living la vida

Paciencia, para que correr si se puede caminar con la seguridad de no caer, no valla a ser que se te quede el entendimiento atrás y tengas que volver por el.
—  Zona Ganjah
Que extraordinario es encontrarse personas en la vida que te llenen de conocimientos, cultura y vida. Que te cuente sus experiencias para que aprendas de ellas o solo por el simple placer de contarte las cosas. Son personas fugaces que se encuentran cuando menos esperas.

The Last Painting of Frida Kahlo

Viva la Vida - “Live Life” is both the title of this artwork and the inscription on it. The reason for Kahlo’s renown in life can be attributed to the subtle detail of symbolism she placed in her works. She accomplished great things through her pain and, while tragic, it makes many people see her paintings and relate to them in more ways than one. A woman who would suffer both physical and emotional afflictions, transformed that into artistic symbolism on a canvas. She created countless paintings of the impacts in her life - such as her disability, to her heritage - right up until her death.

This painting of ripened fruit at its prime is fitting of the inscription placed upon it. Painted so shortly before she passed at the age of 47. She hoped (in her own words) that “the exit is joyful, and I hope never to return.”

Above: Viva la Vida, 1954, by Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)

Hair Cut!

Something that I never would have thought about before I got to Spain was learning vocabulary for the Peluquería (Barber Shop).  I was in desperate need of a trim, and just couldn’t work up the courage to go to a random place and ask them to cut my hair… Spanish. 

Thankfully I am not the only one who has ever been presented with this problem and the internet really helped with the terms that I needed to know.

I’ll post them so everybody can know!!