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I want to live by myself when I move out of my parent's place but I'm really afraid of money problems? I'm afraid that the only place I can afford will be in the ghetto and it'll all be torn apart and I'll only be allowed to eat one granola bar a week. I'm really stressing out about this. I don't know anything about after school life. I don't know anything about paying bills or how to buy an apartment and it's really scaring me. is there anything you know that can help me?

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Once you’ve looked over all those cool links, I have some general advice for you on how you can have some sort of support system going for you:

Reasons to move out of home

You may decide to leave home for many different reasons, including:

  • wishing to live independently
  • location difficulties – for example, the need to move closer to university
  • conflict with your parents
  • being asked to leave by your parents.

Issues to consider when moving out of home

It’s common to be a little unsure when you make a decision like leaving home. You may choose to move, but find that you face problems you didn’t anticipate, such as:

  • Unreadiness – you may find you are not quite ready to handle all the responsibilities.
  • Money worries – bills including rent, utilities like gas and electricity and the cost of groceries may catch you by surprise, especially if you are used to your parents providing for everything. Debt may become an issue.
  • Flatmate problems – issues such as paying bills on time, sharing housework equally, friends who never pay board, but stay anyway, and lifestyle incompatibilities (such as a non-drug-user flatting with a drug user) may result in hostilities and arguments.

Your parents may be worried

Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk with them if they are worried about you. Most parents want their children to be happy and independent, but they might be concerned about a lot of different things. For example:

  • They may worry that you are not ready.
  • They may be sad because they will miss you.
  • They may think you shouldn’t leave home until you are married or have bought a house.
  • They may be concerned about the people you have chosen to live with.

Reassure your parents that you will keep in touch and visit regularly. Try to leave on a positive note. Hopefully, they are happy about your plans and support your decision.

Tips for a successful move

Tips include:

  • Don’t make a rash decision – consider the situation carefully. Are you ready to live independently? Do you make enough money to support yourself? Are you moving out for the right reasons?
  • Draw up a realistic budget – don’t forget to include ‘hidden’ expenses such as the property’s security deposit or bond (usually four weeks’ rent), connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Communicate – avoid misunderstandings, hostilities and arguments by talking openly and respectfully about your concerns with flatmates and parents. Make sure you’re open to their point of view too – getting along is a two-way street.
  • Keep in touch – talk to your parents about regular home visits: for example, having Sunday night dinner together every week.
  • Work out acceptable behaviour – if your parents don’t like your flatmate(s), find out why. It is usually the behaviour rather than the person that causes offence (for example, swearing or smoking). Out of respect for your parents, ask your flatmate(s) to be on their best behaviour when your parents visit and do the same for them.
  • Ask for help – if things are becoming difficult, don’t be too proud to ask your parents for help. They have a lot of life experience.

If your family home does not provide support

Not everyone who leaves home can return home or ask their parents for help in times of trouble. If you have been thrown out of home or left home to escape abuse or conflict, you may be too young or unprepared to cope.

If you are a fostered child, you will have to leave the state-care system when you turn 18, but you may not be ready to make the sudden transition to independence.

If you need support, help is available from a range of community and government organisations. Assistance includes emergency accommodation and food vouchers. If you can’t call your parents or foster parents, call one of the associations below for information, advice and assistance.

Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Kids Helpline Tel. 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline Tel. 13 11 44
  • Home Ground Services Tel. 1800 048 325
  • Relationships Australia Tel. 1300 364 277
  • Centrelink Crisis or Special Help Tel. 13 28 50
  • Tenants Union of Victoria Tel. (03) 9416 2577

Things to remember

  • Try to solve any problems before you leave home. Don’t leave because of a fight or other family difficulty if you can possibly avoid it.
  • Draw up a realistic budget that includes ‘hidden’ expenses, such as bond, connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Remember that you can get help from a range of community and government organizations. 


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Domestic Happenings

Request: dan x reader domestic fluff with prompt 26 please!! <3

26: “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.”

Requested by: @honeyscamander

a/n: super cute idea! Thank you for the request!

Warning: domestic feels…?

