living decay

  • Jan. 15 - “How We Were” - History/Decay

He remembers their hands, fitting so perfectly like the two pieces of a puzzle; and the way their movements were synchronized and fluid – years of experience making them work like mirrors, knowing exactly the step the other one would take next. He remembers the hushed whispers and silent chuckles they shared, he is still able to imagine his smile, the wrinkles around his eyes and the way his whole face lit up; the pride he felt being the one who had made him laugh. He remembers warmth; silence surrounding them for hours, just being next to each other, breaths intermingling and hands in each other’s hair, tugging at soft curls and teeth grazing his nose as a punishment for his teasing. He remembers him blushing, first the tip of his ears, then his cheeks and nose; how he grumbled and dragged down his beanie, too flustered to respond normally, so endearing.


It hurt to remember. He missed it, longed for how content they were next to each other, with each other. The moments Gabriel would stare at him lovingly and carefree got rarer with every day that passed, the moments Gabriel would gaze at him with sadness and regret and maybe even guilt happened more often and Jack was afraid of what that meant. Gabriel was what kept him together even before Overwatch; without him, Jack was sure, he would have never been able to survive what life had thrown at them. And if it was just because they saved each other’s asses several times. 

“You okay, mi sol?” Jack never heard him coming but sensed his presence. The smile tugging at the corners of his mouth was his usual reaction to the endearment Gabriel gave him.
“I’m fine. Just, you know, thinking”, he replied, his words muffled by the scarf around his neck. His presence got closer. Jack sighed when Gabriel wrapped one arm around his shoulders instead he leaned into him and closed his eyes, relaxing, while warm breath fanned over his head. Gabriel didn’t ask and Jack was thankful for that; having to explain would shatter this moment and Jack just wanted to stay like this forever, to save it, to put it into a jar and reliving it whenever he felt the need to. He learned to cherish just being with Gabe.

“How was your mission?”, Jack asked, finally breaching the silence. Gabriel didn’t tense and he knew the answer before the other man even opened his mouth.
“Everything went according to plan.” Jack hummed and snuggled even closer. The night was freezing but he felt as if he was in a warm cocoon that saved him from the cold reality. Gabriel moved, his grip tightening, pressing a soft kiss on Jack’s forehead – it was just the faintest brush of lips but it still had Jack sighing contently. It would start snowing soon, he could feel it in his bones; he wondered if their relationship would change again, like the seasons did. He wished for it. 

“You think, it’s going to be a harsh winter?” Gabriel sighed and released him shortly to light himself a cigarette; his grip wasn’t as tight as before. He frowned and blew out a cloud of smoke before answering.
“Not sure”, he mumbled, shrugging, and glancing at Jack before looking up to the dark sky. Enough of an answer. Jack hugged himself, eyes downcast; sad smile hidden behind his scarf. Maybe it was for the best? He couldn’t say, it just hurt.
“If it is I hope for spring to bring a change”, he murmured to himself although he was sure that Gabriel still heard him. If it is I hope we’ll be able to save us. Jack shook his head, banishing the thought, right now he should concentrate on the warmth they shared and how perfectly their bodies fit together – nothing else.
“Hopefully spring won’t be late.” Jack froze. Another cloud of smoke danced in the air, curling and twirling; carried away by a cold breeze. Gabe let his cigarette fall and stamped it out with his foot.  
“It won’t”, he stated and met Gabriel’s eyes, eyebrows drawn together. Jack grabbed the front of Gabriel’s coat and dragged him in for a kiss; their lips were cold but warmed up instantly, noses bumping against each other. When Gabriel cradled his face in his hands and tugged him even closer, Jack couldn’t suppress a sigh. Calloused fingertips pressing against his cheeks and jaw, the bitter taste of desperation on his tongue but need as sweet as sugar on his lips. Maybe they were falling apart and maybe nothing would stop it but Jack wouldn’t give up trying. How we were and how we are may be different, but I’m not letting our ‘we’ go.

It started to snow that night.

