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Yoongi: *Walks into the kitchen to see Jin bending over rummaging through the refrigerator*

Jin: Yoongi, do you like buns?  

Yoongi: *Struts over and smacks Jin’s ass* 

Yoongi: I love Buns, especially when they’re your buns sweet cheeks.  

Jin: Well that’s good because I ate all of the hamburgers and there are only hamburger buns left to eat, the next time you’re going to be 2 hours late for dinner you better let me know. 

Jin: *Smacks Yoongi’s ass* 

Jin: Sweet cheeks.  

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Why is Levi so much stronger than Mikasa if they're both Ackermans? I'm really confused because Kenny was just as strong as him, right?

Disclaimer: Considering most of Shingeki no Kyojin takes place in a span of 2-3 months after the 104th’s graduation, that’s where this answer takes place! 

Thanks for the ask! Anything any of us have to say about this is really just speculation, but I’ll try to put my two cents into this by taking in a few factors.

What I believe separates their strength lies in experience.

Levi’s never had the luxury of living in an environment where he hasn’t needed to defend himself. From childhood, he’s had to fight off thugs and build up his skills simply to survive. Even though he’s in his early thirties, the only time he hasn’t needed to defend himself was before his mother died, which is was when he was very little. 

Not to discredit Mikasa, but she’s lived an arguably simple life when compared to Levi in the sense that she’s had a childhood where she hasn’t needed to exercise her powers. Aside from killing that slave trader, her biggest opponents were neighborhood bullies she fended off for the sake of her cinnamon friends. If there was ever a fight that was truly dangerous (e.t. life and death), she had the option to (literally) pick up her friends and leave. 

As for Levi, his only choice was to engage in dangerous situations. Whether it was swiping food from crates or starting a massacre on his opponents, he was forced into these scenarios, thus being given the opportunity to exercise his skills.

And who did he learn these skills from? Well, none other than Kenny Ackerman, the mass murderer. And though Mikasa’s military training is outstanding, at the end of the day, it’s all standard. It’s been suggested she learned more than just standard military training, but we’ll leave that alone considering it doesn’t make much of a difference when comparing to someone being trained by a professional serial killer.

It’s also extremely important to note that Mikasa’s only a single stat behind Levi in both combat and initiative! To be a fifteen year old girl coming straight out of graduation with a sole stat behind Humanity’s Strongest Soldier is pretty damn astonishing. Even if we don’t know what the gap is between those stats, it’s really impressive when we compare it to the other soldiers.

That brings me to my next (but lesser) point. Mikasa is fifteen years old. To expect a fifteen year old girl to be as experienced and skillful as a man in his early thirties is utterly unrealistic, even for Shingeki no Kyojin. She was only twelve three years ago! 

So to practically become the right-hand man of Humanity’s Strongest not long after graduating the top of her class is just one of many beautifully perfect demonstrations of how much potential this girl really has.

Mikasa’s realized the effectiveness of Levi’s spinning technique, which shows she’s a good learner. She even looks a little surprised at herself!

If both Levi and Mikasa were to hypothetically live ‘till the end of story, I’ve no doubt she’d catch up to him. I say both of them because if Levi passes down his techniques to her, she’d improve her own skills and techniques at a quicker pace than she would if she were independent. And since Levi already holds high appraisal for her skills, it’d only be beneficial that they’d train together. Mikasa needs a challenge and Levi needs someone close enough to his skill to teach for his own training. Since Mikasa’s a quick-learner, she’d easily make the perfect candidate. 

In summary, my perspective is that Levi’s stronger than Mikasa due to age and experience. He’s had more chances than her to practice on his skills and put them to the test in various, unusual scenarios. Mikasa grew up in an environment where she had to learn techniques at the pace of other soldiers, despite her strength and ability to learn quickly.