Originally posted by shinyphan

You were doing your least favourite thing of the day. Dishes. You didn’t know why you hated it so much, but as a child you were always forced to do it and you thought when you were older the damn chore would be forgotten, unfortunately you got a wake up call. And quickly.

Twenty three years old, you stood in your boyfriends apartment that he shared with his best friends, washing their dishes. Okay… so maybe you didn’t have to. But when you’d walked into the flat and saw the mess they had in their sink and the literal grime on the plates, you couldn’t help it.

You didn’t know where Dan or Phil were, you’d used the spare key they’d given you and let yourself in. Deciding to just wait here until someone did get home and then you’d found the mess. So you’d grabbed the gloves, soap and a sponge and got to work.

You hated it, but you refused to let your boyfriend live in such filth, even if it was his (or partially) his fault.

You heard the door open halfway through the dishes, and the stomps of the two giant making their way up the steps. Rolling your eyes at their loud stomping and animate conversation, you continued to wash the dishes. 

You heard the sudden chatter stop and turning with a confused glance, you stared at the still form of Dan and Phil with shocked looked on their faces. You blinked, unsure of what was their problem. Waving with your wet gloved hand, you rose an eyebrow. “Hello guys…?”

“Y/N…” Phil started and you blinked.

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” Dan suddenly said, his face leaving no room for argument, only issue is you didn’t know what he was referring to.

“Uhhh, what?” You stumbled.

“Y/N, why the hell are you doing out dishes?” Dan bluntly asked, staring at you with disappointed. You looked back at the almost sink, then at your hands and back at Dan and Phil, still confused. 

“Because they were dirty and I didn’t want you guys living in that filth, so I decided to do them?” 

Phil suddenly smiled, “that’s so sweet!” He said, excitedly. “But you don’t need to, it’s our flat and you shouldn’t have to do our chores.”

You shrugged, “it’s really no problem. I don’t mind. I did the dishes when i was younger.” You smiled at Phil. Missing the way Dan made his way over to you, until he was right in front of you taking off your gloves and placing them on himself.

“Uh, Dan?” He said nothing but turned towards the sink, lightly shoving you over and beginning to do the dishes.

You smiled suddenly.

Questions the MBTI types have for ENTP

INFP- Why are you so loud? It’s hard to find the perfect picture for this Yuri on Ice aesthetic board with you yelling about aliens all the time…

INFJ- Why haven’t you called the doctor yet? You were supposed to call three weeks ago! You are a very special friend to me, so your health is of the utmost importance…

INTP- Which should I read first: the Satanic Bible or Essential Astrophysics?

INTJ- Do you ever shut the fuck up? That was rhetorical, you have proven time and time again that you do not.

ISFP- Have you fed your fish today? If you kill another fish, I will never forgive you.

ISFJ- Will you please start writing your paper? It really stresses me out to watch you struggle to write 13 pages in 5 hours…

ISTP- Wanna get high?

ISTJ- How are you even alive right now? I watched you consume 16 shots of tequila and 6 Doritos Locos Tacos last night. That’s more tacos and shots than I’ve had in my entire life.

ENFP- Do you want to go to the reptile store with me to pick out a new pet? I’m not sure what I’m going to get, but I have a five gallon tank full of sand and I’m particular to the name Phillis.

ENFJ- Did you use a condom last night? I can’t believe you hooked up with that guy, he could have been a murderer…

ENTP- How are you so perfect, you beautiful bastard?

ENTJ- Why the fuck are your dishes in the sink again? I know you don’t mind living in filth, but you don’t have to subject the rest of us to your bullshit.

ESFP- Want to try to go to that edm concert tonight? It’s been sold out for weeks, but I know the bouncer and I think we could flirt our way in…

ESFJ- Are you being sarcastic? I mean I don’t think you think I’m a “stupid fucking bitch” for making you cookies, but I just want to be sure…

ESTP- Dude, you wanna jump in the pool from the roof? I was about to do it, but I feel like if you do it too, it will be less dangerous.

ESTJ- Can you please try to be on time for our lunch tomorrow? I have a job interview at 12:30 which will probably last 30 minutes and I’ve scheduled a study session for myself at 1:30, so we have exactly 30 minutes to complete our socialization and food. I also picked out an outfit for you and laid it on your bed, so you have no excuse!

