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Are ENFP the "chasers" or "being chased" in a relationship? Would it be a turn-off if they were chased?

Hell no!

Please, please do the chasing!

Being an ENFP is freaking exhausting! We’re always chasing something. We are the “chasers” of life and let me tell you that it sometimes makes us miserable.

Yes we have this fucked up thing about desiring “the forbidden fruit”/ “play-hard-to-get” types but we’re also trying to cure cancer, learn juggling and solve world poverty while taking 20 naps in between. With so many things to chase, you’ll make it easier for us by chasing us for once

honestly being desired and wanted will make any ENFP feel good and we need it (especially after we failed the umpteenth time in trying to learn a Gaelic language)

do u ever get so jealous of other people who have their lives together and actually do stuff on the weekends and see their friends and have people who love them and talk to them everyday and actually have functioning relationships and u just look at the mess that is ur life and wonder why it’s so fucking hard for u to have all that like its a fantasy for you because it just seems so unattainable

How to Get Back Up Again

1. Don’t beat yourself. We all make mistakes, have bad experiences, and get it wrong at times.

2. Don’t dwell on what happened. Choose to learn from the past – but remember that your power’s in the present and the future.

3. Remember your potential, and what’s possible for you. You’re not that one experience or bad result.

4. Don’t let others’ expectations shape and influence your goals. It’s not their life you’re living … So decide what you will do.

5. Imagine how you’ll feel if you persevere and, despite all the obstacles, achieve success. That’s surely worth the effort, even thought it’s hard right now.

6. Just take one small step … It will rebuild your confidence … And then take another … And another after that.

the thought of mccree getting an animated short possibly in the future makes me so excited?? like… it’s hard to explain, i want to see this character emote and move and talk in all his fully-animated glory, i haven’t lived a full life until i do

heres why i love tjlc and going this hard over it. when will we ever get to go this hard in our lives over something and have fun? in movies and shit these heroes have these epic battles and choose sides and make comrades and what the fuck ever. and like. that does happen in real life, real life conspiracies happen but only about real ass shit. if you wanna get into a big conspiracy youre probably gonna get the government on your ass. you wanna go dig up clues to some real shit you do that at your own risk. this is like. a massive rpg mystery sherlock holmes game. this is getting to be a detective and a conspirator without getting men in black coming and murdering your family ok. this is fun. is this stupid to the outside observer? sure, whatever, i dont care. this is our conspiracy and this is our mystery and this is our time to stick up for what we believe in and nobody has to die and it’s fun

magnus bane gets hated on constantly by shadowhunters and gets called everything under the sun because of his past, how he presents himself and because he is bisexual and openly wears makeup (and looks stunning doing so) yet he is honestly one of the kindest, most caring and loyal people in the entire shadow world and world in general, he’s had such a hard life and was even suicidal for a while yet he carries on living and tries his best to protect and train young downworlders so they never go what he went through, he would die to protect everyone he loves and he is fiercely loyal and cares for them so much as well, he helps shadowhunters even after everything they’ve put him through, he puts aside his history with them to make sure he can help them whatever way he can, he is literally one of he most iconic and beautiful characters ever and i would honestly die for him

In the world that we live in today, there is a constant pressure projected onto us each and every day. We are told that we must continuously work hard, make more money, and acquire more possessions. Then, and only then, will we be considered as ‘successful.’ Right? No, not even close. This road only leads to a life of pure discontentment. Before we get dragged into this cycle, we must first consider what 'success’ truly is, and it may be slightly different for everyone. Take a moment to ask yourself, and see what you have to say. What do you consider to be successful? Yes, for some it may involve making some money during your lifetime, although make sure that, what ever it is, it’s your own opinion, not society’s.
2017 is really what you make it.
Don’t sit around and expect life to come and bless you, because life is a dependent variable. Life acts right after you do because you centre it. You are the independent variable.
What do you want your life to be? Do you want it to be artistic, romantic, beautiful or just simply worth living?
Then get out there.
Earn your blessings.
You can’t “get lucky”. No one gets lucky. It’s hard work, determination, the decision to change.
Be a better person. Swallow your pride. Be nice. However, take no crap from anyone.
Lets forget about 2016.
Let 2017 be the beginning of our legacy as a generation.
—  because the date can’t change who you are, but you can
Some of the beautiful things my piano teacher says about being a classical musician:
  • 1: It is this thing you shouldn't do, you should study law if you want to ensure living... but for some people, like us, it is the love of our lives and no one can take it away from us. We shouldn't but we do.
  • 2: I hate it, it is the worst thing I could have chosen to do in life, but every time I have tried quitting I am forced back in. I am not myself without it, and I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing.
  • 3: Study, work hard if this is what you want because getting to do this is the most amazing experience you will ever have.

