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Do you have any tips for a group of internet friends that live to far away to get together, but want to do a Slenderverse style story? I figured that there could be a chatroom so the characters can interact and claim to be in the area, but when it comes to bringing the stick-in-the-mud himself...?

I’ve done multiple crossover episodes as far back as the OG Stan Frederick series, so I’ve had to work my way around distance for ages. There’s really methodical ways to go about doing it, and it would take a lot of discipline and shot planning to make it all work.

For a less involved, more minimalistic approach to a series with multiple people from different places, methods of communication you mentioned work great - Skype calls, phone calls, texts, emails, etc. All you have to do is construct a story, characters, and a theme that serve the same narrative function that the device you’re using in-series serves. That might take a lot of time.

NOW, if you really wanna test yourself technically and attempt to put your characters in the same place throughout your series, there is stuff you can try.

There’s audio dubbing - having one cameraman point their camera at a character IN PLACE OF another, and adding the other side of the dialogue in post. If you want to appear like two people from totally different places are in the same room but one of the people is seldom on camera, this method works great. It’s my most commonly used method; every crossover in “29. Neighbors” used dubs of my voice added in. Most of who I worked with had the same (or a similar enough) camera, so audio and video were pretty in sync with what I recorded my voice with. Just something to keep in mind.

And then there’s continuity matching - If you really have the patience, the eye, and two close-enough looking locations and cameras qualities (picture AND sound), you can plan shots in similar enough areas (and use multiple whip-pans to disguise location changes) in order to create the illusion that two characters are in the same space. I’ve done this ONCE, and the result wasn’t that great, so keep that in mind. It takes practice, for sure.

In terms of Slenderman in ANY of those aforementioned methods, only one of you would have to have a Slenderman - or ALL of you could have a different one. As long as he shows up in a shot and you can make the audience believe everyone is witnessing the same thing, you can pull it off!

Experiment! See what works for you! Best of luck to you and your internet friends.

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One of my favorite Slenderverse videos. Even though I’ve only watched the Big Three, I really love the weight of this compilation.
It’s beautifully put together and very emotional.
I suggest everyone watches it. Even if you haven’t seen the Slenderverse, just know these kids lives are being ruined horribly.