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I was a god once, I was so daring in my living and careless in my dying.


I saw the creation of Earth. Eve braiding flowers in her hair, as Cain killed Abel in the field, mouth full of blood and repentance, he cried in the trees until dusk had set, murderer carved into his gums, soil under his nails. I still see him sometimes, wandering this earth like a shadow, a bruise still bleeding beneath unhealed skin.


The Greeks and their gods of water and stone, so mortal in their loving, so cruel in their hate. They played at gods, mortals, power. They played at living. Sitting on their golden thrones, humans in portraiture, ambrosia dripping from their mouths, God playing at quintessential humanity, just as narcissistic as the rest, corruption only magnifies as they grow. Zeus sends down a lightening bolt for fun, Poseidon churns in his sea, Hades bites into a pomegranate. They are forgotten easily, buried under ash, Greece’s shoreline recedes. God learns of human desire.


Abraham spills blood of his son, plagued by memories of Jesus and Abel, so alike in their innocence, God replaces him with a lamb. The Jews wander the desert for decades mouths parched, searching for a messiah, searching for God, searching for an answer that does not come from a schizophrenic boy king. I take pity and lead them to an oasis, I inadvertently create a religion, God laughs from his celestial throne.


The Buddha is born, and he is pure, a rarity in the human race. He is intrinsically connected to all in this Earth, living and not living. God sobered over his years watches, all the angels hold their breath, as the Buddha ascends, his heart is a needle sliver of the sun. God cannot repeat this feat in any others, so he feeds them with holy flesh instead.


Mary on the saltwater shores of Nazareth, wavering in the sun like a sepia tinted photo, one hand supporting her rounded belly. Jesus sunburnt and naked, eyes open with the wonder of a thousand stars. His fall as a man, still a boy, bleeding hands tied, mouth tasting metal, he thinks of Cain, and wonders where did humanity go wrong. Judas watches with his tongue cut out, and eyes burned blind. God learns how to make prophets.


Muhammed comes from the desert, the history of the land carved into his skin like cracks, his throat is parched, and his ribcage is empty. He sits in a cave, starved, empty, dehydrated and hallucinating. Gabriel chances upon him and cuts off his own flesh to feed him, Muhammed drinks only a drop of the holy blood and turns his head away. Gabriel returns from his trip on Earth to Heaven, not thinking of the arab in the cave. Muhammed is now able to hear what Gabriel hears, and see what he sees. He is a blind prophet, who learns of God and builds him a city. Here lays Mecca, a place of the rebirth, the place of prophets the Ka’aba the center where earth aligns with heaven. God muses at the human worship, there is opportunity in this, he just does not know what.


Empires rise, and crumble into dust, ash, memories. The Earth expands populations self- cannaibzlizing it’s population. World War I comes and the sky falls, it rains bombs for weeks and years after. World War II like a monsoon, god of death rising above.


I still sit, a god once, but human no longer. I watch the cycle go on. I watch humanity exist and it is fucking biblical, in the way we rise from the ashes again and again and again. I watch the world become reborn.

—  from the ashes angels are born from the ashes they return

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I was wondering how you came to the decision that God doesn't see being LGBT as a sin. I've been trying to discern what I believe God says about it, but I can't. It feels like I've been running into a wall for years. I want to believe that it's okay, but I can't seem to let myself. I don't feel like I've ever heard God say it was okay. I've seen a lot pointing to it being okay, but I've also seen a lot pointing to it being wrong. (1/2)

(2/2) And I don’t want to disobey God, but if it is wrong I know I will be angry and bitter the rest of my life. I kind of think maybe God has told me, but I don’t want His answer so I decided to ignore it. Or that God told me, but I thought it was me being hopeful and that He would never actually say I was okay so I didn’t believe it. I just wondered if you could give me any advice on this.

Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I understand how difficult this question is; it took me five years of asking questions, listening to the lived experience of others, soul searching, yelling at God, furiously highlighting my Bible, and praying to come to my conclusion. Which is, just to be transparent, that LGBTQ folks are fully included members of the body of Christ who are held to the same standards and are invited to live by a Biblically-based sexual ethic. LGBTQ folks are no different from any other Christian; they are are gifted in unique ways by the holy Spirit, struggle with unique temptations, and work for holiness and justice in their own unique ministries. 

