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I was sympathetic to allie a long time ago but this cemented it, i truly dislike so much about her, how dare she actually tell lala you cant take care of your son, shes going to lose bother her nephew and sister.. Again

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 Allison is very spoiled and lives in this fantasy of how her life should be. She will try and arrange events around her so that they fit in with her spoiled behaviour. I don’t think she means to be deliberately cruel, but she’s almost child-like in how she will try and lie to get her way. And like a child, she puts her feelings first.

New Character?

Okay, so inspiration struck, I want to make a non-furry G/t character, expand my horizons! But I’m torn between two concepts, a sexy sci-fi alien/monster boy (which I’ll expand on later) or a burly & rustic, but sweet & friendly giant that lives in a fantasy world as a trader that strides across the land wearing clothes & jewelry made of the trinkets from the world of tiny humans. He likes wearing golden crowns as pinky rings & anchors as earrings. He’ll almost always tying his long, wavy brown hair & soft auburn beard into intricate braids, fastening them with guilded chains. Perhaps he even wears crude, ancient make-up tricks to look less frightening & endearing to humans…I think his name will be “Alajandro.”

I think I could watch dust forever.

so I stayed at this cabin earlier this summer. one day I woke up at 5a.m. and saw the incredible light coming through the front door. I couldn’t just let it go and fall asleep again. I set my camera up, shook some old pillows and caught this beautiful second before the wind blew all of this out

Tragedy of Ignis

I feel like I already have a post like that. Well I’ll have two then. But you know what’s really sad? Ignis is a function character. It’s not me shitting on the story, there are actual real life people who live like that, molding all their lives around someone else. Typical thing for mothers, maybe that’s one of the reasons why fandom thinks about him as a mom-friend despite the fact that he is adventurous pun master dork. But really all his life since the early childhood was dedicated sorely to Noctis. There are Gladio and Luna who are quite literally live for Noctis to fulfill his role but still, Luna has her oracle shebang, Gladio expresses characteristics that has nothing to do to Noctis: he loves his sister, likes reading, hiking, getting stronger, even those cup noodles. 

Every habit or quality Ignis exhibits is there for Noctis. He may enjoy cooking but he got into it to lift the prince’s spirits after the Tenebrae attack. His knowledge, his manners, his skills at fight all were developed to guide a young king to his fullest potential. And not once he shows even a trace of resentment toward Noct, even having every right, even after this quest leaves him fucking blind. The depth of his devotion and selflessness is truly mind-boggling. 

And the saddest part? It’s all for nothing. He dedicated every second of his life to make Noctis a perfect ruler he never meant to be. 

King Regis never pressed his son to be a great leader because he won’t be, it was good enough if he lived happily for those short years he had. But Ignis didn’t get the memo so he kept on trying.  

I mean even the fact that each bro gets an episode to dive into their character, lives and motivations exclude Ignis. Because “his” episode is still emotionally Noct’s story of coming to terms with his father’s mortality and his own role as an heir.     

My ideal future: Just me and my wife, drinking tea in a coffee shop somewhere in Europe. It’s foggy and cold outside. I’m in an oversized sweater, she’s wearing a rain coat. Our boots are covered in mud and rain. There is a cozy atmosphere. Soft music is playing in the background. She’s reading aloud her favorite book for the 100th time to me. We are both content and happy. We’re both succeeding in our passions. Life is peaceful.

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Since I'm forever grateful for your "My Big Fat Russian Wedding" headcanons, what are your headcanons for "My Big Fat Japanese Wedding"?

I actually headcanon Yuuri’s family as being rather small, really just Yuuri and Mari and their parents. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a Big Fat Japanese Wedding. There was definitely a Big Fat Japanese Wedding.

The Big Fat Japanese Wedding happens because the entire town of Hasetsu takes it upon themselves to host a huge banquet-style wedding reception for Yuuri and Viktor. They’ve already been legally married, both in Russia and Japan–and had their Traditional Russian Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Courtesy of the Nikiforovs, but the people of Hasetsu (And Yuuri and Viktor for that matter) want nothing more than for the beginning of their lives together to be full of the blending of their cultures.

I’m not saying Surprise Wedding Party…but Surprise Wedding Party.

Yuuri watches his father and Mari carrying pounds upon pounds of fish through the onsen and he’s like “???? um ok” and Hiroko gives a halfassed explanation about a large group being booked for the coming week.

Yuuri is manning the front desk for a few hours and someone calls in asking what time the cake for the reception on Saturday should be delivered.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” says Yuuri, frowning at the schedule. “We don’t have a wedding scheduled this week.”

“Yuuri-kun? Is that you?”

“Yes,” Yuuri mumbles. “Masamune-sempai?” Masamune Kawasaki was a year above him in high school; Masamune-kun’s mother runs a patisserie on the other side of the river; everyone in Hasetsu buys their wedding and birthday cakes from her.


“Who was that?” Viktor asks, because he’s been spending his time lounging in front of the front desk and probably indulging some internal fantasy that he’s seducing the receptionist or something. Yuuri might be married to the man, that doesn’t mean he understands what goes on in his head.

“I think it was my old sempai,” Yuuri mutters, staring with a frown at the phone. “He said it wasn’t him, but it sounded just like him. How strange.”

Mari sends Viktor and Yuuri along on many a fool’s errand. There is an owner of a hardware store in Fukuoka who is still laughing about the time a white-haired foreigner came into his store and with the utmost confidence asked if he stocked left-handed screwdrivers in a heavy Kyushu accent.

The wedding itself is, as expected of a town like Hasetsu, large and noisy and flawlessly executed and literally everyone Yuuri has ever known is there. Even Phichit, who flew on a red eye from Bangkok to be there and even resisted Instagraming the whole thing these are the things I do for you Yuuri.

Secretly, Mama and Papa Katsuki know that their gift to Yuuri and Viktor wasn’t just the party–they have watched their son stress about two different legal wedding ceremonies and a religious ceremony in Russia and know that what he needs is a party he doesn’t have to worry about at all.

Also as a gift to their son, Mama and Papa Katsuki retire from the party early so that Yuuri feels comfortable cutting loose a little. Judging by the fact that Yuuri pitifully asks everyone to whisper the next morning, and that Viktor is wearing one of those flowy scarves to hide his neck, they figure their gift was a success.