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Teen Wolf-Scooby Doo, as in, the Teen Wolf crew driving around in the Jeep solving supernatural mysteries. Just me?

So I don’t know what this is, but this fic turned out to be my ARCH NEMESIS, so, you know, make of that what you will. It’s even alternating POVs, which I haven’t written in years upon years. So please appreciate how much this story wanted to kill me, and how we’re still eyeing each other with open hostility from different corners of the room.

The groundskeeper has gnarled, knotted fingers and rheumy eyes, and it takes five hundred years for him to turn the key in the rusted padlock.  The gate creaks almost as loud as his bones, and Derek flicks an ear in irritation.

“That’s a big dog you’ve got there,” he says, only mildly curious.

Stiles buries one hand in the scruff around Derek’s neck. “Not sure he is one,” Stiles says, and Derek cocks his head up at him.

Scott has the van idling behind them.

Derek takes a deep breath and sneezes. Decay, old blood, and sulfur flood his senses—he whines softly. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

The old house looms in front of them, stone and spires, ominous, cloaked in shadows thrown by the nearly full moon. His skin ripples under his fur, uneasy, and he tucks his tail between his legs.

“Relax,” Stiles murmurs to him. “This is easy money, right? A simple salt and burn.”

Derek huffs, knocks into Stiles’ side as he hastily turns around, and then slinks back to the van. He doesn’t like this place. He never likes haunted places, too much lingering despair that stirs up old guilt, but this house feels like it’s made out of skeleton bones, dread sits like a stone in his belly.

Lydia already has the side of the van open. He hops in, slides past Kira, and then digs into Stiles’ open duffle, buries his snout in an old t-shirt that smells a little bit like Scott, too.

“Dude,” Stiles says when he climbs in after him. “Come on.”

Derek growls, low in his throat, and Stiles backs off with a huffy, “Fine, be that way.”

The van grinds into gear and rolls forward slowly, tires bumping over the cobblestone drive, and Derek feels like his chest is caving in.

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Adam: I hate how life-apologists say ‘Life isn’t all suffering. What about the simple pleasures, like eating ice cream?’ They always use that example. Even if I didn’t recognize the flaws in their assertion, when I think of ice cream, I can only see a repugnant lump of pus crushed out of cows’ bloody nipples, who spend their entire lives confined in filth, where they’re periodically raped so that they’re incessantly pregnant… I always ride the pessimism train down different tracks until it inevitably leads me to contemplating over 500 million years of animals cannibalizing each other. Excuse me for not being thrilled by the extra jimmies on my ice cream cone.


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Any fic/scenario rec?? :)) idc about the genre

That is… a very serious question my friend. Let me change into my comfy pants (no pants) and I will give you the tip of the iceberg.

@btssmutgalore - Zaddy - Sugar Daddy, Kim Taehyung. 

I CAN NOT HYPE THIS STORY ENOUGH. I actually 100% blame this story for my obsession with Taehyung. I didn’t even consider him before and now… I am wrecked. 

@chanyeolspout - Anything for Her - Single Dad, Park Chanyeol

I would like to reiterate that I didn’t know who Chanyeol was before this story. Literally didn’t know who he was and still fell head over heels for it. That’s how good this story and the writing is.

@kittae - Bon Appetit - Dirty, filthy Zhang Yixing

Okay, so I am sensing a theme, bare with me. I didn’t know who Lay was (I know, I was young and I was so stupid) my EXO bias was Kai because he was the first member I saw. Then I read this story and a monster was awoken inside me. Actual thought process after reading this drabble, “Damn. I should look up a picture of this guy. *Googles Yixing* *falls desperately in love* *dies and is resurrected every time I see his GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL FACE*” Thanks @kittae, I used to think that there wasn’t anyone that could compete with my Love (capitol L) for Jiyong, but Yixing tho…. 

@kpoppantydrop Strap in nonnie. 

Eyes On Me - Daddy AF Choi Seunghyun 

I almost didn’t write Angels and Demons because after reading Eyes on Me I doubted that I would ever be able to create a comparable Seunghyun. I am still not convinced I did. Bottom line, read this. 

