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It may be a while since I’ve watched the show but… can someone explain to me why people think Gabriel has it out for Adrien’s head?

I understand that he’s a stubborn father who places him on a strict schedule and doesn’t have time to pay attention to him unless Nathalie persuades him but idk maybe it’s like related to paranoia that his son might die?? Yet I read fics and comics that have him destroying Adrien’s life for what seems like “fun” and regardless of whether or not he is Hawkmoth, I think this is super over-dramatic…


They’re called the Mothers of the Movement. We often hear about those killed by senseless violence — but we rarely hear about the families the victims leave behind. Frankly, the Mothers of the Movement would rather just be moms.

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An adult teacher (whose job it is to protect the children they preside over) flippantly dismissed the fact that the child in their care had been beaten up in the boys’ bathroom.

The power structure of transphobia ensured that this honor child would be so affected by a shattered self esteem, and fearing for her safety, that her grades–and therefore whole future–was going down the toilet. (And no one fucking cared about her needs)

And of course, trans people of color will be hit hardest.

We have to do better as a society.

Protect trans kids.

–Mod CS


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment


Jordan Edwards, 15-year-old honor roll student, killed in shooting by Texas police

  • The chief of police in Balch Springs, Texas, said Sunday that one of his officers shot into a car full of teenagers because the vehicle had moved toward police officers “in an aggressive manner.”  
  • The shooting, which occurred Saturday night in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, killed 15-year-old high school freshman and honor roll student Jordan Edwards, a family lawyer told the Dallas Morning News
  • Edwards, who is black, was leaving a party with his friends because they had heard gunshots. Officers claim they were responding to a call of “drunk teens.”
  • A criminal investigation is underway by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department — but the Edwards family has already called for the yet-to-be named officer to be arrested and charged. Read more (5/1/17 9:45 AM)

This officer was fired after he didn’t shoot a black man in distress. Now he’s suing.

  • Stephen Mader, a former police officer in Weirton, West Virginia, is suing the city and local police department for firing him after he didn’t shoot a black man trying to commit suicide by cop.
  • In May 2016, Mader encountered Ronald Williams, a distressed African-American man whose girlfriend had called police to their Weirton home after Williams reportedly threatened to harm himself.
  • Williams was holding an unloaded gun and pleaded with Mader to “just shoot me,” according to the former officer’s lawsuit.
  • Mader, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, said he relied on his training in the military, and attempted to de-escalate the situation and prevent any loss of life. But when two of Mader’s fellow officers joined him on the scene, one of them fatally shot Williams in the head.
  • The use of lethal force rattled the community, in light of the facts that Williams had apparently been experiencing a mental health crisis and that Mader, a white officer, had attempted to save the black man’s life. Mader was fired following the incident.
  • Mader’s lawsuit, filed in a U.S. District Court in West Virginia, alleges that the city violated his rights against unjust termination, his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution and other rights under the Constitution of the State of West Virginia. Read more (5/10/17)

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- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel in a different way then family love

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel more then he cared about the antichrist 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel that he was so broken he could not bother to care about anything else 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel


- castiel is dead


The Baltimore police officer who shot Curtis Jamal Deal “had it out for him,” family says

  • Baltimore officials identified the 18-year-old city resident who was shot and killed by police on Tuesday as Curtis Jamal Deal, the Baltimore Sun reported.
  • Local community activist Kwame Rose, who was active in 2015 protests surrounding Freddie Gray’s death, tweeted that he’d spoken to Deal’s family and friends about the teen’s prior encounters with the yet-to-be identified officer who killed him.
  • The officer may have “had it out” for Deal, Rose tweeted. Read more (2/19/17 1:06 PM)

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