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songsandeyeglasses  asked:

How do you redecorate without breaking your fragile bank account??

I love this question! Everything on this list is under $30, and most of it can be purchased from the safety of your dorm room couch.

Decorating on a Budget

1. Plants: Plants are my personal favorite decor (apart from Xmas lights). They’re inexpensive and look great in any location. If watering a plant every day doesn’t work for your schedule, get a cactus! I water my cacti twice a week.

2. Xmas Lights: I try to distance myself from people who say that Xmas lights are just “seasonal”. I have three different strands of lights up all year long, one in each room and one on my outdoor balcony. These lights are perfect for parties, romantic evenings, etc. 

3. Candles/Incense: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, candles and incense really help an apartment feel more homey. They also help stave off the smell of your cat’s litter box, which is always a plus.

4. Posters: Posters aren’t as expensive as you think they are, but poster frames are ridiculously expensive. And you can’t buy the cheap ones, they fall apart instantly- you have to buy the $40 ones. My advice to you, buy posters and hang them up carefully with pushpins or tape.

5. Clocks: Buy a cool clock off Society6 or RedBubble for $25. It’s my belief that the right clock can help brighten up an otherwise dull-looking room. I bought my boyfriend this Bob’s Burgers clock for his birthday last year.

6. Shower: You don’t need to use the low-grade weak shower head that came with your bathroom. You can buy color changing shower heads and spa quality shower heads on Amazon for $25. Go forth! Always keep your old shower head somewhere safe, and put it back on when you’re ready to move out. There are lots of great and truly unique shower curtains out there on the internet, but they’re expensive. You’re better off buying one from Target or Walmart.

7. Night lights: I am the sort of person who always needs to pee at 3am. I have always used night lights in my bathroom and kitchen because they’re so much better than blundering around in the dark. Similar to the Xmas lights, they help create that “mood”. I have these cute little lava lamp night lights.

8. Glow in the dark stars: Just trust me on this.

9. Chalkboard paint: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, chalkboard paint can help turn your room into a perpetual canvas. A friend of mine from college did this to his incredibly small room, and it looked so good.

10. Beaded curtain: Beaded curtains help make small spaces appear larger. We have a beaded curtain hanging in our hallway currently, and it’s great. You don’t need a super expensive one that was handmade by the indigenous people of wherever. Just a simple one to put in a doorway or hang on the wall to change your space.

Here's to the busy witches

The witches who listen to nature sounds while studying for their finals

The witches who change into their uniforms in the minutes between class and work, muttering enchantments for good luck

The witches who feel guilty for putting their lives before their craft (they shouldn’t feel guilty)

The witches with a thousand things in their drafts, waiting for that rare evening when they have enough time write a post on tarot readings

The witches who forget to water their plants

Or don’t have time to cook

Here’s to the busy witches. You’re beautiful and I love you 💚💚


It’s a Scraplet Infestation!!!

The @consplay-superior group has a new Prop addition! I don’t Think Stascream, Soundwave, or Knockout are all too thrilled about it tho lol! ;D 

For commission please Email:

These fellas are Priced At:

  • 1 =$35 
  • 3 = $100 (save $5) 
  • (Does not include shipping)


  • Legs are pose-able. 
  • Are lightweight so easy to wear. 
  • They have Rare Earth Magnets that you can use to stick them to your shirt or cosplay piece as depicted! 
  • I’m pleased to find they work on some pretty thick foam too! 
  • The bodies are hand sculpted as well as the eyes finished with a gloss coat. Elements are hand painted to add detail and bring these tiny terrors to life!



The apprentice lives… with your help and a few household supplies. Here’s how you can craft your own Ahsoka Tano.

What You Need

•    Three clean toilet paper roll tubes
•    Washable paint: Black, white, brown, orange, blue, and yellow
•    White paint marker (optional)
•    Blue enamel dot stickers (optional)
•    Black permanent marker
•    Paintbrushes
•    Scissors
•    Glue

Begin by folding two edges at the top of the tube in toward the middle, meeting at the edges and forming two points. Press firmly so that the fold stays in place.

Next, paint the entire tube white. Let dry.

Paint an orange oval in the middle of the tube for Ahsoka’s face. Let dry.

Use the blue paint to create the stripe pattern on the front and back of the roll for the head-tails. Let dry.

With white paint or a white paint marker, paint the pattern on Ahsoka’s face and let dry.

Next, use the brown paint to finish the details around Ahsoka’s face. Let dry.

With the black permanent marker, outline the top of Ahsoka’s face for definition.

Use blue paint or blue enamel dot stickers (found in the scrapbooking aisle in craft stores) to create eyes and finish Ahsoka.


I’ve decided to finally add a miniature furniture & decor line to my etsy, ever since starting on this tiny home journey last year. So this week was focused primarily on plants, and I plan on moving onto furniture and mini pets next week ^_^

You can see my current collection here, and everything is 1:12 inch scale so it can be added to your modern dollhouse, or just displayed on an empty shelf nook like how I do :P

stationary collection: washi tape

Here’s my current washi tape collection! I’ve been accumulating these for about a year now, and i’m pretty happy with it <3

Here’s the group photo!

Let’s break it down:

Bujo Grid Collection:

- dot grid tape | obtained from Aliexpress store “Build dreams Store” $ 0.69

- check list | obtained from Aliexpress store “Build dreams Store” $ 1.27

These help me keep things spaced out and organized when I can’t grab my ruler!