But I have absolutely no doubt they’ve done some hardcore Ackertraining sessions together between the time-skip in the Uprising Arc. There’s absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t have! :)

Thank you for the question, it was really fun to answer! ^-^

PS: About the Kenny part of your question, it’s been stated that Levi would win between the two of them. I’m pretty sure age has something to do with that.

Restless Nights - EXO (ot9) reaction

I’ve been such kpop trash recently and I regret nothing but the fact that I never let myself get this deep before so here we goooooooo! Here’s to my first exo reaction and hopefully not my last ;)

      *NOT MY GIFS, credit to their respectful owners :)*


You would have been in bed for about five minutes when you’d hear him quietly call out your name in the dark. You’d hum in response, and respond “no” when he asked if you were awake.
“Good,” you’d hear him chuckle as he’d place his arm across your torso.
“What’s up?” You’d turn your head to face him, but when he gently tugged at your hips you’d move so that you entire body faced him.
He’d smile and say that he “just wanted to talk”. At first, you’d be a little panicked, but after you asked him what it was that he wanted to talk about, he’d give a shy smile and shrug. After a moment of silence, he’d ask something like “If, hypothetically I mean, you and I were to - hypothetically - drop everything one day and start over somewhere new, where would you want to go? Hypothetically.” You’d kind of laugh but go along with it, and within an hour you two would have gone from talking about your hypothetical new lives to what kind of candy you would be and why.

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You would have accepted earlier on that night that you likely wouldn’t get much sleep due to the accumulating stress of an ongoing project at school or work. Suho would have gone to bed about an hour earlier, telling you before he went to make sure you went to bed at a decent hour. Of course, being the caring mother boyfriend he is, he would have fought to stay awake the entire time and when the clock next to your shared bed read 1:25, he’d crawl out and find still working at the desk in your office space, hunched over pages upon pages of scribbled notes and occasionally glancing at your laptop, whose brightness burned your eyes. Part of him would want to scold you, though he totally understood and appreciated your hard work. So instead, he’d coax you into putting everything away for the night because “you’ve been working so hard,” and “it’ll still be there in the morning; you still have another couple of days to finish” “so for now let’s have some tea and grab a snack and go to bed, okay?” 

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After having slept an astounding two hours, you would wake up to go to the washroom only to realize when you came back to bed that you weren’t tired anymore, having essentially taken an unplanned power nap. You’d look next to you and see Lay sleeping peacefully, and not wanting to wake him you’d get up as quietly as you could and pad out of the room to the living room/lounge area. You’d put on the TV and start binge watching a new show, but a few episodes in you’d eventually doze off. Flashforward a few hours, and you’d wake up expecting your neck to be sore because - last you remembered - you had laid your head down on the armrest. Instead, you’d wake up to your head resting on one of your boyfriend’s thighs. He’d feel you shift and look down, smiling, before saying “good morning sleeping beauty,” and placing a kiss on your forehead. Then, he’d quickly say something about how the show was better than he thought it would be, explaining that when he woke up and came to see you, he decided to start the show from the beginning to see what could possibly be better than his cuddles  because he was curious and wanted to talk to you about it, knowing how invested you could get in fictional universes.

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You would have been trying to sleep for about 45 minutes, unable to calm your racing mind for unknown reasons, when you’d feel Baekhyun shift next to you. You’d think nothing of it, knowing full well that he was a bit of a restless sleeper, but when you heard him speaking you assumed he was awake as well. You couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying, it sounded like he was jumbling his words together, so you placed a hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly, asking what it was he was saying. When he didn’t respond, you’d call his name a little louder. You wouldn’t get the reaction you were expecting; he’d let out a little scream and nearly jump out of his skin. You’d immediately start giggling at his reaction, it having finally dawned on you that, not only had he been asleep, but that Byun Baekhyun was a sleeptalker (which was perfect teasing and pranking material). As you calmed yourself and apologized, your boyfriend murmured a long “kaebbsong” as he turned his back to you and drifted back to sleep. 