As mentioned, my road to this answer was long and fraught, but it coalesced around three distinct events in the last year or so of my life. The first was reading God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines. I had encountered plenty of arguments for the affirmation of gay Christians before, but they always either encouraged gay Christians to live permanently celibate lives, or they held such a loose view of scripture that they disregarded every passage they didn’t like and elevated sociology and scientific research above the Bible. Now I absolutely affirm those in the church, gay or straight, who have been called to a lifetime of celibacy, and I am a big advocate of bringing current research into conversation with the Bible, but neither of these arguments were sufficient for me. God and the Gay Christian was a game changer. It’s written by a evangelical gay man who holds a very high view of both Biblical authority, and he took a year off his studies at Harvard divinity school to thoughtfully and lovingly engage Biblical witness on the subject of sexual orientation, both on a verse-by-verse and holistic basis. I read it in one sitting on a summer day in my living room, then put the book aside and said to God “Okay. I’m done fighting. I’m on board.”

The second event had been in the works for a while. It consisted of my abandoning my need to theologically police others on the minutia of issues of sexual orientation, a practice I have seen wreak unimaginable harm in and outside of the church. I had enough evidence to finally decide which side of the fence I came down on, and surrendered the rest to the Holy Spirit. If an LGBTQ person told me they loved Jesus, I decided to trust them, to trust the Holy Spirit with them, and to treat them just like any other brother or sister in Christ. The third event was my starting seminary, in which I met a number of gay, bi, trans, and nonbinary people who took the Bible and sex seriously, who were in love with God and absolutely committed to serving the church as pastors, teachers, and deacons. They erased any other hesitations I had. 

That’s my story, but turning to yours, beloved child of God, I encourage you to continue listening to the Holy Spirit through prayer and attentiveness to your own heart. The Bible is an amazing, life-giving book, but it isn’t as neat as we would like. It’s colored by the politics and context of its time, and it doesn’t pretend to be the unfailing rule of life we want it to be. You need to keep the scriptures close to you as you discern the right path; you need to engage God’s story and the person of Jesus and the Bible’s opinions on spiritual and social dimensions of sex. But ultimately, it will not make your decision for you. Neither will Matthew Vines or Tim Keller or any theologian on either side of the isle. One revelatory moment won’t make the daily choice of how you live in your body go away, and weeks or months of being confident in your spiritual choices doesn’t mean that doubt does not creep in sometimes to try and dissuade you from the truth. Repetitive nagging can be the Holy Spirit tugging our heart towards something new, but those ugly waves of guilt or self-hatred that crash in are absolutely not. 

I am so sorry you are having to have this conversation with God (and God wants to have it with you! He loves your body and your mind and created you as a sexual being with delight! She wants to guide you in how to inhabit your body fully and ethically and with joy!) in a time where human sexuality is a warzone. I’m sorry your existence has been politicized and that your presence in the church is seen as a statement rather than a cause for celebration. If there is a Bible study or church community where you feel welcome near you, root yourself there, let those people pour love into you and guide you but remember that at the end of the day, you answer only to God. Other people’s opinions are immaterial, and gender or sexuality labels, which sometimes helpful, pale in comparison to your true identity as an heir of God’s kingdom. 

P.S. Queerly Christian is THE PLACE for Biblical scholarship and community building about this issue. Give them a follow!

I’d been meaning to make a rec list for a while, but now I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve read or started to read most of the books on this list, and I own 95% of them. If I haven’t read it, but someone has recommended it to me, I’ve included it. I know that there are books I’ve read or have been meaning to read that aren’t on here because my memory is shit and I never write anything down. Titles link to Goodreads.

An asterisk (*) indicates a book I haven’t read yet. A pound sign (#) indicates a book I haven’t read yet, but which others have recommended. A tilde (~) indicates a book I’m in the process of reading and would recommend up to the current point (aka “I don’t know if this book has a terrible second half, but so far it’s good”). Italics indicate a personal favorite.