Partition - Dom! Park Jinyoung. 

You know what’s not done enough (besides fat girl fiction)? Stories whose titles are also Beyonce songs that I can listen to the entire time I’m reading it, which only emphasizes the mood. Also… Jinyoung smut, not done enough. 

Sweat, Thighs, Tears - Park Jimin

I’m not going to say much about this. It’s short, just read it. If your sense of humor is anything like mine, it will bring you endless joy. If not…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Curaçao - Park Chanyeol

I once said that I want this story read at my funeral. I stand by that. My family and friends all know I live a life of filth and sin. They will not be surprised, they will be blessed. You may want to read this in a ice bath that’s been blessed by the pope. 

@noona-la-la-la - Unexpected -  Min Yoongi

How does one summarize this masterpiece… they don’t. Just read it. 

@smutfictionaddicted - 

Eyes on the Prize Zhang Yixing (Lay), Kim Minseok (Xiumin), Kim Jongdae (Chen) and Byun Baekhyun. 

The lineup on this fic should be more than enough to intrigue you tbth. The first story I read by CL and I don’t regret it for a second. Came for Yixing stayed for this amazing writer.  

This Could Be… - Kim Namjoon

This story is…*sigh*… so good. There’s a lot of dirty dom!joon out there which is great, DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but I live for smart/nerd!joon and she provides.  

@tabi-ears - Let’s Not Fall In Love - Choi Seunghyun

I tend to stand by the belief that the best stories are ones where the writer is writing about their bias. I binge read this entire series in a matter of hours. Hours in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping and then some of the ones when the sun was just coming up. I will wait however long it takes for the next part with bated breath and so should you. 

@eureka-its-zico - Fighter - Jeon Jungkook

I have lost count of the amount of times I have read this story. Aggressive Kookie has never been done so well. C'est vraiment magnifique!

@versigny - Miss Dial - Fratboy! Min Yoongi

The build up is so excruciating and somehow still completely satisfying. If you enjoy pain and suffering, you’ll probably enjoy this too. 

@waitinginthedarke - Exposure - Min Yoongi

This is another series that I binge read until my eyes were practically bleeding. It’s so good. Who doesn’t love fluffy Yoongi stories?? He’s such a smol squish. heart eyeeeees. 

@war-of-hormoan - I did genuinely consider just screen-capping her masterlist and then posting that but I will do this properly. And by properly I mean with a series of gifs that mirror my reactions to the stories because I just love her so much that I get too excited for real words. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, I crush hard on Rams. 

Weights & Measures - Min Yoongi

Originally posted by heyyhaleyheyy

The City - Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

For You - Kim Taehyung 

Originally posted by whynooooot

Enjoy! I hope you find something you love!

I hate how life-apologists say ‘Life isn’t all suffering. What about the simple pleasures, like eating ice cream?’ They always use that example. Even if I didn’t recognize the flaws in their assertion, when I think of ice cream, I can only see a repugnant lump of pus crushed out of cows’ bloody nipples, who spend their entire lives confined in filth, where they’re periodically raped so that they’re incessantly pregnant… I always ride the pessimism train down different tracks until it inevitably leads me to contemplating over 500 million years of animals cannibalizing each other. Excuse me for not being thrilled by the extra jimmies on my ice cream cone.
—  Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooter. 
Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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This was a request I’d started from the old blog asking for Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Dazai Pirate!AU headcanons with an s/o. I’ve already written both sfw and nsfw for Chuuya here. These are all sfw~


• He’s known by a myriad of names, and you’re the only one who knows his real name. On a whim he whisked you away from living in the filth of poverty and showed you what the actual freedom is. Dazai doesn’t take partners lightly and the moment his eyes fell upon that face of yours he knew he’d never be able to forget you, so why not offer you a better life with him? Dazai’s life is all about freedom and the open sea, but he won’t miss a chance to swipe gold from a few too wealthy men who pissed him off at one point or another.

