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Since I've been rereading Stephen King's IT lately, maybe a Rose and Clara as kids AU?

NOTE: This will have NOTHING to do with…that…book. *hides under the table*

A Childhood Promise

They agreed when they were five years old that they would marry each other someday.

Jackie Tyler and Ellie Oswald sat down and informed the girls, quite seriously, that they couldn’t marry each other because they were girls. And in the early nineties, that was reason enough. But Clara and Rose ignored them. They’d watched a few of their female classmates pair up with boys and marry on the playground. So why couldn’t they do the same?

They had their first wedding at five years and seven months old. The only audience was Rose’s stuffed animals, lined up on her bed while Jackie watched bad daytime telly.

They wore their silly, plastic rings for months, until Clara inexplicably lost hers, and Rose’s became too small for her finger, and they forgot their silly wedding in favor of the trials of getting older. When they were thirteen they started looking at boys, because that was what teenage girls were supposed to do, right?

Rose even dated a boy for a little while, but it never felt quite right. And Clara…well, Clara just fumed silently fort three months until Rose finally ended it and then acted like she hadn’t been jealous the entire time.

Clara never dated any boys. She had a brief thing with another girl in their class, but it was shorter lived than Rose’s relationship. And just like Clara, Rose spent the entire time pretending she wasn’t jealous.

She did like boys. She’d had feelings for the boy she had dated. They just hadn’t been strong enough to continue dating him. But she also liked Clara.

But that wasn’t right.

They were seventeen when they kissed for the first time.

They were sitting in Rose’s room, doing homework, and Clara made a joke about Jane Austen probably being bisexual. Rose rolled her eyes, throwing her pen at her.

“Well that was stupid. Now I’m keeping your pen.”

“No, give it back,” Rose complained. She had other pens, of course. But they were in her desk, all the way across the room.

“Come and get it,” Clara teased, tucking it behind her back. Rose raised an eyebrow – and launched herself at Clara, wrestling her down to the bed. “Oi, get off me, stop it!” Clara screeched, laughing. Rose twisted her around, reaching for the pen…

And then Clara kissed her.

It was a very brief meeting of their lips, and Clara pulled away almost instantly, looking as stunned by her daring as Rose felt.

“Um…s-sorry,” Clara stuttered, and it occurred to Rose that she should maybe roll off of Clara.

She didn’t.

Jackie came home an hour later to find that homework had been abandoned, and Clara and Rose were determinedly snogging.

The entire floor probably heard Jackie’s screech. Rose and Clara weren’t allowed alone behind a closed door for a long time after that.

They were twenty-five when they were married for real.

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I just wanna say I freaking loved you in Heathers. You were fantastic and have such an amazing voice. I'm auditioning for a musical and I am planning on singing "I Could Be Jewish For You" and you were so cute in that song. Do you have any tips?

Wow thanks I, the real Barrett Wilbert Weed, much appreciate your compliments, as I, the real Barrett Wilbert Weed, much enjoyed those performances. As for tips, just do what I, the real Barrett Wilbert Weed, do and be me (the real Barrett Wilbert Weed).

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the theatre ask thing: 1, 33, 46, and 49


1. First musical you ever saw?

I believe it was the movie of The Music Man, and the first show I saw on stage was Seussical

33. What is your dream role?

AHH I HAVE SO MANY! Veronica in Heathers, Wednesday in Addams, Katherine in Newsies, Natalie in Next to Normal, Little Red in Into the Woods, Bonnie or Blanche in B & C, Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde, lol Nathan in Thrill Me, Jo in Little Women, ALL OF THE ROLES. If I had to pick an overall it’d probably be Natalie.

46. Weirdest experience in the theatre?

Taking naked photos for a show was REALLY WEIRD LEMME TELL YOU

49. Favorite choreography in a show?

THIS IS HARD SO I’M GONNA PICK A FEW SHOWS THAT HAVE RLLY GOOD CHOREO. Matilda (School Song is my shit), Chicago, Chorus Line (duh), Spring Awakening, and of course Newsies.


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A little bit obsessed with Heathers at the moment, and upon further research in to the shows and actors, I’ve realized that Barrett Wilbert Weed and I are the same person, and I’m also a little bit in love with her! Also I felt like it was time for a change!