Feel free to add others! 

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I typed up this whole thing about how I thought it was nice because you openly discussed your faith, and I wanted to tell you it makes me enjoy Tumblr more because I'm not alone in a social media group that hates on Christians. And that you're in SA, my husband is USAF and that place has special memories for us. <3

I left Tumblr several times in the past because the hostile atmosphere made me incredibly anxious. But over time I’ve realized that social media needs people who aren’t afraid to talk about God. If we retreat from these spaces, we only have ourselves to blame when others think the worst of us because they’ve never actually gotten to know who we are, what we believe and why. Rather than pretending to be the holiest and most morally superior, we ought to show people that we’re just flawed human beings who are trying to live up to a Biblical standard (and inevitably failing because we live in a world tainted by sin—but we still keep trying because we love God).

Were y’all stationed in Lackland or Ft. Sam? :D I lived on Ft. Sam for three years when I was in elementary school and still pop over there on occasion. Dad was in the army, though.

There is a meme I see a lot in progressive circles. The meme goes like this.

“Idea: a reality show where gay marriage opponents have to live under 100% biblical laws for six months so they can show us how awesome it is.”

The meme is credited in the version I have seen most recently to Molly Manglewood of Alternet, but I have seen variations on the theme posted in all sorts of places in different words.

I hate this meme.

I stated in an earlier post that I hate it for about seven discrete reasons but that’s a slight misstatement because really all the reasons are tied together pretty fundamentally.

Here they are.

- If you’ve followed me for any length of time or heard me talk about this before, you’ve already all heard the one I often raise first, a little defensively. The trope presumes that no one would be so far out and ridiculous as to actually keep the laws of the Old Testament in particular, because that would somehow be far too burdensome and ridiculous for anyone in the modern world to deal with. That patently isn’t true because Orthodox Jews exist. I know from my own experience and the experience of many of my friends and family members that there are people who live full and modern lives while keeping the dietary laws, the Sabbath, the imperative not to mix wool and linen in clothing, any supposedly “wacky” thing you can find in the Old Testament (or as we call it, the Torah), as well as any number of laws in the commentaries that I would argue are even more onerous, such as the laws of family purity. The argument implies that the people I know to exist and thrive cannot really be existing and thriving. It’s deeply Christian-centric in a way that I think really ridicules Jews. Ok, that’s obvious to me at least, but now it’s out of the way.

- The argument, as a result, completely fails to address homophobia within Jewish communities, which, as a bisexual Jew who lost my faith partly as a result of my anger at the biblical and consequent community attitudes to gender and sexuality well before I was willing to acknowledge my bisexuality as a real thing, is kind of a big deal to me.

- it presumes that homophobic religious people are hypocrites and it does that from a place of real and dramatic ignorance of scripture and doctrine. I know some people who like the meme like it because that has been their experience in the religious communities in which they were raised, but it still bothers me for a few reasons:

- it implies that religious homophobia stems from idiocy and a lack of contemplation basically, and proceeds to try to effect change on that basis. I understand the impulse to take that attitude but I think it’s naive, unrealistic, arrogant and strategically completely defeatist. When is the last time you ever convinced anyone of anything by insulting their intelligence and telling them that if only they were clever and farsighted like you they would agree with you? And haven’t you known otherwise intelligent people who surprised and even disgusted you with their positions on matters? Wasn’t there usually more to it, something slightly more complex and profound than “they were dumb I guess, despite all evidence to the contrary”?

