living in uppsala

This is kind of cool I think. We (30-ish women all over scandinavia) made a collective artwork. All participants knitted squares (in wool) 5 by 5 cm after a colourpattern and one of us (an fiberartist living in Uppsala) put them togehter. The picture/blanket are to go on a tour to festivals and exhibitions all over scandinavia during the spring! The ram in the picture is called Jonathan, so we call ourselves Jonathans Mothers.

reply to 25+ ads which have been posted that day/the day before

2 “we already found someone”

1 “come look!” but no address/time and no further response 

1 went to look at, and: gross apartment, creepy, creepy guy no no no WHY IS THIS THE ONLY  REPLY I GOT?

1 fb message which I KNOW YOU SAW bc it SAYS you SAW it and I sent it like 2.35 hrs after you posted the ad which is APPARENTLY TOO LATE 

the rest: no response 

I mean I have crafted a lovely little letter in swedish about how nice/neat I am and about me and I have references and sure I’m totally vegan and will love your 4 animals and don’t smoke and have/don’t have my own furniture and can move in whenever blah blah what mORE DO THEY WANT?!??

all this because swedish boys are weird little liars.