Target Collection:

- gold foil dotted tape | purchased from Target dollar section

- gold foil zig zag tape | purchased from Target dollar section

- black matte zig zag tape | purchased from Target dollar section

- black and gold designed tape | purchased from Target dollar section

I got these at the beginning of the school year this year! I was so excited I actually grabbed a few of the same rolls haha

Ikea Collection:

- Black tape set | purchased from Ikea on sale for like $3 i think

- Green tape set (missing big roll) | purchased from Ikea on sale for like $3 i think

- Pink tape set | purchased from Ikea on sale for like $3 i think

These are really nice quality and the colors look very nice! I love using the larger rolls to decorate/seal gifts!

Daiso Collection:

- brown floral patterned tape | purchased from Daiso for $3

- polka dot fabric tape set | purchased from Daiso for $3

The fabric tape set is kinda funky to use since it isn’t really tape, but the effect is cute! Also the brown floral tape is really cute to cut up and use as accent pieces!

Michaels Collection:

- yellow feather tape | purchased at michaels for like $2-3 on sale

- pink swirled tape | purchased at michaels for like $2-3 on sale

- pink transparent floral tape | purchased at michaels for like $2-3 on sale

- orange patterned tape | purchased at michaels for like $2-3 on sale

- orange floral tape | purchased at michaels for like $2-3 on sale

These washi tapes are very nice quality and are very vibrant and fun!

Foil Collection:

- gold dotted tree tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Candy DIY Store” $1.50

- gold transparent rose tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.34

- rose gold/copper transparent heart tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “DIY Washi Tape” $ 1.40 {my favorite tape!}

- gold grained tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.19

- silver grained tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.19

The silver and gold grained tape isn’t the stickiest, but it’s suuuper pretty! My favorite are the hearts and the roses <3 they’re just so pretty!

Watercolor Nature Collection:

- blue flower tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Stationery Retail” $ 0.99

- green lilypad tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Stationery Retail” $ 0.99

- grey forest tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Stationery Retail” $ 0.99

- green leafy tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Stationery Retail” $ 0.99

- orange leaves tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Stationery Retail” $ 0.99

- blue constellation tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Build dreams Store” $ 1.30

These might be the prettiest tapes I own, and they are really nice for borders and themed pages!

Floral/Accent Collection:

- fall acorn tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.08

- green lotus tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.12

- blue neighborhood tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.12

- spring floral tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Mohamm Store” $ 1.13

- blue floral tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Mohamm Store” $ 1.13

- pink floral tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Mohamm Store” $ 1.13

The top three are a bit lower quality but are still pretty and fun! The bottom three are so pretty and nice on the eyes and look so good paired with mildliners/supertips!

Doodle/Divider Collection:

- pink vine tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Shop1802436 Store” $ 1.38

- boho tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Mohamm Store” $ 1.13

- jar tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Hello Cute Panda” $ 1.88

- bunnies and food tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.12

- doodle town tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “Top-living Arts & Crafts Store” $ 1.02

- green vine tape | purchased from Aliexpress store “tobuy” $ 1.52

- doodle header tape | purchased from Daiso for $3

These are cute tapes to cut individually and stick on your bullet journal as little doodles! My favorite divider has to be the regular vine one cause it’s so nice <3

Total: 50 rolls pictured = $ 61.59

(some rolls not pictured; according to Aliexpress, my total spent on my washi tape collection alone is $33.73)

conclusion: i have a washi tape problem

Dan’s Liveshow

Ok so I know I’m really late but I’ve been busy and just got around to watching the liveshow earlier today. Here’s what I’ve got.

P.S. Most of this is a joke. Well, some of it. A bit of it. It’s a bit of a joke. 

~the fact that his mouse ran out of batteries doesn’t explain why he was on his bed. He had his phone propped up against his laptop, so he could have done it just as normal like if he was using his laptop. Yet, he was on his bed?

~WHAT DID DAN DO THAT PHIL WILL PUT ON HIS SIDE CHANNEL AFTER HIS NEXT VID I’M SPECULATING OH SHIT *cough cough, it’s something about the move that he can’t put out until after the move is announced, cough cough*

~rip DanAndPhilCRAFTS

~who’s on his fucking daddy list i'm 



~phil’s coat tho

~dan, can you not mail the denim jacket, like what 

~fuck he moved the painting bc it would fall on him damnit my life is ruined…
wait but later he said it was the contemplation of his aesthetic hmmmmmmm

~100% wants to talk about his new aesthetic later cause he’s gonna be in a new house by then and he needs the palettes so he knows what color to paint his new room 

~”i’ll go to ikea with you?” “okay well we’ll talk about this whenever we…” *trails off*



~15th and 17th is the festival in Australia and according to Dan’s schedule that’s literally two weeks unaccounted for what (Hong Kong?)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENDING THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SO HERE’S MY THEORY. You may be asking, “If they’re moving, why didn’t he just tell us?” Well, I think the Thursday amazingphil video is an official announcement? Maybe? No? I don’t know, don’t hold me accountable if I’m wrong. That’s just my thought. 

P.S. I sincerely apologize, these last few days have brought my demon back. Help me, please. 

I work at a colonial era living history farm and one of our big, long-term projects has been processing the wool we sheared from our sheep back in the spring.  We had to wash, card, spin and dye the wool and now we’re finally ready to knit!  One of my coworkers made a very cozy hat using some of the different colors we were able to create from dyes like black walnut and acorn.