• Dazai prefers to hop from boat to boat, stealing it of course, rather than commit to one actual boat. He doesn’t want to get caught (not that he’s worried anyone would outsmart him), but he loves shiny new ships that he didn’t have to pay for. He knows it’s a lot of work for two people to work a massive ship, and though Dazai prefers to have just you and him on the high seas he keeps a few people under his thumb when he’s planning on making a big journey. When you’re blessed with other bodies doing the work for the ship Dazai uses this free time to spend a few hours rolling around in the sheets.

• Knowing how restless people can get being stuck on a ship for a month at a time Dazai has a very detailed map of islands he’s turned into the perfect secret paradise when you’re itching to dock but aren’t near any major ports. When you ask him how he managed to build such a perfect beach cottage stocked to the brim with rum he merely winks and pulls you into the crystal clear water for a swim.

• Dazai isn’t much of a swordsman, but when he needs to he can defend himself and you when things get a little too heated. But, this is a rarity because Dazai’s meticulous planning keeps you both out of harms way. In less than an hour after he’s spotted a ship he’s fallen in love the both of you are waving at the angry owners shouting from a distance as you sail off into the sunset. If Dazai picked out a certain boat because the owner angered him at some point he goes through the effort of stealing a generous amount of gold and jewelry to barter with.

• After a few months of sailing through the ocean and causing mayhem Dazai wants a few nights with just the two of you, some alcohol, and the moonlight. This is when Dazai trades his massive ship in for a smaller and luxurious boat that he can man by himself if he needed. Dazai docks the boat in a secret location near one of the pirate-friendly port cities and sets up a hammock with comfy pillows and a blanket. Sex in one of these contraptions is a challenge, but Dazai loves watching you bounce on his cock under the moonlight on the open water. Plus, it’s much more comfortable than the floor.


• Has a fleet of boats and commands the high seas with an iron fist. You don’t fuck with Akutagawa unless you want your head chopped off.  But, he does offer a position in his crew to all boats and ships he commandeers. One thing he will not tolerate from his crew, new and old, is them getting within a two foot radius of you. Unless they’re protecting you from enemies his crew is specifically instructed not touch you at all. If they do their hand is immediately chopped off, and if they think Akutagawa doesn’t have eyes on his girl they are gravely ignorant.

• Akutagawa doesn’t mind if you know how to fight or not, but he would rather not have to constantly watch your back and his at the same time. Minimal swordsmanship is a must and he’ll teach you himself. When you get good enough to fight him equally he has a sword specifically made for you. Hand crafted and made of the best steal and painted black just like his. Being presented with such a fine weapon is on par with being asked for your hand in marriage to Akutagawa, and he expects you to take care of it properly.

• Stealing riches such as gold, jewelry, or clothes isn’t high on his priorities, but if Akutagawa comes across something he knows you’d like he’ll pocket it quickly and leave it for you on the bed after he’s done robbing whoever happened to piss him off that day. Akutagawa pillages for power, but he’s not opposed to making contracts with the wealthy governors of the isles he overtakes. He makes them sign in blood, and he makes it translucently clear they will pay with their lives if they double-cross him. Afterwards he lets you flounce through houses of villagers and wealthy elite like they’re running a store. Anything you want is yours if Akutagawa hasn’t already snatched up the best while you were off kicking ass.

• Akutagawa captains a main ship most of the time, and he rarely changes his crew because he’d rather have them know the ship over teaching new people how to run it. He’s decorated the captain’s quarters in refined reds and darker colors with a plush bed and books from all over the world. When he can’t sleep at night he often has you curled up on his chest as he reads to himself, or to you if you ask nicely, with the moonlight trickling through the window.

• When Akutagawa is getting fed up or annoyed with the consistent presence of crewmembers Akutagawa uses a smaller ship he obtained from a certain monarch (after threatening to slaughter their family if they didn’t comply) and sets them off to one of the various pirate friendly isles for a week off. Akutagawa docks his fleet on the biggest isles he owns and takes you to one of the houses he took over and settles in for a comfortable week with you as his only company. Rarely does he want to leave the comfort of the bed, and he protests even more when you try and put your clothes back on. 


i owe @chaoticlivi and @skadventuretime my life. ty, betababes ♥

i tried okay. hrrgh. /throws update into the void





She’s calling it spring cleaning, but it’s still not enough to motivate Soul out of bed.

