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What's the episode where Sue Ellen is thinking about mythical creatures like kappas and a tree house with chicken legs? The freaky witch woman appearing in the window was actually really scary to me when I was little

that’s What Scared Sue Ellen! 


Project M Inspirational Wallpapers - Mario, Legend of Zelda

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Dear Future Me,

Stop being so serious. Loosen up. Take more risks. Don’t be afraid of being the center of attention. Sometimes loud noises happen and people look to find the source. It’s a natural reaction. Stop wondering what people see when they look, they haven’t noticed you yet. If you’re lucky, they might never notice you at all, or, hell they might even come and join you in making a total ass of yourself. It’s all good.

Also: learn to fall asleep at a semi decent time. Stop worrying. It will all work out. And if it doesn’t, well fuck if I know, I’m living in the past bro.


Past You