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Are you going to write more kerejean for your Kayleigh lives au? I love the whole story so far, it's so good! Also, I love kerejean so it's great to see more. Kevin's existential crisis is so funny I was crying

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Nathaniel: what exactly are you trying to do?

Andrew: an experiment

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I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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AU:  Prince Rhaegar defeats Robert Baratheon at the Trident, shattering the rebellion against the crown. He surpasses his father and eventually names his only daughter as his heir. After her father’s death Rhaenys ascends the throne as the first Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in her own right. ||       merve bolugur as rhaenys targaryen


When the world falls down around you, and hope is lost. When you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, look to the distance. Know that I am there, and that I watch over you, always.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Muggle Born Ravenclaws heard about the website and were inspired. They spent long nights developing The site quickly spread across the school and ratings for each professor went live. Upperclassmen wrote detailed reviews of professors for the First Years; filled with tips and tricks to pass each class. 

Professor Longbottom was overwhelmingly rated the hottest teacher.