living in the slenderverse

@ creators, slenderverse, arg, webseries, etc, friendly reminder to:

-drink water, stay hydrated, caffiene is actually dehydrating
-empty your disk cache
-save early and often
-empty your disk cache
-take breaks if it gets overwhelming
-empty your disk cache
-empty your disk cache

The truth about slenderman

You see, I have to come clean. The slenderman isn’t what you think. He’s a tax collector. He immigrated from Germany and found a job as a tax collector. You see new research shows cameras are tax deductible if you upload to youtube after buying them. He may seem violent sometimes but keep in mind. He’s been hunting for years and he’s not paid well, but his little sector won’t allow him to drop it until he gets proper answers. He tries and all we do is run from him. You know why he’s so thin? Well he gets paid less for every month he has no solid information. He’s set to starving himself because this is the only job he knows . yet we run from him. Maybe next time you see a tall faceless monster in the forest youll be more concerned with THIER lives (new slenderman theory do not steal. 100% canon )


One of my favorite Slenderverse videos. Even though I’ve only watched the Big Three, I really love the weight of this compilation.
It’s beautifully put together and very emotional.
I suggest everyone watches it. Even if you haven’t seen the Slenderverse, just know these kids lives are being ruined horribly.