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What was your reaction to Kit eating traditional Italian food made by Italian old ladies xD He looks like 10 yo.


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also y’all haven’t even seen the inane amount of memes they made on italian GOT pages which I’m afraid wouldn’t make sense to people who don’t speak italian but is2g everyone else had about the same reaction xDDDD but like I mean we had pearls like

(it seems like jon snow came back to the wall with two sacks of artichokes, six casatielli and eight pastiere saying that pasquetta is coming) (pasquetta is like the day after easter were everyone eats like no tomorrow and that stuff above is what you eat in naples for pasquetta)

(you might be the king in the north but you look underfed to the grandmother in the sud) (THIS IS A REALLY BAD TRANSLATION) (anyway the comment on the OP was ‘for grandmothers there’s no thrones, just places at the table’)


(this is like kit harington in the country of the kit-emmuort, like that’s neapolitan for fuck the souls of your dead ancestors xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)


A portrait of the family of Ferdinand IV and Maria Carolina of Austria, done in 1783 by Angelica Kauffman.

Maria Theresa plays the harp on the far left, and next to her is her brother Francis with a dog. Ferdinand and Maria Carolina are in the middle, with  Maria Cristina Teresa leaning on her mother. Maria Luisa sits in a carriage on the far right, and Maria Amalia sits in her sister’s lap. Prince Gennaro sits on a cushion on the floor, dressed in blue.

Four other children had died of smallpox before the portrait was done; Prince Carlo in 1778, Princess Maria Anna in 1780, Princess Maria Cristina Amelia in 1783, and Prince Giuseppe in 1783. Another daughter, Maria Cristina, was stillborn the same year the portrait was completed.

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could i get some random sfw rohan, josuke, or mista headcanons?? anything works for me c:

Hey there, of course you can! :D

I hope you like it!

Thanks again @jotarohasadirtysecret for proofreading/editing! <3


  • Rohan draws his s/o a lot; whenever he can grab a chance, really. Though he usually doesn’t ask for permission or for them to pose, since he prefers to draw them in more naturalistic situations, when they haven’t noticed him drawing. He finds it to be much more realistic that way, as though it is becoming closer to a photograph, rather a staged piece. Given how quick he is at drawing, there’s a high chance that they never catch him doing it.
  • When his s/o asks him to draw something for them, they can be sure that he will decline almost instantly. After all, he is such a busy person and finishing his manga is his first priority, there’s no time for such requests. However, a few days later, when his s/o enters his workroom and sees a few random inked drawings on his desk, they immediately notice that these pieces have nothing to do with Pink Dark Boy; the art style is too different, and… isn’t that the landscape they asked him to draw? When the realization slowly sinks in, a huge smile spreads across their face and they literally feel their heart swell with joy.
  • “What?! Now don’t make such a big deal about it.” he says, though Rohan has a hard time hiding the slight blush slowly spreading across his cheeks.
  • When Rohan walks through town to take photos, or to draw scenery, or whatever sparks his interest, his s/o usually tags along. It is an opportunity for Rohan to sketch his s/o outside and, although he hides it well, it makes him happy that his partner wants to join him while he’s doing what he enjoys the most. It often ends up with them sitting in a park on the grassy fields; Rohan drawing whatever catches his eye, while his s/o leans against his back, both enjoying the peaceful moment and getting to watch Rohan draw.


  • Josuke loves treating his partner to quick dates. Going for some cake in that little café, getting a cup of that really special flavored coffee in that American coffee shop, buying chocolates or sweets in that shop up the road; he is totally down for all of it. He loves treating his s/o to these things, and he does it until he’s completely broke. It’s no use arguing with Josuke about him spending so much money on them, he loves them too much to give a damn about the cost and he won’t accept them paying for themselves either. So his s/o needs to find another way to return the favor…
  • The most awesome and thoughtful way to repay him (although they do not need to, as he insists) is to restock his hair products. He has a lot of them and he needs all of them for his daily routine, so, of course they cost a lot of money. So, if his s/o buys them for him and places them in his bathroom without him noticing, Josuke will fall in love with them all over again as soon as he sees all of his favorite products on the shelves. His s/o can expect lots of cuddles and adoring words from him afterwards, along with a bountiful of thank you’s.
  • Josuke is also a huge fan of PDA, but whenever he initiates anything, he’ll still get flustered over it. He just can’t stand waiting until both of them are home again to finally share some affection, so he steals a kiss or a little hug every chance he gets no matter how embarrassed he may be.
  • Home dates are also a big thing for Josuke. Settling down on the couch covered by a huge amount of pillows and blankets, drinking some nice hot tea and playing video games together are a must! At some point they will end up being cuddled up in the mountain of blankets together, the game’s long forgotten as they just enjoy each other’s company. With Josuke’s arms wrapped around his s/o, their head beneath his chin, their hands between one another’s chests combined into the feeling of his heartbeat underneath their fingers and his steady breathing brushing over their hair; it slowly but steadily lulls them both to sleep.


