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What was your reaction to Kit eating traditional Italian food made by Italian old ladies xD He looks like 10 yo.


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also y’all haven’t even seen the inane amount of memes they made on italian GOT pages which I’m afraid wouldn’t make sense to people who don’t speak italian but is2g everyone else had about the same reaction xDDDD but like I mean we had pearls like

(it seems like jon snow came back to the wall with two sacks of artichokes, six casatielli and eight pastiere saying that pasquetta is coming) (pasquetta is like the day after easter were everyone eats like no tomorrow and that stuff above is what you eat in naples for pasquetta)

(you might be the king in the north but you look underfed to the grandmother in the sud) (THIS IS A REALLY BAD TRANSLATION) (anyway the comment on the OP was ‘for grandmothers there’s no thrones, just places at the table’)


(this is like kit harington in the country of the kit-emmuort, like that’s neapolitan for fuck the souls of your dead ancestors xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)


A portrait of the family of Ferdinand IV and Maria Carolina of Austria, done in 1783 by Angelica Kauffman.

Maria Theresa plays the harp on the far left, and next to her is her brother Francis with a dog. Ferdinand and Maria Carolina are in the middle, with  Maria Cristina Teresa leaning on her mother. Maria Luisa sits in a carriage on the far right, and Maria Amalia sits in her sister’s lap. Prince Gennaro sits on a cushion on the floor, dressed in blue.

Four other children had died of smallpox before the portrait was done; Prince Carlo in 1778, Princess Maria Anna in 1780, Princess Maria Cristina Amelia in 1783, and Prince Giuseppe in 1783. Another daughter, Maria Cristina, was stillborn the same year the portrait was completed.

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In your opinion is Italy at the stage of integration, where people don't discriminate against ethnic+religious people in work? Like could you go to a retail store or cafe and see black, East Asian, South Asian, Mid East, Muslims who wear headscarf working There? What about higher up more academic jobs? Are there many people from mentioned backgrounds working as teachers, professors lawyers, bankers, doctors etc? I would love to move to Italy supposing I wouldn't get widely discriminated against.

Hi, thanks for your question!

I’m afraid the answer is no. However, this is not exactly the consequence of failed integration: Italy is nowhere near the United Kingdom, France or even Germany when it comes to immigration and multiculturalism. Italy has been under foreign domination from the fall of the Roman Empire until 1871 and was never a major colonial power. The Italian Empire didn’t last long enough to have the same weight or impact as the British or French Empire. 

Italy’s population is still homogeneous, especially in Southern Italy. I’ve lived in Naples all my life before moving to Glasgow and I’ve never seen someone wearing an headscarf walking on the streets. I’ve seen Black people working in restaurants or as security officer at Zara or Armani, but higher up academic jobs? Not really.

Northern Italy and Rome are way more multicultural, Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy in particular (@janiedean lives in Rome and can offer you a better insight) but overall is still not enough to have East Asians working as lawyers, bankers or doctors. Most of the East Asians in Italy are immigrants from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and do not have any academic qualification. Their children, perhaps, might become doctors one day and there will be more East Asian doctors in Italy.

As for discrimination at work, some time ago I read about an Italian girl with Egyptian parents who couldn’t find a job as an hostess because of her headscarf. She sued the companies she applied to and won. According to Italian law, it’s illegal to discriminate people at work for any reason - doesn’t mean people won’t do it anyway. However, most of the stories about discrimination at work I’ve read these years were about sexual orientation and gender, not ethnicity or religion. I assume it’s because there are not many Muslims with headscarf or East/South Asians applying for jobs.

Your main problems would still be bureaucracy and high unemployment though.

The signs as places around the world

Aries:  Monaco - 

Highly ambitious and independant, Aries natives will find themselves with an abundance of opportunities and luxuries in one of the most affluent cities in the world.

Taurus: Budapest -

Creative and lovers of beauty, Taureans will fit right in in the city of neverending wonders.

Gemini: New York -

The City that never sleeps will satisfy the everchanging gemini with its diverse culture and lively nightlife.

Cancer: Naples -

Family Orientated and sentimental Cancerians will find their home in the authentic and charismatic city of Naples, where those who wish to seek it’s beauty will not be disappointed.

Leo: Las Vegas -

Outgoing, dramatic and self assured Leo’s will fit right in in the liveliest city on earth and will not hesitate to join the nightlife festivities.

Virgo: Edinburgh -

Caring and analytical Virgos will find their place in the cultural and welcoming city of Edinburgh famed for it’s elegant archecture, intriguing history and charming locals.

Libra: Verona -

Harmonius, romantic and lovers of beauty, Librans can explore this picturesque city of music and love which was once home to the legendary star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Scorpio: Tokyo -

Intense, passionate and determined Scorpio’s will enjoy the busy streets, limitless possibilities and exciting culture that Tokyo has to offer.

Sagittarius: Sydney -

Open minded and energetic, the traveler of the zodiac will thrive in the laid-back city down under and will be free to explore the many sides of the vast city, from beaches to bustling streets.

Capricorn: Hong Kong -

Serious-minded and determined, Capricorns are best suited to urban environments, so what better place than the densely populated and vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Aquarius: London -

Intellectual and visionary, The Aquarius will be intrigued by the enchanting exterior, fascinating histories and gruesome tales of London town and may even gain inspiration for their next creative masterpiece.

Pisces: Vienna -

Elusive and romantic, Pisceans will be free to explore the grandeur and elegance whilst escaping from reality within this dream-like city of wonder.


10 Granddaughters of Maria Theresa

Carolina of Parma, Princess of Saxony

Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria

Maria Ludovika of Austria-Este, Empress of Austria

Maria Antonia of Parma, Ursuline Abbess

Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily, Empress of Austria

Marie Therese Charlotte, Duchesse d’Angouleme

Luisa of Naples and Sicily, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Maria Clementina of Austria, Princess of Naples

Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, Queen of Sardinia

Sophie Helene Beatrice, Princess of France