- it implies that religious people don’t know their own texts better than snide atheists. First, I admit that I’m biased about this, as a Jew, since education about matters of Torah and the commandments is a huge component of my relationship with my culture and history and is so frequently a huge part of Jewish faith. I admit that sometimes certain religious groups do not encourage such study, leading to the presumed ignorance and the presumed supreme knowledge of people who pass the meme around. Often, though, this is emphatically not the case, and one example of when this is not the case is the trope itself. Unlike Judaism, Christianity does not demand adherence to a whole host of the laws of the Torah/Old Testament - it’s one of the formative aspects of Christianity. Someone can be a deeply faithful person who strives for Christian values and not keep many of the commandments of the Old Testament. A lot of the people who pass the meme around don’t know that, and I think if you’re going to engage people in debate about something that is deeply central to their moral and spiritual lives you should probably bother to do enough research to know that before accusing THEM of ignorance or of skating over biblical principles. There are great biblical arguments to have in a Christian framework about whether homosexuality was ever actually condemned by Jesus and whether the Leviticus statement should even be considered applicable. Have those instead; engage genuinely with biblical scholarship if you care what religious people think, which I feel you should. Similarly I see a lot of people saying things like “oh well everyone would just be stoned immediately if they tried to live according to the bible because that’s how people were punished” and I cannot speak for Christianity here but Judaism actually has addressed that - there are no courts of sufficient Jewish authority to give those punishments out anymore and additionally we have a religious obligation to follow the laws of the land and not wildly administer killings. There is a perception that religious people do not think about or tackle the challenges of living piously in the modern world. They often do.

- It implies that the main problem with religiously based homophobia is hypocrisy, and that if you are consistent you can be as hateful of queerness as you like. What do you say to someone who kept all the biblical laws in this hypothetical reality show and, far from finding them burdensome, found the whole experience fascinating and moving? Are they now given license by this meme to keep on keeping on with their belief that queerness is an abomination? Have they passed the test?

- What do we say to the genuinely pious? This is a huge issue I think we shy away from tackling - when you’re arguing with a religious person who wants to be good and kind and loving but also wants to live by their faith’s commandments, you are facing an argument where you are asking someone to betray themselves, to pit some of their values against others and make them choose. To decide that a part of your religion is false is to fundamentally change your life; a lot of ex-religious people understand that but a lot of people who pass that meme around have never been religious, have never understood what they are asking of a religious person when they ask them to reject something their faith demands they believe. We’re talking loss of moral centre, loss of family and community … it’s huge. You need an argument that is cognisant of that, not an argument that presumes they were never that attached to most of their faith in the first place.

- deep down it suggests that the main problem with keeping biblical law is that it is too hard, that the main problem with repressing queer desire is that it is too hard. That buys into the idea that the acceptance of queer people and queer sex and love is about buying into a culture of easy fixes, laziness, licentiousness, lack of personal responsibility, lack of discipline and childishness. Paying your taxes is hard. Being constantly mindful of consent is hard. Treating your fellow human with kindness and respect is often very hard indeed. The argument that you shouldn’t do something because it is hard or because other things asked of you by the same source that issued the directive are hard does not address the central problem of homophobia or of the characterisation of queer sex as an abomination. The central problem is not that it is too hard not to be queer. It is that that isn’t a fair thing to ask, that it harms people, that people should have the right to autonomy when harm is not being done … We won’t even get into it because there are heaps of arguments expressed possibly billions of times. The “it’s too hard” argument buys into myths about queerness that are already way too popular in religious circles and does no justice to the centre of the problem of repressing and punishing queerness.