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Giggles. All. Night. Long. It would get to the point where you don’t even know why you’re laughing anymore, you’re just in this endless cycle of him laughing because you are and vice versa. He would’ve been awake because his internal clock was messed up from all the late nights he’d been pulling recently, but would’ve come to bed to cuddle with you anyway because he’s cute like that. He’d just kinda watch you as you slept peacefully, admiring how peaceful you looked and running his fingers gently through your hair until your face twitched and he’d just lose it. He’d laugh so loudly that he may have even woken up the neighbours, but it didn’t really matter because once you got past being annoyed that he woke you up (because his laughter is contagious, let’s face it), you’d just lay there laughing at everything and anything until you’d both eventually quiet down and doze off at around 4 in the morning, with your head and a hand on his chest and one of his arms lightly draped over one of your shoulders.

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Okay we all know he’ll wake up the boys when he can’t sleep at night, so one night he’d basically try bugging everyone in the dorm to stay up with him because he was restless but none of them were having any of it; they were all so drained and tense that they had little patience left for each other. And that’s when you’d come in: Chanyeol wouldn’t know what else to do with himself other than to text you and ask if you were still awake. As soon as you said yes, a video call request would appear on your screen and as soon as you accepted a grinning Chanyeol with bags under his eyes would appear and immediately start telling you about the exciting day he had and a new goft he received from a fan before asking about your day. You’d literally talk for hours as you did your best not to doze right off until he’d finally decide he was tired enough to sleep and thank you for “putting up with” his rambling before saying goodnight and telling you you were his favourite person.

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You would have been staying with D.O. to take care of him (despite all his protests) because he had caught a wicked cold and had absolutely zero motivation to do something for himself. It would have been the second or third night he had spent tossing and turning in bed while he knew you were in the guest bedroom (where he made you stay because even though he was your best friend and desperately craved cuddles, he didn’t want to snot all over you or get you sick). Finally, he decided to get out of bed because it truly wasn’t doing him any good, only frustrating him that he could lie there for hours and not find sleep. He’d head through the living room/lounge area to get to the kitchen, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw you curled up on the couch reading a book or watching TV. He’d say something like ”well you’re up late” and you’d respond with “says you” and get a small smile in response. He’d join you on the couch and either talk with you until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore or would just silently place his head on your shoulder, where he would eventually fall asleep. 

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He wouldn’t be tired as much as he was sleepy, and sleepy Kai meant giggly and cuddly Kai. He would have come back after a performance or concert and would have been so giddy, talking your ear off about how amazing the fans were and how Baekhyun had all but made a fool of himself again when he messed up some lines or mispronounced something. He’d be really smiley and talkative, but once he noticed that you were in no way able to match his energy (though you were fully engaged in conversation and laughing along), he’d excuse himself for a moment to get changed. As soon as he’d come back wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he’d plop himself down on the couch and make grabby hands at you. You’d giggle and take a seat next to him, only to have him pout and pull you into his lap. He’d wrap his arms securely around your waist and nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck, a content smile playing on his lips. Before long, he’d just kinda say “okay, time for bed” and flop onto his side, loosening his grip on you only to pull the blanket off the back of the couch to cover the two of you. “Goodnight,” he’d say before placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

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He’d be pretty pissy because he’d be super tired and wanting to sleep really badly. Though he knew that his sleep schedule being messed up wasn’t your fault, you were the only person around and therefore fell victim to his crabbiness. Since he was tired, it was hard for him to communicate his frustrations, which frustrated him even more, but seeing you hardly react to him/sass him right back/be understanding made him feel kinda special. Even though his attitude frustrated you, you understood that he wasn’t mad at you and were trying your best to calm him as well as yourself. Eventually, as he’d finish his rant about something his hyungs did a couple of days before, you’d get up from the bed, only saying “stay here” before leaving the room. He’d be a little hurt that you left like that, but would also start worrying that he had really been rubbing you the wrong way. You’d come back a few minutes later with a bag of popcorn and a glass of water for each of you, and he’d take it all from you and set it down so that he could wrap his arms around you and thank you for putting up with his nonsense, promising he’d make up for it in the morning.

