I’m so excited! I judt reached my 130th follower and I wanted to thank each one of you! Big shout out to all of you but especially typical-horse-girl (my first follower), also to livinahorseylife and equineismylife for not only following but for also talking to me and keeping our conversations going. Thanks so much to everyone!

I’m wondering if this was delayed because I was at Camberwell on Saturday and I’m posting because some of my messages aren’t going through!

I showed in the Children’s Division, A Equitation on the Flat, A Equitation Over Fences, the Children’s Medal, and the 3'3 Mod. Jr./Am.’s. :)

smalltown-pony asked:

Clicked! Wow I really hope she wins this was nice of you :)

thank you! i hope she wins too (:

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