- Character Analysis -
Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange

• GEMINI SUN: throughout the film, we are able to gather that Alex is rather charismatic and uses his charm to his advantage in an effort to get what he wants (for example, when he persuaded those two girls from the music store to go back to his apartment). in addition, we see that he is an underdeveloped, stereotypical Gemini because he does indeed appear quite two-faced and has a tendency to lie with a straight face (like when he assures his correctional officer that he hasn’t been getting into trouble lately, but he actually goes out every night and performs horrific acts upon other individuals)
• ARIES MOON: although it’s difficult to capture a clear idea of Alex DeLarge in terms of his emotional realm, I think Aries Moon suits him best because he has such an intense desire to be the leader of his friends and he wants complete control all the time; he refuses to take a back seat and let other people do the work. he also reacts to certain situations rather impulsively and energetically (such as when he heard Beethoven’s music and impulsively attacked his friend because the music seems to rile him up). he’s childish at heart and is pretty naïve - he thought that the treatment he underwent was going to be totally harmless but ended up biting more than he could chew
• GEMINI MERCURY: Alex has a great way with words and is extremely witty, as well as humorous. his story-telling is imaginative and he speaks in extensive detail about his thoughts (for example, when he recounted his visions of living in biblical times). he can be quite cunning and he leads people to believe false things
• GEMINI VENUS: for twisted reasons, Alex DeLarge is not particularly interested in romantic relationships and shows no signs of being committed to one single person. instead, he fools around with a number of girls and prefers it that way. his love and appreciation for music, however, is reminiscent of Gemini Venus adoration. he is obsessed with classical music (mainly Beethoven). also, he is quite sociable and likes being with his friends a lot of the time
• SAGITTARIUS RISING: when we are first introduced to Alex, we see that he is adventurous and he questions people’s beliefs (like during the opening scene where he asks the drunken old man why he thinks the world is deteriorating). moments later, he is driving a car wildly and rapidly, and eagerly investigates a house he observes on the side of the road. he is a thrill-seeker
Perspective | I signed the Nashville Statement. It’s an expression of love for same-sex attracted people.
The explosion of controversy about the document shows the need for clarity.

“With all our hearts, we believe that the sexual revolution cannot deliver on its promises, but that Christ always delivers on his.”

“This past week I was part of an effort that put America’s theological and moral fault lines fully in view. I was a signer of something called the Nashville Statement, a document adopted by a group of evangelical Christians seeking to reaffirm traditional Christian values on sexuality.

Within hours, the vitriol in response to our document showed why such clarification is necessary.

One of the most intense lines of criticism was that we, signers of the document, dismiss the pain and suffering of those who live outside those historic Biblical sexual norms. That we weren’t acknowledging the rejection they feel in the church and were making their sins appear more significant than our own.

To be clear: Christians understand the brokenness of the world. We signers know ourselves, like all humanity, to be broken by sin. We have no right to face the world from a claim of moral superiority. We know and confess that Christians have often failed to speak the truth in love.

It would be much easier to be quiet, to let the moral revolution proceed unanswered, and to seek some kind of refuge in silence or ambiguity. For the sake of same-sex attracted people and others, we did not believe we could remain silent — or unclear — and be faithful.

The backlash to the document shows why it is so needed: While the Christian church has held to a normative understanding of biblical sexuality for over two millennia, we now face challenges to biblical teaching that require an unprecedented level of specificity. It affirmed what would have been universally acknowledged as the historic Christian faith without question or controversy until just the last several years.

…The “Nashville Statement,” like many other doctrinal declarations common to Christian history, seeks to summarize, clarify, and affirm what Holy Scripture reveals. In this case, we find ourselves clarifying what no previous generation of Christians has been called upon to clarify. We must now clarify and specify what the Bible teaches about human sexuality, marriage, and what it means to be made male and female.

… Pastors, parents, and individual Christians are asking for clear answers to what they see as new questions. We have attempted to provide them. Churches and Christian institutions have asked for a statement to which they can point for reference and affirmation. We have sought to assist them.

…The main goal of the “Nashville Statement” is to point all persons, regardless of the form of our struggles over sexuality or self-identity, to salvation and wholeness in Christ. With all our hearts, we believe that the sexual revolution cannot deliver on its promises, but that Christ always delivers on his.

The very fact that the statement made headlines and was greeted with shock and surprise in some quarters underlines why it was needed. We believe that human dignity, human flourishing, and true human freedom are at stake. We know that two rival visions of what it means to be human are now fully apparent. We stand by the vision affirmed in the historic Christian faith.”

- Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

DAY 107:

let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

My dear sister,

It’s not enough for him to say he wants a relationship with you. It’s not enough for him to just flirt here and there, send you texts here and there, kiss you here and there…whatever it is, love is more than just words. It’s actions, and as followers of Christ, if we truly desire to do things His way by being intentional and godly in our relationships, we have to give our all to it, not just parts of it!

Love goes deeper than just going on dates or going on an emotional roller-coaster with a guy. Love must be deeply rooted in Christ and deeply rooted in the things of God. We don’t just do things just because. We don’t just enter into relationships out of boredom. Because of Christ, everything we do has purpose.