I like to believe that I’m living as honestly and authentically as possible. I feel I can be myself more and not allow myself to get sidetracked by other considerations or advice from people. Earlier in my career I had too many people telling me what I should be doing and it was hard for me to deal with all that. That was very confusing for me because I’ve always been the type of person who likes to do her own thing. But when your career reaches a certain level there are so many responsibilities that come with that and sometimes you feel that your life is not your own anymore. That’s why I decided to change a lot of things about how I was working and try to be true to myself.

There is a very important reason for your existence on this earth. Do what ever it takes to get even closer to your purpose.

I hate when people tell me “just relax”
like do you know how fucking hard that is living as a black female, in a country that hates you, in a world that continuously makes it hard for you to succeed, in your 20’s, with absolutely no plan as to what your doing with your life, still living at home slowing sinking into debt to get a piece of paper that most likely won’t even help you land a job. Or maybe it’s just me that constantly feels overwhelmed

Keep your eyes focused on your destination. You know where it is you want to go, and will do what ever it takes to get there.

Don’t give up, nonbinary friends.

This isn’t the end. There are other people, other jobs, other places, other lives that you can build, if your current life comes crashing down around you.

It may be hard, and it may seem as if the whole world is against you and all nonbinary people. But you will find a way to get by despite all the hate.

When you do it’ll be your way, and your way is the best.

So, don’t you give up now.

Hey, I don’t know what kind of storm you are facing right now in your life, but remember this, God is always by your side. You don’t have to worry a lot because He is doing great things behind the scenes for you. He doesn’t want you to focus on the situation, He wants you to focus on the resources you have to produce a solution. There’s a reason behind why you’re in that storm it’s because He wants you to cast out your fears and have faith in His entire process. Never think it’s the end of the road just because you’re vision is unclear. Trust yourself and continue walking because He is with you throughout your journey. He wants you to grow and learn how to trust yourself. Things will get rough, there will be days it will rain hard. But life goes on. Remember, God’s plan is different from our plans. We may not understand what He wants us to do, what He’s doing in our lives or why we encounter trials along the way. But we have to believe. We have to face it, learn from our mistakes and become better each day. At the end of every storm, there is a better version of us that’s waiting. Continue walking.
—  E.J. Cenita
It’s A Hard Life Living With A Demon Pt 2 (M)

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Title: It’s A Hard Life Living With  A Demon.

Genre: Smut.

Member: Xiumin.

Word Count: 1216.

Description: “Remember your mine Y/N. Only mine”

You helped him walk to the front door of his house and opened the door for him. Minseok was a groaning mess, you thought he must have been in some sort of horrible pain, what you didn’t notice was the bulge in his pants getting harder to deal with.

“Which way is your room Minseok, and where do you keep your medicine?” You asked and Minseok held onto you as you took your bag off and followed him down a hall.

“It’s this way” He walked down the grey-walled hallway and opened a white door with a turn of the handle. The room was painted in a darker grey and the bed in the middle of the room was made with black sheets.

The door was slammed shut and you gasped when your back was shoved against it as you looked up to see Minseok’s dark features.


“Forget about the medicines” He cut you off and you gulped as his eyes scanned you.

“Here’s how things are going to work; I’m never going to hear you talking about hooking up with guys at parties because you won’t. I’ll be the only one to ever touch you and that’s final, do you hear me?” Minseok glared at you angrily, how did he know about what you did over the weekend?

“Minseok you’re my teacher, we can’t be doing this-”

“Listen to me Y/N” His hands gripped your waist tightly and snapped your hips to collide with his, you felt the strong bulge in his pants and your jaw dropped on its own will.