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Kane, Jaha, And Bellamy: Atonement, Redemption, and Learning to Live With What You’ve Done

In the first three episodes of season four, Bellamy has gotten two “here’s how you move on” pep talks, one from Kane in 401 and now one from Jaha in 403.  Each one offers starkly different advice for him, and I think in each instance it reveals more about the advice giver than Bellamy himself.  Both Kane and Jaha are men who have made mistakes while leading much like Bellamy, and given the whole “the youth are inheriting the earth” theme we’re going with this season, I don’t think it’s an accident that they’re laying out two different paths for Bellamy to take.

Let’s start with Kane.  At the end of 401 he says, You turn the page and you don’t look back. You do better today than you did yesterday, you understand?  Before you know it, you’ll deserve to survive.  Kane gives Bellamy two concrete pieces of advice for dealing with his guilt: put it behind you and do better.  There’s no changing the past and no reinterpreting it to make yourself feel better– you own up to the shit you did, and you make sure you don’t do it again.

This is basically what Kane did after the Culling, after all.  He did his best to save everyone, both on the Ark and then on the ground.  He’s committed himself to not making the same mistakes and I would say he’s been pretty damn successful.  But I also want to draw your attention to the last bit of his advice:

Before you know it, you’ll deserve to survive.  

He’s offering Bellamy a chance to escape his guilt through atonement.  Kane is suggesting that good deeds might not wipe away the terrible things he’s done, but that they might eventually outweigh his sins.  There’s no fixing the past, but you can earn a better future by atoning for what you’ve done.  It’s an action-based plan, which I think would appeal to Bellamy but I also don’t know if he’s totally on board.

Now, there’s Jaha.  You’ve made mistakes, it’s true, but your intentions were pure.  Every choice you made you made to save your people, even shooting me…twice.  As long as that’s the truth, you don’t need redemption.  What Jaha suggests here is very different from Kane, because he essentially says no further action is needed.  All that matters are Bellamy’s intentions, and as long as his motive was to save their people he’s already in the clear.  In contrast to Kane, Jaha proposes an entirely theoretical model for easing Bellamy’s guilt.

This fits perfectly with Jaha’s character thus far, especially on the ground.  Where Kane focused on deeds to prove himself worthy of surviving, Jaha has examined his motivations.  I do think it’s accurate to say that he sought out ALIE and the City of Light to try and save his people, and while that created terrible destruction, his motivation was, to use his word, pure.  

And don’t forget: As long as that’s the truth, you don’t need redemption.

To paraphrase Sex and the City for a moment, Jaha basically got that out of Convenient Theories for You Monthly.  ALIE’s reign of terror over Polis lead to countless deaths, but Jaha has already made his peace with that.  (I don’t think he’s completely over the deaths he’s caused, but I think he has accepted that he can’t change what happened and thus further guilt would not be productive).  However, I also want to contrast his concept of redemption with Kane’s (implied) concept of atonement, because redemption is given to you, but you earn atonement.

Jaha claims to not even need redemption, but I don’t think that’s entirely true.  He told Clarke to hope there’s a forgiving God, after all, so I do think he’s worried about his soul.  But I also think he sees that as in someone else’s hands– he did what he did and he may be judged for it, but there is nothing he can do to change that now.  Nothing will bring those people back so he will not waste time seeking atonement.  He will continue to live and try to save his people, because at the end of all things what matters is what is in your heart.

At their most basic, these two options are essentially Catholicism (absolution is earned through penance and good deeds) and Protestantism (forgiveness is granted by the grace of God alone).  I don’t think the show is necessarily making a point about Christian morality, but I do think it is worth pointing the parallels out.

And now, for Bellamy’s choice.  