So if you’re talking to a guy or are interested in someone who has words with no actions, it’s time to really look at the time you’re investing. This is important because no matter what this guy says, it is his actions that will really show you where his heart is! Remember this when it comes to:

1. That guy who just wants to text and talk but never commit
2. That guy who likes to flirt with you, but flirts with other girls too
3. That guy who is not respecting your time, your heart, your body
4. That guy who you’ve been thinking about all day, even though you know he is not willing to pursue you
5. That guy who is leaning on you emotionally, physically, or spiritually and he is not committed to being in an intentional relationship
6. That guy who are not in a relationship with but keeps sending you mixed emotions
7. That guy who you are no longer in a relationship with but still wants to talk to you regularly and be completely involved in your life
8. That guy who you are constantly going back and forth over if this is “the one” God has for you

Whatever it is, don’t retreat back to what he said. Think about what he does. Don’t think about the time he said, “Yea, I’m a Christian!” Think about how he LIVES for Christ!

Biblical context + further reading: 1 John 3:11-24
Written by itsmorganlife

progressive “catholics”: outright denying the eucharist, Jesus’ divinity AND His manhood, disobeying church teachings and lying about Biblical truths, living in sin and encouraging others to sin

raddy-traddy catholics: demonizing people for not wearing Ralph Lauren in Traditional Gender Roles™, hyperobsessing over near-impossible-to-understand liturgical choices, blaming poor people for being poor/middle class people for being middle class, Excelling in Classical Education At Private Classical Academies, tearing each other to shreds over minute, non-moral absolutes

me, huddled in corner, clutching pitiful excuse for a prayer life and half-baked attempts at being a better person like a lifeline: please…..please leave me alone im just trying to Live

The signs as Tarot Cards pulled from my deck

*This is a Past Lives deck. All cards pulled at random*

Aries: Mother. This card indicates that your mother in this life, was also your mother in past lives. Very common

Taurus: Persecution and Inquisition. You were accused of witchcraft, be a heathen, or other ‘crimes’, in your past lives

Gemini: Scribe or Writer. This card reveals you may of been a writer in your past life

Cancer: Health. Your relationship to health and healing may be influenced by other lifetimes

Leo: Baby. This card means that you may have suffered trauma as a child in a past life, or that involved a baby of yours. It may describe parenthood in this, or a previous, life.

Virgo. Authority Figures. In your previous and current past lives, you have followed the rules set down by people like parents or teachers. This may cause a current distrust of authority in this life, or a strong need to please.

Libra: Lessons and Blessings. This card is a sign that the situation you’re experiencing is a result of a past life. You have learned important things, bringing blessings to your current life. 

Scorpio: Farm. You lived a past life on a farm. This may cause you to long for warmth, routine, and simplicity in your current life. 

Sagittarius: Trust and Faith. This card may indicate that you were betrayed by a specific person in a past life

Capricorn: Asia. A past life in Asia is affecting your current life. Lessons from your past life, need to be balanced with your current life’s culture. 

Aquarius: Biblical. You may of lived alongside famous biblical characters in your past life. You may also of been a follower of Jesus or Moses, or lived in the holy land

Pisces: Male-Female. You may have lived as the opposite gender in most, or a recent past life.  

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hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to say i really love it? I used to be a massive supernatural fan but I kind of got out of the fandom for a lot of reasons, I wasn't happy with the show and I found the fandom kind of toxic. But I recently decided to rewatch it because of the love i once had for it (my cats name is Cas after all) and i find myself kind of thrown back into it. But i've been out of fandom for a long time, so I was wondering if you had any fic recs? cas centric pref

Hi! Welcome back to fandom! I am sure there are still some toxic areas but certainly not that I have stumbled across. Generally I only follow positive people though so that’s probably why.