“There is more to this world than you humans and the laws you have set up to keep you safe. You all are so unaware of the ones from the underworld roaming around you, aren’t you Y/N?” A sickening smirk overtook him as he tilted his head to the side and got dangerously close to your lips. His eyes were suddenly pitch black and you shook as you stared into them.

“What do you mean?” You dared to ask and his smirk only increased as he felt your hands grip onto his dress shirt and his lips brushed terrifyingly close to yours.

“I’m a demon Y/N, and you if don’t do what I say” He paused to look you in the eyes and you stared into his, watching the lust cloud them darkly.

“Your soul will be mine” He growled darkly, his lips crashed onto yours as he finally touched you the way he had been dying to. You tried to push him off you as you voiced a small scream but when his hips rocked hard against yours that scream turned into a long moan as your grip on his clothing tightened.

The clothes stopping him from really touching you made him angry and he wrapped your legs around his waist roughly. You blinked and your back was on the soft mattress of his bed. He rushed to get his tie off and his buttoned shirt followed, both items falling to the floor before his dark eyes looked at you again.

“I will take what is mine, Y/N” He leant down to whisper in your ear as his fingers glided over the buttons of your school shirt easily and you found yourself sitting up as he took not only his jacket off, but the shirt underneath it. As he moved his hardness rubbed against your clothed area and a shaky breath left you as the last items of clothing were ripped away from both of you.

“By the time I’m done with you, you’ll only ever be able to think of me” He smirked and you let out a loud gasp as a single digit was pushed inside you. You shivered and Minseok worked his lips against your neck.

“You’re so wet already Y/N, I’ve only just started” His throat gave a low rumble as his fingers worked to stretch you and you rocked against them to help undo the tightening knot in your stomach. Your first orgasm hit you with a strong force and your head fell back against the pillow as a loud moan left your lips.

“Minseok” You shivered as heavy breaths left you in long pants and you met his dark eyes.

“The best is yet to come baby” He brought his lips down into a forceful kiss and you did your best to keep up with his rushed kisses. His lips trailed from yours down your neck and towards your hardened nubs. He gave both your breasts all the attention they deserved, marking them and the skin around them before he looked at you with clouded eyes. His hand trailed down to hold you up where your back was straining to feel your skin against his.

“Are you ready Y/N?” He asked and you could only nod desperately, your hands already gripping his muscular shoulders like your life depended on it. You felt his tip rubbing against your folds, dipping in and then disappearing again as he groaned. A strong shiver overtook Minseok and he looked at you squirming beneath him. Your eyes closed as an almost animalistic snarl left his lips that were brushing against your ear and his arm tensed as he pulled you tighter against him.

He pushed himself in and a whine left your lips as your nails dug into his skin. Minseok’s head tilted back and you marvelled at the sight of the heavy breath leaving his open mouth.

“You feel so much better than I was dreaming you would Y/N” His words only spurred you on to move your hips up. The feeling of Minseok inside you was far greater than any pleasure you had ever felt. You shook underneath him and Minsoek began moving with long slow strokes.

“Oh god Minseok” Your airy words made his hips snap and you moaned at the sudden hardness in his movements.

“Yes, faster Minseok” You begged as your hands clawed their way to his hair and latched on to the strands tightly. Your words made it impossible for Minseok to hold back any longer and the headframe of the bed smacked into the wall as he thrust into you with all his strength. The pleasure you felt as he hit just the right spot was tenfold to any other experience you had ever had and a scream left your mouth as you wrapped your legs and around his waist, making him go in deeper.

“Oh god” He moaned and Minseok growled as he used his shaking arms to hold himself up. His hips kept rolling into yours and you felt that familiar twist in your stomach as his lips came down to suck on your neck.

He bit down and you gasped as the pleasure hit you like a wave. Minseok’s movements became sluggish until he pulled out and let out his own release with a deep groan. Just when you thought he was done he slid back in to ride out your high together and soft moans left your lips as his deep breaths fanned your body before he continued leaving his marks on you.

“Remember you’re mine Y/N. Only mine” His dark eyes bored into yours as he collapsed on the bed next to you and pulled you into his chest.