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You were a transient, delicate substance. I shot you into my veins - heroin. Swim. Live in me, fluoresce, decay. You enter a satanic phase. I’m paralyzed. Toss me to the wind.
—  Sing to me.

Honestly, this is the best quality live video of Panic. Great set, great energy, soooo fucking awesome :)


“They said that I was dead. The greedy, the stale the ones who lie without a thought the living dead, the decaying bodies those who fear the end and dread the beginning. Who flatter and betray, who whitewash tomorrow and tamper yesterday, whose paths twisty in hazy. They want to hear that I am dead. Are YOU one of them?”

The era needs a hero MONKEY KING HERO IS BACK

In the summer of 2015, China made a 3-D animated film about the Monkey King with only the budget of $16 million, it manage to be the highest-grossing animated film in China by $153 million which is a milestone for their animation industry. Despite such, it still deserves the recognition for the dedication and passion the director, Tian Xiaopeng, the animators and many have put to begin on retelling a well-known character. As of July 29th, 2016, it’ll finally be release in the U.S and hopefully many other countries. Although, that doesn’t mean it’ll be shown in every theater, making it impossible for most of us to give this film the support it deserves.

 To many who have grew up with such a hero, this is for you. 

Whoever are interested in the film and it’s background, I recommend @monkeykingfansfactory‘s blog for further information, thank you.


We ran through a field, trudged through pricker bushes, crept around buildings, dodged security for an hour, crawled under a fence, sprinted over to an entrance, and jumped through a basement window; and we saw way more than we bargained for.  Above you’ll see suicide cages, patient records, a lonely gurney, hydrotherapy tubs, and a look into one of New England’s insane asylums.  

Getting Down in the Bog

There’s much to admire in a quag,
lively jamboree and fountaining decay.
It tugs to ask if you could dither
there, while a croaked tune or two,
or tomb-suck the lungs’ long preserves.

- B B Pine


Random photos for the day–

This abandoned house is over in Gudger, Tennessee. I won’t say where exactly in Gudger because it’s technically on someone’s property, but we were given permission to go inside by the landowner. The house was, by all means, extremely modest. It was almost literally a shack with a back porch attached to it. It had one living room, a small kitchen, a back porch, and one bedroom. It did not have a bathroom. We didn’t see an outhouse, but it was probably torn down a long time ago. The house had a well that stood next to the porch. The well was very deep and didn’t have a covering over it. The first half of it was reinforced with concrete while the rest was made of packed red clay. Indeed, this place was just as bare bones as you could get. We didn’t find any evidence of it having electricity at some point. The home was partially furnished, with the living room still having your basic things in it(coffee table, chairs, recliner). In the back part of the house was this creepy bedroom with an ungodly paint scheme.

The walls were this deep rust red. Some of the paint had peeled off, revealing old, dried newspapers. Back in the late 1800s to early 1900s, this was a common practice, to re-purpose old newspapers for use as wallpaper. Sometimes, the newspapers would be painted over, as it was here. I couldn’t tell what the dates were, as the contents had mostly faded. Up against the wall, right in front of the doorway, was this bed. Oh god, that bed. It was covered in stained, ripped sheets. There were rat droppings all over it. Something didn’t seem right about it. In some traditions, including Appalachian, if someone had died in a bed, that bed is usually left behind in the deceased’s house or it’s burned outright. It’s believed that the spirit of the deceased is attached to the bed. Bringing the bed into another house could potentially cause problems, as the spirit of the deceased may come along. I’m not sure if this was someone’s sick bed or not. There are a handful of reasons why furniture is left behind in an abandoned house–1.) The house was foreclosed on, 2.) the family was forced to evacuate due to a natural disaster and they could not take very much with them, 3.) the family was unable to take bigger items with them because they did not have the resources to help them move everything, and 4.) the home owner is deceased and the family has not yet decided on the fate of their former home. Sadly, these decisions often take years to make due to the legal mumbo jumbo involved By then, it’s usually too late.