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I saw JDM wearing an T-shirt w the simbol of "blue lives matters" (the american flag w one blue line) what do u think? He really support it or he didn't see the blue line or probably didn't know? I don't see him the kinda man who support that stuff


Did you meet him in person? Did you take a picture? Or are you just repeating what you heard/saw somewhere else. If you saw it with your own eyes and took a picture, send it to me and we can all see it and THEN think about it means.

If you didn’t, I’d like to give you some advice from the bottom of my heart and please don’t take this as an attack or anything like it. I’m not angry or anything. I just have witnessed this sort of drama way too many times and I’ve learn to be more skeptical about what I read and less quick to judge what I don’t truly understand. I’ve learned some things over the years and I’d like to share that with you, that’s all.

Stop believing everything read on the internet, especially on tumblr and on twitter. A tweet or a post is not a source of information reliable enough for you judge and condemn a HUMAN BEING you really don’t know.

Part of TWD decided to up their level of stupidity and now they believe JDM is evil and the reason the show is sinking. And there’s kind of a smear campaign going on. So now you have a choice to make:

You can join the herd and condemn JDM (based on information no one can source) by joining the same people that threatened the life of Josh Mcdermitt and bullied and shamed Alanna Masterson.

Or you can’t step away from it, and you know, not judge people based on what you read on social media.

February 22 2017 - Local Black Lives Matter organizer Muhiyidin d’Baha leaps across the yellow police tape to snatch the Confederate flag from the hands of a lonely Secessionist demonstrator in Charleston, outside of a lecture being given by Bree Newsome, queen of the Confederate flag snatchers. [video]

our country may not have gay pride but i’ll be damned if i don’t celebrate pride month in any way that i can

Citizens of Jackdaw
Edward Kenway/Adéwalé
Citizens of Jackdaw

Edward: So what’ll you do with your Share of the Gold we take from Governor Torres? Return to Africa? Prince among Men?

Adéwalé: I cannot return to a Place I have never been. I was born in Trinidad, a Slave from my first Breath.

Edward: Ah. But wouldn’t you feel… I don’t know… More welcome there?

Adéwalé: As you might feel more welcome in Paris?

Edward: Fair Point.

Adéwalé: With this Skin and this Voice, where can I go in the World and feel at Ease? This Country here is my best Chance. This Country called Jackdaw, where I know the Names of all Citizens, and they know Mine, and we work together. Not always out of Love, but to keep our Country afloat.

Edward: I think I understand ye. Let’s take her, then. For the Citizens of Jackdaw!

I hate this flag. Not because I’m racist. I hate it because skin colour was never meant to be the main part of pride. Pride was that. Pride. Taking pride in yourself regardless of your sexuality, gender identity or whatever. Now pride has turned into a political shitstorm that it was never meant to be. Celebrate yourselves. Don’t bring anti-Trump marches, women marches or Black Lives Matter marches into it. Be proud of who you are. Don’t add colours to our flag for the sake of it. The colours are about being human. Not about you having a tantrum because you feel excluded even though you aren’t. Look up the meaning of the colours. It’s about being human.

Edit: I know pride has always been political. I just currently disagree with some of the political agendas being pushed now at pride. Well, at certain prides anyway.