I am so so happy you love my blog! Thank you for your message! I definitely have my favourite fandom fics so will link and rec a few below (a a note, I do not read major character death fics, all of these fics have happy endings - and by happy endings I mean endings where Dean and Cas are together. Its the only kind of fic I read, though I will still say mind the tags when it comes to certain triggers):

  • My all time favourite Supernatural fanfic is Angels Wild by riseofthefallenone and LimonadeGaby. This is an au fic but it is so so so so so so good. Cas centric, where angels are not quite like in the bible and Dean is an angel hunter… I’m not gonna say any more except that I promise you will love it.
  • Also, if you haven’t read it already Out Of the Deep also by riseofthefallenone. Cas is a merman (finkin) and Dean is human and again, if au creature fics arent your thing trust me, they weren’t my thing either. But I adore this fic. Its certainly got the angst you were after.

Thats it for AU fics for me as I am a fan of the canon love story of Cas and Dean overall. The following are all canon!verse and I heartily recommend them all:

  • The Chronicles of Dean’s Bisexuality by mnwood is basically a rewrite of the entire show but with Dean as canonically bisexual from the start. It gets dark as it explores Dean’s childhood and there are some headcanons that may not be to everyones tastes, but I assure you this fic is worth it in the end. I loved it. 
  • The Mirror by cloudyjen is just a wonderful story. At times it will make you cry (there is one bit in the middle which yeah, the tears were flowing) but it is such a great idea and I really enjoyed it. 10/10 would recommend.
  • What is Hidden, What is Seen by ExpatGirl is exactly what I was looking for after the season 10 finale. I was so angry at Dean and wanted fics that aligned to my emotions. This fic does that. It takes all the bad that happened at the end of season 10, lays the emotions on heavy for Dean, makes him truly regret what he did and makes Cas into the most BAMF in the world and I adored him in this fic. A hell of a lot of angst. Like MAJOR angst. But a wonderful fic. 
  • The Most Important Thing by Northern Sparrow is again a post season 10 Cas centric fic that is just beautiful to read. Full of angst of course and really focuses on Cas’ relationship with Claire. 
  • State of Nature by lolalliecatz is another alternative season 11 fic. Again, Cas’ centric, but I just have to say that this fic gave me EVERYTHING I wanted from the Darkness before we knew about Amara. This version of the Darkness was EXACTLY what I thought the Darkness would be and she is so very awesome and twisted and bad in this fic. I loved it. Cas was so so awesome.
  • The Dance of Inanna by PeppermintWind. Its been a long time since I read this fic but I really loved the way the story was told. it was kind of addictive. An alternative season 8 where the pagan gods decide to have a war and TFW get caught up in the middle.
  • Everything is Subtext series by @mittensmorgul​ (who you should really be following if you are not already because she is awesome). Its canon with a slice of French Mistake and cockles on the side (if you are into that) and please, just read it. Its so good. Its funny, Its angsty. You’ll love it.
  • The Law Of Equivalent Exchange by @awed-frog​ (someone else who you should definitely be following) I just can’t even with this fic. Its too perfect. Argh the idea is just beautiful. Castiel centric again, a story about past lives dating back to biblical times and how one particular soul drew the attention of one particular blue eyed angel through all the ages until finally, that soul becomes a freckled young boy with green eyes… Just… Just read it. I cried just because of how good it was… i may go back and read this again actually.
  •  To Mend the Cracks with Gold by starsandgarters. Again, a post season 10 fix it fic that left me in tears (but in a good way). The best way to describe it is to say that it left me satisfied where the show often leaves me frustrated with its plot holes and retcons. Another excellent read.
  • Apres by imogenbynight is a wonderful rather fluffy fic set post season 8 after the angels fell. Castiel is human and Dean comes to bring him home from Paris, France. But first they spend some quality time together. This is the perfect kind of get together fic for when you want a pick-me-up. 
  • Lastly, Grey by Valinde. Hear me out. I am not usually a fan of ABO, like its just not my thing usually and anything with the tag ‘mpreg’ definitely makes me click the exit button. BUT if you ARE interested in testing out an ABO fic, go for this one. Like the Chronicles of Dean’s Bisexuality this fic takes place over the entire series of supernatural starting pre series with a young Dean and Sam. It runs pretty much parallel to the SPN story lines except the only difference is that this is omega!verse and Dean is an omega. Castiel is an alpha. Baring in mind this had a lot of tags that would usually deter me I thought it was a brilliant fic. If you like angst OH BOY will this fic drive you mad with angst. its worth it though in the end. 

