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Greener Pastures Cemetery: A SimDoughnut Vampire NoCC Story Build

As soon as I heard about the Vampire Game Pack I knew the first thing I was going to do was to remodel my old Cemetery build to place it the new Forgotten Hollow world.  This was the result. (click on pictures for hi-res version)

The build features a full funeral home complete with a visitation room, funeral director’s office, and embalming room. It also has living quarters up above for well, “the living”.  Outside are various crypts, a mausoleum, and of course the graveyard.  Down below are various secret rooms especially tailored for those enjoying the immortal vampire lifestyle, as well as a room only accessible to ghosts.  You can find even more pictures of the build below the cut.

This is a NoCC build. You can find the Greener Pastures Cemetery in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  Just use the hashtags #cemetery, #vampire, or #forgottenhollow to find it.  I’ve also shared several of the specialty rooms I created for this build individually if you’d like to add them to your own builds. You can find them in room section of my gallery.

I hope you enjoy this build, and if you choose to use it in your own game play, I’d love to see your screenshots.

Have Fun :)!

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Today we commemorate St. Seraphim of Boguchark,  Miracle-Worker of Sofia who was canonized a year ago. He is buried in the crypt of the so called “Russian church” (which is actually named after St. Nicholas the Wonderworker) in Sofia, Bulgaria where people can leave him notes with their prayers.

Run away!  (Jeff Easley for cover of Knight of the Living Dead, Forgotten Realms / Catacombs Solo Quest Book #4 by Allen Varney, TSR, 1989, reprinted in The Art of AD&D, 1989.)