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Sapporo 10/15 (video report #1) (I fixed the error with the acceleration of video)

MC (Short translate)

Talk about uchiwa.
Yamada: “I’m worried about one thing. Fan’s uchiwa are different. If you see at the uchiwa sign [Extremely ugly!] That state of mind?”
Yabu: “I will not hesitate. The usual words - you’re cute.“
Yamada: “And if one person says - that guy is ugly?”
Yabu: “We see uchiwa even those who are at the top – on to 2 m.”
Yamada: “I see it.”
Yabu: “I see when I’m dancing”
Start of video
Yabu (singing ): “Input auto put” and say: “Ugly!” (like sing and see this sign during performance)
Yuto: “It maybe happens”
Yamada: “Do not do it!”
Yamada shows the reaction, if he see it. (so beautiful!!!!!)
“Do not do it!”
“I’m sorry.”

Yamachan is worried that his will call ugly. Yamada! It will never happen!

(I think I know what to write at the uchiwa that they will be remembered)

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