If however, you arn’t satisfied with these, I have a load of others including shorter fics, fluff and a nice helping of smut ;-) in my bookmarks over on AO3 here. So feel free to browse and enjoy!

Now for my favourite bloggers:

@mittensmorgul who I already mentioned above. Meta writer and fic writer extraordinaire! A follow must!

@awed-frog like mittens, she is a brilliant writer and meta blogger. 

@elizabethrobertajones is a meta writer and such a lovely person who is very positive about the show. She has the best tagging system. I use her blog as my fandom reference guide on a regular basis!

@f-ckyeahfutbol also a brilliant meta blogger who delivers some of the best bi-dean analysis on the show… also watch for the saltier posts… they are so much fun and have me in hysterics. Silly people who still think Dean is straight!

@postmodernmulticoloredcloak like f-yeahfutbol in their bi!dean analysis. Marghe is another wonderful blogger to add to your dash.

@thevioletcaptain has the BEST episode reviews. Like seriously they are awesome. Cass is also show positive and full of fantastic meta.

@destieldrabblesdaily is a must to follow if you don’t already. Shirley is lovely and writes the best fluffy drabbles. 

@destielonfire is really positive blog and Chloe is generally a ray of sunshine to have on my dash.

@ibelieveinthelittletreetopper is your best place for show spoilers and news and is also a really lovely positive blogger. She has her work cut out for her trying to calm people down when the rumour mill starts circulating with fans going crazy…She’s a vital blog to follow for a positive fandom experience.

@rockandrollchick is your source for spn crack posts…. omg the crack post… they have me in tears of laughter they are so good. How she comes up with this stuff is beyond me but i adore it.

There are so many bloggers I am missing here, Everyone I follow is amazing and I am so happy here because my experience in this fandom has been almost completely positive and happy. I do put that down entirely to following the right people. So start with these guys, and work your way out from there. I promise that you won’t go wrong. 

Dean wants a food processor. 

There, he admits it. 

Everyone on The Food Network has a damn food processor, and as skilled as he is with a knife, ganking demons isn’t anywhere near the level of skill one must have to mince, julienne, and dice. It takes way too long to make everything, and damn it, he’s got shit to do. 

He can’t spend half a day on food prep, thanks. 

This is, unfortunately, how he ended up losing Castiel, former Angel of the Lord and current Overgrown Toddler, in the obscene hellscape that is Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

One thing. 

That’s all he came in here for, was one thing, and now he’s searching every nook and cranny of this god forsaken place, hoping that the dope hasn’t fallen victim to an avalanche of decorative throw pillows. 

“Cas?” he calls cautiously, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. He figures since nobody’s paged over the intercom asking for the handler of a tall, handsome, very confused man, Cas hasn’t managed to get himself into too much trouble. 

He lets out a sigh of relief when he sees Cas by the As Seen on TV display, an intense look of strained concentration on his face and–ohfuckohfuck–his arm shaking in an absolutely unmistakable fashion. Dean darts over, careful not to make a scene, but come on

He knows he never explicitly said you can’t whack-off in public, but that’s only because he didn’t think he would have to.  Crimeny, the guy’s socially stunted, not stupid. 

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anonymous asked:

how do you believe how do you have faith

I wish I knew. It just showed up one day, and fit inside my head like–something I’d never been without. The world made more sense with it in there.

If I ever lost it, I’m not sure I would know how to coax it back into my skull.

the fact that we live in a world full of people who would rather starves themselves than admit their beautiful
or the fact that we live in a world full of drug dealers & hypocrites because the pain is just so fucking much to handle
how about this
that we live in a world entirely full of idolized people who live by societies biblical rules about what to wear & what to do.
i dont know about you
but I think this is the reason so many of us teenagers or just people
or cause pain to oneself because we feel as if we deserve it.
we see these rules and these fucking tags and things we should be and what were not and I feel as if it fucks us up.