living in the wrong century


“Nick was in some strange way out of time. When you were with him, you always had a sad feeling of him being born in the wrong century. If he would have lived in the 17th Century, at the Elizabethan Court, together with composers like Dowland or William Byrd, he would have been alright. Nick was elegant, honest, a lost romantic - and at the same time so cool. In brief: the perfect Elizabethan.” - Robert Kirby (Cambridge friend of Nick’s who orchestrated his first 2 albums)

Her apartment was abnormally cold. It was something that had to do with the building’s structure, the English colonizers who constructed it back in the twenties thought Cairo was too hot to take. They didn’t live long enough to realize how wrong they were, and now –almost a century later– she was left to deal with the consequences of their impaired judgment.
—  Excerpt from “Aisha”, a story from my upcoming short story collection “No Plans for Tonight”

Robert E. Howard Week: Spotlight on Solomon Kane

Since the pulp writer, Robert E. Howard, was born this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to spotlight some of his characters.  First up is Solomon Kane, a dour English Puritan and “redresser of wrongs” who lived in the late 16th/ early 17th century.  The character first appeared in “Red Shadows”, a short story published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in August 1928.  Solomon Kane made his first comic book appearance in Marvel’s black and white magazine, Monsters Unleashed in August 1973.

These comics (and many more) are part of the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa: Special Collections:

Marvel Premiere #33 (December 1976), cover by Howard Chaykin, Klaus Janson, and Danny Crespi

Marvel Premiere #34 (February 1977), cover by Howard Chaykin and John Romita

Sword of Solomon Kane #1 (September 1985), cover by Bret Blevins

Sword of Solomon Kane #2 (November 1985), cover by Kevin Nowlan

Sword of Solomon Kane #3 (January 1986), cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Sword of Solomon Kane #4 (March 1986), cover by Mike Mignola

Sword of Solomon Kane #5 (May 1986), cover by Frank Cirocco

Sword of Solomon Kane #6 (July 1986), cover by Dan Green