it. Hug all your loved ones tonight. Anyways, this is definitely my the most angst I’ve ever written in my entire life. Part seven will be the last part! As always, thank you for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Hi @taylorswift !! The lovely Andrea @gettinglostup-state flew all the way from Melbourne to Chicago…just to see you at jingle bash for my 22nd birthday!
I messaged her when the tickets came on sale and then she booked a flight that night!! You really give me the most adventurous and amazing friends that live life to the fullest.
Here are some of the pictures we took the past two days she has been here so far….I’m so thankful for this friendship that started because of our mutual love for you T!!
We can’t wait to see you this Thursday!!!!!!! See you soon! 💋💋💋
@taylornation @tree-paine

My thoughts during Dan’s liveshow

it’s 21:05 dan is early

quality is so bad


OH YEAH THAT’S THE REASON why we don’t get to see it

oh a room tour, can’t wait to watch that 100x times again and analyze the gifs

it’s been 2 minutes and i’m already loving this. that little apartment tour was prob the best moment we’ll get today

let’s zoom in to that mirror

phil would’ve read the top fans out loud at least twice now (not that i’m not enjoying this emo rant…or am I?)

emos were gay okay dan

this is a v emo liveshow

i’m just scrolling tumblr and not listening i need to rewatch these minutes

where is that scented candle haul!! less talkin’ more doin’

i love when he leans back

more bedroom angles i’m living my life to the fullest (irony in this is so sad)

only close-ups of the moon room in pictures… after that centipide pic, don’t bother

more emo ranting……..

wow what is he mysteriously filming all the time -.-

this was a wild one

just an fyi:

you don’t have to have a crazy or exciting life in order to make good memories. you don’t have to work to make every moment of your childhood/teenager years as epic as possible. you aren’t missing out if you stay home from that event, or say no to drinking underage, or would prefer not to date at your age. contrary to popular belief, you aren’t going to ‘miss out’ just because you aren’t living every moment to its absolute fullest. 

trust me. once you’re older, you’re going to look back at your life, and it’s going to be okay if your memories aren’t club-lights, parties, and highschool honors. memories of faded sheets, your favorite movies, and road trips with your family are much more important. you don’t need to ‘fit in’ in order to have a good time as a teenager. trust me. when you’re favorite song comes on the radio, or when you take that perfect picture, or when you spend the whole evening playing mario kart with your family: those are the moments that last.

so quit worrying about making the most of your young life. don’t listen to those who say you need to have fun while you’re ‘still young’. stay home from things you don’t want to go to. don’t spend your whole savings on a prom dress so you’ll look good. write stories. spread kindness. be gentle. take care of yourself. 

don’t worry about making the most of your life. don’t worry about missing out. just live. i promise you’ll look back on this time of your life with a smile. i promise you will make memories, even if they aren’t the loudest or brightest.

What’s the difference between ENFP and ESFP?

So I got an anon ask last week about the differences between the ENFP and ESFP personalities.  I thought about it, wrote out an answer, posted it, and much to my embarrassment, somehow deleted it :( sorry anon! But here’s what I wrote for ya: 

It can be hard to tell ESFP and ENFP apart because on the surface level, they are both bubbly, fun-loving, spontaneous, and idealistic. While their behavior may look similar, the best way to tell ESFP and ENFP apart is to explore why they do what they do.

How They Approach Life

ENFP - This type has Ne as their dominant function, which means that they prefer theoretically or verbally exploring an idea more so than acting on it. They prefer to act when a) it fulfills their personal vision or b) will provide inspiration or new ideas to explore. The enfp is an extroverted daydreamer who thrives on making fresh connections between people and concepts. They tend to spend more time in their head than other extroverts and prefer thinking over doing, or more specifically, conversing about an idea more so than carrying it out.     

ESFP - on the other hand, is action-oriented (dominant Se). They want to live life to the fullest and fill every moment with interesting experiences.  While ENFP is adept at seeing the big picture, ESFP often struggles to plan things out and understand how their choices will impact their future.  They live for NOW.  That’s not to say that they’re always reckless - most possess very practical knowledge and are the first ones to roll up their sleeves and tackle a messy situation.  They learn through experience and often take great pride in their skills.  When my car let me down in a small town several years ago, ESFP’s first response was to calmly pop the hood and start poking around, while telling me who to call. No fuss, no panic, I’ve got your back.  

Example: I know an ENFP and an ESFP who both love camping.

ENFP - loves the planning part of the camping process.  Does HOURS of research about the most efficient way to carry and store everything, where the most interesting locations are, where to put your tent, etc.  I swear he sews some new kind of camping gear every year because he’s done the research and he’s convinced that he’s found a new way to perfect the process. Ironically he’s obsessed with efficiency but brings along at least half a dozen gadgets that he doesn’t need just to have something to play with.  Has maps printed with all of the potential camping sites and hiking trails marked and enthusiastically lays out the options for the group.   

