living in a closet

harry potter was so messed up guys

not the book series

the character

he was so messed up like he lived in a closet and was hungry and treated like crap and no one helped him escape that life for a decade and then he finally gets to know his heritage and his family and oops kiddo you’re kind of famous?? wizard jesus??? so deal with that without any kind of adult guidance whatsoever you’re eleven and grew up in a house without any kind of emotional support you’re mature enough to handle that and THEN he finds out that he’s actually got people in this world that want him and want to love him and he finds out that… this world… hates them???  like one’s a werewolf and the other is a “criminal” and this world that celebrates his life hates the people that want to genuinely love him and care for him??? and the family that also loves and protects him are treated like crap because they are poor?????? and aren’t racist??? 

then he grows up a bit more and then suddenly he’s got this fuckin’ genocidal war lord out for his head specifically and he’s killing people and shit and NO ONE BELIEVES HIM they literally look at him like YEAH RIGHT YOU ARE JUST THE LITTLE BABY THAT SURVIVED A BAD NIGHT YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING and Harry’s like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK


and then he starts a club to teach kids… how to protect themselves?  Because he’s been let down by adults all his damn life so fuck them fuck them all he doesn’t need them they won’t listen to him so he’ll do what he can to protect these kids because the adults won’t do it it’s all on him he’s gotta do it he’s gotta

and then people that love him and want to protect him just for the sake of protecting a friend start dying one by one

and then he fuckin learns that all his fuckin life he’s been raised to be killed and he just

walks into the forest calmly 

and accepts it


the room i live in was originally supposed to be a storage closet, so every 15 minutes the motion sensitive light turns off and this happens

the flailing keeps me humble

the boy who lived

harry potter is so sick of the tabloid headlines: “harry potter, GAY? is the boy who lived in a literal closet finally out of the proverbial one?” “potter back with (ginny) weasley: relationship with muggle just gay experiment?” “potter at pride: high-profile ally helps lgbtqia wixen”

mrs. weasley has the brilliant idea to knit him a sweater that says BISEXUAL in huge letters across the front. he wears it to interviews when he knows they’re going to ask about his love life, and he wears it when he knows the paparazzi are going to try to catch him out on a date. it helps quell the tabloids’ bi erasure and helps him feel more pride in his identity.

Here’s to the non-binary adults trying to deal with the fact that they can’t be out at work.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who can’t even try to be out with their parents because they’re trying to keep things ok for the grandkids.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who say “Oh it’s ok, I’m used to gender-specific binary pronouns” and die a little inside.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have learned not to care.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who really don’t care about pronouns.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who have to gender-binary themselves for PTA meetings and talking to business owners and government officials.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel lost and without community because so much of the vocal and out enby community is very young.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t feel welcome in the trans community and aren’t part of the cis community.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who feel guilty about calling themselves trans because they don’t “feel trans enough” or that they don’t deserve to call themselves trans.

Here’s to the non-binary adults who don’t identify as trans without any guilt about it at all.

Conditional Acceptance is like living on a high wire every day, and “passing privilege” is a painful myth, one that can leave us feeling miserable and crushed and empty.

Love yourself and honor that living in the closet isn’t a privilege. It hurts, and it’s ok that it hurts. You didn’t do anything wrong, the world did.

Oh Sherlock, you show off.

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ok this is a fail comic. why? because upon finishing up (it’s not completely done haha ;-;) I realized that these aren’t visually funny (darn). But I thought I’d post it anyway 8n8 cause it would be a waste if i didn’t. Damn BGs im eternally bad at them *shakes fist*.

The ways in which I will love you

1. Truly
I won’t keep writing cheesy love poems or keep complimenting you. I will say what I think and be verbal about things you can work on, about what I don’t particularly like because there will be somethings I won’t.

2. I will love you.
There will be no reason.
Not any particular thing but you as a whole.
So you can change and grow, you can progress and you can evolve. As long as you’re you at the core, you have all my love.

3. I will be open to exploring your interests.
I may not care about sports but if that’s something you care about, I will ask you to teach me and I will sincerely learn and take interest.

4. Whatever path it may be, you won’t walk alone. On rainy days, I will share my umbrella and on windy days I will not make fun of your hair. On sunny ones I will share my ice cream and when your shoes are worn out, I will stop with you and help you fix them. Or wait until you find new ones that are just the right fit.

5. I will accept and try to love your crazy family as my own. I understand how complicated and unbelievable families can be but I do know the base is always love.

6. I will give you all my maps and some flashlights too so you can go on to explore parts of me I don’t display. There won’t be anything you will not know if you want to. I won’t let you read my diaries but I will let you read my soul.

7. I will step out of the goof closet I have been living in all my life and show you who I really am and make you laugh and smile and blush and yell.

8. I will say yes to adventure and to crazy sexual desires and have long lists of my very own I will like to explore with you.

9. I won’t cook or clean and I won’t be sorry about it. But I will keep your heart fed and the dark corners of your mind clean.

10. I won’t demand your phone/social media/bank passwords because all I really want is to look in your eyes and know what you’re thinking, to touch you and know what you’re feeling and to love a person I know as well and as little as myself.
As little as myself is only stating the disregard for the expectations and standards of the society and people and the masks we are given to wear on every birthday.

11. I will love the lazy Sundays at home as well as all the days we forget what day of the week it is or what time it really is because we are lost in time zones, on airplanes and in between magic.

12. When we argue I will never not stay silent or keep anything on the inside. I will get it all out so that there is never anything ugly left to grow on the inside.

The Zodiac Signs as Places of a House

Aries: Kitchen

Taurus: Garden

Gemini: Library

Cancer: Closet

Leo: Front yard

Virgo: Office

Libra: Entrance

Scorpio: Bedroom

Sagittarius: Living Room

Capricorn: Basement

Aquarius: Attic

Pisces: Bathroom

Special Interest
  • My psychologist: So, can you tell me a bit more about *insert special interest here*
  • My parents: Oh no
  • My dog: Oh no
  • My friends: Oh no
  • The ghost that lives in my closet: Oh no
  • The entire friggin universe: Oh no
  • My autistic ass: *takes out powerpoint out of the void* GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE
Curse Your Abuser

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Submitted by @live-in-the-broomcloset!

You will need:

  • A container of your choice
  • Mold
  • Targets name on paper or a taglock.
  • Snow (or your freezer)
  • Coffee grounds
  • A list of things they have done to you (optional)

Once you have the mold in the container, add the paper/taglock and list. Sprinkle coffee over top to speed up the curses effects. Pour your intent into the container, and put the lid on to lock it in. Put snow or an ice cube into the container, then place it in snow/your freezer to make the mold and paper stick, and to aid in “freezing” the person out of your life. Let it freeze for 30 minutes, to bring 30 days of misfortune - or however long you would like. 

When sufficiently frozen, remove contents from the container. Burn the paper/s to remove this person and their actions from your life more rapidly. Fill container with warm soapy water, then sprinkle the ashes of the papers on the foam. Let them sink and force the abuser to face their ways and drown in guilt. 

This curse can easily be personalized to you. Change it, add something. Set your own boundaries, add words to a step in this. Make it specific to your abuser.