living in the wild

the idea tht some ppl dont live paycheck 2 paycheck is rlly…….so wild??? how do u have enough money 2 not have 2 use it on living like…. what…. 

If I were a _ id be a _ tagged game

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If I were a fruit I’d be a strawberry.
If I were a color I’d be teal.
If I were a kdrama character I’d be Go Dok Mi (Flower Boy Next Door).
If I were a month I’d be October.
If I were a song I’d be “All This and Heaven Too” by Florence + the Machine.
…and now, 20 min. later, returning from my obnoxious fire drill…
If I were a country I’d be some combination of USA, the UK, and South Korea?
If I were a book I’d be Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.
If I were a movie I’d be Pride and Prejudice (2005) (the way he stRETCHED HIS fiNGERS).
If I were a day I’d be Friday

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I found it ...

Many years ago … an 18 year old girl spent about $75 on a present for the boy she loved. A year before, under a bit of duress, she “ended” their relationship. She never thought it’d be the end though. She thought she was encouraging the boy, a grade below her in high school, to date others and sow a bit of wild seeds.

They lived far apart, these two. They were kids and there wasn’t a lot either of them could do to be together and so the girl, applied to the college the boy was going to go to and went to a local junior college … to wait. 

Only the phone call to try and release the boy to go out and play, backfired. All the girl did was break the boy’s heart and she didn’t know how to fix it and at 17, it seemed rather like the end of the world. She didn’t think he’d forgive her. She never felt smart enough to be with him anyway. She wallowed in self pity for a while. Slowly, she got more brave. She started college and realized that she was pretty fucking smart. She decided that she’d go on to her boy’s college and win back his heart. So she bought him a present. She knew she fucked up and her boy would be SURE to point that out. 

So, she bought him a money clip engraved with his initials and on the back she had inscribed “don’t let me make the big ones” … in regards to decisions. It closed with EY (for eternally yours) and her initials. 

A bunch of shit happened. A BUNCH. She never gave it to him.

20 years later, they are friends and occasional lovers, they still live far apart … 

she found the money clip. 

anonymous asked:

okay but is that icarus!clint painting still for sale or

No, it’s sold - it lives in the far wild northern frozen literal wilderness,

Also known as Canada,

I am gonna continue that series, though, have no doubt of it. ;)

….. You know, I kinda miss painting traditional. I’d do a traditional commission.

my cousin is Super Rich and we’re planning a trip to paris together and i’m here like “oh shit i found a b&b that’s £12 a night if we share a bed what a BARGAIN” while she brings up 5 star hotels with separate rooms and king size beds like……. what a wild way to live

who the fuck be coming up with these story lines for law and order svu.

so this white girl ended up being found dead in like an alley. but she was pregnant too and at first they thought her brother and her was fuckin but turns out her boyfriend is her half brother cause her dad was living two lives and her dad was also her by dad. like how wild. thagoodthings whatever dick wolf be smoking on I wanna smoke it too.

My high school had some wild substitute teachers. There was this one lady, probably in her 80′s, who was def going senile. She’s say the craziest shit, she was always screaming, and she tried to bribe us with candy.

She subbed for our English class while we were reading Into The Wild. 

Now, Adam  was like, the golden boy. He was the top like 10-15% in our year, was a jock, very popular, and was super nice to everyone. He was also the class clown. He was fooling around, messing with the sub, and she kept threatening to send him to the principal’s office. Except she kept saying, “I’ll send you to the Yukon, young man! I’ll banish you to the Yukon!” And she did, because he wouldn’t stop.

He didn’t come back to class. No one heard from him for like 6 weeks. He eventually came in one day to pick up papers from the teacher, but it turned out his parents had randomly decided to home school him and it was just a coincidence. We all freaked out for those 6 weeks, though, because we were so scared that something happened to him.