i got a book yesterday to just use as an aesthetic base in the collage we’re doing, but i read the first story in the book and i love it so much and it fits so well with the whole expressing urself part of the assignment

although only like 5 pages actually kind of reflect back on my life 


This is the point where I’m saying, “I could waste time being afraid, but why would I? You get out of a destructive relationship, you take time to learn the lessons it taught you. Once you’re ready, you hop back in because we all love to love and be loved.

After single-handedly demolishing the slave trade by attacking the rich merchants, Bernie Sanders began the Haitian Revolution and abolished slavery in America and Brazil, then he gave birth to Martin Luther King which he nurtured and mentored about black rights. Finally he saved Trayvon Martin and created black history month, ending racism forever.

I want to post this picture to talk about the danger of spoilers.  It got out that they had filmed Henry’s birthday party without Lana and the fandom flipped it’s shit.

And then it turned out to be a murder dream.

But now I have another question…

How the fuck was Rumple sleeping?