At first blush, it seems like Bellamy is choosing to listen to Kane.  He responds I hope so when Kane offers his guidance, and it makes perfect sense, character-wise, for Bellamy to listen to his beloved Beard Dad.  They are characters whose arcs have paralleled each other, especially during first season, and they have very similar I Am Your Dad Now habits when it comes to strays.  Bellamy clearly looks up to Kane, and atonement-through-deeds would obviously appeal to a character like Bellamy who prizes action above almost all else.  He chose to save the slaves in 402, putting the immediate lives of those he knows he can save above the hypothetical lives of people he isn’t sure they can save several months from now.  He’s saving who he can save today, one day at a time.  He’s turning the page and doing better, and according to Kane that means that one day, he’ll deserve to survive.

But I’m not so sure Bellamy believes that.  Let’s go back to the end of his conversation with Jaha: If you’re wrong and there is a hell, I guess I’ll see you there, Bellamy sneers.  And then Jaha hits the nail on the head: How many people do you have to save before you forgive yourself?

Guys, Bellamy doesn’t answer because there isn’t a number– for Bellamy, there is no atonement.  He can save every single person on the face of the earth and it still won’t be good enough.  So with Jaha– a man Bellamy clearly doesn’t particularly like, which I point out because a lot of times it is easier to be honest with people we aren’t close to– we see that mask slip.  Jaha says okay, tell me the number– how many good deeds do you have to do to save your soul? and Bellamy just looks away.

He’s caught here, because not only is there no atonement for Bellamy, there’s also no redemption.  He doesn’t believe I meant well is a good enough reason for redemption, but he also doesn’t believe there’s anything he can do that can outweigh the bad things he’s already done.  He’s never going to deserve to survive, and if there’s an afterlife, he’s going to be punished for his sins.  This is a bleak, dark place for Bellamy to be, and it hurts.  But it’s also clearly the beginning of his arc, not the end.

So where is he going to go from here?  Well, as always with this show, I think he’s going to find himself carving a third path.  Kane is standing on one side saying you can earn your absolution and Jaha is on the other side saying your sins are too heavy for that, you must make peace with your intentions.  I suspect Bellamy is going to have to find a middle ground somewhere between atonement and redemption– to accept that he may never be able to forgive himself for what he’s done, but make some peace with it anyway.  He’s going to have to save who he can save today, and then forgive himself for the ones he couldn’t.

Fate Or Just A Mistake [Final Part] (M)

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[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3]

Warnings: Rough smut. Minor dom!themes.

You pulled off another long strand of packing tape with an aggressive tearing sound that shattered the otherwise silence of the apartment, looping the roll around your wrist and smoothing the tape along the seam of the box flaps. Nibbling along the inside of your lips, you knelt down, hoisting the box of books onto the stack of others that had formed by the door of the bedroom. You’d been at this for the last six hours; going through everything in the apartment and plucking out the few things that were yours. The pile got even smaller once you sorted through what you wanted to keep or not–absolutely nothing that held any sentimental value.

It was the last of the three days that Jin had given you; it had taken you that long to work up the courage to simply be able to walk into the apartment. It had felt almost surreal; walking in through the front door and seeing everything exactly as you’d left it. It was as if everything was the same as it had been a week ago; as if your entire world hadn’t been turned upside down.

Your phone buzzed against the surface of the coffee table where you’d left it, tittering closer and closer to the edge. A part of you didn’t want to care if it fell off and shattered; reliving the damage you’d caused it after you’d gotten that phone call from Seokjin. After all, you hadn’t even glanced at the thing in almost a week. But now, you found your legs moving thoughtlessly into the living room and with automatic movements, you were swiping your thumb across the screen to answer, not even bothering to look at the name.

“Hello?” Your voice sounded foreign and distant, like it didn’t belong to you.

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Defy the Odds

Summary: “Our chances of meeting in a city with a population of over five hundred thousand people were small to begin with but the likelihood of meeting in another country entirely are infinitesimal.”

