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Minutes after winning new artist of the year, Niall Horan treated the American Music Awards crowd to a live rendition of his breakthrough hit on Sunday night in Los Angeles. “Slow Hands” got the spotlight and it didn’t disappoint. Earlier in the evening, Portugal. The Man preluded their performance with a sign that read, “No computers up here. Just live instruments.” Horan’s followed the same lead and although he didn’t announce it was even more back-to-basics than Portugal. The Man’s horn- and string-inflected entourage. Backed by a drummer and a few guitars, the solo One Direction-er got the job done with a groovy, sneakily-sensual “Slow Hands” performance.
Every BTS interview in the U.S.A will be like :

RAPMON: Doing 98 % of the interview 

JIMIN: Hiding behind Rapmon

JUNGKOOK: Throws every english word he learned

JHOPE: As hype as ever repeating every word 3 times while dancing

V: Pretending like he understands it all 

JIN: Says “steak” or/and “Pasta”

SUGA: Doesn’t give a F*ck. Speaks korean


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anonymous asked:

Can u watch the livestream of the bbmas (if u can anyway) if you're not in the United States?

I’ve seen this link floating around for all ARMYs:

There is also this link for the Twitter live for the ‘Magenta Carpet’:

While I’m at it I’ll also drop the links for U.S. ARMYs: (you probably need to sign in with your TV provider account that has access to ABC)

And of course if you are in the U.S., you can watch it on your TV on ABC~
- Kylie