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Team Vampire Weekend (via Rolling Stone FB Live): What’s your daily beard care routine? Your beard always looks A+.

CT: Oh, thank you, at first I thought that was going to be from my wife, but not the “A+” thing. She would never say that. Unfortunately the real answer is there is no care, it’s just kind of there. Again, this is part of the aging process to realize that you have responsibilities to the world and some of them are not having patchy crap, like, you know, growing out everywhere. But right now I currently use a Wahl Peanut on the number 3 length, to really get down there, although this is professionally done I gotta say - I got a haircut recently, so this looks better than it normally does. I got little scissors for the moustache. I’ve been experimenting with beard oil, but I’m still sort of not sold on it. But then the real CT beauty tip is I got a unibrow so I gotta pluck that shit. That’s the real tip from me. Every, like, 10 days, 2 weeks.

(Pictured above: Chris Tomson by Nicole Fara Silver for Brooklyn Magazine, December 2016)

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Hey! So I saw years ago (2014) you drew Edolas Freed and Laxus. I don't know if you're still in the Fairy Tail fandom, but I was wondering if you ever drew the rest of the Raijinshuu (Edolas Evergreen and Edolas Bixlow???)Just wondering!

Omg I realized I haven’t completed that Edolas Raijin thing hahaha but here is Evergreen the dedicated street brawler and Bixlow the cunning lawyer!!


【Listening Video】TV Anime「Love Live!Sunshine!!」Blu-ray Volume 7 Special and Limited Edition Recording Aqours Original Song CD7「Taiyou wo Oikakeru/ Chase the Sun」


Team Vampire Weekend (via Rolling Stone FB Live): How many jerseys did you bring for this tour?

CT: That’s an interesting question. I recently hired a–I think it’s called McKinsey, which is a firm that sort of comes in and fixes businesses and like tells you what’s wrong, and then you know, whatever. And I had them do a little market research on how the jerseys were playing, and it was a very mixed response. And you know, I like to look at the numbers, I like to respect the numbers, so before the study, I was probably going to bring like 7. Now after the study I’m probably going to bring like 2.

(Pictured above: CT aka Dams of the West performing at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn, NY last December 2016. Photos via @speedy1227 and @michellecointreau)

Exterior shot of the Music Machine at 12220 Pico Blvd in West L.A., less than two blocks east of the Santa Monica border. Sept 13, 1986, with Guns & Roses headlining.

As one of the few consistent venues on the Westside, the Music Machine predominately hosted punk gigs in the early ‘80s but they weren’t adverse to booking bands of different genres on the same bill. I saw Slayer play here with local rockabilly faves The Blasters in ‘84 or ‘85.

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