ESFP - shit at planning but loves camping for the experience. Has never done any research to pick their camping gear, but learned through trial and error what works for them and doesn’t particularly care if it isn’t perfect.  Probably the one who forgot their tent, but thrives on how it makes everything so much more adventurous. “Let’s all sleep out under the stars!!” Has a half dozen other stories about similar situations and other crazy (related and unrelated) stuff they’ve done. Really, they’re just happy to be in the middle of nowhere with all of their friends. “Hey guys, we should do this again!!” and totally forgets until someone else plans it and invites them later.  


ENFP - Definitely into things that are quirky; the stranger, the better in some cases. Tends to cycle through hobbies, only sticking with any one project long enough to thoroughly explore it’s potential…and then put it aside.  My dad (ENFP) has had more hobbies over the years than I can remember.  Woodworking, film photography (he built a fully functional darkroom in our basement), model rockets, spud launchers, to name several. He’s currently into building and programming drones. In a few months, he’ll exhaust that hobby and the remnants of this venture will go into a large storage box, just in case inspiration strikes again.  

ESFP - prefers activities that are recreational: sports, music, dancing, acting, entertaining are often to ESFP’s taste. People of this type are natural performers and enjoy the chance to demonstrate their abilities or knowledge. My ESFP grandma loves to cook for a crowd, arrange flowers for special occasions, and is always well-dressed.  Another ESFP I know loves participating in civil war reenactments; his dream is to work in a living history park someday.  


ENFP - tends to view clothing or style either as a form of personal expression and embraces it full-on OR tends to view their wardrobe as serving a primarily practical function and doesn’t put much thought into their appearance.  They can go through obsessive periods where they enthusiastically put lots of thought and effort into purchasing clothes or experimenting with hygiene products. At the end of the day though, the ones I know are happy to wear something if it’s clean and the colors don’t clash.  

ESFP - Has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, and likewise, their appearance is very import to them. They’re usually very in tune with what’s fashionable at the moment and embrace trends on a whim. They’re probably the best-dressed person in the group, and take great pleasure in keeping their living spaces beautiful. Some struggle with anxiety about how others perceive them or their loved ones.

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ENFP - ESFP Contrast

Differences between Ne and Se

ENFP + ESFP Relationship and contrasts


@clerith-month day 2 | highwind promise

Aerith & the Airship:
The Significance of an Overlooked Gem

While Cloud and the gang sneak aboard the Cargo Ship, an optional scene can take place. 

We discover Aerith Gainsborough is blown away and in awe of an unknown airship. Though we later discover the airship is Cid Highwind’s, and is appropriately named after its pilot, circumstances prevent Aerith from ever fulfilling her dream of riding such a breathtaking airship with Cloud Strife.  

Squaresoft’s true genius was exemplified in this moment.

Not only does this moment perfectly match Aerith’s official wallpaper [the same wallpaper used in the Final Fantasy VII gaming manual pictured in this post], it also provided us with heartbreaking foreshadowing.

Aerith, the fun-loving Flower Girl, is an adventurous free spirit ready to climb aboard the airship and fly – wanting to live life to the fullest with Cloud by her side. Yet… Aerith is ultimately the only party member unable to ride the airship.

Thanks, Squaresoft, you literally just broke my heart into a million pieces just as you did Cloud’s:

“It was the sound of Cloud’s heart cracking. It was the cry of his heart that could never be healed of the grief he had towards Aerith’s death, the blame towards himself, and the hatred he had for Sephiroth…”
~Maiden of the Planet, Square Enix

titansealgair  asked:

do you have any arusasha(ArminxSasha) headcannons?

I can certainly get some Arusasha headcanons for you! Thank you for being so patient in awaiting them!

  • Armin and Sasha become friends surprisingly fast. They’re both really genuine listeners, and that habit attracts the others’ attention to the point where they hit it off right away and just have the best conversations about everything and nothing. 
  • And because they’re such good listeners and conversationalists, it’s super easy for them to open up to each other. Before they know it, they’ve started spilling their hearts out to each other, telling each other about the darkest spots in their past, all their fears and insecurities. They seek each other out when they’re upset and need to vent. It’s not even that slow, but also not too fast. They just… fall together so easily. 
  • And then it’s hardly awkward when quick hugs or absent pats on the shoulder or head become more frequent and comfortable physical contact until cuddling is the norm for them. 
  • They save each other seats, study together, train together, hang out all the time. They’re practically dating without realizing it. 
  • And then someone (probably Eren, maybe Jean, maybe even Mikasa or Connie,) points out the fact that they’re practically dating. And both Armin and Sasha deny it at first but then realize, hey maybe we are. And just like that, they make it official, and nothing changes except a label. 

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