living in books

Racism. It’s a heavy word. It’s a word created out of fear. It demeans the weak, the poor, the desperate. It’s a word that can kill, burn, torture generations of humans without a single thought to human value or life. It’s a word that creates division. It’s a word that can kill whole nations and colonies. It’s why the holocaust happened. It’s why other types of select groups are under attack now. We must take care. We must take care. Learn from history and be better human beings.

‘Read some fucking comics’ yeah sure I’ll waltz over to the comic book store an hour from my house and buy the Riddler issues they don’t have

I’m sorry but this pisses me off

A lot of people cannot get comics if they do not order them online - which can be expensive - and if you don’t want to just download them, people judge you for not wanting to steal comics

Belle: “Romeo and Juliet is my favorite.”

Beast: *scoffs* “Really?”

Me: “I have never related to a Disney character more in my life.”

Later: *Belle and Beast reading their books while they eat*

Me: “Ok, NOW I have never related to a Disney character more in my life.”

Don’t carry the darkness as a armour. Don’t allow the negativity and hate to consume you. You are too much of a magical being to lose your light. xoxo