  • Mista enjoys taking his s/o out on dates. It doesn’t even matter much too him where they go, as longs as they can go and have fun together. If his s/o hasn’t been living in Naples for long, he’ll take them sightseeing and show them all the places he thinks they definitely need to see. He also loves taking his s/o to carnivals or amusement parks since it’s a carefree date with lots of fun and adventure, but without the added danger that his daily life as a gangster brings about. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t also enjoy calmer dates as well; going to the cinema and a nice restaurant would be a welcome change in atmosphere and scenery for him once in a while.
  • He loves PDA, a lot; maybe even too much. He’s just so happy to have his s/o at his side that he simply can’t help it. Mista feels like needs to show his s/o affection whenever he can- when they walk through town, his arms are usually around his s/o’s shoulders, both to keep them close and to act as a layer of protection. Once in a while he randomly leans towards them and kisses them, either on the lips, cheeks or forehead. However, he’s even happier when his s/o is the one to initiate some form of affection.
  • His stand is either a blessing or a curse regarding his s/o. He absolutely adores his s/o for getting along with the Pistols so well, but sometimes, the little guys get a bit too much to handle. All of them battle for his s/o’s attention and it keeps disrupting their time alone. The worst thing is though that the Pistols are his stand, so basically him, and whenever Mista talks to Giorno about his s/o, the Pistols know about it and they will tell his s/o as soon as they see them.
  • “Oi […] did you know that Mista…?” they don’t want to be mean or evil, they just think Mista’s s/o deserves to know what he thinks about them (even if Mista might have told Giorno something he does not want his s/o to know… yet). It embarrasses Mista a lot and it ruins the ‘smoothness’ of his gestures, but it’s just a little bit of harmless teasing; the Pistols just don’t know any better…

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Why you dont like live in Naples?

1. every thing you want to do requires an incredible amount of time because nothing works properly 
2. streets are dirty and it hurts my eyes and my heart 
3. i feel like most of the people are ready to use you just for their interests, basically because the work situation is problematic, so if they have the possibility of take advantage of you, they do it, without taking care abt the fact that you are a person with a life, a house, bills or, sadly, passion and talent


On 17 December 1778, Carlo Tito had died at the age of 3. Unfortuantely another tragedy was to hit Maria Carolina’s family. On 21 February 1780, she found herself saying goodbye to little Marianna. Since the Queen was pregnant again, she wanted to be convinced that the vital spirit of her daughter had relocated itself into Gennaro, born shortly afterwards on 12 April. She felt she had to live with resignation, like many other women, the inevitable alteration of life and death.

Pregnant again, on 18 June, 1781, the Queen gave birth to Prince Giuseppe, and, on 26 April the following year, Princess Amalia was born in Caserta.

The Diary of Queen Maria Carolina of Naples, 1781-1785: New Evidence of Queenship at Court - Cinzia Recca

The signs as places around the world

Aries:  Monaco - 

Highly ambitious and independant, Aries natives will find themselves with an abundance of opportunities and luxuries in one of the most affluent cities in the world.

Taurus: Budapest -

Creative and lovers of beauty, Taureans will fit right in in the city of neverending wonders.

Gemini: New York -

The City that never sleeps will satisfy the everchanging gemini with its diverse culture and lively nightlife.

Cancer: Naples -

Family Orientated and sentimental Cancerians will find their home in the authentic and charismatic city of Naples, where those who wish to seek it’s beauty will not be disappointed.

Leo: Las Vegas -

Outgoing, dramatic and self assured Leo’s will fit right in in the liveliest city on earth and will not hesitate to join the nightlife festivities.

Virgo: Edinburgh -

Caring and analytical Virgos will find their place in the cultural and welcoming city of Edinburgh famed for it’s elegant archecture, intriguing history and charming locals.

Libra: Verona -

Harmonius, romantic and lovers of beauty, Librans can explore this picturesque city of music and love which was once home to the legendary star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Scorpio: Tokyo -

Intense, passionate and determined Scorpio’s will enjoy the busy streets, limitless possibilities and exciting culture that Tokyo has to offer.

Sagittarius: Sydney -

Open minded and energetic, the traveler of the zodiac will thrive in the laid-back city down under and will be free to explore the many sides of the vast city, from beaches to bustling streets.

Capricorn: Hong Kong -

Serious-minded and determined, Capricorns are best suited to urban environments, so what better place than the densely populated and vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Aquarius: London -

Intellectual and visionary, The Aquarius will be intrigued by the enchanting exterior, fascinating histories and gruesome tales of London town and may even gain inspiration for their next creative masterpiece.

Pisces: Vienna -

Elusive and romantic, Pisceans will be free to explore the grandeur and elegance whilst escaping from reality within this dream-like city of wonder.