“So we defy the odds,” he said.

“Yeah we do,” she agreed, finally weaving her fingers through his. “I like that.”

Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak

Word Count: 7202

Rating: N/A (mild language)

Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon for the “summer vacation” prompt. I went a little crazy with it and it may be a mess since I’m still new to this fandom/pairing but I hope it’s at least passably good. This is very much an au with no shipwreck/island/undertaking.


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Why are people dismissing Jashi as a "pointless hetero romance" and "bad writing"?

Hell, if anything it add more layers and tension to the plot because now that Jack is happy with Ashi, would he still go back to the past to kill Aku and get her (and by extension other well-liked characters like The Scotsman, who is his friend, and Da Samurai) erased from existence? Or would he stay in the future and slay Aku there and doom his parents and village in the process?

Assuming he and Ashi survives and begins a family of his own, how would Ashi and their hypothetical kids live with him not aging at all, assuming his aging process does not resume? And if it does, how would Jack deal with the fact that he would outlive the people he cared for?

Genndy intended the ship to sail from the start and from those observations, I think we have a pretty solid reason why he chose to do so. He’s a professional creator; its insulting to think that he’s pandering to the fans because he had the story planned for years (if I’m not mistaken) in the first place. I’m even thinking the plotline he planned could give way to a spin-off. You can criticize works, but don’t dictate a creator what to do.

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So, suuuper random question for you... Can fae go to outer space? Specifically, could Gwyn go to outer space? How would that affect him, being celestial fae? Would be be able to get close to the sun and have any kind of affect on it, or have his powers be made stronger, or anything else like that? What about with other objects? Like meteors or asteroids or comets or planets?

I…don’t know?

I mean this isn’t really relevant to what I’m writing, and is never going to be relevant, so it sort of goes into the ‘truthfully I’ve never given this much thought, but these kinds of questions would require weeks-to-months of thought for me to find an answer that would fit into the worldbuilding and I don’t want to sit on this question for weeks-to-months and also I have other worldbuilding to focus on, re: stories that I’m actually writing so I just won’t…do that?’ box.

Which leaves it in the: ‘you are welcome to imagine or make up whatever you like’ box. :D

Though I don’t think Gwyn would have influence over the sun or anything like that. Meteors though? It’s possible. He doesn’t know that. But I suspect Taronis does.

also saying that codified forced labor has always led to expanded oppression isn’t a slippery slope argument because it’s not a hypothetical. every single society that had a forced work program has used it has a means of control. there’s never been an instance where ONLY people who deserved it (which is super super subjective anyway) went to work. the same is true for any society that had police; it’s always led to a crackdown of freedoms. bureaucrats? same thing. strong state? you betcha. always. idk how the fuck tankies can keep saying that we live in hypotheticals when we have seen that this has happened in every society they champion as heroic and has never happened in the societies we champion as heroic.

Okay, so some of my followers wanted to see my casting choices for a hypothetical live-action Team Fortress 2, and those people are in luck! I just so happened to have spent an entire evening researching that very thing a couple of months ago and never posted any of it.

So I’ll be putting up one of my picks to play the mercs every night at 9pm Central for the next nine days. Enjoy!

I don’t have any picks for NPCs, though. If you guys have ideas about who’d make a great Miss Pauling or Saxton Hale or Grey Mann or whoever and want me to consider making a post about them, you can let me know.

Worldbuilding Part 8: Politics, Government, and Military

Whether we like them or not, the government rules our lives in many ways every day. Likewise, our decisions, goals, and opportunities are shaped by politics. Let’s say that, hypothetically, you live in a society lacking any form of government or military. Wouldn’t this still have a serious bearing on how you live your life? Yes!

So why don’t we spend just a little bit of time discussing the creation of a governing authority in your new world?

Politics and Government

Politics can refer to a number of ideas in a society. It may be quite literally the views of the politicians and rulers in your country. But there is a deeper side to politics that refers to decisions made to maintain peace and balance. Both of these things are important to consider in your world.

