living in the slenderverse


A peek into Tim’s dreams.

(The her they are referring to is Jessica, the one person Tim did manage to save)

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Alright, so I've been able to predict things like a psychic would for quite some time, but lately I keep getting this feeling like something big is gonna happen over at EMH... This isn't a roleplay question. Keep your eyes peeled.

Maybe who knows. I know they and Adam want to finish their series but it’s hard when they all feel like the Slenderverse is kinda dead. Also lives are a thing.
Let me know when that psychic thing predicts lottery numbers so I can help my mom out, though.


One of my favorite Slenderverse videos. Even though I’ve only watched the Big Three, I really love the weight of this compilation.
It’s beautifully put together and very emotional.
I suggest everyone watches it. Even if you haven’t seen the Slenderverse, just know these kids lives are being ruined horribly.