But they have company coming, for goodness’ sake, and if there’s one thing her mama had instilled in her as a child, it was to project competence, despite everything else - a baby on the way, her husband’s infidelity, a crumbling marriage - and if Maka is anything, she is certainly her mother’s daughter. And goddammit, she can get her apartment looking spotless, with or without her lazy, no-good, tall-and-actually-quite-good-at-dusting-the-ceiling-fan roommate.

With her hair tied up in twintails, Maka shamelessly revs up the vacuum and makes her rounds up and down the hall. She knocks her knuckles against Soul’s bedroom door on each pass, just for good measure. His resulting groan is barely muted beneath the hum of their decrepit vacuum.

It’s not that they live surrounded by filth by any means, but the apartment is certainly lived in, and Maka works long hours and Soul overnight, so sometimes routine cleaning doesn’t get done. Dishes are often washed, and they make trips to the laundromat together, but things like dusting and cleaning the bathroom sink’s drain and vacuuming, apparently, sometimes get overlooked. It’s hard, working up the energy to clean by herself, while thinking about Soul, plucking away at his keyboard, looking ridiculously moody and handsome elsewhere. And if she’s not the one putting in the elbow grease and scrubbing down the fridge, well, Soul’s certainly not about to do it. His knees crack and he groans everytime he has to kneel down, and he’s only in his 20s.

She makes a mental note to get on him about that. He’s too young to be falling apart. Bad posture is tearing her newly minted maybe-boyfriend apart, and they haven’t even gotten to second base yet. It’s unfair, thinking about it; those pretty hands of his are distracting on even a good day, and yet the wannabe-geezer still manages to be both the most attractive man she’s ever seen and a creaky bag of bones in the same breath.

read: ffn or ao3!

“I hate how life-apologists say… ‘Life isn’t all suffering. What about the simple pleasures, like eating ice cream?’ They always use that example. Even if I didn’t recognize the flaws in their assertion, when I think of ice cream, I can only see a repugnant lump of pus crushed out of cows’ bloody nipples, who spend their entire lives confined in filth, where they’re periodically raped so that they’re incessantly pregnant… I always ride the pessimism train down different tracks until it inevitably leads me to contemplating over 500 million years of animals cannibalizing each other. Excuse me for not being thrilled by the extra jimmies on my ice cream cone.”

- An internet forum entry posted by Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, in February 2012 just ten months prior to his heinous mass killing spree.

My roommate told me her parents were coming for her graduation but she didn’t say they were arriving tonight, which ofc means my apartment is fucking disgusting and i didn’t clean it for them (she ofc didn’t clean it either because she seems to take cleaning as solely my responsibility)

anonymous asked:

Pet AU, their reactions to bath time?

Admin Mawile: (゚∀゚ )

Shuu: He’ll put up with almost anything to avoid punishment. If staying still and getting a bath is what it takes, he might even be able to nap during it. 

Reiji: Not only is he eager to obey a direct command from you, actually being clean is so much better than the filth some pets are left in. 

Ayato: He doesn’t really like baths, but it’s still better than risking making you angry. At least you bother to keep the water warm. 

Kanato: Being clean and taken care of is a privilege only owned pets get. He’ll gladly accept any care you offer just because of that. 

Laito: He hates having to spend time so close to a human, but the temptation of being clean wins out over his worry. 

Subaru: Back when he was deemed unsafe to sell, baths meant being sprayed down with a hose. This is much nicer than that. 

Ruki: As much as he dislikes making himself so vulnerable, it’s a massive relief to be able to stay clean instead of living in filth. 

Kou: If he can calm down long enough to let you close, warm water and clean scars will do him a world of good, about as close to relaxed as he gets. 

Yuuma: He’s not particularly fond of baths, but compared to the nasty places he’s lived before, it’s worth having to put up with being damp. 

Azusa: Any attention from you is something to be grateful for. You could scald him or use ice water and he’d still be happy about it. 

Carla: He’s rather fastidious about staying clean, especially after flare ups of his illness. Grooming of any kind is welcome. 

Shin: Baths may be one of his greatest joys. It’s hard to keep him out of them once you’ve offered, especially if you have warm water.