So what determines a world’s politics? These are influenced by many of the things we’ve already discussed including religion, science, and cultural values. They are shaped by the people in charge. How would your people view those in charge? How do they feel about the decisions being made for them? Are they happy or disgruntled?

In addition, let’s spend just a minute talking about the politics of decision-making. When I was just starting grad school, the students in our program were placed either into a core molecular structure and metabolism course or into a neuroscience-specific, behavior-based core course. For reasons stated as “political,” the program was not permitted to place every student into the neuroscience-based core. Therefore, students were separated based on research interests (molecular versus behavioral). This is the kind of thing I mean. To keep the peace between departments, the students were not placed into their own separate course (or at least not all of the students), even though it might have made more sense. What kind of decisions, separations, and laws were made in your world in an effort to keep the peace? These kinds of things can be either mutually beneficial or lead to a lot of hurt feelings. It’s important that you remember how and why these kinds of decisions are made.

As for crafting your government itself, you have so many options. Monarchy, democracy, dictatorship…it’s a huge list. Think about the people you want in charge. Politicians, theologians, sorcerers, military, council or senate, or any other type of person or body of people will all have their own way of governing and making laws. Think about who you want in charge. If it helps, look up a list of government types and spend a little time picking what kind of government you want in your world. What are the levels of government? How much power does an individual have? How much power do the citizens have? These are all questions that will shape not just your world but also the plot, actions, and opportunities of your characters.

Raising an Army. Or Navy. Or Troop of One-Legged Sorcerers.

The military and police forces are the enforcers of the laws set in place by the government, for better or for worse. For without enforcement, rules are nothing but writing on paper (and there’s no guarantee that anyone even bothers to read it). So when you are creating your world and your governing authorities, it makes sense to take a little time to at least get an idea about your enforcement, be it military, police, navy, coast guard…whatever you want to fit into your story.

To get you started, here are a few questions to consider:

  1. What kinds of branches do you have? Is there a police? What kind of military fits into your world? (hint: if you only have desert, you don’t really need a navy, do you?)
  2. What kind of ranking system fits into your enforcing body? You can look up military and police ranks online to come up with your own. But, I definitely recommend you write it down, for your own sanity. No one wants to suddenly need something they’ve forgotten ten chapters ago.
  3. What role do these organizations play in everyday life? In extenuating circumstances? How visible are they to the general public?
  4. Who is allowed to be involved in these organizations? Only women? Men? Magic users? Clerics?
  5. What is the mindset of a typical participant in these groups? You may want to spend the time to read a memoir or two from a soldier or sailor, etc., if one of your characters is involved. They won’t necessarily think the same way as a character who was never an enforcer of the law.
  6. What does it mean to be in one of these branches? Is it voluntary? Forced? A fixed length of time? For life? Opportunity for advancement? What kind of jobs are available within their role?

Obviously, there is so much more to this topic than what I’ve included here. This is merely a starting block. I encourage you to do a little more legwork, particularly if you plan to have government or military play a central role in your story. There are plenty of resources online, at your local library, and in the form of classes at colleges and universities (probably even some online ones…check out and see if anything there fits your needs. Plus, it’s free!).

Regardless of what you choose to do, I hope that this has been helpful. Only two more weeks of worldbuilding. Go forth and conquer!

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anonymous asked:

A hypothetical live action film of your ocs, who plays who?

shit,,, okay these arent exactly how i imagine them but if i had to pick actors

bee: ben affleck lmao

danika: lupita nyong’o

cosmet: race imboden (i dont think hes an actor but oh well)

ophelia: cant really think of anyone other than young shelley duvall

anonymous asked:

Do you judge people or or are you a judgmental person?

I don’t judge. I don’t consider myself a ‘judgemental’ lad. I have strong opinions however, I don’t care what others choose to do with their lives. If, hypothetically speaking for the purpose of providing an example, 'you’ identified as a dragon, that’s fine.
On a more controversial topic, murder is fine. It’s going to happen whether 'you’ choose to agree or disagree. The human mind is a marvelous and confusing thing, there are of course going to be occasions where the human brain doesn’t develop properly, or doesn’t develop completely, which is no one’s fault. Therefore, people have urges and feelings that which they cannot ignore, nor dismiss. Along with urges and impulsivity. If you do not experience impulsivity, you will not understand. But, some do not have a choice. That’s fine as well.
I choose to co-exist with the people I do not agree with for the sole reasoning that I do not care. There are quite a few things I will not tolerate, but I do not judge.

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MOD SIN, if Zhin hypothetically lived in our realm, what would his favorite movie be and why?

Sweats nervously at name Uh, it’s Mod Zhin “:) I never sin because I am a saint.

If he lived in our realm I would lock him up in my house forever just sayin’. 

As for favourite movie, I believe he wouldn’t have a specific favourite. Movies like the Hunger Games with excellent antagonists such as President Snow would catch his interest. If any other Mod wants to add to this list, go ahead!

-Mod Zhin.

Animated are technically Aliens (kind of a Theory, more like a technical headache confusion)

I know to some this may sound silly, but it’s a no-brainer! Even though the creator Niko basically confirmed a “no”, the Animated are Aliens!

I’m not trying to dismiss what she said briefly in one of the comic’s many streams, but just hear me out, because the definition of “alien” just says otherwise, and will make you go all “illuminati confirmed”:

Alien  {/ˈālēən/}

adjective= belonging to a foreign country or nation, or relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds; extraterrestrial.

noun= a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living, or a hypothetical or fictional being from another world.

Though not official, it just makes sense..! Considering the Animated as Aliens and such! BUT, considering what Niko had to say, this leads to a theory that has not been touched! A theory about whether or not the humans are the ones to technically called the aliens!?

*insert plot twist here*

Okay, I highly doubt that, but still… It would be an interesting idea. (We don’t even have any evidence in the idea so far in comic anyway so probably not gonna be a thing, oh well…)

Anyway, Happy BELATED Birthday to our SPACE BOI ACE!! I’m honestly a bit mad at myself for not saying that on his b-Day since this blog is like, dedicated to Ace… (In a conspiracy theorist kind of way!)

But if Animated are technically not Aliens yet also technically Aliens through definition is that like… Uuuhhmm…


Wow… Now I’m confusing myself…

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Riarkle living together 245. “What have I told you about the toilet seat?”

a little bit of fluff for your night :)

245. What have I told you about the toilet seat?

(or A Textbook and a Hypothetical Cat)

He’s sitting at their little kitchen table, worksheets spread out over the wooden surface as his eyes scan from one to the next without distraction.

His chemistry midterm is tomorrow, and it feels as though he hasn’t retained anything from the course. Nothing at all.

So, naturally, he’s cramming.

All he needs, all he craves right now is just some sweet peace and-

Farkle Minkus!”

His hopes are as scattered as his papers when he looks up to see Riley storming towards him from the direction of their bathroom, steam practically pouring from her ears.

He leans back, placing his pen on top of his textbook and deciding it’s probably not in his best interest to speak at the moment.

“What have I told you about the toilet seat?” She’s right in front of him, absolutely fuming, and he almost laughs at the ridiculousness of the situation.

He doesn’t, though. Wouldn’t want to infuriate her further.


“Don’t act all innocent with me, Minkus.” She practically snarls, her hair falling rather angelically in front of her shoulder as she leans towards him. A direct contrast to her current mood, he notes. “I go to the bathroom, don’t bother to look down at the toilet because I figure oh no, Farkle wouldn’t have done it again, not after me yelling at him last time, and I go to sit down and I fall in because you didn’t put the toilet seat down! Again!”

“You fell in the toilet?” He can’t help it; he snorts.

Keep reading